Friday, August 9, 2013

HVUT Late Filing Penalties & Interest

Penalties can be incurred for failing to file Form 2290 returns or pay Heavy vehicle Use Taxes when they are due. There are also penalties for filing false or fraudulent returns. These penalties are imposed in addition to interest charges for late payments.

Penalties for HVUT non-compliance are costly to motor carriers. The penalty for failing to file IRS Form 2290 by August 31st is equal to 4.5% of total tax due, assessed on a monthly basis up to five months. Late filers not making an HVUT payment also face an additional monthly penalty equal to 0.5% of total tax due. Additional interest charges of 0.54% per month accrue as well.

Based on these rates, an HVUT liability that was originally $550 would climb to over $700 by the end of the five-month period of delinquency. In addition to these federal penalties, states will suspend the registrations of vehicles for which proof of HVUT payment has not been provided.

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