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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year, Trucking Nation!


Happy New Year from the ExpressTruckTax Team!

We hope you have the chance to ring in the New Year with a *BANG*! We definitely plan to! That's why our offices will be closed Thursday and Friday, so we can spend time with friends and family. But don't worryif you need us, we'll still be available for 24/7 emergency assistance via email at

Made a Resolution Yet?

New Years is one of my favorite times of year. It's a time to look to the horizon and think positive, hopeful thoughts. For better or worse, 2014 is behind us, and 2015 is a New Beginning with new chances each day to improve yourself, your relationships, your careeror just about anything else that needs a little polishing in your life.

What's your resolution? If you're looking to streamline your trucking business and have more time for what's truly important, then we have a couple solutions worth checking out.

  • TruckLogics: Hooray! An affordable, all-in-one business management program! No matter the size of your trucking business, drivers and fleet managers alike will fall in love with TruckLogics line-up of exclusive features. And because it's cloud-based and comes with a free app, you can access your information from any device, any where, any time. Sign up for a free trial with promo code NEW. For friends of ExpressTruckTax only. (Yes, we've got connections.)
  • ExpressIFTA: Hands down, the fastest and easiest way to prepare your own quarterly IFTA returns! ExpressIFTA calculates the taxes due for you and completes the form appropriate for your state. You can even bulk upload data from a GPS system for even more instant gratification! It'll have you dancing with joy at least 4 times a year...
  • Truck Services of North America: For those times when you're just too busy to conquer that mountain of paperwork on your desk! A premier processing agency (and good friend of the ExpressTruckTax team), TSNAmerica is the fastest, easiest way to maintain your authority without lifting a finger. From filing renewals to preparing quarterly IFTA returns, Truck Services of North America has a time-saving solution for your business. Check them out, I'm sure they'll be your new best friend too!
And don't forget, we provide the easiest way to E-file your Form 2290, 2290 Amendments, & Form 8849, all for the best value in the industry!

Let us, and our awesome friends, help you grab 2015 by the reigns and make it THE BEST year you could possibly dream of. After all, trucking is already a full-time job; your paperwork shouldn't be your second one. 

Happy New Year! Cheers!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Am I Required to File HVUT? Form 2290 Exempt Vehicles


Am I required to file a Form 2290?

A simple “yes” or “no” answer would be nice, right?

But when dealing with the IRS, you know it can’t possibly be that simple. Reading (more like decoding) the IRS requirements for filing heavy vehicle use tax can be a massive chore– and quite frankly, how can you have your head in the game when your brain is still stuck in holiday mode? 

IRS guidelines and leftover sugar cookies just don’t go together.

So put the down IRS Form 2290 instructions, and back away slowly. Go get a cup of hot cocoa instead, and read this blog for the answers!

Let’s break it down in layman’s terms. In general, the IRS requires these vehicles to file Form 2290 annually:
  • Vehicles that are self-propelled and designed to carry loads on public highways(among other functions)
  • weighing 55,000 pounds or more and
  • that travel at least 5,000 miles on public highways during the tax year (7,500 miles for agricultural vehicles).
Trucks, truck tractors, and buses can all fall under this category. But what if you have a heavy vehicle that was built for another purpose?

Certain vehicles, regardless of their weight or travel on public highways, are not considered “taxable highway vehicles,” and therefore, they are not required to file.

Here are three types of vehicles not required to file HVUT:

  • 1. The vehicle is used solely to transport machinery.
    If the machinery is permanently mounted to the chassis and this machinery makes it impossible to carry loads, then the vehicle is not required to file.
    b. Examples include vehicles with construction, manufacturing, drilling, mining, lumbering, and farming equipment permanently attached to the chassis. 
  • 2. The vehicle was not designed for highway use.
    Although this type of exempt vehicle may be used to transport loads, it cannot travel on public highways due to speed restrictions or other safety restrictions placed on that vehicle type by the manufacturer. 
  • 3. The vehicle was designed as a shelter.
    This includes trailers or semi-trailers that function as stationary shelters on off-highway sites.
    b. For example, a trailer that functions solely as a mobile office is not considered a taxable highway vehicle.

Does your vehicle fit into one of these three categories? If so, then congratulations! You won’t need to file heavy vehicle use tax!

If you’re unsure of the status of your heavy vehicle, call our support heroes. They’ll help you determine whether you need to E-File Form 2290, and if you do, they’ll walk you through the process!

Call them at 704.234.6005 or email them for 24/7 assistance at One of our bi-lingual, ultra-talented, and patient support pro’s is ready to answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

Curious about Taxable Vehicles?

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas from the ExpressTruckTax Family!


Season's Greetings from the ExpressTruckTax family! No matter where you're truckin' this holiday season, we hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!

Many of our Support Heroes will be leaving our small town of Rock Hill to visit friends and family this week. Maybe we'll see you out on the road! Wherever you go, we hope you have safe travels, lovely weather, and a warm and wonderful holiday!

To give our support heroes time with family, our offices will be closed Thursday 12/25 & Friday 12/26, but we will still be providing emergency email support Thursday through Sunday. Just shoot us a message at, and someone will get back to you before you can remember the names of Santa's Eight Reindeer.

And don't forget that the IRS MeF (Modernized E-File System) will be closing for maintenance from this Friday, December 26th at 1:30 pm EST until January 9th. During the maintenance, you will still be able to E-file with ExpressTruckTax, but your returns will be held in our system until the IRS site reopens.

To learn more about how the shutdown could affect you, check out yesterday's blog: Last Call for E-Filers

Need help with HVUT or IFTA? 

If the holiday chaos is making it impossible to get all of your work done, call our friends over at Truck Services of North America. As a premier processing agency, they can file all of your taxes, registrations, or renewals for you, and fast too! Just call 803.386.0320 or email

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Monday, December 22, 2014

Last Call for E-Filers: IRS Scheduled Maintenance Starts Friday 12/26


We’ve got breaking news, Trucking Nation, straight from the IRS!

At the end of each year, the IRS typically shuts down the MEF (Modernized E-file System) for maintenance. This is the online system through which we submit all IRS Forms filed through ExpressTruckTax.

Well they’ve just confirmed that as of this Friday, December 26th at 1:30 pm the IRS MEF will in fact be blacked out for maintenance and is scheduled to reopen around January 9, 2015.

So, most importantly, how does this affect you and any return you attempt to E-file?

  • If you use ExpressTruckTax, you will still be able to E-file and submit a return. Our system will hold the return and submit it the second the MEF reopens on the 9th.
  • During this maintenance, you will not able to receive confirmation of your submission from the IRS, nor will you receive a stamped Schedule 1 for the return until after the system reopens.
  • If your first-used month is November 2014, then you must submit your return by 1:30 this Friday to be considered on time.

