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Friday, September 6, 2019

How to Make the Most of Driver Appreciation Week 2019


Truck drivers accross the country celebrate Driver Appreciation Week 2019 with free events and specials.
National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is coming up next week! We’ll celebrate our American truck drivers September 8-14, 2019.

If you’re a truck driver, we want to take this moment to thank you for all that you do to continuously move this country forward.

Keep reading to find some awesome deals that will be offered during Driver Appreciation Week.

If you’re a loved one or family member of a truck driver, we’ve got some great gift ideas for truckers for you to check out. We’ll help you show appreciation for the truck driver in your life. 

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week 2019

Truck Driver Week Deals

Truck drivers haul more than $10.4 trillion worth of merchandise every year.

That’s no small feat.

Certain places will be offering deals throughout Driver Appreciation Week to say thank you.

Pilot J is offering free drinks in its app every day in September. Simply download their Pilot Flying J app to participate.

Can’t beat 30 days of free drinks!

Luckey Trucking will provide food and prizes for drivers that come through their terminal, and offer prizes every hour.

The American Trucking Associations will host Trucking Day at Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals, during a Major League Baseball game between the Washington Nationals and Atlanta Braves on July 13, 2019.

Truck drivers will receive mid-game recognition from the fans and participate in on-field activities.

During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, trucking industry organizations across the country host events and specials to honor American truck drivers for the work they do.

Keep an eye out for other deals and specials as the week progresses.

Gift Ideas for Truckers

If you’re here as a friend or loved one of someone in the trucking industry, we’ve put together a list of gifts for truck drivers for you to help show your appreciation.

1. Check out the ATA Online Store

Tons of trucker gear for your favorite truck driver. Plus they even have some stuff with this year’s Driver Appreciation Week 2019 logo on it.

2. Stainless Steel Insulated Tumblers

Keeps drinks cold, fits in the cup holder and is sealed tight to prevent spills.

Plus, it keeps truck drivers from accumulating a bunch of disposable cups. It’s perfect!

3. Cooler

It’s no secret that food on the road is one of the toughest challenges of being a truck driver.

Surprise your driver with an insulated cooler bag full of his/her favorite goodies this year for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

4. Toiletry Bag

Truck sleepers aren’t always the cleanest or roomiest places, and truck stop bathrooms aren’t much better.

One of the best gifts for truck drivers is a hanging toiletry bag.

It saves space, makes it easy to organize things for quick use, and is portable.

5. Multi-tool

You never know what you’ll need on the road!

A new multi-tool could be the perfect gift for your truck driver this year.

There are tons of options to choose from, and you could even consider getting it customized!

6. Wool Blanket

Fall is approaching fast. Consider gift ideas for truckers that provide comfort in the cooler months.

One perfect gift is a wool blanket, lightweight and durable, with great heat-trapping capabilities.

American Truck Drivers

At ExpressTruckTax, we work hard every day to make the lives of truck drivers easier.

Happy Driver Appreciation Week 2019! We appreciate everything you do for our nation, and will continue to serve you as best we can.

Taking your business to the next level? Check out our sister product, TruckLogics, a trucking business management tool created for your success.

We’re here to help. If you ever need us, feel free to give us a call at 704.234.6005.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

ExpressTruckTax Celebrates National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Hey truckers, you know the nation appreciates you right? Well, we do! Thank you for all of your hard work and the time you put in to keep our economy rolling forward. People don’t realize the how hard over 3.5 million professional drivers in the US work to safely deliver goods on time.

That’s why it’s the general public’s turn to give back with National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, which will take place September 10th - 16th. During this week people will take the time to honor drivers and show them appreciation. Although for the daily activities and stress drivers deal with, they should really be appreciated every single day!

Take a moment to see what drivers can expect during this week and learn what you can do to support the drivers around you. They don’t have to be drivers you know, they can be anyone who works in the transportation industry.

Show Truck Drivers Appreciation 

Love’s Truck Stop has actually extended driver appreciation week to a month long affair. In September thousands of drivers will win $100 in My Love Rewards points and one extra lucky driver will win 10K in points. Also, one driver will win 1 million My Love Reward points which is the equivalent to $10,000 in retail value. 

In September drivers will earn a free shower and a free drink refill if they buy 50 gallons of fuel or more. They will also receive a free hat if they buy 3 pairs of gloves for $9.99. Plus, Love’s offers drivers tire care, light mechanical and oil change services, and more!

Clearwater Plaza in Minnesota will be throwing an appreciation event Tuesday, September 12th from 3 to 6 PM! They will have free food, health screenings, games, prizes, and more.

During the week drivers can also expect free food and BBQs or cookouts hosted by their fleets and maybe a few contests and prizes, but that’s not where driver appreciation should start or end. Drivers should be appreciated all year!

Thank a truck driver
One way fleets can give drivers more appreciation is by listening to them. By actually taking the time to talk to drivers and learn about what frustrations they are facing you can give them real advice to fix the issue. Plus, if drivers are taken seriously they will feel respected.

Also, you could take the time to learn about your drivers. They aren’t objects, they are actual hard working people. Take the time to learn their names, about their interests, and hobbies. You can also ask them about their families and invite them to be included in special company events like training days and cookouts. This will give families an inside look at what the trucking life is like so they can better understand what their beloved drivers go through.

