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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ready. Set. E-file! 10 Last Minute E-filing Hacks

Today is the day, Trucking Nation...

All roads have lead to this fateful moment. We stand on the brink of the HVUT filing deadline, and there’s no going back! While the deadline may be September 2nd, the IRS website will be down for maintenance over this holiday weekend, and it will not reopen until deadline-day.

With their servers down at this critical time, there is a chance that the system will get backed up and that they will be unable to process all returns in time. But, there is a way to avoid this IRS traffic jam! To get your stamped Schedule 1 quickly, avoid late penalties, and have time to correct a rejected return, there’s only one

E-file today!

The success of Mission E-file by Friday rests in all of your hands! You’ve officially got 12 hours to complete the mission. Luckily, E-filing your Form 2290 will only take 10 minutes or less!

To get in, get E-filed, and get IRS approval, here are some last minute E-filing tips to maximize your efficiency and success!

1. Prepare yourself (& your Bank Account!): Using our new 2290 Tax Calculator app, available for iPad & Android tablets, you’ll be granted the power of seeing into the future! By entering your vehicles and their weights, the app will calculate how much tax you’ll owe, before you even file! And here’s the icing on the cake–after using the app, you’ll receive a Coupon Code for 10% off of your Form 2290 E-filing! The best value in the biz ($9.90 for a single truck!) just got even better!

2. Have all of your documents on hand. So you’ve used the Tax Calculator app, and you know what to expect. It’s time to get down & dirty and E-file. What do you need nearby?
  • Business name & address matching what the IRS has on file. If you’re unsure, quickly call them to verify 1-800-829-4933.
  • EIN: An Employer Identification Number registered with the IRS is required to file a return. The IRS no longer accepts Social Security Numbers in their place. If you don’t yet have an EIN you can register for one free through the IRS at or by calling 1-800-829-4933. Of course, if you don’t have time, our sister company Truck Services of North America can register your EIN for you- same day- relieving stress and saving your wallet from the pricey scams out there! 
  • VIN #’s: This 17 digit number is a unique code for each vehicle. If you’re new to ExpressTruckTax, you can Bulk Upload this information from a CSV or Excel file, even if it’s hundreds or thousands of trucks at once! This will shave precious minutes off of your filing time!
  • Gross Vehicle Weights: Selecting the appropriate weight category is critical for paying the right amount of tax. To determine your vehicle weight, add the unloaded weight of the truck with the empty weight of the trailer, plus the maximum load weight it customarily carries. And there you have it!
  • Payment Info: When E-filing, you’ll enter two forms of payment. While you can pay our E-filing fee with a credit card, the IRS does not accept them. You can elect to pay your truck taxes by Direct Debit, EFTPS through the government, or by Check or Money order. 
3. Select the correct First-Used Month– July! For all renewals, the first-used month is July, even if you’re filing in August or September. Only choose a later month if the vehicle is purchased later in the year. An incorrect first-used month will lead to an incorrect payment amount.

4. Indicate whether your trucks are used for Logging. The term “logging” only refers to those trucks used to haul trees, not logging of miles or fuel. Again, choosing incorrectly here will lead to an incorrect amount of tax-owed.

5. If you’re a returning user, select vehicles from Truck Zone OR Copy a previous year’s return! These are two massive time-saving features for our beloved returning guests! If you’d like to E-file for a select group of trucks, use our Advanced Search to locate them quickly, then simply click and add them to the return. No redundant data entry! Alternatively, you can copy a return from a previous year, while still making small changes if necessary. We’re not fans of unnecessary typing, who is?

6. Double-check your Info (while we check it too!). Before transmitting your return, you should always review your information to ensure it’s correct. And while you do it, we’ll do it with our Instant Audit feature! Thanks to this exclusive, our users have a 98% approval rate with the IRS!

7. Promptly mail your payment. After transmitting your return, the IRS expects prompt payment of your taxes. If you chose to pay by check or money order, mail your payment with the payment voucher (page 5 of your return) by the end of this week! If you E-file later in the year, the payment should be mailed at the end of the month following the first-used month.