    Although the due date is technically December 31st for those whose first-used month is November, the IRS will not be time-stamping returns submitted during the blackout, and therefore, your submission will only be considered on-time if it’s submitted prior to the maintenance. 

If for any reason you need your return time-stamped before January 9th, or if you need your stamped Schedule 1 before then, then it’s time to start E-filing!

Just be sure to submit your return before Friday afternoon, and you’ll be in good shape!

If you have questions or need any help getting your HVUT E-filed this week, then you’re in luck! We offer 24/7 USA-based support in three languages! Even on Christmas day, we will still be offering emergency email support at

Based in the small town of Rock Hill, SC, you’re always guaranteed service with a smile, plenty of industry expertise, and of course, a dash of charm! Call us to get started E-filing now at 704.234.6005 or fire us a message on live chat!

Need to E-File Fast?

Check out these 10 Last Minute E-filing Hacks to get it done lightening fast!

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

12 Amazing Last-Minute Gifts for the Trucker in Your Life


With just 7 days left until Christmas, it’s time to frantically begin the annual tradition of last-minute gift shopping! 

Thankfully, online shopping with expedited shipping makes it possible to get great gifts just in time for St. Nick to nestle them under the tree! 

If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect gift for the trucker in your life, then look no further! 

The ExpressTruckTax Support Team has created a list of 12 gifts for truckers, and with prices ranging from $10 to $170 tops, you can snag some great gifts without breaking your piggy bank!

Best of all, you can conveniently order them all on Amazon! Let’s get shopping!

Stocking Stuffers

The age-old stocking stuffer staples like candy and gift cards are nice, but these cool little gadgets are both practical and fun, and definitely unexpected!

This nifty little appliance is not only cute (who doesn’t love coffee!), but it’s design allows it to conveniently fit into the cup holder, right next to your trucker or truckette! For $20 bucks, this little cup will charge phones, GPS, MP3 players, or any other small appliance. And for another $10, you can upgrade to the model with a USB charging port too.

Coming in around $80, these HaberVision polarized sunglasses could just as easily be a main gift. The Rolls Royce of glasses, these shades are durable, stylish, and polarized–perfect for reducing glare from the road or other cars!

3. Cupholder Swivel Tray

Who knew an entire meal could fit into a cup holder? Apparently, the designer of this tray did. Simply pop the base into the cupholder, and enjoy the swivel tray conveniently attached to the arm. Perfect for holding meals-on-the-go, or other essentials like phones, keys, and wallets. And amazingly, it’s only $13– Score!

Perfect for OTR truckers who have to haul their toiletries from shower-to-shower each day. This bag will hold clean towels and robes, along with toothbrushes, first-aid items, and anything else your trucking dude or dudette needs to stay so fresh and so clean. 

As a bonus gift, stock this puppy with some nice-smelling sudsy treats! 

Tech Gadgets

With gifts starting at $25, you don’t have to be loaded to get your tech-loving trucker a shiny new gadget.

Tablets are an invaluable gift for truckers, and can be used for both business and pleasure! Between streaming movies & TV, and Skyping with the family, your friend will never have a dull moment!

And on the business side, your trucker can conveniently use this tablet to manage their business and keep up with trip sheets using a program like TruckLogics, or they can even E-file their HVUT using the ExpressTruckTax app for iOS & Android! 

Oh, and did I mention that this tablet comes with FREE 4G for life? So they don’t even need a W-Fi connection to use it! Not bad for $150. Not bad at all...

6. Gaming Consoles

If your trucker has a TV, then this is the perfect gadget to accompany it! For $175, the XBox 360 will not only provide hours of gaming entertainment, but it will also double as a DVD player and as a way to stream YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu Plus. 

7. Linxup Vehicle Tracker

An incredibly practical and time-saving gift, sure to make your trucker smile at least 4 times a year! That’s because this $60 GPS/Mileage tracker will log mileage according to IFTA standards. And this data can then be uploaded into completed quarterly IFTA reports using a program like ExpressIFTA. Your trucker is sure to appreciate the convenience of not having to type up trip sheets manually!

8. Bluetooth Headset

For $25, this bluetooth headset pairs with the latest smartphones without a hitch, and with a noise cancelling microphone, you’ll be able to hear the voice of your beloved loud and clear! 10-4!

Home Sweet Home

Truckers have to sacrifice a lot while living on the road to bring us our creature comforts. The least we can do is make sure they have comforts of their own! Make the cab feel more like home with these four gifts!

9. Koolatron Compact Cooler 

When you have a cooler stocked with “real” food, your trucking bud will hopefully be less tempted to eat fast food. It may be a $110 investment, but look at this handy compact cooler as a gift of convenience, and a step toward increased wellness!

10. Electric Blanket

With anti-idling laws, temperature control in a truck can be a challenge. Keep your trucker or truckette nice and toasty this winter with a soft, flannel heated blanket! Quite the bargain at $25!

11. Gel Seat Cushion

Durable and portable, this gel cushion is sure to help alleviate the pesky back pain that truckers are accustomed to. Designed just for truckers, this cushion also has a non-skid bottom, so it’s sure to stay put when your trucker is bouncing down the highway.

12. RoadPro Appliances: Coffee Maker

What person doesn’t love a fresh, hot cup of coffee on demand? I sure do! This convenient little appliance from Roadpro is quite the deal for $20! It not only brews 2 cups of coffee fast, it also brews it straight into a stainless steel travel mug, so you can get to the caffeine quicker! Now if only it could brew directly into my mouth...


Our ExpressTruckTax Support Hero, Patti, is married to a trucker, Oscar. His favorite Christmas gift? A Magical Grab-Bag filled with everyday essentials. Whether it’s soap, pencils, loose change, dental floss, first-aid supplies, or even snacks, Oscar says this magic bag always has exactly the thing he’s looking for when he’s on the road and in a bind. 

Hung in a stocking or nestled beneath the tree, any one of these 12 (okay, 13) practical, thoughtful gifts is guaranteed to make a trucker smile with childlike glee. And they’ll never know you waited until the last minute either! Now what are you waiting for, start ordering those gifts!

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Form 2290 Taxable Vehicles: What is an Agricultural Vehicle?

If our Support Heroes had a nickel for every time they heard this question, they’d all be flying private jets right now!

And that question is: Can I file my vehicle as an agricultural vehicle?

Depending on your vehicle type and how you use it, the tax rates and filing requirements vary. This is just one reason why it’s so important to categorize your taxable vehicle correctly when filing your HVUT Form 2290.

We recently discussed the different requirements for logging vehicles, which are vehicles used solely for the transport of forested materials. Logging vehicles are taxed at a lower rate than typical heavy vehicles, so if you drive a logging truck, be sure the check “used for logging” to be taxed at the lower rate!

