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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Additional Features with Express Truck Tax to e-file IRS form 2290

When filing an IRS Form 2290 online, Express Truck Tax makes it easy by providing the best additional services on top of the easiest E-filing program for filing Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Taxes. When you file a Form 2290 with Express Truck Tax, you also have many more options than the typical e-filing service would provide. These great services include, but are not limited to: Free VIN Corrections, Automatically Notifying a Contracting or Leasing Company, and also sending automated emails to additional contacts.

Express Truck Tax was the first in the industry to provide Free VIN corrections. If you were so unfortunate when filing your IRS Form 2290 to incorrectly record the VIN number of your heavy vehicle, there is still hope for you! Thanks to the Good Folks at Express Truck Tax, you can E-File an IRS Form 2290 VIN Correction absolutely free!

Another great service that Express Truck Tax provides is the option to instantly notify your Contracting, Leasing, or Trucking, etc. Company the Schedule 1 as soon as it is accepted by the IRS. This process helps eliminate steps for the person filing. Many Trucking Companies require some kind of proof that their driver filed their Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes properly.

On the Proof of Payment Notification page, you can select to send your Schedule 1 to any contract or leasing company automatically as soon as your schedule 1 is received from the IRS. Simply check the box labeled "Send proof of payment to contracting leasing company and enter the requested contact information. As soon as your 2290 has been processed, Express Truck Tax will email and/or fax a copy to the company free of charge.

Another Great tool offered by the Express Truck Tax team is the ability to send text message or fax notifications the moment your Schedule 1 has been processed and stamped by the IRS. These can be sent to yourself or any other cell phone or fax number and serve as a great way to keep people informed. A similar service provided through Express Truck Tax allows the filing party to send email notifications to additional email addresses. This would allow the person filing to have the schedule 1 sent to his accountant, business manager, financial advisor, etc.

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