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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Safe Trucking

It’s #TruckTechTuesday again, Trucking Nation! That means we get to explore the exciting world of technology that’s geared specifically toward heavy vehicles.

While the world of truck technology is fairly new, the market is growing astronomically. With both large companies (like Wal-Mart, Volkswagen and Peterbilt) and small—virtually unheard of—companies (like AirFlow, Peloton, and Haishan Deng) working to make the trucking industry better.

Trucking Awesome (Concept Trucks)

We’ve been talking a lot about trucks with sleek bullet-like designs, and while there are more similar concepts closer to being released, this week we’re changing the pace. Introducing The Chameleon by Haishan Deng.

The Chameleon is a centipede-esque truck with a segmented body that allows the truck to adjust in order to fit any container size. Not to mention, on top of that, the body of the trailer is constructed out of a soft tarp-like material that allows the truck to absorb energy during an impact.

This truck concept would revolutionize the truck industry! Due to it’s material, the truck is more lightweight so it will lessen the blow of impacts with other vehicles as well as cutting back on fuel intake. That means roads and the environment will both be safer once this truck becomes a reality.

Truck Tech Accessories

There are a lot of accessories out there for truck drivers. From dash cams to Peloton, both of which we’ve already talked about in previous blogs, truck extensions are getting really high tech.

But this week we’re going somewhat old school with Talon’s digital tire pressure monitoring system.

Monitoring tire pressure is a serious problem in big trucks. But with Talon, their device allows you to monitor the tire pressure of up to 22 wheels at a time. That means you can have some peace of mind out on the open road.

Plus, it can also monitor the temperature of your trailer, and it alerts you if that temperature or if the air pressure in any of your tires becomes too low.

Apps for Road Warriors

With Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Season beginning tomorrow, this week’s app is our very own ExpressTruckTax app, available for free for your iOS & Android devices.

With ExpressTruckTax, you get so much more than an e-filing system, you get the best value in the Trucking Industry!

And we have an app! That means you can e-file from virtually anywhere. That and you get the same great ExpressTruckTax product and support. You can even pull up your Stamped Schedule 1 from your phone!

If you have any questions, comments, or more #TruckTech you want to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing trucking stories and learning about new truck tech!

We’re here for you If you find yourself with any questions about the e-filing process. Just give our support legends a call at 704.234.6005 or shoot them an email at for 24/7 support in English and Spanish.

Happy e-filing, Trucking Nation!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

What do You Get for $9.90?

You may have heard us constantly say we’re “the best value in the industry”, but what exactly do you get for the price?

Well, for starters:

  • No other IRS-authorized E-File Provider offers a price this low.
    • Priced at just $9.90, we truly are the best value in the industry. And with us, you get more than just e-filing: you get a great product and superior customer service.
  • We have the best customer support team in the industry.
    • In fact, we call them Support Legends because no matter who you get connected to, they can handle your questions with ease. All of them are fully trained and here all year around—whether it’s HVUT season or not. 
  • We work closely with truckers, owner-operators, and trucking associations.
    • That means we understand the industry and the frustration that comes with filing heavy vehicle use tax. Unlike other providers, we can provide you the best value and the best product specifically for the trucking industry!

    And all of that comes free! We haven’t even scratched the surface of everything ExpressTruckTax can do for you—and for just $9.90! We’ll be saving you some dolla dolla bills y’all.

What You Get For the Price

  • The Ability to E-file Your 2290 With Ease
    • ExpressTruckTax provides you with a great and easy-to-use product. In fact, we have the most efficient e-filing process out there! All you have to do is follow three easy steps, and then you’re done. You can get your Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes and get back to your life. It really is as easy as 1-2-3!
  • Stamped Schedule 1 (in Minutes!)
    • Getting your Stamped Schedule 1 with ExpressTruckTax is really easy! From start to finish, your journey to your Stamped Schedule 1 should take less than 10 minutes. Then you have your proof of filing and you’re well on your way to renewing your vehicle registration for the coming year. You can access your Stamped Schedule 1 with ExpressTruckTax one of three ways: 
      • 1. We will automatically email it to you
      • 2. There will be a copy in your ExpressTruckTax account on your Dashboard page
      • 3. You can have us fax or mail it to you, or anywhere you want.
  • Truck Zone
    • Truck Zone is a virtual garage that has been integrated into ExpressTruckTax. Whether you have one truck or a multitude, Truck Zone can help you securely organize all of your vehicle information. That way you only have to enter it once, and Truck Zone will remember it for you year after year.
  • Email Notifications
    • As soon as your Form 2290 is accepted by the IRS, you will get an email from us containing your Stamped Schedule 1. If your Form 2290 is rejected, we will also send you an email notification immediately with the exact reason for the rejection. That way you can pinpoint the exact error, correct it, and then you can re-transmit your 2290 to the IRS free of charge!
  • Form 2290 Archive
    • We also archive your Form 2290 and Stamped Schedule 1 on our secure server year after year. That means you can use our FastTransfer feature to copy your HVUT from a previous year so you don’t have to start over from scratch. Or if you ever lose your Stamped Schedule 1 and need to pull up a new one, we’ve got you covered.
  • Free VIN Corrections
    • Sometimes you can make some mistakes. Maybe you mixed up a letter or a number, or maybe you’re confusing one VIN with a different truck. It happens! That’s why we give you free VIN corrections. And it only takes a few minutes to file your correction with ExpressTruckTax.
  • Credits for sold/destroyed/stolen vehicles
    • If you sold your truck during the tax year and purchased a different vehicle, you can claim the credit for the sold truck and file your 2290 for your new truck on one return! The credit from the truck you sold will be automatically applied to the amount of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax you owe on your new truck.
  • Our Support Legends
    • They’re so good, I had to list them twice! If you have any questions about any part of the e-filing or amendment process, we have an amazing support team. Just give them a call at 704.234.6005 or shoot them an email at for 24/hour support in both English and Spanish. There is no problem they can’t solve!