Another type of taxable vehicle with special requirements is the agricultural vehicle.

Agricultural Vehicles & Higher Mileage Limits

Vehicles typically required to file HVUT are those with a taxable gross weight over 55,000 lbs and that travel over 5,000 miles on public highways throughout the tax period.

BUT to give farmers a break, the IRS made the requirements a bit more lenient for vehicles used in agriculture. Agricultural vehicles, regardless of their weight, are allowed to drive up to 7,500 miles on public highways each year before having to pay any tax at all!

Just to clarify, this does not mean that you don’t have to file HVUT at all. If your gross vehicle weight is over 55,000 pounds, you must still file HVUT and receive a stamped Schedule 1. However, if your agricultural vehicle will drive fewer than 7,500 miles throughout the tax year, you will owe zero tax when you file! This is known as filing a Category W or a Suspended/Low Mileage Vehicle.

Does My Vehicle Qualify as an Agricultural Vehicle?

To ensure that your vehicle qualifies as an “agricultural” vehicle according to IRS standards, here are the two requirements your vehicle must meet:

  • 1. The vehicle is used primarily for farming purposes throughout the tax year. But what does the IRS consider “primarily for farming purposes”? It’s actually quite simple. More than half of the vehicle’s total mileage for the year must be used for farming purposes.

    And a farming purpose, according to the IRS, is any activity that contributes to the conduct of a farm. This can include activities such as transporting goods to and from a farm (goods like livestock, produce, animal feed, fertilizer, etc), direct use in agricultural production, or just performing work around the farm like repairing fences, building irrigation ditches, clearing land, etc. 
  • 2. The vehicle is registered as an agricultural vehicle in your state. Although your vehicle must be registered as such, no special license plates or tags marked “agriculture” are required to maintain your status as an agricultural vehicle.
If your vehicle meets both of these requirements above, then you can file as an agricultural vehicle with a higher mileage limit! Woo hoo!

To file as a suspended agriculture vehicle, skip the first “Taxable Vehicle” section of the 2290, and instead enter your vehicle’s information under the “Low Mileage/Suspended Vehicle” section. And be sure you check the box “Used for Agriculture.”

Exceeding the Mileage Limit

Occasionally, agriculture vehicles will be filed as Suspended (Category W) at the beginning of the tax period, but then exceed the 7,500 mile limit during the year.

If your vehicle goes over, you must file a Form 2290 Amendment for a Mileage Increase. The amendment is due by the end of the month following the month in which you exceeded the limit. This means that if you went over 7,500 in January, then the amendment must be filed by the last day of February.

When filing the mileage increase amendment, the IRS will prorate your HVUT for the remaining months of the tax year (which runs from July 1st to June 30th each year). This means that even though you will owe some tax, it will not be the full amount you would’ve owed if you had filed as a non-suspended vehicle initially. Hooray, for lower tax!

Year-Round Support for Farmers!

If anyone deserves a break, it’s farmers! That’s why we’re always here to assist you 24/7, 365. At this time of year, we’re getting plenty of calls from farmers trying to renew their tags, but suddenly realizing they need a stamped Schedule 1 to do so! Luckily, they’ve come to the right place!

E-filing with ExpressTruckTax is the fastest and easiest way to receive your stamped Schedule 1. You can even get it after business hours or on the weekend! (If you elect to pay the IRS by check or money order.)

If you have questions about E-filing your Form 2290 with a Suspended Vehicle or questions about E-filing a Form 2290 Amendment for exceeding the mileage limit, call our Support Heroes! They’re available at 704.234.6005 or for 24/7 assistance, email

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Form 2290 Taxable Vehicles: What is a Logging Vehicle?


What is considered a logging vehicle?

It’s a question our Support Heroes get quite often. That’s because when filing your IRS Form 2290, you will be asked to indicate whether any of your taxable vehicles are used for logging.

Some confuse the term “logging vehicle” with any vehicle that tracks (logs) mileage or fuel. For the purposes of Form 2290, however, logging vehicle refers only to vehicles used to haul...well...logs!– as in wood or other products from the forest.

How you answer this question is important because logging vehicles are taxed at reduced rates.

To ensure you’re paying the correct tax, check if your logging vehicle fits the IRS criteria below:

  • 1. The vehicle is used exclusively to transport materials harvested from a forested site, OR the vehicle is used exclusively to transport harvested materials from one forested site to another forested site. If your vehicle runs between forested sites, it can use public highways in between those sites and still be considered a logging vehicle. 
  • 2. The vehicle is registered in your base state (or any other states in which it is required to be registered) as a highway motor vehicle used exclusively for the transport of harvested materials from a forested site. Although the truck must be registered as a “logging vehicle” in your state, no special tag or license plate is required to identify the vehicle as a logging vehicle.

So the vehicle must be registered as a logging vehicle, and it must be used to transport harvested forest materials only– but what does the IRS consider “harvested material”?

According to IRS guidelines, harvested products can include any raw timber taken from a forest, OR any timber that has been processed on the forested site for commercial processes, meaning the timber has already been sawed into lumber, chipped, or milled in some way.

If your vehicle fits these guidelines, then be sure to check the box “Used for Logging” when completing your Form 2290 to reap the rewards of a lower tax rate!

If you have questions about the status of your taxable vehicle, ask our Support Heroes! They know all of the IRS guidelines for logging, agriculture, exempt, suspended vehicles, and more! They provide truck tax support 24/7, 365, so you can always trust them to steer you in the right direction! 

Call them now at our headquarters in Rock Hill, SC, at 704.234.6005 or email them at for ‘round the clock assistance.

Have a taxable vehicle used for agriculture?

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Creating an ExpressTruckTax Account: A Quick Guide for New Users

A new year is coming! Why not start it out right by E-filing your HVUT and IFTA with the easiest-to-use, most affordable E-filing program in the biz!

ExpressTruckTax is the fastest and most secure way to E-file for several truck taxes, including IRS Form 2290, 2290 Amendments, and Form 8849 for credits. If you've been paper filing, don't be scared about the transition! It only takes a few minutes to set-up your account, and you'll hit the ground running immediately. 

Becoming an ExpressTruckTax user is definitely a New Years' Resolution that'll be easy to keep. And I can guarantee, you won't miss that messy paper filing!

What you’ll need to get started E-filing:
  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection (no paper or calculators required!)
  • Business name & address
  • EIN
  • VIN
  • Gross Vehicle Weight
Once you’ve gathered your documents, you’re ready to roll. Just head over to the New User section and create your free account in just minutes.

