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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Driving Through the Decades: 6 Weird Concept Trucks


Let’s face it, Trucking Nation, we all have something weird in our past! Maybe you went through a disco phase, or you rocked a mullet for a while. Heck, I had an afro myself at one point. But do you ever wonder what kind of weird trends the trucking industry has hidden in its past?

Over the decades, designers have tried to improve the art of trucking with extravagant designs aimed towards bringing trucking into the future. While rigs have gotten more efficient over the years, we’re not in the space age future these designers predicted!

Take a look at these weird-looking concept trucks from transportation’s past (and maybe the future)!

1964 GM Bison Concept Truck

With a turbine-based design, this freight hauler debuted at the 1964 New York World’s Fair (the same event where Ford debuted the Mustang). While this vehicle fell into obscurity, the Bison pioneered automation with an electronic system for loading and unloading standardized cargo containers. While the Bison never took off, another turbine-based engine did work its way into a different concept.

(photo courtesy of Hemmings Daily)

Chevrolet Turbo Titan III Concept Truck

Chevrolet designed the Turbo Titan III with a turbine engine, when gas was cheap and government regulation was light. Styled as the future of the transport industry, this truck had swing-up windows, three lens headlights, and a twin dial steering system. By the time the 70s rolled around, the costs and emissions were too high for this truck to take off.

(photo courtesy of Truck Trend Network)

Steinwinter Supercargo 2040 Cab Under Concept

Designed to reduce aerodynamic drag and wind resistance, this strange looking rig resembles a skate more than a truck. Even though it had Recaro seats and less blind spots, handling issues plagued the vehicle and it proved unpopular with drivers.

(photo courtesy of franestan613 via Imgur)

Mercedes Benz EXT 92 Concept Truck

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1992, Mercedes Benz premiered the EXT-92. Utilizing technologies from all transportation sectors, this concept truck had the drag of a car and enough features packed in to create quite a stir – like a fax and telephone system, kitchen with a microwave, and even a built-in coffee maker.

(photo courtesy of TrucksPlanet)

Colani Spitzer Silo Concept Truck

You know when legendary Swiss-German designer Luigi Colani gets involved, the results are going to be eye-popping at least. Conceptualized during the 70s fuel crisis, this rig made a resurgence after the recent global fuel troubles.

(photo courtesy of Dark Roasted Blend

Walmart's WAVE Concept

Designed by Walmart with Peterbilt, Great Dane Trailers, and Capstone Turbine, the WAVE stands for Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience. This rig uses a turbine-powered hybrid drivetrain, and has a combustion engine that can run on diesel, natural gas, and biodiesel fuel. And while it’s not on the road yet, the WAVE allows designers to test new technologies and approaches.

(photo courtesy of Wired)

While you aren’t hauling freight in the Bison or a Colani truck, your rig still needs to keep up with HVUT fees this year. If you have any questions about filing your 2290s, feel free to contact us by phone at 704.234.6005, by email at, or with the live chat support from our website.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

#TruckTechTuesday: What's Available in Trucker Apps

Smartphone apps are everywhere, and on truckers’ phones the story is no different. The wide array of
apps available for truck drivers certainly makes your lives easier, and like so many other tools, free you up to do things you really want to do. Let’s have a look at some of the more popular trucker apps out there and what they can do for you.

Allstays Truck Stops and Travel Plazas

This very popular app has been around since 2003, and shows not only what truck stops and travel plazas are near you (or in a certain location), but gives all kinds of details about those truck stops and allows you to filter a search by a specific detail. And it gives you information about road conditions, weigh stations, rest areas, and more.


This app shows you all kinds of businesses and amenities that are near your present location. You can search by category and also pull up information about each item shown. It shows your position on a map and the location of each business relative to you.


You can see accidents, police traps, and other hazards that have been shared by other drivers with this community-based navigation and traffic app. You can also share information with the app’s community about what you see or encounter on the road.

Beat the Traffic

Gives you real-time information about traffic, incidents, and the best route for you based on where you are and where you’d like to go.

MyDAT Trucker

Originally started as Dial-A-Truck (hence the name DAT), this app also details truck stops, hotels, diesel prices, etc. In addition, it shows information on loads that are near you using the DAT Load Monitor Network.

Trucker Path

This app is very popular and similar to MyDat Trucker, but really has two apps, one for on the road information, such as truck stops, parking, rest areas, and weigh stations, and another app that’s still in testing for accessing carriers and loads available.