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Friday, June 26, 2015

Gross Vehicle Weight Increase: 2290 Amendments


If you’ve been following our 2290 Amendments series thus far, we’ve discussed Free VIN Corrections and how to handle an Increase in Mileage Limit. But what if your truck puts on a little—or a lot—of weight.

An increase in the gross weight of your vehicle could mean you have to pay an increase on the heavy vehicle use tax you owed during the tax season. But only if your truck goes up to the next weight class, that is.

What is a Weight Category or Class?

There are eight weight classes for trucks and three weight categories. They range from light duty, which is 6,000-14,000 pounds, medium duty, ranging from 14,000-26,000, and heavy duty, which ranges from 26,000 to more than 33,000 pounds.

These three categories then each break down into eight smaller weight classes. The weight class of your vehicle dictates how much you will pay in heavy vehicle use taxes for the tax year. The heavier the vehicle, the higher the taxes.

What Happens if My Gross Vehicle Weight Increases?

When your GVW increases during the tax year, all you have to do is e-file a 2290 Amendment for an increase in Gross Vehicle Weight! And when you use ExpressTruckTax, e-filing that amendment is quick, easy, and economical.

In fact, it’s only a three step process!

Step 1: Log In or Create New User

  • If you’re a returning user, login
  • If you’re a new user, create your account

  • Enter your business information (if you haven’t already)
  • Then click “Start” under Form 2290 Amendments
  • Choose the kind of Amendment you want to file. 
  • In this case, you want to click “Start” under “Taxable Gross Weight Increase.”

Step 2: Input Vehicle Information

  • Select your vehicle’s first-used month
  • Select the month where your vehicle’s weight change occurred

  • If you e-filed your 2290 with ExpressTruckTax this year, select the vehicle or vehicles you would like to amend from your previous return and choose the new weight class.
  • If you are changing the weight of more than 1 vehicle, click “Save & Add Another.”

  • If you’re finished, simply click “Save” and move on to the next screen where your tax is prorated for you.

Step 3: Transmit Your Return

  • Choose from three methods of payment to pay your increased tax to the IRS.
  • You can pay by Direct Debit, EFTPS, and check or money order (No credit or debit cards with the IRS)

  • Then our Instant Audit feature reviews your return for errors and you’re done!
  • You can securely transmit your amendment to the IRS and receive your new Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes!
    • Pro-Tip: Be sure to submit your amendment by the last day of the month following the month in which the weight increase occurred. That means, if the increase occurred in August, you need to file your amendment by the end of September.

And that’s it! You can e-file your amendment as easy as 1,2,3. From start to finish the whole process only takes 10 minutes or less. We’re just that good!

If you need any help e-filing your 2290 Amendments, our dedicated support legends are here year round to answer all of your tax related questions! So don’t be shy, give us a call at 704.234.6005 or send us an email at for 24 our support in English or Spanish.

And starting July 1, ExpressTruckTax will be giving 10% off of their already super-affordable filing price! All you have to do is enter the promo code ETT10. What a deal!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#TruckTechTuesday: Trucks, Tech, and Apps Galore!

Happy #TruckTechTuesday, Trucking Nation!

As the world of technology continues to grow, there are more and more areas that are providing excellent tech. Now the technology world has become so huge, that it has expanded beyond phones and computers to heavy vehicles.

Now we live in a world where technology is working to make trucks better. Through truck extensions, truck apps, and new truck concepts, the tech industry is trying to turn trucks friendly for our environmental future.

That and new tech makes your truck look really cool! Which is what we talked about in our previous Truck Tech Blog.

Trucking Awesome (Concept Trucks)

Last time we talked about BulletTruck from AirFlow, but this week’s truck looks even more sleek. Introducing Peterbilt’s trucking awesome concept truck, Sentinal.

Peterbilt refers to it’s concept truck as the new American dream. And if that picture is any indication, they definitely aim to deliver an extravagant truck basically drowning in luxury. Plus, it’s design makes it more aerodynamic (which is great for your fuel mileage)!

In fact, the design could improve fuel economy and range of long haulers by 25%! And this truck concept is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

Truck Extensions

This week’s truck extension is a little bit of a wild card because is is both an app and a truck extension. The extension is called Peloton, and it is a trucking app concept built by Peloton Technology. 


Peloton is an automated vehicle technology company that is working to connect collision avoidance technology, and prevent the most common truck accidents. They also provide a reduction in aerodynamic drag by linking two trucks together in what they call a platoon. And on-road testing showed that they were saving fleets a lot of fuel!

So in addition to the added safety of travelling in packs, automatic braking, and generally being really, really cool, Peloton will also save you a lot of money in the long haul.

Apps for Road Warriors

Perhaps one of the most influential apps of the summer is the FMCSA Guide Rules and Regulations app by Wright Media, which you can download from both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Now it might not sound like much, but consider this: this is the first mobile guide to everything you need to know about the FMCSA Rules and Regulations. That means you get instant access!

You can look up any rule or regulation just by using their search feature. No more searching through bulky books and trying to figure out the rules.

And, this app includes their new “Fuel Dawg” feature where you can locate the best diesel prices from thousands of truck stops based on your GPS location!

But wait, there’s more! This app also includes the latest trucking job opportunities, and access to contact those trucking company directly. It was even featured in our ExpressTruckTax IFTA blog about hot summer apps!

If you have any questions, comments, or more #TruckTech you want to see featured here, drop us a line on our Facebook or Twitter. We love hearing trucking stories and learning about new truck tech!

As always, if you find yourself with some tax questions, give our dedicated support team a call at 704.234.6005 or email them at for 24 hour support in both English and Spanish!

And don’t forget! You only have 7 more days left to pre-file. If you want to be entered to win a ExpressTruckTax Swag Bag and save a little money of the e-filing price (with the promo code PREFILE), then don’t delay, pre-file today!