8. Keep truckin’ with our Apps & mobile site! If you won’t have access to a computer today, you can still complete your E-filing mission! Using our new ExpressTruckTax tablet app for iPad & Android, you’ll experience the convenience of E-filing from any location. It’s free for download, and it’s just as easy as our site. And if you don’t have a tablet, E-file from your smartphone with our mobile site. We bring the E-filing to you, whenever or wherever you like!

9. Rejected Return? No problem. If your return is rejected for any reason, our Support Heroes will help you correct it! Then, you can retransmit it to the IRS for free!

10. Reach out to the Support Heroes! As quick and easy as our E-filing program is, we know that taxes can still be confusing. That’s why our Support Heroes are on stand-by, day & night!

Call us at 704.234.6005, strike up an online chat, or get 24/7 email support at Our talented team of truck tax pros can assist you in English, Spanish, & Russian. And we don’t believe in automated systems either. When you call us, you’ll always hear a happy helper on the other end!

With these 10 quick tips, you’ll be E-filed in no time, just before the buzzer! 

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

E-FILING 102: More Frequently Asked Questions for Filing Form 2290

We’re officially down to 4 days from the HVUT Form 2290 filing deadline. Since the IRS website will be undergoing maintenance this holiday weekend, it’s best to E-file by tomorrow!

So in the interest of everyone successfully completing Mission E-file by Friday, here are a few more questions & answers straight from our E-filing pro’s, the Support Heroes! Scan these quickly and then you’ll be ready to get E-filed in under 10 minutes.
  • Q: When is the last day to file my 2290?
A: The deadline for HVUT renewals is typically August 31st; however, due to the holiday weekend, the IRS has extended the deadline to the day after Labor Day, September 2nd. While Sept. 2nd is technically the last day you can file, it is certainly ill-advised.

Our mantra is “E-file by Friday!” Especially since the IRS website is down or maintenance from Sat. through Mon. To avoid late penalties and receive your stamped Schedule 1 quickly, E-file by Friday! (Tomorrow, guys!)

  • Q: Why is my tax not $550?
A: It’s true that the standard tax is $550 yearly for a heavy vehicle. However, there are several variables that determine the tax rate, such as the gross weight and use of the vehicle. If you’re used to paying $550, but you ended up with a different figure, double-check your info for these possible errors.

1. Did you select the correct first-used month? For all renewals, the first-used month is July, even if you’re filing in August or September. 
2. Did you select the correct gross vehicle weight?
3. Did you mark it as a “Logging Vehicle”? Only select this if your truck is used to haul trees.

  • Q: Can I copy a return from a previous year?
A: Yes! If you’ve E-filed with us before, you can select a previous year’s return to upload to the current year. You can also still make alterations to the return if any of your information has changed. Simply select “Start a New Return,” and you will be prompted to copy info from a previous return. This is just one of the multitude of ways our returning users benefit, year-after-year.

  • Q: Why can’t I transmit the return from my phone?
A: You can! As long as you’re using our ExpressTruckTax mobile site! While our regular website won’t work on your smartphone, we designed one that will! You’ll follow the same three-easy steps, just from the convenience of your phone.

  • Q: What is the 5 digit PIN & should I remember it?
A: The 5 digit PIN is an electronic signature for your return. Simply enter any 5 numbers, it doesn’t matter which! And no, you will not need to remember them again.

  • Q: Can you enter information or make changes for me?
A: For legal reasons, our Support Heroes can never login to your account, make corrections, or complete a return for you. As a third-party E-file provider, it’s simply not allowed. However, we understand that this sort of luxury service is a real need, so that’s why we work with the rockstars at Truck Services of North America!

They’re our sister company, and they can legally prepare and file your Form 2290 for you based on the information you provide them. All it takes is one 5 minute phone call to gather your info, and they guarantee same-day filing! Now that’s service! Give them a call at 803.386.0320. Just like ExpressTruckTax, you’ll never get trapped in an automated system. There’s nothing but real, happy experts on the other end!

Still have more questions? Check out our previous FAQ blog: E-FILING 101!

