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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Pay Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes with IRS Form 2290?

Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes, or HVUT, must be filed annually by the registered owners of heavy highway vehicles used on public roads. This tax is typically collected for the tax period which ranges from July to June of the next year. Until recently, these forms had to be paper filed either in the IRS office, or by postal mail. The IRS has recently begun to accept and encourage taxpayers to E-File this return now. is an IRS authorized E-File provider for this form. To file this form electronically using this service, it takes only a few minutes of your time. Once the form is submitted to the IRS, the taxpayer will receive a Stamped Schedule 1 within minutes of filing in an email as a pdf attachment.

To pay this tax, the IRS offers several different methods of payment. They accept Electronic Funds Withdrawal, EFTPS, and Check or Money Order.

An Electronic Funds Withdrawal can be from either a checking or savings account. All that is needed to set this up is a routing number and an account number.

EFTPS stands for the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System. To pay using this method, one must already have an account set up with EFTPS. If you do not already have an EFTPS account, it can take 2 weeks or more to create one.

And of course there is also the option to pay either by check or money order. For either of these forms of payment, you can download a payment voucher from Express Truck Tax after you have gone through the process of filing. If you selected to pay by check or money order, you will have the option to download a Payment voucher from the Action column of the dashboard of your account. With this voucher, you can mail the check or money order to your local IRS office. Even if you select to pay by check or money order, you can still E-File the Form 2290 instantly. The Form will still be accepted by the IRS and the person filing will still receive a stamped schedule 1 within minutes. The check or money order would be due by November 30th.

To pay the minor processing fees to Express Truck Tax, you can pay by debit card, credit card, or by an Electronic Funds withdrawal. If you choose to pay by electronic funds withdrawal, you can use the same account that the taxes were paid from.

For Service providers such as tax professionals or Trucking associations that need to file many 2290 Forms. Express Truck Tax also offers several prepayment options. This includes buying credits for future returns, unlimited returns per client, and unlimited filings for the year for various prices.

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