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Increase in Mileage Limit: E-filing 2290 Amendments

Tax season and tax amendments go hand in hand. After you file your Form 2290, at the end of the tax season (August 31), you may notice that there are some changes you need to make on your tax forms.

We’ve already discussed Free VIN Corrections, but you may be wondering about how to file an amendment to increase or change your mileage limit.

There are three types of amendments you can e-file when it comes to your Form 2290. The second of those amendments (since we’ve already addressed the VIN Corrections), is the mileage limit amendment.

What is a Mileage Limit?

A mileage limit is the amount of miles a suspended heavy vehicle is allowed to drive on public highways before tax is owed on that vehicle. Typically, the limit for suspended vehicles is 5,000 miles, and if this is exceeded, tax is immediately due. However, for agricultural vehicles, this limit is 7,500 miles!

Keep in mind that this limit only applies to the total miles your vehicle drives on public highways during the tax year, regardless of the number of owners.

The Form 2290 Mileage Increase Amendment is for suspended vehicles that exceeded the mileage use limit for the tax year, so if you filed as suspended, but just went over that limit, then it’s time to start e-filing!

I’m Over the Mileage Limit! Now What?

So what happens when you go over the mileage limit? Well, Trucking Nation, that’s when you start e-filing your handy dandy Form 2290 Amendment!

Now you don’t have to worry about filing amendments just yet, but you should be pre-filing. However, there’s a chance you might need to e-file an amendment in the near future. But that’s why we’re here!

And at ExpressTruckTax, as e-filing industry leaders, our amendment process is quick and easy!

Step 1: Log In or Create New User

  • If you are a returning user, log in to your account.
  • If you are a new user, choose to create an account.
    • Pro-tip: If you don’t want to go through and create a whole new account, you can also choose to link your ExpressTruckTax account with Facebook or Google+.

  • Then, click “Start” under Form 2290 Amendments.
  • After that, choose the kind of amendment and click start under “Mileage Exceeded.”

Step 2: Make Your Corrections

  • If you are a returning user, you can choose to amend a return you e-filed with us.
  • If you are a new user, you can choose to amend a return that was paper-filed or e-filed elsewhere.

  • Next, choose the vehicle you are filing the amendment for.
  • Again, if you haven’t filed with us, enter the vehicle’s information, such as the VIN, taxable gross weight, and whether or not it’s used for logging.
  • Finally, hit “Save” or “Save & Add Another” if you’re e-filing an amendment for more than one vehicle.

Step 3: Review & Submit!

  • The prorated tax is then calculated for you!
  • Click “Next,” and enter your method of payment. The IRS accepts Direct Debit (EFW), EFTPS, and check or money order (The IRS does not accept credit/debit cards).

  • Then, just review your information one last time, and then let our system perform an Instant Audit to make certain everything is correct.
  • Finally, securely transmit your amendment to the IRS, and you should get your Stamped Schedule 1 in minutes!

When it comes time to e-file Form 2290 Amendments, we’ll be here for you! So if you have any questions or need any help when it comes to e-filing, you can talk to us.

Just give us a call at 704.234.6005 or send us an email at for 24/hour support in English and Spanish!

And don’t forget, that there are only 8 days left to pre-file your HVUT! That means there’s still time to get a sweet discount on e-filing when you use the promocode PREFILE, and you can still be entered in our Swag Bag Giveaway. So don’t delay, pre-file today!

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Friday, June 19, 2015

7 Common E-filing Mistakes to Avoid

With pre-filing season in full swing and the regular filing season peeking over the horizon, there are some common mistakes we should address.

Time and time again filers tend to make the same mistakes when it comes to filing their heavy vehicle use taxes. So let’s go over them so they’re fresh in your mind when you e-file or pre-file this tax season!

1. Incorrect EIN or VIN

Your EIN is your Employer Identification Number, and your VIN is your Vehicle Identification Number, and both are equally important. In order to file your HVUT, you will need to know both, and both will need to be correct. So check, double check, and triple check if you have to, because if those ID’s are even one letter or number off, your return could be rejected by the IRS. And nobody wants that! But if it does happen, don’t fret! You can retransmit rejected returns for free with us!

2. Computation Errors

We know tax calculations can be hard, but that’s why when you e-file with us, our system will calculate the amount due for you! Now you don’t have to worry about doing all that complicated tax math. All you have to worry about is what you need to pay and remembering your EIN and VIN so you don’t make any errors on your tax forms. Then, once you’re ready to submit, our Instant Audit feature can help you eliminate any errors you may have made before you complete your return.

3. Incorrect Filing Status

If you know you will travel fewer than 5,000 miles on public highways during the tax year, then you should file your vehicle as suspended. This saves you time and money, and if you ever exceed the mileage limit, you can always submit an Amendment through ExpressTruckTax!

4. Incorrect Filing Year

If you’re pre-filing this month, like all of the cool kids, be sure that you’re selecting the correct tax year! Instead of electing to file for the current tax year, you want to select advance filing for the 2015-16 tax year. Like so:

5. Duplicate Vehicle Information

You definitely don’t want to enter a single vehicle more than once, but if you do accidentally enter details for the same truck twice, you can remove it easily by clicking the “remove” button next to the duplicate vehicle.

6. EIN Not Registered

It takes up to 10 business days for a new EIN to be entered into the IRS system. So if you don’t have one yet, you need one ASAP! That way you’ll be prepared in time to still pre-file before the tax season begins July 1. If you already have your EIN, don’t forget you have to wait for the IRS to activate your EIN before you can e-file! If you don’t, you’ll keep getting an EIN Not Registered error when you try to begin your HVUT.

7. Incorrect First-Used Month

This error might not get your return rejected, but it will cause some problems when it comes time to get your new tags. The tax year for HVUT begins July 1st. This means that for all renewals, the first-used month is automatically July—even if you’re filing in August! There is only one instance where you would choose a later month, and that’s if your truck is purchased after the beginning of the tax year. For example, if you purchase a new truck in September, then that would be the first-used month.