RigMinders is a free customizable app that allows you to set up reminders for the trucking industry’s many tax filing, permit, and registration deadlines, as well as any other reminders you’d like to set up for yourself or your trucking business.

This is just a small representation of the many apps available for truckers today. As you can see, there’s a wealth of information, as well as tools, available to you whenever you need it. With the world at your fingertips, you can keep a step ahead of the competition.

Contact us here at ExpressTruckTax by phone at 704.234.6005, and by email at We’re available over the phone Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, and any time via email.

Join the conversation on our Facebook page, and tweet with us on Twitter. A healthy give and take with you allows us to continue to provide you with the best service available anywhere.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

#TruckTechTuesday: Cell Phone Tips for Truckers

Cell phones are everywhere. We’ve come to rely upon them, and expect ours to be available whenever we need it. For truckers, however, the cell phone picture can be quite contradictory. While you need your phones to communicate with dispatchers and get directions, among other things, your cell phone use is often tightly restricted.

Most importantly, there are specific regulations regarding cell phone use while operating a commercial motor vehicle. Essentially, truckers must only use a hands-free phone that is in close proximity while driving, and texting at any time behind the wheel is not allowed.

This being said, you still need to be able to use your phone, whether at a truck or rest stop, or just while parked. And cell phone costs can make up a significant part of any trucker’s budget. The savvy trucker can keep these costs to a minimum with a little research.

Avoid High Roaming Fees

Roaming fees can add up quickly. If your runs take you across the country, it’s worth it to pay a little extra for a plan with a company that has a wide reach so that you avoid roaming fees. Also, be sure that your cell phone company doesn’t charge connection fees when using other companies’ towers; some companies will do this under the name of “free roaming.”

Coverage Can Make or Break You

Coverage is another important consideration when choosing a wireless plan if you drive in a wide area. The important thing about coverage is keeping spots without coverage on your plan to a minimum. The last thing you need is to be stranded in an area without cell phone signal when you have important business to take care of. Many truckers agree that Verizon and AT&T have the best coverage available in the U.S.

Keep the Data Flowing

Also, how much data your plan provides may come into play for you, especially if you stream any type of video in your down time. GPS use on your phone can also eat up data. It may be worth the added expense to have a large amount or unlimited data on your plan, since data overages can add up quickly.

These are just some ways that you can get the most out of your cell phone dollar. By knowing the ins and outs of OTR cell phone use, your cell phone can be more about what you’re getting rather than what you’re giving.

Our ExpressTruckTax support team is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have over the phone at 704.234.6005, and any time by email at

And don’t forget to join the conversation on our Facebook page, and on Twitter. You can post about your experience with cell phones on the road, or Tweet about any tips or tricks you might have that would help The Trucking Nation with their cell phone needs.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: RigMinders

Happy Holidays, Trucking Nation! We here at ExpressTruckTax love to share with you new innovative ideas on #TruckTechTuesday, and today is no exception. RigMinders, a sister app of ExpressTruckTax, is a free app that you can easily download to your Apple or Android electronic device. RigMinders gives you the ability to remind yourself about all things trucking in one convenient location.

RigMinders Keeps Your Life in Sync

RigMinders is THE deadline reminder app for transportation professionals. With this app, you won’t need to write down, set an alarm, or tie a string around your finger to remember important trucking deadlines. RigMinders does it all for you!

You can either set up pre-programmed deadline reminders, or customize your own reminders.

Free Trucking Reminders, Anytime
Pre-programmed reminders include HVUT, IFTA, as well as UCR and IRP permit renewals, and others, including state use taxes. You can customize reminders according to time (same day, day before, week before) or by type (push notifications, email, or both).

The app can notify you of truck deadlines coming up in the next 90 days, and it can also notify you about those deadlines coming up after 90 days as well.

Not only that, you can set up personal reminders such as bills, maintenance appointments, expiration dates, and other reminders you might want to create. It’s like having your own secretary right on your electronic device!

RigMinders is a great time saver, and lifesaver! It’s as easy as a swipe of your finger!

