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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So You Need to Make a Correction After You E-Filed Form 2290?

Making Corrections to Form 2290 After E-Filed
Making Corrections to Form 2290
As we near the heavy vehicle use tax Form 2290 deadline, it’s worth remembering that we do our best to make sure you’re covered throughout the year.

We offer Form 2290 Amendments for both our filers, as well as any filers who didn’t file with us.

Free VIN Corrections

When you file form 2290 online for 2016-2017, it’s not unheard of to rush through the process and find yourself a few months later in a sticky situation.

For example, if you realize your vehicle identification number was entered wrong during the deadline.

Instead of freaking out, head back to ExpressTruckTax and file a free VIN correction!

And if you didn’t file with us, no worries - it’s just a small fee!

Taxable Gross Weight Increase

After you file your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax return Form 2290, your vehicle’s taxable gross weight might increase.

If it does, simply login to ExpressTruckTax and e-file a 2290 Amendment for a taxable gross weight increase!

Mileage Exceeded

If a suspended vehicle exceeds the mileage limit, you need to e-file a 2290 Amendment. With a mileage exceeded, you can have us calculate and pay the excess tax for the year. All you need to do is e-file a truck tax Form 2290 Amendment for Mileage Exceeded.

So as we approach the 2290 truck tax due date, have no fear - we’ll be here to help you when you need to e-file a 2290 correction!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Tax Form 2290 Webinar

As you know, the Truck Tax Season has now begun, and the IRS Form 2290 must be filed during the months of July and August.  If you would like to learn more about this tax, you can Sign-Up for our Free Webinars about the IRS Form 2290.  These Truck Tax Education sessions will cover all the primary aspects of the Form 2290 and also explain how to file Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes.

Topics will include the following:

- What Is the IRS Form 2290?
- When to File the IRS Form 2290?
- How to File the IRS Form 2290?
- How to Pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax?
- What Happens If You Don't File?
Tuesday, July 24 - 11:00am (EST) -
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Friday, July 27 - 7:00pm (EST) - Sign Up For Free

All Attendees will receive $5.00 OFF their next 2290 or IFTA Filing through ExpressTruckTax!
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