Step 1: Create an Account

  • Enter your name, phone number, email address, and a password of your choosing. Then choose whether you’d like to see the site in English or Spanish. 
  • OR to make account creation even faster, simply choose to login with your Facebook or Google + account. Just click on the icon at the top of the login page, then choose to allow ExpressTruckTax to have access to your account.
  • After successfully creating a login, you’ll be prompted to watch a quick orientation video. (Or you can skip it, up to you.) Just click the green “Begin” button to embark on your E-filing journey.

Step 2: Enter Business Details

  • Choose your business type from the dropdown menu. Select from LLC, corporation, sole proprietorship, etc.
  • Enter your legal business name exactly as the IRS has it on record. The business name must match the EIN record; otherwise, your return will be rejected.
  • Next enter your DBA (Doing Business As) name. Only enter if it’s different from the legal name registered with the IRS.
  • Here’s the big one. The EIN. The Employer Identification Number is required by the IRS for filing excise taxes. If you have a new EIN, it’s imperative that you wait at least 10 business days from the date it was issued. It takes the IRS a little while to register your new EIN in the E-filing system. Before that happens, your return may be rejected for an unrecognizable EIN.

    If you don’t have an EIN, please note that the IRS no longer accepts Social Security Numbers in their place. To register for your EIN, simply use the IRS website or call the IRS hotline at 1.800.829.4933. Or call our friends at Truck Services of North America and enjoy the luxury of having someone file for you! Just call 803.386.0320 or email them at, and they’ll take it from there.
  • All that’s left is to enter the business address and the information of the signing authority. The signing authority is the name of the person filing for your business. Whether it’s your CEO, bookkeeper, spouse, or a CPA, you must enter the individual's name and title here.

Finished! Your account is fully locked & loaded, and you’re ready to start E-Filing! That process is easy too. You’ll just need to enter the VIN and gross vehicle weight for each vehicle (or use the Bulk Upload option to import all of your vehicle info from an Excel file).

Once you E-file, there’s no going back to paper-filing. After all, nothing beats experiencing the convenience of E-filing anywhere and any time, and the benefit of getting your stamped Schedule 1 emailed to you within minutes. No snail mail! You’ll be hooked for life, but at least it’s a healthy addiction!

If you need help setting up your account, we’ve got a whole team of dedicated E-filing experts ready to assist you. Our support heroes are available 24/7 from our headquarters in Rock Hill, SC. Call them at 704.234.6005 or email them at

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from the ExpressTruckTax Family!

The ExpressTruckTax Support Team wishes truckers far and wide a Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you had the opportunity to hit the highways homeward bound this week. But just in case you’re OTR this holiday, we posted some easy Thanksgiving recipes to cook right in the cab of your truck!

Which leads me to my next point: What I’m thankful for this year (and every year). In fact, it’s something that all of us at ExpressTruckTax are grateful for. Can you guess what it is?


We’re thankful for all of our users across the world who are helping to sustain our USA-based company in our small town of Rock Hill, SC. Thanks to you, we get to keep our awesome jobs. So thank you for choosing us.

But we’re especially thankful for truckers. As we sit down to tables covered in turkey, and stuffing, and casseroles, and PIES!, we will remember who made all of it possible, and that’s the truckers who worked non-stop to move things across the world and to our local markets. And you did it all on-time and safely! Truly astonishing.

So thank you, Truckers of the world. This Thanksgiving, the ExpressTruckTax team will be thinking of you and the sacrifices you’ve made to make our holidays special. We only hope we can return the favor by providing you with the easiest to use HVUT E-filing software and the best support experience of your life!

To see what else our team is thankful for, check out our SPAN Facebook page.

Thanksgiving Support Hours

To give our Support Team time with their families, our offices will be closed Thursday 11/27 and Friday 11/28. We’ll resume our normal support hours Monday.

But if you’re in a serious bind, they’ll be providing emergency email support through the holiday. Just send them your S.O.S. at, and one of our dedicated support heroes will get back to you in a flash!

Thank you again, from our entire ExpressTruckTax family. We hope you enjoy this time with friends and family that you so much deserve. Drive safely, everybody.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving on the Road: Recipes for Cooking a Feast in Your Cab!


If you’re spending this Thanksgiving on the road, it doesn’t mean you can’t properly celebrate!

Whether you have the day off to relax or you’re driving non-stop, we have some easy recipes you can cook right in the cab of your truck! Between a one-pot Thanksgiving meal (with zero clean up) or a more complex Super Supper with all of the fixin’s, these recipes are sure to get you in the mood to give thanks!

First up, Misty’s oh-so-easy and incredibly delicious one-dish meal! It only takes 5 minutes to prep, and you can keep driving while it simmers for a few hours (just be sure to secure the bottom and the lid of your crockpot or skillet!). And to prove that it's easy and no kitchen is needed, she cooked it in our office, right on her desk! It’s sure to fill your cab with delectable aromas, and fill your soul with happiness.

For this recipe you’ll need only two tools: an electric skillet or crock pot and aluminum foil. The ingredients are as follows:
  • one apple: cored and halved
  • one onion: peeled and chopped. You can buy onions pre-cut in many grocery stores!
  • baby carrots
  • string beans-pre-cleaned
  • a boneless sliced turkey breast–or a ham, or even Tofurky, if that’s what you fancy!
  • and for seasoning, some honey, cinnamon, and a can of cola! May seem crazy now, but trust me, your taste buds will love it!

Step 1: First line your skillet with foil, or your crockpot with a liner.

Step 2: While the skillet is heating, core the apple and cut it in half, then wrap it in aluminum foil. Leaving the top of the foil open, pour honey into the core of the apple until it’s about half-way full, then sprinkle cinnamon on top. Finish wrapping up the apple tight, and set it aside.

Step 3: Place the turkey in the center and surround with carrots and green beans, or any veggie of your choosing. Nestle your foil-wrapped apple on the side, and then, for the grand finale, pour a can of cola on top of it all, only about half a can. 

No, your food won’t taste like soda, but it will definitely have a sweetness to it, and it keeps it moist! For dietary reasons, you could easily substitute the cola with vegetable or chicken stock.

Cover it and let it cook for at least 1 ½ hours, but Misty prefers to let it simmer for 3-4, cooking it on medium heat the first hour, and then on low heat for the remaining time.

This is the finished product. Look how colorful! And best of all, once you’ve devoured it, just wrap up the foil, and you’re done with clean-up!

What Misty prepared here is enough to serve two, and have turkey sandwiches leftover, so be sure to have bread and gravy handy! Total cost was about $20, but with enough for 4 servings, that’s a much lower cost per meal than the $14 and up you’d pay for a truck stop buffet!

Full-Blown Feast with All the Fixin's

If you’ve got the time and tools to go all out, then here are a few more ideas and recipes for you! You can still cook a turkey with some trimmings in a crock pot like above, and in addition, make some more sides and desserts that will rock your world!