Rigminders Support
The support team at RigMinders are available at 704.234.6946 over the phone, and by email at

Contact Us
And our expert support team at ExpressTruckTax is ready to answer any questions or concerns you might have about ExpressTruckTax at 704.234.6005 and

Join the conversation on our Facebook page, or tweet at us on Twitter. We always want to read your stories and ideas, whether it be about RigMinders, ExpressTruckTax, or any other trucking related topic that might be on your mind. This give and take between you and us allows us to have the necessary feedback and insight into what you want and need from us to provide you with absolutely the best service available anywhere. Thanks, Trucking Nation!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Onboard Truck Computers

Today’s trucks are sophisticated and state-of-the-art, much different from the simpler, older trucks they’ve grown out of. Not only do they contain the traditional engine and instrument panels, they employ modern computers that monitor and control many aspects of the truck’s performance.

The onboard computers used in most trucks today are multi-function machines much like their desktop cousins. Not only can they be used to monitor truck conditions and driver behavior, as older computers in trucks mainly did, today’s truck computers can be used to communicate between driver and back office, and even used by drivers to run applications and access the internet.

Electronic Driving Logs

Electronic driving logs are perhaps the most obvious application for these computers. These logs will become mandatory in all trucks by December 2017, according to a ruling by the U.S. Department of Transportation released December 10th. And significantly, a provision of this ruling states that these logs can not be used to harass drivers. This means that electronic logs can potentially be of benefit to both trucking companies and drivers, in that the companies will be able to track driver data, but drivers will be protected by the law from companies abusing the use of these logs.

Monitoring Engines

Onboard truck computers are also used to monitor truck engines and communicate data from the engine with either the driver, the back office, or both. The data can range from diagnostic trouble codes, to routine maintenance needed, to extreme conditions in the engine not caught by the codes. This can often mean the difference between a routine service stop and a blown engine.


Communications between the truck, driver, and the back office regarding other important information take place with the use of these computers as well. Some of these messages are in place of conversations that might normally occur over a cell phone. Since the screens for these onboard computers are often placed on the truck’s dashboard right in the driver’s view, using the computer for these communications can be much safer than cell phone exchanges.

Driver Use

A more recent feature of onboard truck computers is the ability to be used by drivers for 3rd party applications that might monitor other aspects of the truck. These computers are much like the desktop computer most people use, all the way down to internet access. This gives off-duty drivers a convenient way to surf the web, so that they won’t need to use up costly data on their cell phones.

ExpressTruckTax keeps you up to date on the latest in the trucking world, just like we make your life easier by simplifying your HVUT filing process. Contact us by phone at 704.234.6005 or by email any time at

We’re anxious to hear about your experiences with onboard computers. Tweet at us on Twitter or post on our Facebook page anything you think would be helpful for The Trucking Nation to know about onboard computers. Your input helps us to make sure we’re serving you the best we can.

Friendly Reminder:

Don’t forget the IRS’s e-filing system will be down for yearly maintenance from Dec 26th until some time during the 1st week in January (The IRS hasn’t specified the exact date the system will be back up yet). So if you’re using ExpressTruckTax to e-file and your Form 2290 needs to be in by December 31st, to be safe, you should e-file by December 23rd.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Self-driving Trucks

Imagine a truck that drives itself. Sounds like the stuff of science fiction, right? It may be closer than you think. Several truck manufacturers are currently working to develop exactly this, a self-driving truck. A few already have working prototypes. Let’s take a look at these trucks.

How Semi-Autonomous Trucks Work

It’s helpful to be clear about what these things are and how they work. The industry name for self-driving trucks is autonomous trucks. In turn, those that require a driver for safe operation are called semi-autonomous trucks. These semi-autonomous trucks are the type that are furthest along in development.

Semi-autonomous trucks are controlled by a computer. The truck’s computer constantly monitors the truck’s behavior, communicating the data it finds with the driver and the back office. In some cases, the computer will adjust settings within the truck to compensate; other times the driver will need to make adjustments.

Note that these trucks need an experienced, qualified driver in order to safely operate. The greatest need for manual driving is in densely-populated cities, to maneuver around the quickly changing landscape of city streets. At other times, such as highway driving, these trucks are able to control themselves.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Semi-Autonomous Trucks

The most obvious advantage of semi-autonomous trucks is the operation cost savings. They predict accident rates will fall dramatically with these trucks, since there’s more precise control over the truck. Catastrophic breakdowns can be avoided since the computer will closely monitor the truck’s performance and maintenance needs. Self-driving trucks will also free up their drivers to do other things such as examining computer data, doing business-related tasks (like filing your HVUT!), and simply relaxing.