And you can always count on the Support Heroes to take good care of you! Give them a call at 704.234.6005 and have all of your tax questions answered in record time! They’re also available via live chat online or 24/7 email support at

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mission (Not) Impossible: E-file by Friday

You may not know it yet, Trucking Nation. But you’ve all been assigned to a not-so Top Secret spec-ops mission, which we shall refer to by code name...

Mission (Not) Impossible: E-file by Friday

Estimated Time to Completion: 10 minutes or Less

Briefing: Here’s the situation, folks. The Form 2290 filing deadline is only 6 days away. And here’s where things get interesting. The IRS website will be down for maintenance over this holiday weekend.

Your mission is to E-file by Friday night to avoid any potential complications or late penalties. Then retrieve your stamped Schedule 1, and keep it safe for your records.

You will be air lifted to where a team of highly-trained Support Heroes will be on stand-by if you run into trouble.

Get in–Get E-filed–and Get on with your life. And whatever you do, DO NOT paper-file…

It’s wise to pack lightly, but there are still a few supplies you should keep handy. Don’t worry, you won’t need a calculator!

What You’ll Need to Succeed:

  • An IRS-approved E-file provider. You’re in luck, ExpressTruckTax is secure, encrypted, and IRS-approved! Check and check!
  • Business Name & Address: Both must be an exact match with what the IRS has on file for your business. A mismatch will get your return rejected. If you are unsure of the name on file, you should quickly call the IRS to verify. The IRS Hotline is 1-800-829-4933.
  • EIN: The employer identification number is required for every return. The IRS no longer accepts Social Security Numbers in lieu of an EIN. If you don’t have an EIN, you can register by calling 1-800-829-4933 or by visiting It takes up to 10 business days for the new EIN to be processed, so the return may still be rejected until then.
  • VIN: Vehicle Identification Numbers are 17 digits. Check and double-check this number before submitting your return as VIN errors are the number one error for filers. But there’s always a silver-lining: we offer FREE VIN corrections! 
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: Entering the wrong vehicle weight results in paying the wrong amount of taxes. No bueno! To be sure your gross vehicle weight is accurate, just add these three numbers together. 1. The unloaded weight of the vehicle. 2. The unloaded weight of any trailers customarily attached to the vehicle. 3. The maximum load weight typically carried in the truck & trailer. And there you have it! Magic. 
  • Bank Balance & Routing Number: Before you transmit your return, it’s always good practice to check your balance to ensure you have enough funds available. Another common reason for a rejected return is an incorrect bank routing number. These 9 digits can be located along the bottom left of a check, or call your local branch just to be sure!
With these tools on hand, you’ll be E-filed in a matter of minutes. And if a computer is what you’re lacking, we have a mobile site AND tablet apps for iPad & Android devices. No matter where you’re trucking, we’ve got you covered!

If you get lost, send up a flare and call the Support Heroes at 704.234.6005, engage in a covert online chat, or get 24/7 email aid at We promise to leave no man or woman behind!

Ladies & Gents, Mission E-file by Friday is officially underway. Now let's move!

*This blog will not self-destruct after you read it.*

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Monday, August 25, 2014

E-FILING 101: Frequently Asked Questions for Filing Form 2290

You may not know it yet, but there’s a tax-filing pro inside each and every one of you! We at ExpressTruckTax firmly believe this, so that’s why we designed accessible E-filing solutions– to let that tax pro shine!

So on this #ManicMonday morning, less than one week from the Form 2290 deadline, it’s time to unleash your inner tax guru!

Here’s a crash course in E-filing your truck taxes– ETT 101: Intro to Easy E-filing! Get a head start on your E-filing degree by learning the answers to these frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What is my first-used month?

A: For most people, the default answer is July.The HVUT tax year opens July 1st. So this means that the first-used month for all renewals is automatically July. Even if you’re filing in August or September, the first-used month must still be set back to July if you’re vehicle was driven that month. The only time you’d select a later month is if the vehicle is purchased later in the year.

  • Q. What is the taxable gross weight of my vehicle?