What it all boils down to in the end, Trucking Nation, is to make certain you check, re-check and re-check your taxes again before hitting submit. You never know what you could miss!

But if you find yourself unsure or if you have any questions, we’re here for you! We have a dedicated, year-round support team just to help you. So give us a call at 704.234.6005 or send us an email at for 24 hour support in English and Spanish! And let us help you avoid these common e-filing mistakes.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trucking News Update: IRS Offices Now by Appointment Only


We have breaking news, Trucking Nation!

On June 12, 2015, the IRS announced that it is making 10% of its offices available by appointment only. This is yet another in a series of moves by the IRS to encourage tax filers to go paperless and start e-filing as it is more efficient and cost-effective for both tax filers and the IRS.

Prior to this, the IRS also made it mandatory for trucking companies that have more than 25 vehicles to e-file for the same reason, proving only one thing: that e-filing is the future of the tax industry.

Since the IRS prefers e-filing to paper filing, the tax filing industry will continue to change. This means that here at ExpressTruckTax, as industry leaders in e-filing Truck Taxes, we are now more than ever the best and easiest way for you to file your taxes.

If you need to go to your local IRS office for any reason, be sure to call ahead and make certain that your IRS office allows walk-in’s, or use that opportunity to make an appointment.

For your convenience, we have listed below the IRS offices that are now by appointment only:
  • Birmingham, AL; Mobile, AL; Redding, CA; Denver, CO; Hartford, CT; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Atlanta, GA; Des Moins, IA; Boise, ID; Chicago, IL; Muncie, IN; Terre Haute, IN; Louisville, KY; Paducah, KY; Wichita, KS; Monroe, LA; Hyannis, MA; Grand Rapids, MI; Marquette, MI; Kalispell, MT; Wilmington, NC; Norfolk, NE; Cherry Hill, NJ; Albany, NY; Elmira, NY; Washington, PA; York, PA; Rapid City, SD; Nashville, TN; Austin, TX; San Angelo, TX; San Antonio, TX; Seattle, WA; Silversale, WA; Tacoma, WA; Daluth, WI; Madison, WI; Sophia, WV.

If you need to contact your local IRS office, the IRS lists the numbers by state and city here.

And don’t forget, if you need any help e-filing or pre-filing, we’re here for you! So if you have questions or concerns, give us a call at 704.234.6005 or send us an email at for 24-hour support in English and Spanish.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

It's All about That VIN


Everyone who has a vehicle has one, but many people have yet to unlock the secrets of the VIN. And there are secrets, Trucking Nation.

But now you can consider all of your VIN questions answered! And maybe you’ll learn a few secret tidbits about VIN’s that you didn’t already know. Because it’s all about that VIN, y’all.

What is a VIN

A VIN or a Vehicle Identification Number (or even a Chassis number) is a unique code that includes a serial number. These codes are used by the auto industry for identifying specific vehicles.

Vehicle Identification Numbers were first introduced to the vehicle industry in 1954, but they were not standardized until 1981. That’s when they became the identification codes we know today.

Today, a VIN number is typically 17 characters long, and depending on the country your vehicle was made in, it can begin with a variety of letters– or even numbers in the case of North and South America.

The Purpose of a VIN

Before unlocking the secrets of a VIN, most people view them as some sort of mystery 17-digit identification code. But, there is a purpose!

VIN’s can even be used to identify the make, model, weight class, and model year of your vehicle...just by using a 17-digit serial code! They also don’t include the letters I, O, or Q, so that people won’t confuse those letters with a number 1 or a 0.

Where to Find My VIN

The easiest way to locate your VIN is one of two ways because your VIN will be placed on one of two areas on your vehicle.

The first way is to stand outside of your vehicle on the driver’s side and examine the corner of your dash where it meets the windshield.

If your VIN is not located there, open your driver’s side door and look at the door post (where the door latches when it is closed). The number should be located there.

What Does It Have to Do with E-filing?

Since VIN’s contain special coded numbers and letters that describe your unique vehicle, it is imperative you use that identification code for anything pertaining to said vehicle. That includes truck taxes!

As previously stated, VIN’s can be very telling. They contain your weight class, country of origin, the make, and model year. That means, it’s essentially a social security number for your vehicle.

Plus, you want to make sure you pay taxes on the right vehicle and that everything is up-to-date for your own convenience. Because you’ll quickly learn that dealing with government bodies like the IRS and DMV without an identification number would be a nightmare.

If you need any help taming the beast that is the IRS, we’re here for you! We have a dedicated support team located in Rock Hill, SC, standing by just for you. So give us a call at 704.234.6005 or send us an email at for 24/hour support in English and Spanish!

And if you notice a VIN error on your Form 2290, you can e-file a VIN correction for free through for all returns originally filed with us!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

6 Tips for E-filing Success This Renewal Season


Tax season will be here before you know it. And as the HVUT renewal season approaches, you’ve probably found yourself with more and more questions about what to do and how to even file in the first place. And that’s what we’re here for!

So here are 6 tips to help you successfully e-file your Form 2290 during this renewal season:

1. Get Your EIN Early

Getting your EIN is important! It takes 10 business days for the IRS to activate it, and you need it in order to e-file.

After your EIN has been processed, you will need to know the exact business name associated with the EIN account in order to use it. If you have forgotten the name associated with the EIN, you can call the IRS EIN hotline at 1.800.829.4933 to verify, and then keep it safe because it is imperative to your tax-filing success!

2. Know Your Vehicles

Next on the path to tax success is knowing your vehicles. And I’m not talking about just knowing the weight of your vehicle or the first use date—even though you definitely need to know that as well—I’m also talking about knowing your type of vehicle. There are four different types of vehicles you can file a Form 2290 for, and knowing which category your vehicle falls under can make a huge difference on your bank account!

