Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tips For Owner-Operator To E-file IRS Tax 2290 Forms

If you own and operate a heavy vehicle on public highways, then you are aware of the challenges and difficulties associated with that job. Not only is the job of an owner operator incredibly tough, there are also several different taxes that owner operators must file for each heavy vehicle yearly.  These include Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) which includes IRS Form 2290 and IRS Form 8849. Another Truck Tax that can be filed is the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA).  

Filing HVUT with IRS Form 2290 has its own set of meticulous instructions. Form 2290 is in 2 parts. The first part is referred to as a Schedule 1. This form must be filled out and stamped by the IRS in order for the vehicle to be registered with the Department of Motor vehicles. The traditional filing process for this form requires an actual stamp from the IRS, which can be obtained in two ways. One can mail the form to the IRS office and wait for the stamped form to be sent in the mail, which can take several weeks. The other option is to actually travel to the nearest IRS office and get it stamped in person. This is also a very time consuming option.

The process for filing IFTA is also very confusing. Each driver must take detailed notes for both how many miles were traveled, and how much fuel was purchased in each state or province.  The purpose of this is so that the Fuel Tax (IFTA) is accurately distributed to all of the states and provinces that were involved.  

Fortunately, this process has been simplified for both of these filings. serves as a one-stop-shop for all truck tax needs!  Express Truck Tax allows drivers to E-File a Form 2290 online with the IRS and receive a stamped Schedule 1 in minutes. The IFTA process is also much easier thanks to the online tools that Express Truck Tax has to offer. With features like online trip sheets and abnormal MPG audits, Express Truck Tax has what it takes to get you on the road with as little paperwork as possible!  

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