A: The taxable gross weight of your vehicle can be determined by adding three numbers together. 1. The unloaded (empty tare) weight of the vehicle, plus 2. The unloaded weight of any trailers customarily attached to the vehicle, and 3. The weight of the maximum load customarily carried in the vehicle and/or attached trailers. The sum of these three figures is your taxable gross weight.

  • Q: Does the IRS take credit cards?

A: No, but we do! While you can pay our fee with a credit card, the IRS no longer accepts tax payments via credit card. We do, however, still offer three convenient methods of payment: Direct Debit, EFTPS, and Check or Money order. Direct Debit, also called Electronic Funds Withdrawal, is the fastest way to pay, but it’s only available to E-filers! You provide your bank account & routing number, and the IRS initiates a Direct Debit from your bank account.

EFTPS is a free service through the US Dept. of the Treasury, but you must register with this system 5-7 business days prior to when you need to make a payment. Also, the payment must be scheduled at least 1 business day prior to the payment due date!

Finally, if you pay by check or money order, you’ll get your Schedule 1 back even on a weekend or holiday! Just don’t forget to mail your 2290-V payment voucher with your check, but don’t staple them together! The completed voucher can be found on page 5 of your 2290; we autofill it for you!

  • Q: Why am I entering two methods of payment?

A: While you can pay us by credit card (only $9.90 for those with a single truck!), you will also need to select one of the three payment methods above to pay your taxes to the IRS.

  • Q: How do I make VIN corrections?
A: The answer: easily! If your return is rejected for a VIN error, such as a duplicate filing error, we’ll help you find the mistake, fix it, and retransmit it to the IRS for free! But only if you E-filed with us! If you made a VIN error, but your return was accepted by the IRS, then you can quickly E-file a Form 2290 Amendment. Simply log back in as a Returning User, click “Start” under 2290 Amendment, then “Start” under Form 2290 VIN correction. You’ll receive your updated, stamped Schedule 1 as soon as the IRS accepts the correction!

Of course, we can’t possibly cover everything in one class! So if you’re ready to graduate, check out the sequel: E-FILING 102!

And if you still have questions, give our Support Heroes a call! They offer one-on-one ETT101 tutoring in English, Spanish, and Russian! Call us at 704.234.6005, speak via online chat, or get 24/7 email support at

Now get E-filed and go to the head of the class!

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Friday, August 22, 2014

The Final Countdown: Top 10 Reasons to E-file with ExpressTruckTax


There’s just 10 days left until the filing deadline for HVUT Form 2290! And the ExpressTruckTax team is eagerly counting down with the rest of you, Trucking Nation!

Let’s countdown together with the Top 10 Reasons to E-file with ExpressTruckTax. Believe me, it wasn’t easy narrowing it down to just 10. The benefits are nearly endless!

If you’ve been filing using boring old paper, or E-filing with anyone else, here are just a few of the reasons why we rock way harder than all the rest!

10. E-filing with ExpressTruckTax takes 10 minutes or less! We’ve streamlined the E-filing process. No one wants to spend hours preparing a tax return! In our site, you’ll never see any scary IRS forms or confusing tax jargon. We designed it for the everyday tax-filer who has better things to do, like kick back by the pool! (Or behind the wheel!)

9. Pricing starts at just $9.90 for a single truck! We pride ourselves on offering the best value in the industry. That’s why we made our premier services affordable. We also offer free VIN corrections, and if your return is rejected for any reason, you can retransmit it to the IRS for free!

8. Copy a Return from a previous year! Our returning users know that the more you E-file with us, the better it gets. If you’ve E-filed with us in the past, you can quickly upload a previous year’s return to this years, saving you unnecessary data entry. Plus you can still make small adjustments to the return. Easy-peasy!

7. Bulk Upload trucks into Truck Zone! Even if you’re brand new to ExpressTruckTax, we’ve still added features to save you bucket-loads of time! Why spend hours or days typing in fleet info, VIN numbers, and more? With Bulk Upload, import hundreds or thousands of trucks at once from a CSV or Excel file right into Truck Zone, a centralized hub for your fleet- no matter the size! Store all of your vehicle info in one place where it’s always easy to keep up-to-date. When E-filing time comes around, use our Advanced Search option to instantly find the selected vehicles you’d like to add to the return. Click & done. Now you’re ready and rarin’ to E-file!

