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Friday, January 6, 2017

Do You Have Time To Be An Owner Operator?


The ultimate trucking dream is to, of course, become an owner operator. I mean heck, who wouldn’t want the freedom of planning their own hours and routes, without a supervisor breathing down their neck. The answer to that question is simple, it’s the guys that simply don’t have the time.

The Extra Hours Owner Operators Put In

When it comes down to it owner operators simply put more time in on the road. They drive farther routes and often end up racking up a lot of overtime. Sometimes they only sleep about six hours a night before returning to the pavement. Can you safely operate a truck on less sleep? If you like feeling well rested you might wanna stay on the company dime.

Plus, more hours on the road mean more hours away from home. Do you have a wife, girlfriend, kids, or even a pet back home that you don’t want to leave? Sometimes relationships become strained with extra hours spent away. If you want to be home with your loved ones, then, by all means, be with them.

If you have a demanding schedule, like custody of your kids every other weekend or a pool league that meets once a week then being an owner operator might make you miss these agreed upon activities. Not only will you have less time away from home, but you’ll have less time for personal activities like watching football games, working on your bike, or catching up on the latest action movies and video games.

Also, it takes awhile to even get started as an owner operator. The process isn’t for the impatient. You have to get a plan together and go to meetings with financial planners to see the proper way of starting your business. It involves a lot of waiting and talking. Then you have to try to get loans and depending on your credit, that could be tricky. You might have to set up a few meetings with different banks and wait to talk about your loan options.

Becoming an owner operator involves a lot of time before jumping in a truck and taking off down the road. In fact, it may take a long time to even find the perfect truck for you. With so many options to consider from new to used, buying or leasing, or leasing to own you need to consider what will work best for your financial situation in the beginning.

When you finally have the right truck you have to put in more time to maintain it. The goal is to give every single pennyworth out of it, because with no truck you have no business. You’ll have to go to the dealership for regular oil changes, check the oil filters, replace the belts, and more. You’re gonna have to keep your truck clean and smelling nice, as it’s basically going to be your office, so treat it as well as your first born son.

Then when you finally take the leap to becoming an owner operator it can take years to become established. You have to spend time on the phone to build long lasting relationships with shippers. You have to have a website to professionally represent yourself and take the time to build an online presence on social media.

You also have to get good at being an owner operator which takes practice. It takes a while to learn how to plan productive routes with pick ups and drop offs near each other so you aren’t hauling an empty trailer. You also have to learn how to be a good salesman to sell yourself, and it’s also good to learn how to save money here thereby becoming a fuel efficient driver or with budget planning for meals and supplies.

If You Have The Time Go For It

Why wait? The perfect time for getting your plan together to become an owner operator is right now! As long as you have the time to make the right plan, get the right rig, and can handle putting in a lot of extra hours you can enjoy the trucking freedom of being your own boss.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Starting a Trucking Company? Be Sure to Obtain Your Intrastate Authority

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Benjamin Bellville
If you are just starting a trucking company then it’s important to obtain your intrastate authority as well as your interstate authority. Many people will tell you it’s a waste of money and that you will rarely use it or that it’s rare to get caught hauling freight that it’s required for, but I’m going to show you the importance of the intrastate authority and how it can make you extra money from time to time and the punishment that will come with getting caught hauling freight without it that requires it’s usage.

Interstate hauling is picking up freight in one state then transporting it to another state while an intrastate authority is required to pick up freight in a state and deliver it to the same state. Technically you are required to have an intrastate authority inside every state that requires it as law if you are going to be hauling intrastate freight within their borders. You can find out which of these states by asking whoever is handling the filing of your interstate authority.

By federal law you are required to keep records for every load you haul as well this information will be needed for your accounting. So you are going to have at a minimum a paper trail of 2-3 copies of this information out in the open that can be looked at by regulators any time they feel the need. In other words it’s going to be hard to hide this proof from state authorities. While it is rare that these records will be scrutinized for intrastate infractions you may face stiff penalties if caught. So why would anyone ever mess with an intrastate authority when they are starting a trucking company?

It’s a situation that’s not going to come up often like I mentioned therefor you won’t have much use for getting one in every state it requires, but for the state you are based in this is a situation that may occur from time to time. Take me for example, I live in Marietta, Ohio which is not a hotbed for outgoing great paying freight. So often when I would come home in order to get back on the freight circuit I ran, I would have to either dead head to Columbus, Cleveland or Cincinnati which was anywhere from 130-210 miles. Rather than lose money I would book a short load to get me there that I could easily incorporate into my schedule with picking up another longer better paying load in one of those cities all in the same day.

Unless you obtain your intrastate authority this would not be possible. Likewise after return trips to the state you could link a short load to get closer to home to cut down dead head on that end. Just a couple times of this scenario playing out easily pays the cost of the licensing and makes you more money in the long run, so despite what the average trucker says it’s planning like this that will put you over the top in being successful. So why would you not want to get it just in case?

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