The main disadvantage to these trucks is cost. At present, and for the foreseeable future, semi-autonomous trucks will require a huge startup investment. Companies will need to closely examine cost savings and see how they compare with these startup costs.

Some drivers may fear that their jobs are being threatened by the new trucks. It is important to note only the autonomous trucks have no need for a driver, and the development and implementation of such trucks is a long, long way down the road. It’s also unclear at this time whether autonomous trucks are viable at all, as there is still a huge concern about the safety of a truck without a driver. So don’t worry, Trucking Nation, your jobs aren’t going anywhere!

Let us know your feelings about autonomous and semi-autonomous trucks by tweeting at us on Twitter, and posting on our Facebook page. Your comments really help us post topics that are most helpful and interesting to you. And your input also helps us to provide you with the absolute best service available.

You can reach us at 704.234.6005 or at if you have any concerns or questions about ExpressTruckTax.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Cell Phone Signal Boosters

We all know how much you depend on your cell phones these days, Trucking Nation. From communicating with dispatchers, to getting GPS information, including up-to-the-minute traffic reports, these little technological wonders are in many ways your lifelines.

So when you have trouble getting signal or your signal’s weak, it can seem like the end of the world. Leave it to the wizards of technology to come up with a solution for this problem: cell phone signal boosters.

Stay Connected with Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Another marvel of technology, cell phone signal boosters replicate the signal from surrounding cell phone towers, and amplify, or strengthen, that signal over a relatively small area, such as the cab of your truck. Your cell phone is then able to receive that replicated signal as if it were coming from a cell tower.

An important factor to consider when choosing a signal booster is the strength of the amplifier, because this will determine how well the booster replicates the cell phone signal. This is especially important in mobile situations such as a truck. Since the cell signal will vary wildly depending on location, the stronger the amplifier the better for truckers.

Cell phone signal boosters provide a simple solution to what can be a major inconvenience.

We Make Things Easier Too

Like signal boosters, ExpressTruckTax is another secret weapon you can't leave home without. Luckily, we're also as mobile as you are, as you can always e-file from your smartphone or tablet. Whether it's the ExpressTruckTax mobile app or the Form 2290 Tax Calculator app, you can count on us to make filing HVUT, and life, go a little smoother.

And speaking of helping you out, you can contact us whenever you have questions or concerns about ExpressTruckTax. Call us at 704.234.6005 or email us anytime at Our world-class support team is available to assist you in English or Spanish.

You can always tweet us on Twitter or post on our Facebook page. Let us know how ExpressTruckTax has made your life easier. Thank you, Trucking Nation, for making us the leading Truck Tax solution. You’re the reason we do what we do.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Healthy Lifestyle Apps for Truckers

Happy #TruckTechTuesday, Trucking Nation! We all know how hard it is to stay in shape when you’re constantly on the road. According to trucker fitness guru Siphiwe Baleka, the life expectancy of truckers can be 10 to 15 years shorter than the U.S. average. We here at ExpressTruckTax want you to live long, prosperous lives, so let’s have a look at some apps that will help you on your fitness journey.

New App: Active Trucker

Anything that makes it easier for truckers to keep active is a big help. Baleka has released an app that does just that.The app is called Active Trucker, and provides 10 different exercises that take only 15 minutes or less. These are workouts that you can do by the side of your truck at either a rest area or a truck stop. Each exercise builds on the previous ones, and they gradually increase in complexity and intensity.

You don’t even need to change clothes for these workouts. The app is designed to make trucker fitness as easy as possible. You can also add friends and family to the app, so that they can see when you’ve worked out, and offer you support and encouragement.

My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is an automatic calorie counter and diet planner. It contains the nutrition information for over 2 million foods, and includes a feature that allows you to scan the barcode on any food label and get its nutrition facts that way.This app allows you to keep a food journal, and track nutrient and vitamin information as well.

Rolling Strong

This app is designed especially for truckers. In the free section there are location services for clinics and self-check health locations, as well as access to an extensive digital library that contains recorded wellness seminars. The members section gives you access to clinics for monthly health screenings, an on-the-go nutritional guide, and access to member only discounts.

These are only a few of the apps available today that can help you stay healthy on the road. There are many others designed with trucker wellness in mind. So don’t be afraid to explore them and let us know what works best for you.

