Thursday, February 17, 2011 can help you file Form 2290 and Fuel Tax

Any individual buying or using a heavy duty truck must file and pay the Heavy Duty Trucks Road Tax. The filing process involves filling out Form 2290. You can use to fill it out and get it done in just a few minutes. Our service fees are the lowest in the industry, starting at $9.90 for a single truck filing. It sure beats driving to the IRS field office and waiting in line for hours.

Make sure to have the Vehicle Identification Numbers of any vehicles you are filing for. If the truck(s) you’re filing for will travel 5,000 miles or less during the tax period (July to June of the next year), a tax refund can be claimed by the filer. That also applies if the heavy highway vehicle was destroyed, stolen or sold during the tax period. Claiming the refund requires a different form. ExpressTruckTax will even help tax payers file for their refund using Form 8849.

There are different tax rules for different types of trucks–depending on the weight and what the truck is being used for. The taxable gross weight is 55,000 pounds or higher in most cases. Refer to Form 2290 or for help with your particular truck.

Need to file your IFTA Fuel Tax?  We just introduced Fuel Tax filing service to our product portfolio. You can now file IFTA fuel tax for unlimited Trucks for $24.95. Also, you can maintain the Trip Sheets online for free and generate IFTA returns at the end of the quarter. offers bundles that will let you file forms for hundreds of trucks for one price. This is useful if you have trucks that aren’t going on the road till later in the year.

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