If you have a hot pot or streamer, you can steam broccoli or corn. You can also boil some potatoes to make mashed potatoes, or boil sweet potatoes and prepare an easy Sweet Potato Casserole.

  • To make the sweet potato casserole, simply clean and cut the potatoes, and boil them until you can easily poke a fork through. Once soft, drain them and mash them with a few pinches of brown sugar & a handful of pecans, and top with marshmallows, if you’re feeling extra feisty!
If you’ve got a toaster oven, you can not only make some biscuits (frozen or in a can to save time), you can also make Stuffing!

  • Take a french baguette and tear apart into bite-size pieces. Lay on a foil-lined tray (one should’ve come with your toaster oven.) Chop onions and celery, and mix with the bread crumbs. Next sprinkle with plenty of sage and rosemary, depending on how strong you like it. Finally, mix in some broth (or drippings from whatever main dish you prepared) and slap a few pats of butter on top. Let it bake for 1 ½ hours, or until it’s crisp on top. You could even prepare in a crock pot, it just may not turn out as crispy crunchy (which is how I like my stuffing!).

To top this all off, you need a decadent dessert, and what could be better on Thanksgiving than a traditional pumpkin pie! Well, this variation on the classic recipe is better! I’ve never been a lover of pie crust, so this recipe for a Crock-Pot Crustless Pumpkin Pie is my personal favorite. You’ll still get a little crunch on top, cobbler-style, but mostly the ooey gooey pumpkin pie filling.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • 1 large can of pumpkin puree (29 oz.)
  • 1 can of evaporated milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • ¼ cup of brown sugar
  • 2 ½ tsp cinnamon (or pumpkin pie spice blend)
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 package of instant cake mix (something festive, like a spice cake to complement the flavors)
  • ½ stick of butter, melted
Preparation is super easy too. Just whisk your eggs, then add in the pumpkin, milk, sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, salt, and vanilla. Once smooth, resist the urge to eat it straight out of the bowl, and dump the mixture into a lined or greased crock-pot.

Next pour the pack of cake mix on top, sprinkle with any leftover brown sugar, and top it with a few slivers of butter. Then just secure the lid and let that puppy cook for 3 hours or more on low heat. If you keep driving while it’s cooking, try not to be distracted by the heavenly scents swirling around in your truck! And of course, don’t forget to give thanks before you dig in!

There you have it, whether you only have 5 minutes and a single crock-pot, or you’ve got a few hours, multiple appliances, and a burning desire to be on Top Chef, you can have a healthful and delicious Thanksgiving supper, right in the comfort of your truck. No matter which meal you make, you’re sure to have plenty of leftovers and save tons of money on those expensive truck stop buffets.

Do you have a signature truck-worthy dish? Share it with the ExpressTruckTax Support Heroes! We’re always looking for new recipes that we can make in a flash. So send us your pics or recipes on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Cooking!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Get Your Money Back Part 2: How to E-File Form 2290 with a Credit Vehicle


We’re back, Trucking Nation, with Part 2 of our guide to getting your money back!

‘Tis the season where truckers are trading in their old rides and upgrading to a new model. But how does this affect your HVUT?

Well if you have a new vehicle, and your previous vehicle (the one you already paid HVUT for) was sold, lost, or destroyed, you can “transfer” the HVUT over to the new vehicle, in many cases without losing any money!

To recap a few highlights of our last blog, here are a few quick tips for E-filing a credit vehicle:

  • When E-filing a credit vehicle, the IRS will prorate the credit for the old vehicle based on the first used month of the new vehicle. So it’s best to avoid any overlap in dates, or you’ll owe more tax.
  • To avoid extra tax, do the transfer as close to the end of the month as possible. If you sell the old vehicle on the 1st of the month, the IRS will still charge you a prorated fee for that entire month, even if it’s only in use for one day. This is because the IRS prorates on a monthly basis, not daily.
  • There is a deadline. The new 2290 must be filed by the last day of the month following the month in which the transfer occurred. So if I traded in my truck today, November 20th, then my new 2290 must be E-filed by December 31st, 2014.
  • If you’re not sure whether you need to file a 2290 with a credit vehicle or a Form 8849 for a refund (yes, there’s a difference!), check out Part 1 of this blog for an easy-to-read infographic that will help you figure it out. Or you can also call our Support Heroes, and they’ll gladly tell you!
The transfer process is easy: simply E-File a Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax, and add a credit vehicle to your return.

Gather ‘round, and I’ll show you how to do it in three simple steps!

Step 1: First-Used Month

Create an ExpressTruckTax account. Simply enter your name and business information, including the EIN. If you’re a returning user, just login and skip this step!

To get the ball rolling, you’ll now click “Start a New Return,” and select “Form 2290. Then enter the first used month and year of the NEW VEHICLE. Just select the month in which you purchased the vehicle.

Step 2: Taxable Vehicle

Now to add the Taxable Vehicle info. Again, this is information about the new one. Click “New,” and enter the vehicle’s VIN, Unit #, Taxable Gross Weight, and check whether or not the vehicle is used for logging. Hit save, and continue.

You’ll end up skipping the next few screens for suspended and prior year suspended vehicles, and head straight to the good part- the part where you get money credited!

Step 3: Credit Vehicle

Now for the icing on the cake! Click +Add a Credit Vehicle, and in the pop-up window, enter the information of the vehicle that was sold (or traded in), lost, or destroyed.

First enter the VIN, followed by the first used month when you initially paid the taxes on the vehicle. Next add the gross vehicle weight, and check whether it was used for logging.

To speed up the process, returning users can auto-fill the above fields by just typing in the first few characters of the VIN, and then our system will take it from there and input the vehicle you’re looking for!

If you’re a large company filing for dozens, or even hundreds of credit vehicles, use our Bulk Upload option to get the old trucks’ information in our system, and then start typing in VIN’s and watch the auto-fill magic happen.

No matter how you input the Credit Vehicle info, there’s one last step. Indicate the “Loss Event” for vehicle(s). Simply select the reason from the drop down menu, i.e. sold, destroyed, or stolen, and then use the handy calendar next to this field to select the date on which the loss event occurred. Then save and head to the next screen. You’re pretty much done!

You Did It- Without Any Complicated Calculations!

The 2290 fields are now finished. All that’s left is entering your payment–you can choose to pay any tax owed to the IRS by Direct Debit, EFTPS, or Check or Money order. Then review your information for errors. Our system will also perform our signature Instant Audit to check for mistakes and ensure acceptance.

It’s also important to note that you’ll see the total tax you owe the IRS, and rejoice that you didn’t have to use a Partial Period Tax table to figure out the difference yourself! Our system does it for you. Now that’s something to be thankful for!

And you’re done! Securely transfer this new 2290 to the IRS, and receive your new stamped Schedule 1 in just minutes!