We’d Like to Help

We here at ExpressTruckTax hope these apps will help you find ways to maintain healthy living. As always, we’re here Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to answer your questions over the phone at 704.234.6005 or by web-based chat. You can also reach us at any time via email at

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Keep It Updated


Happy #TruckTechTuesday! Here at ExpressTruckTax, we’re all about keeping up with the latest technology, which means making sure our browsers and apps are always up-to-date. Why, you ask? Well, regular updates provide significant benefits, such as better speed, security, and support than older versions. If you don't take the chance to update your browser, you can be left in the dark and miss new features that can improve your overall experience on the web—no, thank you!

Let’s take a look at some benefits of an updated browser:


You probably don’t need me to tell you that updating your browser can help websites and apps load and run faster. It’s true that every new update makes your browser faster than the last.


When it comes to your personal information, such as identity and credit card numbers, you’re the safest when you have your browser updated to the latest version. That’s because it includes new and improved security protection.


Keeping your browser updated can also reduce the risk of getting a virus on your computer. To minimize the risk of infection and attack, it's important to check for updates every month or so.


If you maintain an older browser that does not support the latest versions of HTML or CSS, you won’t be able to see the full view of the sites you visit.

As you can notice, keeping your browser updated is important for several reasons, especially to ensure that your web pages load properly. ExpressTruckTax also recommends that you update any extensions, plug-ins, or add-ons.

If there is anything #TruckTech related that you wish to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter! And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or have any questions. ExpressTruckTax offers year-round support so you can get the help you deserve. You can email us at or call us at 704.234.6005.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: The ExpressTruckTax App


Hello, Trucking Nation, it's #TruckTechTuesday! Today's talk is all about our ever so reliable app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Not having room for a computer and desk in the cabin of your truck has inspired us to create an ExpressTruckTax app for when you're on-the-go.

What Can You Do?

With our free, safe, and secure app, you can e-file your 2290 from the palm of your hand, anywhere at any time. After the 2290 is completed, you will get your Stamped Schedule 1 within the usual 15-20 minutes. You’ll also be able to correct and resubmit rejected returns, add multiple businesses to your account, bundle your returns to get the best value, use prepaid EIN’s to e-file for multiple businesses, and take advantage of bulk pricing and unlimited filing options to save the most money. Yes, we like deals here!

Click your device of choice to download the ExpressTruckTax App:




No matter where the road takes you, ExpressTruckTax is here to offer easy e-filing on-the-go while ensuring that you still get your Schedule 1 in minutes.

If there is anything #TruckTech related that you wish to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter! And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance or have any questions. Our support team is here to help! You can email us at or call us at 704.234.6005.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Fleetmatics and ExpressIFTA


It’s #TruckTechTuesday, Trucking Nation! And you know what that means, we’re going to talk about how to make your trucking experience better with apps and accessories.

This week, it’s all about trucker-centric GPS. These are specialized GPS systems that help truckers follow the right roads, stay safe, and avoid violations of the trucking rule book. One of the best trucking GPS systems on the market right now is Fleetmatics.

Fleetmatics is a GPS solution to save you on fuel costs, and it can potentially save you some on your insurance premiums. This GPS is designed specifically for trucker safety, and it’s GPS files are trusted by ExpressIFTA!

When you use Fleetmatics in order to haul goods from place to place, you get more than just a GPS system. You can also create detailed digital trucking logs, fuel and mileage logs for IFTA, and it will help you avoid roads not made for trucks. That means no more turning around, or finding yourself at a loss for where to go. That can definitely save you time, and fuel! Plus, since it’s integrated with ExpressIFTA, there’s no guess work when it comes to filing for your fuel taxes.

And that’s not all. You can also get real-time HOS status information, both on the road and in the office. Plus Fleetmatics is all about staying compliant with the entire trucking handbook. It can even send proactive alerts to drivers in real time that can help prevent violations. And it can send alerts to ExpressIFTA, and you can upload all of your GPS information to ExpressIFTA as well! In fact, Fleetmatic’s GPS output is the only one ExpressIFTA currently accepts.

Over the past five years, Fleetmatics has saved drivers over $2 Billion in fuel savings and has prevented millions of moving and rule book violations. Not to mention, the digital logbook is a lifesaver for when you use ExpressIFTA to file for your fuel taxes. Because trust us when we say that keeping detailed records will save you in the long run.

