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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Benefits of E-Filing Truck Tax Form 2290 is packed with all sorts of features that benefit Owner Operators, Trucking Companies, and other service providers filing HVUT. It has everything you need to file your truck taxes online so that you can stay on the road.

With Express Truck tax, you can easily file one of the most commonly filed IRS forms among those in the Trucking Industry: the IRS Form 2290, and its accompanying Schedule 1. This IRS form can be filed online in minutes, and for as little as $9.90, it is the most attractive price in the industry.

The person filing Form 2290 with the IRS through Express Truck Tax will receive Free Fax and Email Notifications to let them know when the Schedule 1 is ready. The taxpayer can also opt to receive optional Text Message reminders as well. These Reminders can also notify your contracting (leasing) company to let them know that a payment has been made.

If you are owed a credit for Truck Taxes and you are filing Form 2290 online, Express Truck Tax will automatically create a Form 8849 for any credits due. There is also an option to use an Excel Template for a multiple vehicle filing. A 2290 filing can be for only 1 truck, or up to 40,000 vehicles with our Enterprise Filing. ExpressTruckTax also offers flexible pricing plans to fit any size fleet. CPAs and Tax professionals can also receive discounted pricing rates to file for many of their clients.

Express Truck Tax also offers Free VIN corrections so that no one is penalized for a simple typo. There is also the ability to amend a previously filed Form 2290 through the service.

The customer service does not stop once the form is filed. For any questions about the service, Express Truck Tax offers unlimited, USA-based customer support via email, chat, and phone. Simply email, call 704.234.6005, or go to to chat online with the excellent customer support professionals from their Rock Hill, SC Support Center.

You can file your Form 2290 (HVUT) in just minutes via self-service, file by phone and full service, meaning you can register and file yourself, or have us take care of the filing. Either way, this easy-to-use software will save you time and money. was built by one of the most talented teams in the industry—no one has more experience in HVUT E-Filing!

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