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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

File Like an Expert: Tax Deductions for Truckers

Would you head out on the road without any idea where you’re going? I didn’t think so. So why would you head into tax season without a plan?

Your truck isn’t just a vehicle, it’s also a place of business. It makes sense that you would qualify for multiple tax deductions for your truck use.

So let’s look at some money saving secrets you can implement on your tax return. Whether you’re a company driver or an owner-operator, there could be a deduction in your future. Basically, your deductions should be for items that help you complete your driving job.

So What Can I Deduct?

Well what are some items that can be deducted? Cleaning supplies, office supplies, and miscellaneous supplies all count. As long as the supplies help you run and maintain your business, you can claim them.

But it doesn’t stop there! Electronics equipment like your CB radio, power boosters, GPS units (including map updates) can be counted as deductions. Tractor supplies like bunk heaters, coolers, de-icers, and window screens are all fine for deductions, too.

Really, you can apply this to a lot of items that come into use. Bungee cords, load chains, locks, and wide load flags are all vital load securement tools that are required for your work. Tools like electrical tape, tire irons, and flashlights can count, too. Safety clothing like gloves, boots, and thermals can be a necessity for the job.

Your personal hygiene is a vital part of your job, so that can even factor into your deductions! Whether you’re going to a tax professional or working with a family member familiar with tax code, make sure you go over every possible deduction at hand.

I Have a Lot of Deductions… I Need More Time!

Instead of worrying about filing time, head over to ExpressExtension and e-file for an automatic tax extension. With personal extension Form 4868, you can extend your personal filing deadline to October 17th. If you’re a fleet owner, there are plenty of options for you at ExpressExtension. You can e-file business extension Form 7004 and extend your deadline up to 6 months. And if you need more time to file 1099s, W-2s, and ACA Form 1094/1095, e-file Form 8809 with ExpressExtension for a 30 day extension!

When it comes time to file your taxes, professional help is best. And when it comes time to file your HVUT 2290s, call our dedicated, bilingual customer service team at 704.234.6005. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with upcoming tax deadlines and the latest trucking news.

What are some other trucking expenses you could claim as tax deductions?

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

President Barack Obama Pushes for the Renewal of Transportation Bills

On Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at the Rose Garden, President Barack Obama spoke about the pending Transportation Bill currently in Congress to a large gathering of highway workers. He was joined by Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, as well as Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO, and also David Chavern, the chief operating officer of the Chamber of Commerce.

Among other things, the main focus of President Obama’s speech revolved around the necessity of renewing the Transportation Bill that is currently set to expire September 30. The primary arguments for extending the bill were that not extending it would cost up to a million jobs of hard working highway workers and extending the bill would also bring much needed tax revenue to fund road repairs and maintenance.

“Now is the time for Congress to extend the transportation bill, and keep our workers on the job. Now is the time to put our country before party and give certainty to the people who are trying to get by. There’s work to done. There are workers ready to do it. That’s why I expect Congress to act immediately.” said the President.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Truck Tax season:IRS Form 2290(HVUT) E-filing with

If you will be filing an IRS Form 2290 for Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) for yourself, your company, or on behalf of others; then you are probably ready to get that process completed as soon as possible.  The official beginning of the tax period for filing HVUT begins on July 1st, and thanks to the good folks at, your filing season could also end on July 1st.  

As you know, the IRS requires anyone filing Form 2290 for more than 25 heavy vehicles to e-file the return, and the IRS also encourages e-filing for everyone else. is the simplest way to get your IRS Form 2290 completed and sent to the IRS.  Instead of using the incredibly slow process of postal mail, or actually driving to the nearest IRS office, allows you to electronically send the return to the IRS and the entire process can be completed in 10 minutes!
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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

IRS Form 2290 VIN Correction Process


       Create an account with ExpressTruckTax or if you are one of the thousands of people who are already users of ExpressTruckTax, sign in with your email id and your password.
       If you are new, you need to enter your basic business details before proceeding.
        You will then be taken to the dashboard, from here click “Create Return”. You will be presented with 3 options. Choose the option “2290 Amendment including VIN Correction” and further choose VIN Correction.
       You will have two choices now: Are you filing a VIN Correction for the return created in ExpressTruckTax or Are you filing VIN Correction for a return created elsewhere or by paper. There is no difference between two options, except that using the first option, the system will pull your past return and show the VIN numbers you want to correct.
       The next step is to enter theincorrect VIN and the correct VIN.
       You can make multiple VIN Corrections on the same return.
       When you are done, go through the next screens and note that there is no tax due to IRS as the taxes were paid when you filed the original 2290.
       Although, this service is free with no strings attached, the system will ask that you enter your credit card for verification. This is for the following reasons:
       The IRS wants to make sure the filers are real and who they say they are.
       Since there is no tax, spammers and crooks can simply use this system to overwhelm the IRS
       ExpressTruckTax is a very secure system and wants to make sure that real users are using it and they have a pleasant experience.
       After the credit card is verified, then it is time to transmit the return to the IRS.
       With ExpressTruckTax, it takes less than 5 minutes – day or night to get your corrected Schedule 1.
       You get your Schedule 1 by email and also by fax automatically if you have opted for it.
       During this process, if you have any questions, please call the US based customer support at 704-234-6005.
       Please be reminded that all this is free.
What you can’t do?
       VIN Corrections can be only done for Taxable or suspended vehicles and not for credit vehicles or for prior suspended vehicles.
       When you file a VIN Correction Form 2290, you can’t combine it with claiming credits on the same form.
       The wrong VIN must have been paid for in the original form 2290. Otherwise, the IRS will assign penalties in addition tothe actual tax. 
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