With everything Fleetmatics has to offer, along with ExpressIFTA accepting their GPS files exclusively, it’s no wonder so many people in the trucking industry rely on it to get them safely from place to place. And to record some very detailed, by-the-book trucking, fuel, and mileage logs that will save you so many headaches along the way.

If you have any questions, comments, or more #TruckTech you want to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing trucking stories and learning about new truck tech!

And if you find yourself with any questions about the e-filing process, we’re here for you. Just give our support legends a call at 704.234.6005 or shoot them an email at for 24/7 support in English and Spanish.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It’s #TruckTechTuesday, Trucking Nation!


That means even more trucking awesome concept trucks, truck accessories, and truck-tastic apps for our road warriors.  

As the world of technology becomes bigger and bigger, the trucking industry can bring you better and safer truck accessories, concept trucks, and apps to make the industry even better.  

Because trucking is so much more than just hauling goods, it’s a livelihood and it’s the backbone of this great American Nation.

Trucking Awesome (Truck Concepts)

This week in Trucking Awesome, ECS brings a monocoque truck frame to the table.  The company aims to use this frame to reduce the weight of heavy vehicles and improve overall road performance.  

The stiffness and stability of the frame will accomplish this nicely.  Plus, with reducing the weight of the vehicle (by a whopping 30%), ECS aims to reduce the resources used in all processes of production.  

This means there will be less metal used, less fuel consumed, and a less-involved vehicle manufacturing process, all by making the frame more stable.  Plus, ECS will reduce the carbon footprints of future vehicles.  Something our environment desperately needs.  

Truck Accessories

When you’re on the road for most of the week, your truck tends to become your home.  And like a home, you need to be able to make it as comfortable as possible.  Especially since, as a trucker, you have to keep track of several different things in order to continue operating your vehicle.  

That’s where truck accessories like a laptop mount come in handy.  Instead of having your laptop in your lap and hunching over it, this system allows you to mount it in your sleeper.  That way you don’t have to hunch and struggle to remain comfortable at the expense of your back.

Since the mount is adjustable, it can work with virtually any size truck and virtually any sized laptop.  It’s a small price to pay for the added comfort of being able to sit up straight to file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.

Apps for Road Warriors

Thanks to ExpressTruckTax, members of OOIDA now have their very own portal to e-file their Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes and their State-Specific IFTA.

That means members of OOIDA can e-file with ExpressTruckTax, leaders in the truck tax industry, and reap the numerous returning user benefits they offer, including their unparalleled USA-based support legends.  

The whole process takes less than 15 minutes, and most returns are accepted instantly.  And that’s it, you’ll get your Stamped Schedule 1 and get back to your life.  No paper, no calculations, and no wasting time.  Just streamlined filing for OOIDA members.

So download the app today for either Android or iOS.

If you have any questions, comments, or more #TruckTech you want to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing trucking stories and learning about new truck tech!

If you find yourself with any questions about the e-filing process, we’re here for you. Just give our support legends a call at 704.234.6005 or shoot them an email at for 24/7 support in English and Spanish.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Fuel Technology


Happy #TruckTechTuesday, Trucking Nation!

As the world continues to become computerized and tech-centric. Everything seems to be getting a tech makeover. Especially big rigs!

And because of that, the trucking industry is becoming a lot safer, and more environmentally friendly. Not to mention, trucks are becoming more user-friendly, and truckers are having a much easier time staying connected with each other and their dispatch offices.

Over the past few years, there have been leaps and bounds made in order to make trucking lives easier, and the road much safer. Here’s some technology that is revolutionizing the trucking nation.

Trucking Awesome (Truck Concepts)

Continuing our series of truck-tastic concept trucks, the Freightliner Cascadia Evolution is a technological revolution for the trucking industry. 


It features a Detroit DD15 engine, which is one of the most advanced, aerodynamic, and fuel efficient engine enhancements to ever happen to trucks. The DD15 delivers a 7% improvement in fuel economy, which is greater than any other engine on the market to date.

Not to mention, it is also equipped with a first-generation aerodynamic package, which decreases the Cascadia’s wind resistance by 5%. Meaning the Cascadia is equipped with the very best aerodynamic upgrades in the industry.