  • Heavy Vehicles: A heavy vehicle is any other vehicle, weighing 55,000 lbs or more, that has driven over the 5,000 mile limit. For these vehicles you file your Form 2290 as normal and pay your heavy vehicle use tax.
  • Suspended: Suspended vehicles are any heavy vehicle or agricultural vehicle that have been driven under their mileage limit for the tax year. For heavy vehicles this limit is 5,000 and for agricultural vehicles this limit is 7,500. Having a suspended vehicle means after you file your heavy vehicle use tax, you are eligible for a refund!
  • Agriculture: Agricultural vehicles are any vehicles used for farming or agriculture. These vehicles can be driven 7,500 miles on public highways until they are no longer considered suspended, at which time, HVUT is due. 
  • Logging: Logging vehicles are any vehicles that are used to transport forest materials within or from a foresting site, or a vehicle that moves forested materials from one site to another. With logging vehicles, companies and drivers alike are eligible to pay less taxes for the tax year. So if you drive a logging truck, make sure you specify when you’re e-filing!

3. Keep Accurate Records

Besides your EIN and knowing your types of vehicles, keeping accurate records is the most important part of e-filing.

It is your responsibility to keep accurate trip logs, especially if you are an agricultural vehicle or a suspended vehicle. You will need to prove to the IRS that you went under 7,500 and 5,000 miles, respectively, during the tax year. If you find yourself in need of some help keeping your truck records updated,why not try a business management program designed for transportation businesses?

4. Make Your Business Management Software Work for You

In addition to keeping good records, you also need to have good business management software. You need a place to securely keep track of all your trucks, taxes due, important industry dates, and so on.

A good business management solution should be able to keep track of everything so you don’t have to! You should be able to search records and get reminders of important dates without constant frustration and involvement.

And not only that! Your business management solution should be able to:

  • Keep track of orders and invoices
  • Help create a better line of communication between truckers and management
  • Schedule maintenance by truck (and just once!)
  • Enter paychecks and driver settlements
  • Provide trucker-centric GPS to get from place to place
  • Keep track of customers, brokers, carriers, and vendors
  • Make running a business a little (or a lot!) less stressful

5. Rely on Great Support

Filing your taxes isn’t always easy, but it can be when you have the right tools! When it comes down to it, we understand that you probably have a lot of questions about how HVUT regulations. This is where the support legends come in!

At ExpressTruckTax we have the best support team in the industry. And they’re available all year long in order to make your tax experience that much easier.

So if you find yourself with a question in the “off” season, rest assured that our support team will be here for you. Because we understand that tax questions never take a break, so neither should we!

6. Know Your Industry Deadlines & Important Dates

The last thing you need to know in order to e-file for success are industry deadlines and important industry dates. Now, this may sound like a lot of work, but we have a free app that does all of that for you! It’s called RigMinders, and it’s available for both Android and iPhone users.

With Rigminders, you can keep track of everything in the industry, in your trucking business, and in your life! Know when to file your HVUT, IFTA, IRP, UCR and much more. All industry filing deadlines come preloaded to save you time. And you can use the personal reminders to schedule truck maintenance. There’s nothing better than staying ahead of the game and keeping on top of these deadlines!

Continue to stay ahead of the game with ExpressTruckTax! If you find yourself with questions, comments, or concerns, we’re here for you with 24/7 support in English & Spanish! So give us a call between 8AM-6PM EST at 704.234.6005, or send us an email at anytime, day or night!

Happy E-filing, Trucking Nation!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Meet the ExpressTruckTax Support Team!


Introducing the dedicated support experts that are here to answer your questions year round! Whether you’re in the middle of tax season or not, ExpressTruckTax will always be here to answer any truck tax question you can think of!

Not only do we provide a fantastic, easy-to-use, and quality product, we also have an excellent support team based locally in Rock Hill, SC! Our team provides fantastic support in both English and Spanish 24/7.

Our offices may close at 6PM, but our support team never quits! And our team has never met a problem they couldn’t solve! That being said, it’s time to meet the masterminds that provide you with your tax solutions.

Charles | Director of Tax Products

Charles is the face and voice of The ExpressTruckTax YouTube Channel. He knows all the in’s and out’s of e-filing and has the video experience to prove it. His patience knows no bounds. And as a world-renowned beastmaster with two miniature poodles, he has what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the IRS, humanely remove any wasps that find their way into our office, and manage our crazy tax team. 

Moises | Product Manager

A secretly awesome baseball player, Moises will help you knock your tax filings out of the park! Moises is fluent in English, Spanish, and Swagger. He can answer any and all questions you can think of in two languages, and he can take care of tax crises as easy as he can dance Bachata!

Patti | Account Manager

Patti’s been driving since she was 13, so she never shies away from an adventure, or a challenge! With experience teaching kindergarteners at Sunday School, Patti can take on any question and answer it before you even know what you’re asking! Plus she can take you to school every other day of the week by crushing you at a game of ping pong or tag football.

Kay | Support Specialist

A true Southern Lady who enjoys nothing more than a tomato sandwich with Duke’s Mayonnaise and telling it like it is. She is fiercely protective of her young and those on the support team (same thing, really). Kay loves doing plant impressions and playing with her Fat Bottom Boys, her pack of four adorable dachshunds. She’ll make you laugh until you cry and answer your questions at the same time. That’s true talent, y’all!

Staci | Support Specialist

Staci once pulled Excalibur out of the stone while wearing a dress (Okay, so it was a stick out of Kay’s car, but it might as well have been Excalibur). She is the chosen one, the mother of several adorable rescue cats, and a dedicated support expert. That being said, she can solve virtually any problem and take on any issue with or without some help from the support heroes (of the round table).


Lauren | Support Specialist

Lauren is our resident expert on all things artistic, including coloring hair exciting and exotic colors. She is currently sporting a burpleberry ombre. She has also painted a mural on one of our repurposed airline beverage carts, and hopefully many more, for our office in Rock Hill, SC! In addition to being a natural born artist, Lauren is also a natural born truck tax support specialist! She can answer any question with the precision and ease of a true artist.