We’ll automatically email you the new Schedule 1 as soon as the IRS processes your return; however, you can also choose to receive notifications on the status of your return and payment via text message, fax, or postal mail! Hooray for convenience!

If you’re still not sure what forms you need to file, or if you’re a first time user and want to get started, call our Support Heroes at 704.234.6005 or send them a message via live chat. For 24/7 assistance, email at

There are lots of perks to upgrading your ride, and avoiding extra HVUT taxes with these tips from ExpressTruckTax is just one of those perks. Now get E-filing and get that credit money!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Get Your Money Back! A Guide to Filing for Credit Vehicles & Claiming Refunds

You know that they say: New Year, New Truck! And if they don’t say it, they should start.

What could be better than kicking off the New Year with a shiny new ride! And with all of the end of year sales, I’m sure there are plenty of Truckers out there writing a list to Santa right now, asking for a beastly new 18 wheeler. (Boy, would that be difficult for Santa to get down the chimney and cram into your stocking! But hey, who are we to doubt Christmas Magic!)

Even without the help of Santa and his reindeer, it seems that plenty ExpressTruckTax users are already upgrading their rides! With 2015 on the horizon, our Support Heroes are getting lots of questions about transferring a Schedule 1 from a previously filed truck to a new one. They’re also getting questions about transitioning to a new business, new business name, or a different EIN, but with the same truck.

And then there’s always those who sell or lose their trucks, and decide to exit the transportation biz altogether. If you’re leaving the business mid-tax year, can you get part of your hard-earned HVUT money back?

We have a guide to help you with all of these scenarios! Whether you’re doing the trade-in shuffle or changing your business name or EIN, here’s how to get your Form 2290 sorted AND get some of your money back, too!

“Transferring” a Vehicle (AKA: Credit Vehicles)

  • If you purchased a new truck mid-tax year, and your previous truck was sold, stolen, or destroyed, then you can get a new stamped Schedule 1 without paying extra tax. Many refer to this as “transferring,” but that’s not exactly how it works with the IRS. 
  • Here’s why it’s not really a transfer per se. A Schedule 1 cannot be transferred from one vehicle to the next. However, you can effectively file your HVUT and get a new stamped Schedule 1, without paying any extra tax. 
  • And how, might you ask? You need to E-file a Form 2290 for the new vehicle and add a credit vehicle to that same return with the information of the previous vehicle. By adding a credit vehicle, you’ll receive a prorated tax credit for the remaining months of the tax year through July 1st. 
  • When E-filing a 2290 with a Credit Vehicle, the IRS will prorate the credit for the old vehicle based on the first used month of the new vehicle. The first used month is the month in which you purchased the new vehicle.
  • To save the most money, do the transfer at the end of the month. The IRS prorates the tax on a monthly basis, not daily. This means that If you buy the new vehicle at the beginning of the month, even on the very first day, the IRS will still apply tax for the entire month for the previous vehicle, as well as the new one.
  • The new Form 2290 must be filed by the last day of the month following the month in which the “transfer” occurred. This means that if you switch vehicles today, November 18th, 2014, the new 2290 would need to be filed by December 31st, 2014. 
  • However, this transfer process (E-filing a 2290 with a credit vehicle) will only work if the business name and EIN remain the same. If they’re different, see the instructions below.

*Head over to Part 2 of this blog to see step-by-step instructions on E-filing your 2290 with a credit vehicle!*

Change of Business Name and/or EIN

  • If your truck remains the same, but your business name changes, you must file a new 2290 and get a new stamped Schedule 1 with the correct business name. 
  • Even if your business name only changes slightly, you must still file a new 2290. Typically, this occurs when a business becomes an LLC or corporation for example, in which case you must update your Name Control so that it matches your EIN in the IRS database, and then E-file a new Form 2290. 
  • Be sure to update your vehicle’s title to match as the DMV will not consider your Schedule 1 valid if it doesn’t match your title exactly.
  • If only your EIN changes, you must also file another Form 2290 to receive an updated Schedule 1.
  • In all of these instances, you can still get some of the tax money that you already paid back. After E-filing the 2290, file a Form 8849 under the previous business name/EIN to receive a prorated refund of the HVUT.

Sold, Lost, or Destroyed Vehicle- without a Replacement

  • If your vehicle was sold, stolen, or destroyed during the current tax year, and you aren’t replacing it with a new vehicle, you must E-file Form 8849 to receive a prorated refund of the HVUT paid.
  • While E-filing Form 8849 will only take 5 minutes with us, it will take the IRS 4-6 weeks to process the request and mail you a check for the refund.
  • Check out my previous blog for a step-by-step guide on E-filing Form 8849!
I know this is a lot to take in, so I made a nifty little infographic for you to see what you need to file at-a-glance–because I love you guys!

Still confused? That’s what the Support Heroes are for! Their digits are 704.234.6005. Call them and speak to an E-filing expert in our hometown of Rock Hill, SC. Plus they can assist you in English, Spanish, or Russian! If you need 24/7 assistance, just shoot them an email at

And if you still don't have that new truck yet, our Support Heroes can put in a good word for you with Santa. Yep, they have connections!

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Friday, November 14, 2014

EIN: Obtaining an Employer Identification Number- Safely!


The transportation industry is swarming with long and confusing acronyms. IFTA, HVUT, IRP, UCR, MC, FMCSA, NY HUT, KYU, and the list goes on.. and on… and on.

One of these pesky three-letter acronyms is E.I.N. You’ve probably heard it bandied about before, but do you have any idea what it is?

The Employer Identification Number, also called the Federal Tax Identification Number, is required for filing many taxes and registrations, including Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. As such, registering for your E.I.N. is one of the first and most important steps for obtaining your own operating authority.

Here’s the bad news. There’s a slew of scams out there, charging outrageous fees for obtaining an E.I.N. But filing for an E.I.N. yourself is completely free. Crazy!

Let’s get educated on the subject together so you can better protect yourself from the scams lurking on the interwebs!

What is an E.I.N.?

The Employer Identification Number is used by the Internal Revenue Service to identify your business. It is a unique 9-digit number used to file heavy vehicle use tax, or any other tax through the IRS. The EIN is also required to register for your International Fuel Tax Agreement license in many states.

The IRS used to accept social security numbers in lieu of EIN’s. However, as of May 2011, SSN’s are no longer allowed. Your return will be rejected without a valid EIN.

When your business is assigned these 9 digits, they’re assigned to the exact business name and address you provide. This is known as “Name Control.” It’s crucial that when filing your HVUT you enter the EIN and the business name exactly as the IRS has it on record. It cannot just be your name, your business’s nickname, or just “what you’re known by around town.”

