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Thursday, July 4, 2019

How To Get Prepared For Upcoming Truck Inspections

DOT inspection CVSA inspector during Operation Safe Driver Week 2019 One thing we like to say around here is "stay ready, so you don't have to get ready."

We are halfway through 2019 and there are still a couple truck inspections and important dates you have to make it through, like the 2019 Form 2290 filing deadline

The CVSA's Operation Safe Driver Week 2019 and the CVSA's Brake Safety Week are both coming up fast.

If you're still operating your rig, it is safe to say you survived the CVSA Roadcheck 2019.

If you have been in the industry you know that the truck inspections don't stop there. Here are a few upcoming truck inspection dates you need to be aware of.

Upcoming Truck Inspection Dates

CVSA's Operation Safe Driver Week 2019: (July 14-20, 2019)

The first truck inspection date you should remember is the CVSA's Operation Safe Driver Week 2019. This inspection will last from July 14th to July 20th.

Each year this inspection puts focus on some form of dangerous driver behavior and this year there is an emphasis on speeding. 

During this week, North American jurisdictions will be promoting and endorsing the message: "Late won't kill you, speeding will"

Speeding is the one thing we have all been found guilty of from time to time, so this comes as a forewarning to every trucker with a led foot, who may get stopped.

The CVSA will partner with law enforcement personnel to issue warnings and/or citations to drivers operating a commercial vehicle or passenger vehicle, driving at unlawful speeds.

Previous Operation Safe Driver Week Results

During the CVSA's Operation Safe Driver Week last year, there was nearly 17,000 passenger vehicle pulled over alone for speeding and almost 2,000 commercial vehicles. In addition, 17 commercial vehicles were given a citation for driving too fast for the weather conditions.

CVSA's Brake Safety Week 2019: (September 15-21, 2019)

Yellow semi truck speeding during 2019 CVSA Operation Safe Driver week 2019
The CVSA's Brake Safety Week will be taking place from September 15th through 21st. Roadside safety truck inspections will be conducted on commercial vehicles throughout North American jurisdictions. 

Any vehicle found with critical brake violations, or other critical violations, will not be able to travel until they are up to protocol.  

Any commercial vehicle that passes the truck inspection during the CVSA Brake Safety Week 2019 will receive a CVSA decal to identify them as such. 

Alongside the truck inspection, law enforcement will also be doing outreach and bringing awareness to the importance of proper brake safety.

Important Dates To Prepare For 

ExpressTruckTax's strives to be proactive. That is why our goal is to get you prepared early for the upcoming CVSA truck inspections, the 2019 Form 2290 deadline, and HVUT payment.

When you file your Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax your stamped Schedule 1 will be sent to you within minutes. After using the ExpressTruckTax step-by-step method you are good to go until July of 2020!

File your 2019 Form 2290 today and don't let procrastination get the best of you!

E-File My 2019 Form 2290

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

How To Survive The 2019 CVSA Inspection Blitz

2019 CVSA Inspector performing International Roadcheck
For 72-hours the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) will be performing their annual road check. The 2019 CVSA Inspection Blitz will be taking place June 4-6 throughout North America, with steering and suspension systems being the primary focus. CVSA president, Jay Thompson says “steering and suspension are safety-critical systems for any commercial motor vehicle”.

Since the beginning of the CVSA International Roadcheck, it is recorded that an average of 17 trucks and buses are inspected, each minute in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Inspectors will be performing a 37-step procedure. During this inspection will include checking the following:

  • Brake systems
  • Cargo securement
  • Coupling devices*
  • Driveline/driveshaft
  • Driver’s seat
  • Exhaust systems*
  • Frames*
  • Fuel systems
  • Lighting devices*
  • Steering mechanisms*
  • Suspensions*
  • Tires*
  • Van/ open-top trailer bodies
  • Rims/hubs
  • Windshield wipers

*Find tips on this topic that can save you from being in violation, below

Just last year the 2018 CVSA Roadcheck placed 21.6% of vehicles inspected out of service (OOS). You can avoid being in this number by following our Express CVSA Roadcheck Guide.

Now that you know what will be inspected here is how you can ace it with flying colors:

Express CVSA Roadcheck Guide

Steering And Suspension Systems

With this being the main focus of this years check it is important that you make sure our steering lash is within the proper lash distance. Also, check for any damages and loose parts in your suspension.

Fuel And Exhaust Systems

Be aware of leaks, improper mounting, and excess carbon around seams and clamps.

Coupling Devices

Check the strength of any chains, wires, and ropes you use

Lighting Devices

Look for discoloration, improper mounting, non-functioning parts, and block visibility in all devices.


Check for corrosion fatigue on all frames, missing, loose, or cracked cross-members.


Make sure all tires are properly inflated, free of bulges, cuts and excessive tread wear.

The CVSA International Roadcheck is the largest inspection blitz. Last year there were over 67,000 inspections performed. Most of the inspections are level I inspections. A level I inspection consists of an examination of the motor carrier’s and driver’s credentials, record of duty status, mechanical condition of the vehicle, any hazardous materials or dangerous goods present during the inspection.

It is important to have your vehicle up to par for the inspection blitz, but it is also important to make sure that you are also within code. Driver’s operating without proper credentials, in violation of hours of services (HOS), or in possession of alcohol or narcotics may be placed out of service.

Compliance Advice

Trucker preparing for 2019 CVSA RoadcheckThe best advice for truckers during the CVSA inspection is to remain calm.
Inspections can take time and the quicker you comply, the quicker the process will go.

These inspections are not designed to trip anyone up but are in place to regulate highway safety. In a press release issued by CVSA, Chief Thompson states that “The inspections performed during International Roadcheck are the same inspections that are conducted the day before International Roadcheck states and the day after it concludes, as well as any other day of the year.”
There isn’t anything new that will be a surprise for driver’s, so being in compliance shouldn’t be rare.

Next Steps To Take

Just as you have proactively prepared for this year's road check, you can now do the same for the 2019 Form 2290 filing season.  ExpressTruckTax is happy to announce the kickoff of Form 2290 pre-filing. This opportunity is offered for both our loyal customers and new customers interested in choosing the Form 2290 market leader to handle their 2290 needs. Pre-filing not only opens the door for clients to save money but gives them the chance to win a FREE BlueParrott Bluetooth headset and more.

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If you are short on time this 2019 Form 2290 filing season, you should try our sister product, TSNAmerica. TSNAmerica offers clients the ability to file over the phone and avoid the hassle of paper this season. Call 803.386.0320 and get started now.

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