6. E-file Anywhere with our Apps! We're all about convenience. With so many of you out on the road for days or weeks on end, we had to create an easy way for you to E-file too! Presenting our iPad & Android tablet apps. You'll follow the same three simple steps to E-filing success from the convenience of your tablet. So next time you get a flat, E-file in the time it takes the mechanic to show up! (Actually, it'll probably take 1/4 of that time!)

5. We’re IRS certified and secure! Not only are we an IRS-approved E-file provider, but we are the number-one trusted industry leader. Just ask our partners at Swift, Con-way, Mercer, or any of the members of OOIDA or Women in Trucking. When you E-file us, you’re part of the magic experienced by our dozens of partners.

4. Alerts! Gone are the days of anxiously logging in, over and over again, waiting for that greenlight from the IRS. After you E-file with us, choose from four different alerts via email, postal mail, fax or text! We send the updates straight to you, wherever you are! You’ll know the status of your return and payment immediately. Plus, we’ll also fax your stamped Schedule 1 to your carrier at your request.

3. Select from three convenient Payment Methods! Paying taxes may not be fun, but we do make it easy! We offer three ways to pay by Direct Debit (EFW), EFTPS, or by Check or Money Order. And if you choose the latter option, we’ll automatically generate your payment voucher to send with your check to the IRS. We couldn’t have made it simpler!

2. Never wait again! Our users have a 98% approval rate with the IRS, AND they get their Stamped Schedule 1 back in minutes! No more waiting for the mail to come. No more waiting in line at the IRS office. Get what you want, when you want it!

1. The Support Heroes. We saved the best for last. No matter where you’re truckin’, you’ve always got a full team of dedicated Support Heroes at your fingertips. We’re based in sunny Rock Hill, SC, but we assist people in English, Spanish, and Russian– because we’re just that talented. Offering truck tax support is all we do, year-round, day & night. Seriously! You can get 24/7 email support at We also do live online chat, or speak to us at 704.234.6005. All it takes is one quick phone call, and we’ll have you E-filed and back on the road!

So what are you waiting for, Trucking Nation! We’re down to the wire, so don’t put it off another second. Besides, it’ll be over in a flash. And you’ll love us so much, you’ll be offering to E-file your friends’ taxes for them!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

#WellnessWednesday Part 4: The Return of the Tips

With just a week and a half until the Form 2290 filing deadline, we need some extra wellness in our lives now more than ever!

ExpressTruckTax has already eliminated any dread you may have felt when filing taxes before (because we’re just awesome like that). And in today’s blog, we’re going to help eliminate another problem that plagues the Trucking Nation: back and neck pain!

Stuck behind the wheel for hours on end, it’s not surprising that most truck drivers experience chronic stiffness and pain. That’s where we come in–the Heroes at ExpressTruckTax have always got your back! If we could reach through the phone and massage your aching spine, we would. But since the
technology isn’t quite there yet, these tips will have to do instead!