If your business name and EIN do not match exactly, your return will likely be rejected. If you have an EIN, but forgot your name control, it’s good practice to check with the IRS prior to filing. Call the hotline at 1.800.829.4933 to verify your name control.

But don’t just take my word for it! Listen to the calming tones of Sir Charles Hardy, our fearless Director of Tax Products, in the short video below explain why you need an EIN.

How to Get One- The Right Way and the Wrong Way

There are several ways to apply for the EIN yourself- for free! When filing directly with the IRS, you can apply online (preferred), or via fax or postal mail, and there is no charge. Just be sure you are applying through the IRS website directly, and not on a shady, third-party site.

If you choose to apply online, you must have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number, which is a valid Social Security Number of Individual Taxpayer ID. When filing online, you’ll get immediate validation and you’ll be issued the EIN right away. However, there are a few pitfalls to avoid with a freshly-issued EIN, see the segment below on rejection.

If you’re too short on time to file the EIN yourself, there is another way! A safe way that won’t charge you hundreds of dollars and make you wait weeks to receive the EIN. One that won’t steal and sell your information either.

Our friends over at Truck Services of North America specialize in permits, registrations, and tax filings. As a premier processing service (also based in our hometown of Rock Hill, SC!), they’ve helped countless new trucking operations obtain their authority, and they’ve applied for thousands of EIN’s. They’ll take care of your EIN registration completely for just $50, or take care of your entire authority with one of their full-service deluxe packages. Give them a shout at 803.386.0320 or email them at to see how they can help get your new business off the ground faster.

Avoiding Rejection

When you apply for an EIN online, you’ll be issued your unique 9 digit number right away. However, the EIN will not be valid in the E-filing system for at least 10 business days. During this waiting period, the IRS is entering your business information in their system. Until that happens, any tax return, including Form 2290, that you file with this new EIN will be rejected.

If you’ve had a 2290 rejected for an invalid EIN, our Support Heroes can help you correct it and retransmit it.

I Lost My EIN!

If you already have an EIN, but can’t seem to find it, here are a few ways to retrieve your digits.

  • 1. If you’ve E-filed with ExpressTruckTax before, your EIN is stored in your account! Simply login and view your business details, or view a previously filed return with your EIN on it!
  • 2. Check with a bank or local/state institution you’ve applied for a license with. Both should have your EIN on record.
  • 3. Finally, you can always call the IRS hotline, and they’ll give you the EIN over the phone after verifying your identity. The Business & Specialty Tax Line is 1.800.829.4933.

Wherever you are on your EIN journey, the ExpressTruckTax support heroes are always standing by and ready to help! They’ll give you all of the information you need to register your EIN, retrieve a lost EIN, or retransmit a rejected return.

Ring them at 704.234.6005 or send them a message via live chat. For 24/7 assistance, email at

And remember, when giving out information on the internet, be mindful of who you’re giving it to. ExpressTruckTax is a secure, IRS-certified site, and our heroes are a league of highly-trained truck tax pro’s. They won’t steer you wrong!

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Monday, November 3, 2014

HVUT & IFTA Recordkeeping Requirements

It’s time to awake from your sugar comas, Trucking Nation!

While we hope you had an extra spooky, candy-filled Halloween, it’s time to pack away your costume and dispose of the incriminating evidence cast so carelessly upon your living room floor. 

Yes, I am referring to that mountain of candy wrappers next to your couch. Destroy the evidence at once & hide your shame!

The cold hard light of Monday morning demands that we discuss grown-up business now. And what could be more “grown-up” than recordkeeping!

A necessary evil, proper recordkeeping may not be fun, but it saves you a lot of pain in the long run, like audits from the IRS or from your IFTA base jurisdiction. So if you want to avoid the dreaded IRS or IFTA audits, you’ve just got to ask yourself one question. Am I doing it right?

Are you keeping the necessary records for HVUT and IFTA? If not, now is the perfect time to get your act together! Here’s how…

HVUT Recordkeeping Requirements:

  • The VIN number and detailed descriptions of all taxable highway vehicles registered in your name.
  • The date you purchased the vehicle, as well as the name and address of the person/dealer you purchased it from.
  • The weight of the loads carried by the vehicle, described in accordance with record-keeping requirements in your state.
  • Record the first month of each period in which a taxable use of the vehicle occurred. Along with this, keep records proving that the vehicle was not being used in a taxable manner prior to that date (if you owned it during that time).
  • For “Category W” Suspended Vehicles (vehicles that travel fewer than 5,000 miles on public highways during the tax year or 7,500 for agricultural vehicles), record all highway mileage.
  • For agricultural vehicles, keep a record of the number of miles driven on the farm.
  • If you sell or dispose of the vehicle, you must provide details of how including the name and address of the person who purchases it, if applicable.
  • Keep all of these records for at least 3 years after the date the tax is due or paid, whichever is later.
  • Keep copies of all returns and schedules you’ve filed.
  • These records must be available for review by the IRS.
And here’s the great news for ExpressTruckTax users! All returns filed with us, along with the stamped Schedule 1, can be retrieved anytime from the Dashboard in your account. You can view, download, or print them if necessary. 

Plus, all of your vehicle info is kept safe & sound in Truck Zone. And it’s organized too! From VIN #’s, to unit numbers, license plate numbers, DOT #’s, & gross vehicle weights–you’ve got an archive to reference if needed. And you can view it anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. Win!

IFTA Recordkeeping Requirements:

  • Distance records must include the exact miles driven per jurisdiction and the precise routes driven, including any detours or out-of-route mileage.
  • Fuel records must include all fuel purchased, the name & address of where it was purchased, the cost per gallon, the total cost of each sale, and the original receipt. The receipt must be in good condition with no wrinkles or writing on it.
  • Always check the requirements in your base state.
  • These records must be kept for at least three years after the close of the quarter. They must also be available for audit in your base jurisdiction at all times.
While the third quarter IFTA deadline just passed, it’s certainly not too early to think about the fourth quarter! If you had a particularly hard time filling your IFTA last minute, then why not get a head start with TruckLogics!

Like ExpressTruckTax, we designed TruckLogics to be user-friendly and affordable. With the ProMiles add on for professional routing, you can keep up with daily trip sheets in one click! Then, at the end of the IFTA quarter, you can compile all of those trip sheets into a completed IFTA return, ready to be printed and mailed. Sign up for a free trial, the first 30 days are on us, and there’s no credit card required!

If you’ve got questions about TruckLogics, or about proper recordkeeping, ring our Support Heroes at 704.234.6005 or send them a message via live chat. For 24/7 assistance, email us at

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Howl-O-Ween Wishes & IFTA Deadline Reminders from the Support Team


The ExpressTruckTax team wishes the Trucking Nation a Spooktacular Halloween!

Moises & Patti

The Support Heroes are ready to get their Trick-or-Treat on! Are you?!