Eli | Support Specialist

Could win a Justin Timberlake lookalike contest against Matthew Morrison armed with just a suit and tie. While he may look like JT, Eli actually has more in common with Bear Grylls. When he was 14, he was struck by a car and suffered a broken back. But just like a phoenix (or Bear), he rose again and made a full recovery. He then went on to learn everything there is to know about truck taxes and ExpressTruckTax—in fact, like the rest of our amazing support team, he’s an expert!

During the tax season and throughout the rest of the year, this dedicated team, this band of experts, will be here to help you!

Whether you’re filing your 2290, VIN corrections, amendments, or returns, you can count on our support team to always be there! You can contact them from 8AM-6PM via phone at 704.234.6005 or email them 24/7 at So call them right now, and see which support hero you’re lucky enough to get!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Get Your HVUT Money Back: E-file Form 8849 Today

We’re back, Trucking Nation, with even more information on the what, when, why, and how of E-filing your Form 8849 for refunds.

Now that you know you can get a refund for being under the mileage limit, you may still have some more questions about your refund. And, that’s what we’re here for! So, let me break it down for you.
When should I make a claim & What types of credits can be claimed?

Form 8849 offers a variety of schedules that you can file for, but one of the most common is the Schedule 6. Under the 8849 Schedule 6, you can file for three different types of refund credits:
  • Stolen, Sold, or Destroyed Vehicle
  • Suspended Vehicle, or a vehicle that drove less than the mileage limit (5,000 for regular heavy vehicles and 7,500 for agricultural vehicles)
  • Overpayment on Form 2290
If you have experienced any of these situations during the tax year, then voila! You qualify for an HVUT refund!

What should I know before claiming a credit?

Before claiming a credit, you should know what does and does not qualify for a refund, as well as what information you will need in order to make a claim.

Listed in the previous section is a breakdown of the three credits you can claim and when you should make that claim. However, before you can do that, there is some information you need about your vehicle.

Before you make your claim, you should know:
  • Your company’s tax year month end
  • Your VIN
  • First-used month
  • Gross vehicle weight
Any relevant dates (if the vehicle was sold, stolen or destroyed you will need to know that date, and if you are claiming overpayment you will need to know the date of overpayment.)

Now that we’ve gotten all that out of the way, you may have questions about what doesn’t qualify for a refund. Well, you are not eligible for a refund when:
You sometimes operate at a lower gross vehicle weight than initially reported.

You used your vehicle for only part of the year. How often you’ve used the vehicle or how many months it was in use does not matter if you’ve exceeded the mileage limit.

Sold, Destroyed, and Stolen Vehicles

If your vehicle was sold, destroyed, or stolen during the tax year, you may be wondering just how to calculate refunds for that specific return. As always, here at ExpressTruckTax, we’ve got your back.

When you enter your information with us, we calculate the prorated tax for you! No muss, no fuss, no partial period tax tables! Just ExpressTruckTax doing what we do to make your life easier.

How do I handle overpaid 2290 taxes?

Since the credit claimed cannot exceed the tax reported on Form 2290, any excess credit must be claimed using Form 8849. So, if you’ve paid too much, you can get that money back!

And, when you use ExpressTruckTax to E-File your Form 2290, if your credit exceeds tax due, our program will automatically generate the Form 8849 for you! That means, there's no need to enter any additional information because we’ll do it for you!

If you need step-by-step instructions on how to E-File for either one of these claims, refer to our previous blog about Claiming Low Mileage Refunds.

How Will I Get My Refund?

Good question! Once the IRS receives your information, it can take 4-6 weeks for them to process your refund. Then, once everything is in order and squared away, the IRS will mail a check to your home address.

So, register with ExpressTruckTax today and on June 1 you’ll be ready to start E-filing for your refund! With 4-6 weeks to wait, there’s no time to waste. Not to mention, you only have until June 30th to E-file for your Form 8849. After that you’ll need to file a Form 2290 with a credit vehicle.

We hope we answered all of your questions, Trucking Nation! But, if you have more give our dedicated support team a call at 704.234.6005 or e-mail us at for 24/7 support!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Future of Truck Tech is Here, Trucking Nation!

Since the beginning of time, trucks and wind resistance have been mortal enemies. 

Maybe that’s why truckers and trucking companies alike have been developing new technology and new trucks to be able to combat this aerodynamic issue!

Minimizing wind resistance for trucks is becoming a very possible reality with the new technology being offered by AirTab, as well as TrailerTail. 

 Not to mention that Walmart and Mercedes are currently working on concept trucks that are not only built to minimize wind resistance, but also increase highway safety!

These new truck technologies will provide more savings and safety for truckers and everyone else on the road. But what exactly are the benefits of these new technologies?


Let’s begin with AirTab. AirTab is a small triangular, wishbone-like device you place on the end of your trailer and the end of your cab.

This tiny device provides better fuel economy without being bulky, and minimizes wind resistance to help stabilize the trailer and make for a smoother ride. According to their website, AirTab can also increase fuel economy by up to 5% simply by combating the effects of wind resistance.

AirTab benefits other drivers as well. Not only does it amp up the safety on heavy vehicles, it also minimizes the rain and snow blow back, providing more visibility for truckers and cars alike. AirTabs come in a variety of colors, and they provide a line for compact cars, small trucks, and SUVs.


The concept of TrailerTail is similar to that of AirTab. However, the TrailerTail takes a different approach to minimizing wind resistance. Instead of a small triangular device, TrailerTail provides a large square “tail” to place on the back of your trailer.

TrailerTail is incredibly easy to install and is very durable. It even makes opening the back of your truck easy because it folds as you open the back of the trailer, holding the doors open until you’ve unloaded.

In addition to durability, TrailerTail, much like AirTab, also increases fuel economy by up to 5%. TrailerTail is compliant with 2010 CARB regulations for trailer aerodynamics and is exempt from U.S. DOT length restrictions.

New Concept Trucks

Walmart and Mercedes have introduced new concept trucks with better aerodynamics. These trucks are like something out of a science fiction novel, but both companies are trying desperately to make these vehicles less of a concept and more of a reality.