So for Part 4 of our #WellnessWednesday series, here are 5 quick tips for booting that pain in the neck (and back).
  • 1. Empty your Pockets: Cell phones, wallets, receipts, what’s in your pockets? The answer should be “nothing.” Stuffing your pockets, especially your back pockets, leads to lots of pain in the long run. It’s like the Princess and the Pea, if your phone and wallet were enormous peas. Sitting on those items for hours at a time throws off your alignment and puts pressure on your back. For immediate relief, try storing your gadgets in the glove box or any other cubby near by. 
  • 2. Sit at the Right Angle: You’ve had practice sitting your whole life, but are you doing it wrong? It sounds crazy, but there’s actually a right and a wrong way to sit. And good posture isn’t just for looking fancy! It’s far better for your spine. Adjust your driver’s seat so that your back is straight and your knees rest at a 90 degree angle for optimal alignment. Some seats also have a rocking function if you can’t sit still for that long.
  • 3. Float on Air: Your driver’s seat may not be the most comfortable chair in the world. While tearing it out with a sledgehammer may not be a viable option, there are ways to make it comfier! Why not try levitating...on a memory foam pillow! Memory foams puffs up with air and contours to your body, creating the perfect custom cushion for your backside. Gel seat cushions are also on the market. Try them out and see what you fancy!
  • 4. A Loose Dress Code: Tight-fitting clothes may be the fashion, but they aren’t suited for the trucking life! Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes are the way to go! Ill-fitting clothes, or undergarments, can lead to stiffness, stomach pain, and just general discomfort. Nobody's got time for that!
  • 5. Take a Hike, Buddy!: Seriously, walking is a miracle worker. It’s easy & free, you can do it nearly anywhere, and the benefits are endless. It may be tempting to spend your breaks lounging in the sleeper catching up on Netflix, but doing a quick lap around the truck stop will increase circulation and give you a chance to stretch out!
As always, these 5 hacks are just the beginning. Stretching, yoga, back support belts are all great ways to keep your spine in line.

So how do you stay loose and limber while trucking? Let the ExpressTruckTax team know. We love hearing ideas straight from you, the pro’s! Remember, sharing is caring.

#WellnessWednesday Part 5: Eat, Drink, & Be Healthy!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Get IRS Approval: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Okay, Trucking Nation. It’s hard to believe it, but there’s less than two weeks until the HVUT Form 2290 filing deadline! With so little time left, it can be tempting–especially on a #ManicMonday morning–to want to file as quickly as possible and get it out of the way!

But in our haste, we need to be careful not to make careless mistakes! A rejected return only means having to do it all over again, and no one wants that.

Yet there’s always a silver lining! By E-filing with ExpressTruckTax instead of paper-filing, you’re already much less likely to make a mistake! We have built-in error checks and an Instant Audit that ensures your return is fit-to-be-filed before you transmit it. Pieces of paper can’t do that! You’ve also got the Support Heroes at your every beck and call, expertly answering all of your tax questions. So there’s no reason to file blindly and hope you’ve got it right!

Of course, with hundreds of thousands of E-filers out there, the occasional mistake does slip through! So here are five mistakes to avoid, straight from the E-filing experts themselves!

  • 1. Incorrect First-Used Month: This error may not get your return rejected, but it will cause issues when it comes time to get your tags. The tax year for HVUT begins July 1st. This means that for all renewals (trucks that have been in use already), the first-used month is automatically July, even if you’re filing in August. The only time you’d choose a later month is if the truck is purchased after the beginning of the tax year. For example, if you purchase a new truck in September, then that would be the first-used month.

  • 2. Name or EIN Mismatch: Your name, business name, and EIN must match exactly what the IRS has on file. If any of these are different, the return will be rejected. If you are unsure of the name or EIN on file, you should quickly call the IRS to verify. The IRS EIN Hotline is 1-800-829-4933.
  • 3. EIN Not Registered: So you’ve already registered for an EIN, but the IRS isn’t showing any record of it. This is normal if your EIN is new. It takes up to 10 business days for the new EIN to be entered into their system. This means that today is the last call for registering a new EIN in time to E-file! Apply for one online at
  • 4. VIN Errors: These 17 little digits can make or break your return! Most often, incorrect VIN numbers lead to a duplicate filing error. This occurs when you accidentally try to file a return for the same truck more than once. The IRS will only allow a VIN to be processed once within the tax year. But again, there’s good news! When using the Bulk Upload option to import your vehicle information from a CSV or Excel file, our system will let you know right away if you’re uploading duplicate VIN’s. Moreover, if your return is rejected for a duplicate filing error, our Support Heroes will help you find it and correct, all free of cost! 
  • 5. Incorrect Bank Routing #: This nine digit bank code can be found along the bottom left of a check, just before your account number. If you elect to pay your taxes by EFW (Electronic Funds Withdrawal), you will need to enter this information correctly, or your return may be rejected. 