You could also provide drivers with something they really need like access to items that will help them lead healthier lives. Don’t just tell a driver how to be more fit, offer them a gym membership or provide in cab strength training equipment.

You could also provide them with free health screenings for the conditions that commonly affect drivers like high blood pressure or sleep apnea.

You could also provide helpful tools for the road like emergency kits, rain gear, or winter wear. These items can be free or offered at discounted prices, but when caught in an emergency water protective clothing, a flashlight with batteries, utility knife, and more will really make an incredible difference.

We Appreciate You, Drivers!

We also appreciate everyone involved in the trucking industry, so much so that we say thanks to driver’s all year long. One week isn’t enough time to appreciate what you do.

Please share your thoughts on trucker appreciation in the comment section and visit for more trucking blogs.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#WellnessWednesday: Getting Checked


In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW)—Sept. 13-19—ExpressTruckTax wants to focus this #WellnessWednesday on staying healthy and in good shape with medical screenings, glucose tests, and flu shots. Fortunately, leading trucking associations are hosting free health fairs to provide such evaluations for their hard-working and committed drivers.

Why Is It Important?

Medical screenings and other tests are meant to ensure that drivers are healthy enough to operate a heavy truck and perform their daily responsibilities. A typical screening will test a driver’s vision, hearing, blood pressure, breathing, and judgment skills while also checking for neurological and cardiovascular problems.

Who, What, Where?

Even though we’re halfway through the week, TA and Petro Shopping Centers, for instance, are providing free health fairs until Oct. 2. See below for the locations:
  • TA Eloy: 2949 N. Toltec Rd., Eloy, AZ
  • Petro Ontario East: 4325 E. Guasti Rd., Ontario, CA
  • TA Cartersville: 981 Cassville White Rd., Cartersville, GA
  • TA Boise: 4115 South Broadway Ave., Boise, ID
  • TA Clayton: 10346 South State Rd. 39, Clayton, IN
  • Petro Clearwater: 950 State Hwy 24, Clearwater, MN
  • TA Pembroke: 8420 Alleghany Rd., Corfu, NY
  • TA West Greenwich: 849 Victory Hwy, West Greenwich, RI
  • TA New Braunfels: 4817 I-35 Frontage Rd., New Braunfels, TX

ExpressTruckTax recommends that you maintain your health and get checked as often as possible. Medical screenings by a certified medical examiner, as opposed annual checkups by a doctor, can inform you if there are serious problems that may make you an unsafe driver. After all, you must protect your life and the life of others while on the road.

Do you have some tips on staying healthy as a truck driver? Or maybe you would like to share some highlights from your own wellness journey. Either way, drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter!

You can also call us at 704.234.6005, or email us at if you have any questions. We love hearing from you, Trucking Nation!

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Monday, September 14, 2015

It’s National Truck Driver Appreciation Week


That’s right! From Sept. 13 to 19, professional truck drivers across the country will be admired and acknowledged for their hard work and dedication in the industry. Businesses are offering promotions and hosting various events and tributes, such as free daily deals, coffee refills, and a health fair for free blood pressure screenings, glucose tests, and flu shots. In addition, our own affiliates are providing fun and memorable activities for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week. Take a look below or refer to to get the complete 411 on the following events:

Celadon Trucking

Steve Sommers from America’s Truckin’ Network will be at Celadon headquarters from Monday to Thursday while Kristi Lee and Tom Griswold from the Bob and Tom Show will be in attendance on Friday. Make sure to check out the schedule because something fun and special will be happening each day!

Con-way Truckload

Management will be providing delicious grilled lunches for their drivers at terminals, as well as giving away random items and prizes. Get yourself a free hat or T-shirt. You deserve it!

RWI Transportation

RWI has scheduled hourly giveaways from Monday to Friday, as well as daily food for its drivers. Don’t miss out—each operator can receive gifts and free truck washes!


Drivers can come for free food and drinks as Schneider provides tents and grills at more than 100 of their locations. This week is also a chance for drivers to chat with executives and receive personal thanks for a job well done.

Did You Know?

To further commemorate approximately 3.5 million hard-working men and women who make up America’s trucking industry, I’d like to provide some interesting facts, courtesy of Planet Freight.

  • The trucking industry collects, on average, $650 billion in revenue each year. That is about 5% of America’s GDP. 
  • In the United States, there are over 200,000 female long haul drivers. 
  • There are about 15.5 million trucks operating in the United States today. 
  • The top transported goods in the United States are clothing, food, furniture, and electrical machinery equipment/goods. 
  • The trucking industry is expected to grow by about 21% over the next 10 years. 
  • Annually, trucking accounts for about 70% of all freight transported in the United States. 

A Note from Us

Everybody at ExpressTruckTax recognizes you and thanks you for not only for being a loyal customer but for impacting the trucking industry in such a powerful way. Without you, essential freight wouldn’t be moved across the U.S. every single day and our precious goods wouldn’t be delivered in a safe, timely manner. We appreciate you, Trucking Nation!

We’d love to speak with you if you have any questions or concerns. Just give us a call at 704.234.6005, email us at, or drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter!

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