With Walmart, their design aims to minimize wind resistance and provide a light-weight truck. Their new concept design is made exclusively with carbon fiber, which makes the design almost 4,000 pounds lighter. Not to mention, the overall design of the truck is mouth-watering.

Mercedes, on the other hand, has introduced a truck concept that will virtually drive itself (in addition to being more aerodynamic)! Their truck concept is all about keeping truckers and the roads they drive on safe.
The truck cannot completely drive itself, so it would still need a driver to remain in the cab in order to function, but it can work with the driver to allow them time to drink coffee, check messages, or use a business management program like TruckLogics.

No matter where the future of truck tech is heading, ExpressTruckTax will always be here to help you. Whether you’re E-filing in your current big rig or a futuristic giant from Walmart or Mercedes, we’ll be here to answer your questions and provide an excellent product, from the now into the future.

As always, if you have any questions call us at 704.234.6005 or e-mail us at for 24/7 support. And don’t forget to tell us what you think about what’s next in truck tech on Facebook or Twitter.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Forgot Your Password? We Can Help!

Well it’s that time of the year again. The beginning of the heavy vehicle use tax season is right around the corner, and those new 2290 forms will be due before you know it. All you need to do is sign in to your ExpressTruckTax account with your email and password to begin preparing for the 2015-16 tax season.

Although you won’t be able to file those 2290s just yet, early preparation and making sure that you can access your account when renewal season opens can save you a major headache down the road.

The earlier you are prepared to file, the less likely you are to face potential late penalties. For more information on the benefits of early preparation, you can check out our Early Bird Benefits Blog.

But what if the password you created for your account is so secure that you can’t seem to remember it? Not to fret Trucking Nation, we’ve all forgotten or misplaced a password a time or two. (Or more) Thankfully, allows our users to reset lost or forgotten passwords with ease. 

All you need to do is:

  • Visit the ExpressTruckTax website
  • Click the green “Returning User” tab in the top right corner of the main page
  • Below the sections to enter your email address and password, click “Forgot Password”
  • Enter the email address used to create the account in the box and click “Submit”

After entering your email address in the box provided, ExpressTruckTax will automatically send an email with a new temporary password to login to your account. Once you login using this temporary password, you will then be brought to the “Change Password” screen.

To change your password you will need to:

  • Enter your temporary password in the “Current Password” box at the top of the screen
  • Choose your new password and enter it into the “New Password” box
  • Confirm your new password by entering it again in the “Confirm New Password” box
  • Select “Change” at the bottom of the screen

The password created must be at least six characters, and can contain any combination of letters, numbers, and special characters. If done successfully, you should see, “Your password has been changed successfully” in green text at the top of the page. Be sure to write down the new password you have created for your account and keep it in a safe place as tax season is right around the corner.

If for some strange reason this process won’t work for you, or if you simply don’t have time to do it, you can contact our support team for assistance.

We have been a leader in the E-filing of heavy usage vehicle taxes since our inception into the industry in 2010. Along with our industry leading E-filing service, we offer support via live chat, email and phone, with phone support offered Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Support is also available in two different languages including English and Spanish.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

It's Time for Spring Cleaning: Go Paperless with ExpressTruckTax!


Are you a firm believer in “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”? Well, if you’ve been filing your 2290 anywhere but right here, then it is broken. And we can fix it! Here at ExpressTruckTax, we can make the transition from paper filing to E-filing easy.

So let’s indulge in a little spring cleaning and ditch your mountain of paperwork for our paperless solution. Our support team will help every step of the way, from your initial account setup to helping you through your E-filing process.

We can even enter your business details for you in order to save you time and frustration. No matter where you are in the transition, you can count on our 24/7, USA-based Support Team for all of the help you need, day or night.

We’ll Make the Transition Smoother

If you’re new to ExpressTruckTax, here are just some of the ways our Support Team will help get you started.

  • We’ll create your login and send it to you.
  • We will even input your business details like your Address, EIN, & Contact Information if you like.
  • We’ll also help you Bulk Upload your vehicle details into Truck Zone, or we can do it for you. All you need is a CSV file with your truck info.
  • We can walk you through the E-filing process to ensure you file correctly the first time! Whatever it takes to give you the support experience of a lifetime! 

Even MORE Reasons to Get Started with ExpressTruckTax

There is so much ExpressTruckTax has to offer over the alternatives:

  • No lines at the IRS office
  • No tax calculations (we do all the math for you!)
  • Fewer errors- it's a fact that paper filers make more mistakes! 
  • Secure & IRS-certified
  • Paperless & Eco-friendly
  • TruckZone, your very own virtual garage
  • And you can receive your stamped Schedule 1 in minutes- no snail mail! 

And that’s not all! The benefits of switching to ExpressTruckTax are endless!

All of your tax records are organized in your personal account so you can look up your information any time you need to. And once it’s there, it’s there for life. This means every year you can save time on filing by copying the previous year’s return so you don’t have to re-fill out form after form.

With us you get the full package, the complete V.I.P experience, because our customers mean the world to us, and we will stop at nothing to make your lives easier.

With everything we have to offer, we make change less frightening and more fun. So create your ExpressTruckTax account today and try it out. If you still have questions, call our dedicated Support Team at 704.234.6005. Together, we can make your tax experience less of a nightmare and more of a dream come true!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions- Form 2290 Style!


Annual HVUT renewals may be the furthest thing from your mind on a gorgeous Spring day! 

But here at ExpressTruckTax, we’re already counting down the days! We live to provide year-round, exceptional E-filing support, and we just can’t wait for tax season to kick off. 

So in preparation for our favorite time of year, it’s time for another installment of Frequently Asked Questions, Form 2290 style!

Bragging rights for you, if you already know the answers to these tricksy E-filing quandaries.

But if you don’t, don’t feel bad! We get these exact questions and more on a near daily basis.

1.How can I E-file from my tablet or smartphone?

