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Thursday, May 9, 2019

10 Things ExpressTruckTax Has In Common With Your Mom

10 Things ExpressTruckTax Has In Common With Your Mom

1) Always puts you first!

ExpressTruckTax puts its customers first, no matter the season. It is our support teams number 1 priority to answer your questions appropriately and give permanent solutions for your concerns.

2) Knows you like the back of our hand

ExpressTruckTax was designed with you in mind. Everything we do is because we see the need. Take our ExpressTruckTax app; for example, we heard clients when they said they wished they could do certain tasks right from the truck. Now every ExpressTruckTax client can file right from the driver’s seat. (When parked of course!)

3) Gives Consistency

Based on 98% of clients’ past filings, Stamped Schedule 1s are sent within minutes. Giving consistency is what has brought ExpressTruckTax to the top of the leaderboard in Form 2290 e-filing solutions.

4) Makes you eat your vegetables

Your health matters to us. Just check out our health blogs. Over the years we have written a great number of blogs pertaining to your health. This isn’t because we’re running out of topics, but we truly want to help you live a full and long life.

5) Has a sense of loyalty

ExpressTruckTax is an IRS-authorized e-file provider. With that being said, your information is just as safe with us, as it is with your mom.

6) Celebrates your victories

We love to see our clients win. Whether you’re celebrating a career anniversary or just got promoted, we are all about setting goals and crushing them. Our blogs feature tips on how to become an independent driver, how to make more money, how to have a good work-life balance, and plenty of other golden nuggets. We are giving you the scoop so that you can lead the industry in your own way.

7) Very Well Organized

At ExpressTruckTax we run a pretty tight ship. Our features are designed to keep clients organized throughout the year. If you’ve filed your Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax before, your information is already on file. The copy feature allows for your previous return to be copied over to the current. Ditch the pen and paper and go a less chaotic way.

8) Tells it like it is

We are upfront and honest with our clients. To us, they are like family. There is no need to sugar coat an already sweet deal, so we pride ourselves in telling it like it is. Check out our website to get a clear understanding as to why over 500,000 truckers choose ExpressTruckTax.

9) Keeps you on your toes

Just like your mom, ExpressTruckTax makes sure you never miss a date. Sign up to receive emails from us, and never face a late penalty again. This year when you file your Form 2290, we have added an option for you to opt-in to receive news in more ways than just emails. Sign up for our exclusive postal mail delivery to stay up to date on major deadlines.

10) SUPER Innovative

ExpressTruckTax didn’t become an industry leader overnight; it took a lot of innovation. ExpressTruckTax has been imitated since it’s creation, but it can not and will not be duplicated. It is the heart of a company that gets it to higher heights and here at ExpressTruckTax, our heartbeat is strong.

Happy Mother’s Day to your family, from ours.

As always, keep truckin’ mamas!


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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Top 3 Trucking Awesome Women Of All Time

Women's History MonthIf you weren't aware, last month was Women’s History Month. Who would we be not to acknowledge the women who have impacted the trucking industry with huge strides? Here are three women from the past, present, and future who have either paved the way for women truckers trailing the highways, gave them a sense of community, or inspired them to take the leap into a career change.

Past: Lillie Elizabeth Drennan

Drennan became the first licensed female truck driver and trucking-firm owner in 1928. Drennan and her husband started their trucking company as a way to take advantage of an oil boom. A year later Drennan divorced her then-husband, Willard Ernest Drennan and took sole ownership of Drennan Truck Line and in the same year received her commercial truck-driver’s license.

Drennan’s accomplishments did not happen without a fight. During this time the Railroad Commission regulated motor-freight. The Railroad Commission claimed that her partial hearing loss prevented a safety concern, but the determined Drennan challenged them. Her quest was for the commission to find a man with a better record than hers on the road, and when their search came up empty she was awarded her license.

Honorable mention:

Luella Bates - First woman truck driver (1918)

Rusty Dow - First woman to drive with a full load on the Alaska Highway (1944)

Present: Ellen Voie

Voie is the founder, president and CEO of Women In Trucking, a nonprofit that encourages women to find career paths in the trucking industry. In 2018 the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) named her the Transportation Person of the Year. Although the organization she founded is a little over a decade she has been in the trucking industry for nearly 4 decades. It all began in 1980 when she earned her diploma in Traffic and Transportation Management while working as the Transportation Manager for a steel fabricating plant in central Wisconsin.

