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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

This Is What Actually Happens If You Don't File IRS 2290

Truckers file IRS 2290 before the 2290 deadline to avoid penalties.
The IRS Form 2290 deadline is creeping up.

Don’t end up blindsided. Filing IRS 2290 for 2019 by the 2290 deadline is critical, not only to stay compliant, but also to remain in operation and avoid fines.

Still not convinced? Don’t wait around until the end of August to find out for yourself, we’ll tell you what will happen right now.

Here’s a rundown of what exactly what happens when you miss 2290 deadline:

What Happens If You Forget About IRS 2290?

IRS 2290 Deadline

Normally, the annual IRS 2290 deadline is August 31st, but this year that date falls on a Saturday. 

Therefore, the 2290 due date is technically September 3rd.

We’re off to a good start. You’ve got a couple more days to file than normal.
But you’re busy. What if you still can’t find the time or motivation?

IRS 2290 Penalties

Here’s some motivation:

If you miss the 2290 deadline, you’ll face penalties. Let’s say you simply forget to file.

First, you’ll need to pay the IRS 2290 late filing penalty, which is 4.5% of the total HVUT 2290 tax amount you owe.

Then, you’ll face an additional .54% of interest each month that passes without you filing.

On top of that, you’ll still have to pay the original HVUT 2290 amount you owe whenever you do file.

If the reason for late filing was an error on your original IRS 2290 return, you may be able to avoid penalties altogether.

You can attach an explanation to your corrected 2290 for 2019 filing, showing reasonable cause for the delay. Even this, however, does not guarantee that the IRS will accept your statement and save you from the penalty. 

Avoiding Form 2290 Penalties

There’s an easy fix for avoiding IRS Form 2290 penalties:

File HVUT 2290 before the 2290 due date!

Failing to file HVUT 2290 for 2019 before the 2290 due date can lead to heavy penalties.

The Form 2290 deadline is usually August 31, but since that falls on a weekend this year, it is September 3rd. 

You really have no excuse not to file on time. Especially with ExpressTruckTax as an option.

ExpressTruckTax allows you to file IRS 2290 for 2019 online quickly and easily. 

Plus, you’ll get your Schedule 1 just minutes after you’ve submitted your return.

It doesn’t take long, and you can file from anywhere. Knock it out today and forget about the 2290 due date until next year.

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Get A Sweet Deal With HVUT 2290 When You File Now And Pay Later

Married Trucker with yellow vest smiling happy 2019 pre-filing

Did you know there’s a better way to file your Form 2290?

The 2019 Form 2290 season kicks off July 1st, but for truckers who use ExpressTruckTax, they can now begin filing as early as today by choosing online filing.

Oftentimes truckers will wait until the last minute to file, causing them more stress and the potential to miss out on any important 2290 due date. Missing a 2290 due date can lead to a hefty Form 2290 penalty on top of your HVUT 2290 annual fee.

The HVUT 2290 annual fee is calculated by adding:

  • The actual unloaded vehicle weight, fully equipped for service.
  • The unloaded weight of the semi-trailer or trailers, fully equipped in combination with the commercial vehicle.
  • The maximum load weight usually carried on the vehicle, and any semi-trailer(s) used.

What is Form 2290 Filing Like with ExpressTruckTax?

ExpressTruckTax customers can get their 2290 Form 2019 complete before the start of the regular season. ExpressTruckTax gives customers the chance to file now and pay later. A huge benefit of this is learning how much is owed in taxes and being able to save up until the HVUT 2290 due date, September 3rd, 2019! Don't miss out on this important Form 2290 due date by choosing the Express Package when you file online. After completing the Form 2290 process online customers have the opportunity to opt-in and receive HVUT 2290 due date reminders via email, text, and fax.

Benefits of Filing Your HVUT 2290 Now

File Now and win a BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset for FREEThis year the biggest benefit of filing with ExpressTruckTax is being entered to win a swag bag full of must-have items every trucker loves, including a BlueParrott Bluetooth headset.

The only two things needed to qualify is a FREE ExpressTruckTax account and a Form 2290 filed online with ExpressTruckTax. Once the Form 2290 2019 is completed by July 30th customers are automatically entered to win.

ExpressTruckTax is also making this deal even sweeter by giving away FREE merchandise to our Facebook friends. See more on this sweet deal on our Facebook page.

When you file now, you are being proactive in making sure you are in the front of the line to receive your Stamped Schedule 1. The Stamped Schedule 1 is needed to renew and/or register your vehicle(s), so once yours is received, you no longer are stuck waiting during the DMV rush.