It’s easy! All you need is a WiFi connection! There are two ways to E-file on-the-go. 1. Use our Mobile site in your phone/tablet browser: 2. Download our free iOS or Android app! Once you login, you’ll follow the same three easy steps to E-filing success!

Do keep in mind though, that you can only E-file a basic Form 2290 from the mobile site and app. If you need to claim a credit vehicle or E-file a correction or Form 8849 for a refund, these can only be filed through our full site at

2.How does the IRS electronically “stamp” my Schedule 1? And why can’t I see it?!

The IRS indicates that your return has been accepted by placing an electronic watermark in the center of your Schedule 1. Check out the photo (right) to see a sample. It should say “E-File” with the date received below. Depending on your printer settings, this mark may appear very faint, but rest assured, it’s still a valid Schedule 1.

To learn more about retrieving extra copies of your stamped Schedule 1 (for free!), read Everything You’ve Ever Wondered about the Stamped Schedule 1.

3.How do I transfer my 2290 to a new vehicle?

You don’t! It’s impossible to literally transfer a 2290 from one vehicle to another. You can, however, claim a credit for the old vehicle to avoid paying any extra tax.

Simply login and start a new Form 2290, enter the vehicle information for the new truck, then claim a credit for the older sold/lost/destroyed truck on the same Form. You’ll only pay the difference. For a step-by-step guide, check out this blog: Transfer your 2290.

4.Can I use my Social Security Number instead of an EIN?

First, we should clarify what EIN means for those who may not know. An Employer Identification Number is a federally-issued ID of 9 unique digits. And no, you cannot use a SSN instead. While this was allowed in the past, the IRS no longer accepts SSN in place of EIN’s for tax purposes.

If you don’t have an EIN, you can obtain one for free by registering online through the IRS. Or if you’re short on time, you can call our friends at Truck Services of North America to obtain it for you. We wouldn’t recommend them if they weren’t awesome, so rest-assured you’ll receive the same stellar support you’re used to with us! Reach out to them at 803.386.0320 or email at

One last tip: be sure to wait at least 10 business days after your EIN is issued before E-filing. It takes about that long for the IRS to activate your number, and before that happens, any return filed will be rejected.

5.Why didn’t I receive my stamped Schedule 1?

There are two usual suspects in this case. 1. The Schedule 1 email went to your Spam/Junk box. 2. You didn’t transmit the return.

If it’s not in your Spam Box, log back into your account and make sure the return was transmitted. From your Dashboard, you can easily view the status of every return E-filed with us. If it says, “Not complete. Continue where you left off,” then you know you did not submit the return to the IRS.

If it was transmitted, it will say “Transmitted” or “Accepted,” and you’ll be able to view & print the stamped Schedule 1 right there.

Hopefully this blog not only answered your questions, but made your brain get a little bigger too. After all, it can never hurt to know more about tax regulations. Who knows when this information will come in handy during trivia night or to help a friend in need!

If you’re still confused, just call our Support Team for assistance! They’re available via phone at 704.234.6005, by live online chat, or by email at

For More Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions, read on to Part 2!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

TruckZone: Your Digital Garage

It’s a stunningly beautiful day here in Rock Hill, SC, and the Support Team hopes it’s sunny and warm where you are too.

But I can’t help but remember that Spring approaching also means that tax season is approaching, the season of renewing your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax.

We may still be a couple months out, but time will surely fly. Why not get a head start now?
If you’ve never E-filed with ExpressTruckTax before, then now’s a great time to get your TruckZone setup. It’ll save you time come renewal season, and moreover, TruckZone will save you time year after year.

TruckZone is like a digital garage. Whether you have one truck or one thousand trucks, this exclusive feature will make E-filing a breeze by securely storing your general vehicle information and tax information in one organized, accessible place.

Here’s how to get started: After logging in, click the TruckZone tab along the top menu. You’re ready to import your vehicles!

2 Ways to Import Vehicle Information into TruckZone

  • 1. Manual Upload: Click the +Add Vehicle button. Then enter the vehicle’s VIN, Gross Weight, and whether it is suspended, used for agriculture, or logging. That’s all you need to start E-filing!

    If you’d like to be extra organized, (yes, please!) you can also add the Unit/Fleet #, License Plate #, or Fleet Name, as well as IFTA and state specific details like its NY HUT or Oregon HUT number. When you’re done, click Save, or Save and Add Another to input more vehicles.

    Rinse and repeat until all vehicles are securely stored in TruckZone.

  • 2. Bulk Upload: If you already have your vehicle information organized in an Excel or CSV file, then you can import that information directly into TruckZone. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of vehicles, you can import them all at once.

    Just click the Bulk Upload button (next to the Add Vehicle Button), and under ExpressUpload, click continue. Then choose the file type to upload, and you’re done! It couldn’t be easier.

    You can always edit these details anytime by logging back into your account and heading over to TruckZone. 

The Benefits of TruckZone

With your entire fleet organized in TruckZone, you can not only E-file for specific trucks with ease, you can also find a specific Schedule 1 or 2290 without sifting through hundreds of file folders and documents. (Yuck!)

Using the Advanced Search bar, you can search for vehicles by VIN, Gross Weight, or Truck/Unit #. So if you’d like to file for just a specific unit, simply enter the unit number, then check the box next to each truck in that unit, and poof, they’ll be added to the return with no extra typing. You can do the same if you need to find a previous Schedule 1. Just search for the vehicle, click on it, and then click the HVUT tab to view all tax details related to that truck.

TruckZone is just one of the many exclusive features that sets ExpressTruckTax apart. Why else would we be the reigning, defending champions of the E-filing world?! As industry leaders, we’re always adding more features and shortcuts to take the sting out of tax filings.

Create an account now and try it for free. You only pay when you E-file. Have a question? The Support Team has answers! They provide dedicated support 24/7 from our hometown of Rock Hill, SC. And they do it in English & Spanish, too!

Call them at 704.234.6005 or email them at

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