Moises & Patti will be offering their world-renowned support today dressed as a sweeter version of Dr. Seuss's Thing 1 & 2!

They're the proud proprietors of our Office Candy "Store," Sweet n' Free! They keep us all going with their never-ending stash of sweet treats.

Bryan the Bull

Bryan will be taking your calls today as the least temper-mental bull to ever walk this Earth! I mean really, have you ever seen a bull smile like that?

His matador will be swinging by the ExpressTruckTax offices later, just to make sure he isn't getting out of hand!

Brother Charles

And last, but surely not least, our Director of Tax products, Charles. 

You know and love him as Sir Charles the Great from our series of silly & informative ExpressTruckTax videos. Today, he's donning the garb of a suspender-snapping, cob-pipe smokin' Amish Gentleman.

Brother Charles will be busy leading our tax team through the IFTA deadline today, but if you need help raising your barn, gelding the horses, or just need an extra set of hands to shuck your corn, give Brother Charles a call!

Although, I'm not sure he'll be able to answer the phone... perhaps try mailing him a letter?

Now that you've had a good laugh, it's important to remember the darker side of Halloween! There’s something extra chill-inducing about this day for truckers. It’s the 3rd Quarter IFTA Deadline! That means interstate truckers with a vehicle weighing over 26,000 lbs (or with 3 or more axles) need to have their returns postmarked by today!

If you still haven’t prepared your IFTA return, we brewed an extra potent solution for you. Boil a pinch of user-friendly design and stir in a dash of customer appreciation, and you’ve got ExpressIFTA.

We designed it to be the fastest, most fun way to prepare your International Fuel Tax Agreement return. That’s right..I used “IFTA,” “fast,” and “fun” in the same sentence! No, I’m not crazy. And I’m not all hopped up on sugar either–at least not yet!

Gather up your trip sheets, truckers! And head over to

Simply create an account, enter your business details & base jurisdiction, followed by your vehicle info, and lastly, your distance and fuel records. If you have a GPS, you can upload those records and save even more time! Finally, watch with child-like wonder as ExpressIFTA generates your state-specific report. Then print it, and mail it. Done.

Notice how “calculating tax” was left off that list. That’s because ExpressIFTA performs the calculations for you! No, it’s not dark sorcery, just a little programming magic to help out our users.

And if you find yourself bewitched, call the ExpressTruckTax Support Heroes for help at 704.234.6005. You can also fly them a message via owl mail at

So truckers, take off your Freddy Krueger hands for a few minutes, and get that IFTA report ready! With our awesome features, you’ll be filed fast and still have plenty of time left for a little Halloween mischief! (We swear we won’t tell on you!)

Have a Hair-Raising Halloween. Stay safe out there!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh, the Places You'll E-File: How to E-file Anywhere in a Flash!

It’s another #ManicMonday at the ExpressTruckTax offices. We’re kicking off a busy week with a bunch of frantic E-filers!

This Friday, October 31st, is the Form 2290 filing deadline for vehicles first used in September. We’re also neck-deep in Registration Renewal Season, which means late filers are scrambling to get their stamped Schedule 1 and race to the DMV for tags. Combine that with the 3rd quarter IFTA deadline this Friday, and you’ve got a recipe for an E-filing Frenzy!

Have no fear! Whether you’re a new or returning user, a super-late July renewal filer or a last-minute September filer, ExpressTruckTax is here to show you how to get your Form 2290 E-filed in a FLASH.

Your 2290 will be completed AND securely transmitted to the IRS in under 10 minutes. “Lies!” you say. Oh, but it is too true.

And you’ll get your stamped Schedule 1 emailed to you just minutes after submission. Oh, and did I mention you can do it anywhere, anytime?

You can E-file anywhere your smartphone, tablet, or laptop has internet access! Just power that baby up and E-file in the 10 minutes while you’re....

Moises prefers to E-file while doing lunges.
Check out those thighs!
  • On your break
  • Waiting for that free coffee refill
  • In-line at the pump
  • Listening to your Aunt talk about her Book Club
  • Sitting in a dentist waiting room
  • Hanging upside down on monkey bars
  • In-line at the DMV
  • During your kid’s recital intermission
  • Eating a burger
  • Getting a pedicure (or should I say, a man-icure!)
  • During half-time
  • Waiting for a mechanic
  • Doing thigh curls at the gym
  • Any other time you have 10 spare minutes: Use your imagination!
In fact, E-filing your 2290 takes a lot less time than anything else on this list. And it’s far more entertaining too!
So you’ve got your interweb-enabled device, you’ve got 10 minutes, now to get started. If you’re using a tablet, our free iOS and Android apps will do the trick. Or use our mobile site if you’re FLASH-filing from your smartphone. 

  • The next logical step is to login to your account, or create a new one if this is your maiden voyage with ETT! Simply use an email address and password of your liking. If you’re new to ExpressTruckTax, enter your business details: Name, Employer Identification Number, address & phone.
    He also E-files while admiring sculptures...
  • Start a new Form 2290 return, choose the tax year, and select your First-Used Month. HINT: If you’re late-filing your annual HVUT renewal, the first-used month is still July. If you just purchased the vehicle in September, the first-used month guessed it...September!
  • Truck Time: Now to enter your heavy vehicle info.

    If you’re a returning user: Copy a previous year’s return! -OR- Select vehicles from your digital garage, Truck Zone. There’s no need to type in your VIN over and over again. That would just be cruel!

    New users: Use our Smart Upload to bulk upload 1 to 1,000 trucks at once from an Excel file type. No typing! -OR- If you don’t have such a file, simply enter your VIN & gross vehicle weight, and then rest assured knowing we won’t ever make you type it again! We promise.
  • Pay Up! No one likes this part, but at least we make it easy! We offer three easy ways to pay. Choose Direct Debit (EFW), EFTPS, or Check or Money order (the best choice if you need your Schedule 1 at night or on the weekend!). 
  • It’s all smooth sailing from here! Our system checks your return for errors before you submit it. (We take pride in our 98% approval rating!) Then kick back, relax, and wait for your stamped Schedule 1 to be emailed to you, which usually only takes 5 minutes.

    "Only $9.90 for a single truck!" Moises exclaimed.
We’ll also send you text, fax, or postal mail notifications if you so choose. It’s nice to have options!

If you have a question, just call our Support Heroes at 704.234.6005. You can also chat with them online or get 24/7 email support at

They’re always available in our hometown of Rock Hill, SC, ensuring that you get E-filed fast. And they do it in English, Spanish & Russian too! Muy Impresionante!

So next time you’ve got 10 minutes and a Wi-Fi connection, go nuts and E-file in a flash! Bonus points if you send us a picture of the crazy places you’ve E-filed!

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