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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What is VIN Correction?

Mistakes happen. When you have Vehicle identification numbers of up to 17 characters with mixed numbers andletters, mistakes happen. For example, You type 5 instead of S. To err is human.
For Example, Let’s say that you file form 2290 and pay $550 to IRS and get your Schedule 1. You take it to the DMV or the Carrier, then you realize, that the Schedule 1 has the wrong VIN. What do you do?
Thank IRS and ExpressTruckTax
       The IRS introduced VIN correction using  form 2290 in 2009 – a couple of years after introducing E-filing of Form 2290.
       So once you make a mistake in VIN, you can send an amended Form 2290 to IRS and get the Schedule 1 corrected.
       But the bad news is that VIN Correction Form 2290 can’t be E-filed, it must be printed and mailed in. It takes 4-6 weeks to get the corrected Schedule 1 from IRS.
       All of this changed in 2011, when ExpressTruckTax, working with IRS, was able to E-File VIN Corrections and was able to get the corrected Schedule 1 in minutes.
Is it really Free?
       ExpressTruckTax wanted to offer E-filing of VIN Corrections for free to everyone, whether they used them in the original filing or not. They opened the flood gate to original paper filers and others who used other service providers.
       According to James Harris, Director of Tax Services at ExpressTruckTax, “Mistakes happen, and we want the users to enjoy the ease of E-filing and get the corrected Schedule 1 in minutes”
       To date, hundreds have used ExpressTruckTax Free Efiling of VIN Correction and got their Schedule 1 in minutes. 

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