If your return is rejected, you can correct it and re-transmit it to the IRS for free! But only if you E-filed with ExpressTruckTax! Just one more reason to ditch that old paper-filing! You'll also receive your Stamped Schedule 1 within minutes of your return being accepted, something else that paper-filers miss out on.

If you’ve hit a roadblock or had your return rejected, send the Support Heroes an S.O.S. Call 704.234.6005, live chat online, or get 24/7 email support at We may be based in the small town of Rock Hill, SC, but we can help in English, Spanish, and Russian!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tips for a Cozier Cab

You’ve made it to #ThursdayFunDay, Trucking Nation! The weekend is nearly here. (I can hear my bed calling my name!) As tempting as it may be, let’s not fritter the time away, lounging and watching TV.

Come Saturday, put on your Weekend Warrior hat and spend a little time sprucing up your living space, the cab and sleeper of your truck!

Your truck is your home away from home. With your seemingly endless hours of work, it’s crucial that you get some R&R and spend your downtime somewhere fit for royalty!

So get ready for an extreme makeover—Trucker Edition!—with these 4 tips for a Cozier Cab.

  • 1. Curtains: Most trucks already have a curtain dividing the cab from the sleeper. But why cut your living space in half! By placing curtains around your cab windows and dash, you’ll have double the room to live and still maintain your privacy! As a bonus, if you use blackout curtains, you’ll sleep like a baby without all of that ambient light leaking through!

    I know what you’re thinking, “But how do I hang them?” With just velcro and fabric, you’ve got some inexpensive curtains that are easy to put up and take down at your leisure. Now you can roam around the cab without fear of others seeing your ninja turtles PJ’s. (Which I think are totally cool, by the way.)
  • 2. Throw Rug: This is both decorative and functional. A nice, soft little rug will not only make your feet feel at home, but it’s easier to clean too! A bathroom rug should fit perfectly. If crumbs start to collect, simply take the rug outside and shake it out! If you spill something ooey or gooey, cleaning your little throw rug will be much easier than trying to scrub the floor of the cab. Just hose it off! Plus it’s disposable if the spill is just too catastrophic to clean. 
  • 3. Mattress Topper: Truckers need to make the most of the few, precious hours of sleep they get between shifts. But the sleeper beds may not always be the comfiest place to catch zzz’s. For a quick, inexpensive fix, lay down a memory foam mattress topper. Those few inches of cushion can make a world of difference for your back! They also sell memory foam pillows, if you’re feeling extra fancy. Bonus points for tossing a few colorful throw pillows on top. 
  • 4. Keep it Spick & Span: Cleaning may not be your idea of “fun” (unless you’re Monica from Friends). But just a couple minutes can make a huge difference because thankfully, your space isn’t that big. When our living spaces are clean and organized, it gives us mental clarity and a positive mood boost. Conversely, a cluttered, junk-filled space can drag us down. No one wants to open the cab door and have an avalanche of fast food containers tumbling out! In addition to stashing a small trash can somewhere, invest in a hand-held vacuum. It’s just the right size for you space and takes 2 minutes to run around. 
These 4 tips are just the jumping off point! There are infinite ways to customize your cab and make it feel like home sweet home. So how do you make your cab cozy: pics, fans, flat screens, string lights? The ExpressTruckTax Team is dying to know….

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ExpressTruckTax Caters to Carriers

It’s #TruckerTuesday, and this one goes out to all of the carriers of the world!

Swift. Mercer. Con-way. Schneider. Landstar. What do all of these carriers have in common? They’re all partnered with ExpressTruckTax, of course. And that’s just a handful of the dozens of carriers we’re proud to be partnered with!

We don’t just take care of our owner-operators and tax professionals; carriers are a vital part of the Trucking Nation too, so we make it our business to make their business easier!