Since then she has received a number of accolades for her work. One of those was a prestigious honor from the White House in 2012, as a Transportation Innovators Champion of Change. More recently she was listed as one of the “30 Most Innovative CEOs to Watch”.

Women TruckersFuture: Angela Eliacostas

Recently awarded the “Influential Woman In Trucking Award”, Eliacostas is indeed a woman to pay attention to in the truck industry. She got her start in the industry as a single mother of four, working as a part-time billing clerk for BBI Trucking Company. Over time Eliacostas worked her way up and has now found herself as the founder and CEO of All Girls Transportation and Logistics (AGT).

AGT specializes in integrating transportation and logistics functions for top-tier companies around the world. The company Eliacostas launched, in 2005, is consistently ranked as a top 50 Illinois and top 1000 U.S. certified women-owned business.

The ambition she has to succeed in the trucking industry is owed to her father, a former long-haul trucker. She recalls him giving her a key piece of advice in her early career years - “this is like a vacuum. It’s going to suck you in.” Years later she states that his advice was right, “I got in it, and I just couldn’t get in enough.”

Honorable Mentions

Desiree Wood - Founder of REAL Women In Trucking

Steph 'Hammer Down' Custance - Ice Road Trucker cast member

Take the time to honor a woman who makes what you do easier. Whether it is a significant other, a fellow hauler, or anyone who comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘impactful woman’.

The future of the trucking industry is women and it is our duty to make the path for them to enter, clear.

Cheers to impactful women all around. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

Happy (Belated) Women’s History Month!

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Friday, February 9, 2018

3 Proven Ways Lady Truckers Are Improving The Industry

3 Proven Ways Lady Truckers Are Improving The Industry
Are you proud of a lady trucker in your life? Do you know a strong, dedicated woman who is in it for the long haul? ExpressTruckTax actually supports all lady truckers and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to see how they’re changing the industry.

More and more women are coming to the industry every day because the secret is out. Lady truckers are excellent drivers! They deserve the respect of road veterans because they’re putting in just as many miles.

Women Trucking Are Making A Major Impact

First of all, women in trucking are so great that they’re getting a second annual cruise. You can join the 2018 “Queen of the Road on the High Seas” cruise for 7 days. It will depart from the Port of New Orleans on May 20, 2018 and returns May 27.

You can actually nominate the lady trucker in your life for the 2018 Queen of the Road Award, which is a dignified recognition award for hardworking female truck drivers. The winners will be voted on online and announced during the cruise! Submit your nominee here!

Now if you’re wondering how lady truckers are changing the industry they’re actually making a ton of things happen!

1. Recruiting Methods Are Changing To Attract More Female Truckers
There is a huge driver shortage out there, with a huge turnover rate. As older truckers retire companies are having a hard time hiring new, reliable drivers. However, they’ve found that they can reach out to women, an untapped resource to fill more driver seats.

Trucking companies need ladies so they’re using more female-friendly techniques to attract them. Instead of using intimidating tactics for the previously dominated male industry they’re switching to warm and inviting techniques. A lot of companies are even offering women equal wages to men.

2. Time And Money Is Being Saved
Women are actually proving to be safer drivers than men. They have about a 25% lower accident cost in the industry than men. This means that they are saving more money for trucking companies.

Also, lady truckers provide are picking up training much faster than men. Something about driving big rigs just comes naturally, and trucking companies benefit by being able to put more qualified drivers on the road faster.

3 Proven Ways Lady Truckers Are Improving The Industry
3. Quality Is Rising
Ladies in the trucking industry are extremely detailed. Their paperwork is on point with fewer mistakes and easier to read handwriting. Lady truckers seem a little more dependable when it comes to meeting deadlines on time, without work that seems messy or rushed.

Trucking women are also skilled in customer service. They are great at conversing and dissolving heated situations. They communicate in an effective, professional manner and tend to react with less anger than men do.

We Salute To Lady Truckers

The number of women trucking might be increasing, but in reality, women have been driving rigs for decades. Now there are many groups like Real Women in Trucking to give trucking ladies a real voice.

We’re proud of ladies brave enough to tackle the road in this challenging industry. Be sure to nominate the hard working lady truck for the Queen Of The Road!

Let us know your thoughts about women in trucking or personal experiences in the comment section below and don’t forget to visit ExpressTruckTax for more trucking blogs.

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