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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Feature Spotlight: Form 2290 Tax Calculator

Form 2290 Tax Calculator
Form 2290 Tax Calculator
We love to brag about our features around here at ExpressTruckTax - why? Well, because they’re the best in the business!

We’ve talked to you about bulk uploading and additional users already, but what do you know about our form 2290 tax calculator?

What Do I Need for the Form 2290 Tax Calculator?

You basically need the same overall information that you would need to e-file - except simplified.

Armed with the following knowledge, you will be able to calculate what you’ll need to file for HVUT Form 2290 return in seconds!

Form 2290 Tax Calculator Requirements:

  • First used month
  • Weight category
  • Taxable vehicle count
  • Logging vehicle count
  • Optional email address

How Does the Tax Calculator Help?

Our whole idea for the tax calculator is to help our customers know what they owe! With in depth pre-planning, any trucker can go into tax season knowing what they face.

Whether that means an owner-operator or a large carrier, foreseeing the taxable future just makes life easier.

Since we like to make things so easy, we’ve even made the Form 2290 Tax Calculator into a mobile app for iOS and Android devices!

How Does the Form 2290 Tax Calculator App Work?

It’s pretty simple - you just download the app, enter your vehicle weights and usage type, and then calculate!

So don’t waste any of your time this year! Instead, download the Form 2290 Tax Calculator App and get to planning your heavy vehicle taxes!

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Monday, July 18, 2016

ExpressTruckTax Feature Spotlight: Additional Users

ExpressTruckTax Feature Spotlight: Additional Users
ExpressTruckTax Feature Spotlight: Additional Users
Sometimes you need more than one person manning your professional tax products, especially if you run a larger fleet and need to

Whether this is an office manager or an official accountant, you can invite any additional users to your ExpressTruckTax account with the multi-user access feature.

What Is Multi-User Access Feature?

Like we said, Multi-User Access allows you to have multiple users managing one account. With this feature, you simply click My Account from the Dashboard page, then find Manage Users, and click View.

After that, you just need to add the user’s name and contact information, including their email address. They will be emailed instructions on how to setup their sub-user account.

The newly created sub-user will be able to manage and view returns, create returns, and/or transmit returns to the IRS, depending on the permissions you set for them.

What Are the Advantages of the Additional User Feature?

Thanks to the permissions we have in ExpressTruckTax, you can segment responsibilities to your employees, share your Form 2290 online with other members of your company, and have an accountant review and transmit Form 2290 for you!

Instead of sharing passwords and logins, you can create a network of additional users to improve your fleet’s work-flow.

Best of all, you assign access type permissions as you create your additional users.

What Account Permissions Does ExpressTruckTax Offer?

  • View Only: This access type allows a sub-user to view your Form 2290 information, but they cannot edit or transmit.
  • Edit Only: This access type allows a sub-user to view and edit your Form 2290 information, but they cannot transmit it on your behalf.
  • Edit and Transmit: This access type allows a sub-user to view, edit, and transmit your Form 2290 information.

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So don’t forget, when you need to e-file Form 2290 online, don’t just take it upon yourself—use your team and get things done with ease.

If you have any questions about creating additional user accounts, reach out to our awesome customer support squad at 704.234.6005! We’ll get you back to e-filing in no time!

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