There are mountains of benefits that come with being one of our partners!
Here are just a few of the perks our carriers enjoy:

  • Drivers can conveniently E-file Form 2290 in under 10 minutes and just three simple steps!
  • We’ll email or fax the stamped Schedule 1 to the driver & carrier in mere minutes! No need to wait for the driver to mail it!
  • Record keeping has never been easier! All of your driver’s information is organized and easily retrieved in moments.
  • Download PDF’s of previous returns, receipts, or Schedule 1’s anytime you like.
  • No struggling to get in contact with each of your drivers. Simply email them our info, and we’ll take it from there!
  • 24/7, USA-based support in three languages, including English & Spanish. Our dedicated team of Support Heroes in Rock Hill, SC, offers cheerful assistance, all day, every day. 365. Try to find another E-file provider that has that! (You can't!)
  • Carriers never have to worry about providing tech or tax support to their drivers. Our Support Heroes handle it expertly.
  • We also offer free VIN corrections, Form 2290 Amendments, and more if your drivers need it.
Whatever the size of the fleet, ExpressTruckTax wants to help you manage your business’s truck taxes, quickly and efficiently. Call our Support Heroes today! We’ll assign you your very own Account Manager, offering you personalized support. They’ll get to know your business and your needs; you’ll never talk to a stranger when you call us! And you'll have a direct phone line and email to reach them instantly. You'll never waste time navigating an automated system again. None of our competitors can say that!

Give us a ring at 704.234.6005. The Heroes are also available via online chat or 24/7 email support at See how our streamlined E-filing solutions can make your business run more smoothly!

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Monday, August 11, 2014

2290 Tax Calculator App: Our Crystal Ball for Your Business

It’s time to take the Manic out of your Monday!

Yes, the HVUT Form 2290 deadline is just THREE weeks away...

But there’s no reason to panic! ExpressTruckTax has a full arsenal of all the tools you need to get E-filed
and back on the road.

Last Monday we got a V.I.P. tour of the ExpressTruckTax Tablet app! Available for free download on your iPad or Android device, our new Tablet Apps are the fastest, most convenient way to E-file your HVUT–wherever you’re truckin’!

But we had to take it a step further (we’re always trying to one-up ourselves!). Seeing the plight of the common tax-payer, we developed another app with our Trucking Nation in mind: the 2290 Tax Calculator App!

It’s also available now for iPad and Android.

We all know the IRS expects prompt payment after E-filing your return. But this leaves little time to prepare your funds! With the Tax Calculator App, you can find out exactly how much heavy vehicle tax you’ll owe before you E-file, eliminating any last minute surprises–and preventing any tragic blows to your bank account!

So how does it work, exactly? You may hear the word “calculator” on a Monday morning and immediately sprint in the opposite direction. Normally, I’d say your instincts are sound, but have no fear! This app, like all of our products, does all of the calculating for you! All you have to do is enter your information, sit back, and watch the magic happen.

Let’s take a sneak peek…

  • Step 1: Select the first used month for the vehicles. Typically, this is July, the first month of the HVUT tax year, unless the vehicle is purchased later in the year. Based on the first used month, we'll tell you the due date to file. Then click "Next."

  • Step 2: Select the weight category, and then enter how many logging or non-logging vehicles you have in that weight category. Notice how the tax owed is automatically generated! No math for you!

  • Step 3: If you have more vehicles in a different weight category, simply click "Add Weight Category." Then add your logging and non-logging vehicles. Rinse and repeat until all of your trucks have been added.

  • Step 4: You're finished! The amount of tax owed has been calculated for you, and now you can prepare your funds for the real E-filing deal.
    Enter your email address, and we'll send you a short report with all of your vital tax details, so you won't forget come filing time.

  • Step 5: Of course, the most important step of all is to actually E-file your 2290 and securely transmit it to the IRS!

Whether you use the Tablet apps mentioned before or our website, you'll be E-filed in just 3 simple steps & 10 minutes or less! The industry leader in E-filing solutions, we not only offer the best value in the biz (just $9.90 for a single truck!), but we also throw in our USA-based Support Heroes!

If you're new to ExpressTruckTax, or if you'd just like to catch up, give the Support Heroes a shout! They can assist you in English, Spanish, & Russian! Just call 704.234.6005 or get 24/7 email assistance at We've got a full team of real, happy people eager to offer you their truck tax expertise!

So what are you waiting for? Start off the week on a high note, and get those truck taxes E-filed and out of the way! With three weeks left, it's never too early to take the plunge!

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