With this new truck, Freightliner aims to push the trucking industry toward making trucks more environmentally friendly, fuel efficient, and safer for their drivers. Their goal is to constantly evolve above the competition and bring some excellent trucks to the table. Trucks that are not only fun to look at, but trucks that actually change the way the industry hauls goods.

Truck Accessories

Often times when you’re hauling goods, you find yourself travelling to higher altitudes. And as everyone who drives a truck knows, higher altitudes means colder weather.

When this happens, side mirrors often take a hit, freezing or frosting over from the cold in high altitudes. And if you are driving truck, this can be dangerous. But West Coast found a way to combat that with heated mirrors.

These are fantastic for anyone travelling into cold climates or high altitudes. When your mirrors frost over, instead of having to pull off the road to handle them, simply turn on your heated mirror and let them defrost themselves while you continue to drive.

No more wasting time or pushing the boundaries of road safety. Now you can rest easy!

Apps for Road Warriors

Since third quarter IFTA began on July 1st, if you haven’t already filed, you will need to file soon. That’s where this week’s app for road warriors comes in. File your quarterly fuel tax with ease, by using the ExpressIFTA tax calculator. 


With this app, you’ll always know what you have to pay without breaking out that dusty old calculator. Let ExpressIFTA calculate it for you based on where you’ve gone and how long your trip was.
And even if you’ve already filed this quarter, the next quarter begins in October. So trust us when we say, the ExpressIFTA calculator is an app that will get you through every quarter with ease.

So download the app today for either Android or iOS, and file your IFTA and get back to your life!

If you have any questions, comments, or more #TruckTech you want to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing trucking stories and learning about new truck tech!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Driver Safety

Happy #TruckTechTuesday, Trucking Nation! Time to explore the growing world of big rig technology.

Technology for big rigs is still a growing market and many of the trucks and accessories are still in their concept phases, but that doesn’t make them any less cool.

And there are actually a lot of accessories on the market that help truckers with braking, visibility, backing up, and avoiding collisions with other drivers.

Meet the technology that is trying to make the Trucking Nation better!

Trucking Awesome (Truck Concepts)

Introducing the VolvoBeeVan, a somewhat miniature big rig that placed the driver at the center of the vehicle. 

The way Volvo designed this rig, the driver sits front and center. That means way more visibility and a much better view of the road. And it’s safety features are basically off the charts!

When a driver exits their vehicle, the doors slide open and reveal hidden steps that will help them to get their feed on the ground safely. Then inside the cab, the truck is insulated to shield the driver from the outside environment.

And it also includes a sleeper, dinette table, and some spacious personal storage. For Volvo’s new concept vehicle, the driver is the main concern and everything is done for their comfort and safety.

Truck Accessories

Since semi-trucks are so large, being able to see behind the trailer is often a difficult task. But Hawkeye has a solution for that: their wireless backup camera. 


They’ve been putting backup cameras on cars for ages, so why not trucks? It can help truckers visualize the great unknown (behind their trailer) much better than their large mirrors ever could.
The display is three inches high and it isn’t very invasive, especially in a big rig with a large cabin. And it’ll improve the safety of your vehicle!

Apps for Road Warriors

Managing a business on the road can be difficult. Keeping up with drivers, dispatches, goods, and paychecks is basically a nightmare. But at TruckLogics, they have the solution.

TruckLogics is a business management software (and smartphone app) that can help you manage your business virtually anywhere! It’s basically the ultimate solution to manage any trucking business.

The app can be used by both owner-operators, fleet managers, leased operators, and drivers. This allows for monitoring, real-time status updates and it helps you keep your records all in one place on their secure US-based server.

Get started today and manage your business with ease!

If you have any questions, comments, or more #TruckTech you want to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing trucking stories and learning about new truck tech!

We’re here for you If you find yourself with any questions about the e-filing process. Just give our support legends a call at 704.234.6005 or shoot them an email at for 24/7 support in English and Spanish.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Safe Trucking

It’s #TruckTechTuesday again, Trucking Nation! That means we get to explore the exciting world of technology that’s geared specifically toward heavy vehicles.

While the world of truck technology is fairly new, the market is growing astronomically. With both large companies (like Wal-Mart, Volkswagen and Peterbilt) and small—virtually unheard of—companies (like AirFlow, Peloton, and Haishan Deng) working to make the trucking industry better.

