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Friday, September 9, 2016

3 Reasons You're Not Cut out to Be a Trucker

3 Reasons You're Not Cut out to Be a Trucker
3 Reasons You're Not Cut out to Be a Trucker
As we approach National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, we want to take a look at what makes truckers such a unique group.

First of all, they are the backbone of our country. Without a strong freight system, we’d have nothing! But that’s only one factor.

In order to be a trucker, you need to have strength, an adventurous spirit, and be able to handle long stretches of isolation.

Most importantly - not everybody is cut out to be a truck driver. Without the following characteristics, you wouldn't last long as a trucker.

You're Not Strong Enough

We don’t mean physically strong, although we are big proponents of trucker fitness.

Let’s face it, trucking is a hard gig. A lot of the difficulty has to do with the fact that you spend most of your day alone, in a confined space, while driving nonstop. Some truckers have a reputation for being rough around the edges, sarcastic, or just plain rude.

But that’s not true - well, not fully. Truckers have to deal with a lot. If you were a trucker, you would feel underappreciated over time, especially when you deal with dispatchers, shippers, receivers who don’t care about you. And if you keep odd hours, it’ll only compound these issues.

What we’re saying is, truckers handle a lot of stress - don’t take this lightly! If you think you have the right kind of mental and emotional strength to handle what they handle, proceed.

You're Not Adventurous Enough

When you’re a trucker, your job changes daily. Maybe not the overall job description, but the conditions, the locations, the people, and the mileage vary from gig to gig.

This can bother some people, especially if you want a nice, safe job - something never changing.

But you’d be missing out! When you’re a trucker, you’ll see more of the country than anybody else. You’re gonna see everything from the bays of New England to the mountains of Colorado.

Truckers have to put up with a lot, but the trade off is experiencing something very few others get to. They get to see every mile of this country on the open road.

You're Not Solitary Enough

Unless you’re co-driving, you’re gonna be all alone while you’re on the road.

Which means, you’re going to have to deal with a lot of stuff on your own. No friends to share a beer with, and no family to boost your spirits. Of course, with the availability of mobile phones, you can still stay connected - but it’s not always the same.

If you prefer riding alone, there are plenty of options to keep yourself entertained. You can listen to the chatter of the CB radio, find a favorite station on satellite radio, or download some fun and entertaining podcasts.

Let's face it, you wouldn't want to waste time at a cubicle with your boss peeking over your shoulder all the time. A lot of truck drivers are drawn to the freedom to be themselves wherever they want, whenever they want.

Truckers are a rare breed - and most American workers wouldn’t be able to handle the stress these drivers go through. So we want to thank every trucker out there for keeping our entire economy afloat!

On top of all this, truckers still have to handle a whole lot of tax forms, ranging from fuel taxes to heavy vehicle taxes.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

3 Reasons Why Your IRS Form 2290 Was Rejected

3 Reasons Why Your IRS Form 2290 Was Rejected
3 Reasons why your IRS Form 2290 was Rejected
Thousands of truckers across the country are getting ready to e-file their Heavy Vehicle Use Tax return Form 2290, hoping to just press transmit and be done with it all.

But what happens when you e-file truck tax Form 2290 only to find out it was later REJECTED by the IRS? The last thing you want to find out is about a rejected 2290 on the truck tax due date!

Thankfully, when you e-file with ExpressTruckTax, you get unlimited re-filing for rejected returns.

Today, we’re going to examine why your 2290 may be rejected.

Rejected Because of EIN

Sometimes, filers will find that their Employer Identification Number is the source of their rejection.

This can sometimes happen if the EIN that you entered doesn’t match the EIN the IRS has on record.

If that’s the case, you need to contact the IRS directly to find out what information they have in their system.

If you have a brand new EIN, it will take on average about 10 business days for the EIN to register in the IRS system for you to e-file.

If you try to e-file your 2290 the same day that you receive your EIN, it will be rejected and the reason will be the "EIN does not match business name".

After your new EIN is registered in the IRS system, you can simply re-transmit your 2290 return (for free) and it should be accepted as long as there aren’t any more errors.

Rejected Because of Duplicate Filing

Your 2290 can only be accepted by the IRS one time. If you receive this particular rejection, it means your 2290 has already been filed and confirmed by the IRS.

The good part about this rejection, is that it requires no fix because your return has already been filed!

Rejected for Routing Issues

If you face a Routing Transit Number Rejection, it has to do with your payment. If you paid using the Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) option, a bank routing number is required.

If the wrong information was entered for your routing number, your 2290 will be rejected. You can correct the routing and re-transmit to the IRS and should receive confirmation of acceptance in only a few minutes.

Note: If you entered the incorrect routing number or bank account number and the return is accepted, it is up to you to contact the IRS to resolve the issue. For best practices, always double check your numbers before transmitting your return to the IRS.

Hopefully, you’ll have a good experience e-filing Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form 2290. The deadline is fast approaching, so be ready!

Note: The deadline to e-file Form 2290 online for 2016-2017 is August 31.

If you have any questions about rejected returns, you can reach our customer support experts at 704.234.6005.

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