Get Started Today button for ExpressTruckTax. Sign in or Sign up to win a FREE BlueParrott Bluetooth Headset

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Your HVUT Form 2290 Is Due This Month!

Sound the alarm, your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) Form 2290 is due this month! That means time is officially running out and you need to file by the August 31st deadline in order to avoid getting faced with major penalties.

However, you don’t have to panic, ExpressTruckTax, your number 1 Form 2290 e-file provider is here to help with a few tips for you to remember when you quickly and easily file.

2290 Filing Tips

1. Slow down and enter all of your information correctly to avoid having your form rejected over a simple typo. VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) for example, consist of 17 characters with both letters and numbers, so they can be easy to mix up. Plus, the font is usually pretty small and hard to read, so bust out your glasses if you need to.

The letters I, O, and Q are not found in VINs to prevent confusion. So an I is a 1 and an O is a 0. Also, there are no spaces in your VIN. If you need to correct your VIN don’t worry, ExpressTruckTax lets you quickly and easily make VIN corrections for free.

2. Go ahead and get your EIN (Employer Identification Number) now if you need one. If you don’t have one then you need to apply for one with the IRS online. Once you apply you’ll receive your new EIN number instantly, but that doesn’t mean you can use it yet. It takes about 15 days for your EIN to become updated in the IRS’s system and forms can get rejected during that time.

The clock is already ticking, soon you won’t be able to wait 15 days before the deadline for your EIN to become updated. The deadline will be here before you know it, so again, if you need an EIN, handle it today.

3. Double check your information. You will be presented with a summary of your information with ExpressTruckTax before transmitting your return to the IRS, just so that you can reread over all of your details and make sure that everything is correct.

If you enter your name incorrectly then your stamped Schedule 1 will have the wrong name and then the DMV won’t accept it as proof of payment. Then you will have to file and pay for your HVUT all over again to get a new stamped Schedule 1.

4. Remember, you are required to include your suspended vehicles on your 2290 Form. A suspended vehicle is a vehicle that is expected to be used for less than 5,000 miles (7,500 for agricultural vehicles) on public highways during the tax period. Suspended or credit vehicles also include vehicles that were lost, stolen, or destroyed.

Including these vehicles may work to your advantage because in some cases you can receive tax credits or a refund for them. If ExpressTruckTax sees that the amount of credit you have is greater than the amount of HVUT you owe then we will automatically generate Form 8849, the Claim for Refund of Excise Taxes Form for you, so you can get your money back from the IRS faster.

5. Instantly file online with ExpressTruckTax! It’s easy, follow the step-by-step e-filing guide to have your stamped Schedule 1 sent to you via email within about 15 minutes. You don’t even need a computer to file. With the ExpressTruckTax app on your smartphone or tablet to file at any time, from any location.

Or call TSNAmerica at 803.386.0320 to have a 2290 expert file over the phone for you. All you have to do is sit back and answer a few questions to instantly handle your 2290 needs. Plus, you’ll instantly get a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 via email.

 Contact ExpressTruckTax

Taxes can be confusing, but it’s our mission to make them easy. Contact the dedicated ExpressTruckTeam if you need any assistance. We are available Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM EST at 704.234.6005. We’re also available via live chat and offer 24/7 email support at
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So You Need to Make a Correction After You E-Filed Form 2290?

Making Corrections to Form 2290 After E-Filed
Making Corrections to Form 2290
As we near the heavy vehicle use tax Form 2290 deadline, it’s worth remembering that we do our best to make sure you’re covered throughout the year.

We offer Form 2290 Amendments for both our filers, as well as any filers who didn’t file with us.

Free VIN Corrections

When you file form 2290 online for 2016-2017, it’s not unheard of to rush through the process and find yourself a few months later in a sticky situation.

For example, if you realize your vehicle identification number was entered wrong during the deadline.

Instead of freaking out, head back to ExpressTruckTax and file a free VIN correction!

And if you didn’t file with us, no worries - it’s just a small fee!

Taxable Gross Weight Increase

After you file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax return Form 2290, your vehicle’s taxable gross weight might increase.

If it does, simply login to ExpressTruckTax and e-file a 2290 Amendment for a taxable gross weight increase!

Mileage Exceeded

If a suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage limit, you need to e-file a 2290 Amendment. With a mileage exceeded, you can have us calculate and pay the excess tax for the year. All you need to do is e-file a truck tax Form 2290 Amendment for Mileage Exceeded.

So as we approach the 2290 truck tax due date, have no fear - we’ll be here to help you when you need to e-file a 2290 correction!

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