Trucking Awesome (Concept Trucks)

We’ve been talking a lot about trucks with sleek bullet-like designs, and while there are more similar concepts closer to being released, this week we’re changing the pace. Introducing The Chameleon by Haishan Deng.

The Chameleon is a centipede-esque truck with a segmented body that allows the truck to adjust in order to fit any container size. Not to mention, on top of that, the body of the trailer is constructed out of a soft tarp-like material that allows the truck to absorb energy during an impact.

This truck concept would revolutionize the truck industry! Due to it’s material, the truck is more lightweight so it will lessen the blow of impacts with other vehicles as well as cutting back on fuel intake. That means roads and the environment will both be safer once this truck becomes a reality.

Truck Tech Accessories

There are a lot of accessories out there for truck drivers. From dash cams to Peloton, both of which we’ve already talked about in previous blogs, truck extensions are getting really high tech.

But this week we’re going somewhat old school with Talon’s digital tire pressure monitoring system.

Monitoring tire pressure is a serious problem in big trucks. But with Talon, their device allows you to monitor the tire pressure of up to 22 wheels at a time. That means you can have some peace of mind out on the open road.

Plus, it can also monitor the temperature of your trailer, and it alerts you if that temperature or if the air pressure in any of your tires becomes too low.

Apps for Road Warriors

With Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Season beginning tomorrow, this week’s app is our very own ExpressTruckTax app, available for free for your iOS & Android devices.

With ExpressTruckTax, you get so much more than an e-filing system, you get the best value in the Trucking Industry!

And we have an app! That means you can e-file from virtually anywhere. That and you get the same great ExpressTruckTax product and support. You can even pull up your Stamped Schedule 1 from your phone!

If you have any questions, comments, or more #TruckTech you want to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing trucking stories and learning about new truck tech!

We’re here for you If you find yourself with any questions about the e-filing process. Just give our support legends a call at 704.234.6005 or shoot them an email at for 24/7 support in English and Spanish.

Happy e-filing, Trucking Nation!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Trucks, Tech, and Apps Galore!

Happy #TruckTechTuesday, Trucking Nation!

As the world of technology continues to grow, there are more and more areas that are providing excellent tech. Now the technology world has become so huge, that it has expanded beyond phones and computers to heavy vehicles.

Now we live in a world where technology is working to make trucks better. Through truck extensions, truck apps, and new truck concepts, the tech industry is trying to turn trucks friendly for our environmental future.

That and new tech makes your truck look really cool! Which is what we talked about in our previous Truck Tech Blog.

Trucking Awesome (Concept Trucks)

Last time we talked about BulletTruck from AirFlow, but this week’s truck looks even more sleek. Introducing Peterbilt’s trucking awesome concept truck, Sentinal.

Peterbilt refers to it’s concept truck as the new American dream. And if that picture is any indication, they definitely aim to deliver an extravagant truck basically drowning in luxury. Plus, it’s design makes it more aerodynamic (which is great for your fuel mileage)!

In fact, the design could improve fuel economy and range of long haulers by 25%! And this truck concept is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

Truck Extensions

This week’s truck extension is a little bit of a wild card because is is both an app and a truck extension. The extension is called Peloton, and it is a trucking app concept built by Peloton Technology. 


Peloton is an automated vehicle technology company that is working to connect collision avoidance technology, and prevent the most common truck accidents. They also provide a reduction in aerodynamic drag by linking two trucks together in what they call a platoon. And on-road testing showed that they were saving fleets a lot of fuel!

So in addition to the added safety of travelling in packs, automatic braking, and generally being really, really cool, Peloton will also save you a lot of money in the long haul.

Apps for Road Warriors

Perhaps one of the most influential apps of the summer is the FMCSA Guide Rules and Regulations app by Wright Media, which you can download from both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Now it might not sound like much, but consider this: this is the first mobile guide to everything you need to know about the FMCSA Rules and Regulations. That means you get instant access!

You can look up any rule or regulation just by using their search feature. No more searching through bulky books and trying to figure out the rules.

And, this app includes their new “Fuel Dawg” feature where you can locate the best diesel prices from thousands of truck stops based on your GPS location!

But wait, there’s more! This app also includes the latest trucking job opportunities, and access to contact those trucking company directly. It was even featured in our ExpressTruckTax IFTA blog about hot summer apps!

If you have any questions, comments, or more #TruckTech you want to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing trucking stories and learning about new truck tech!

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