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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Get Your Money Back! A Guide to Filing for Credit Vehicles & Claiming Refunds

You know that they say: New Year, New Truck! And if they don’t say it, they should start.

What could be better than kicking off the New Year with a shiny new ride! And with all of the end of year sales, I’m sure there are plenty of Truckers out there writing a list to Santa right now, asking for a beastly new 18 wheeler. (Boy, would that be difficult for Santa to get down the chimney and cram into your stocking! But hey, who are we to doubt Christmas Magic!)

Even without the help of Santa and his reindeer, it seems that plenty ExpressTruckTax users are already upgrading their rides! With 2015 on the horizon, our Support Heroes are getting lots of questions about transferring a Schedule 1 from a previously filed truck to a new one. They’re also getting questions about transitioning to a new business, new business name, or a different EIN, but with the same truck.

And then there’s always those who sell or lose their trucks, and decide to exit the transportation biz altogether. If you’re leaving the business mid-tax year, can you get part of your hard-earned HVUT money back?

We have a guide to help you with all of these scenarios! Whether you’re doing the trade-in shuffle or changing your business name or EIN, here’s how to get your Form 2290 sorted AND get some of your money back, too!

“Transferring” a Vehicle (AKA: Credit Vehicles)

  • If you purchased a new truck mid-tax year, and your previous truck was sold, stolen, or destroyed, then you can get a new stamped Schedule 1 without paying extra tax. Many refer to this as “transferring,” but that’s not exactly how it works with the IRS. 
  • Here’s why it’s not really a transfer per se. A Schedule 1 cannot be transferred from one vehicle to the next. However, you can effectively file your HVUT and get a new stamped Schedule 1, without paying any extra tax. 
  • And how, might you ask? You need to E-file a Form 2290 for the new vehicle and add a credit vehicle to that same return with the information of the previous vehicle. By adding a credit vehicle, you’ll receive a prorated tax credit for the remaining months of the tax year through July 1st. 
  • When E-filing a 2290 with a Credit Vehicle, the IRS will prorate the credit for the old vehicle based on the first used month of the new vehicle. The first used month is the month in which you purchased the new vehicle.
  • To save the most money, do the transfer at the end of the month. The IRS prorates the tax on a monthly basis, not daily. This means that If you buy the new vehicle at the beginning of the month, even on the very first day, the IRS will still apply tax for the entire month for the previous vehicle, as well as the new one.
  • The new Form 2290 must be filed by the last day of the month following the month in which the “transfer” occurred. This means that if you switch vehicles today, November 18th, 2014, the new 2290 would need to be filed by December 31st, 2014. 
  • However, this transfer process (E-filing a 2290 with a credit vehicle) will only work if the business name and EIN remain the same. If they’re different, see the instructions below.

*Head over to Part 2 of this blog to see step-by-step instructions on E-filing your 2290 with a credit vehicle!*

Change of Business Name and/or EIN

  • If your truck remains the same, but your business name changes, you must file a new 2290 and get a new stamped Schedule 1 with the correct business name. 
  • Even if your business name only changes slightly, you must still file a new 2290. Typically, this occurs when a business becomes an LLC or corporation for example, in which case you must update your Name Control so that it matches your EIN in the IRS database, and then E-file a new Form 2290. 
  • Be sure to update your vehicle’s title to match as the DMV will not consider your Schedule 1 valid if it doesn’t match your title exactly.
  • If only your EIN changes, you must also file another Form 2290 to receive an updated Schedule 1.
  • In all of these instances, you can still get some of the tax money that you already paid back. After E-filing the 2290, file a Form 8849 under the previous business name/EIN to receive a prorated refund of the HVUT.

Sold, Lost, or Destroyed Vehicle- without a Replacement

  • If your vehicle was sold, stolen, or destroyed during the current tax year, and you aren’t replacing it with a new vehicle, you must E-file Form 8849 to receive a prorated refund of the HVUT paid.
  • While E-filing Form 8849 will only take 5 minutes with us, it will take the IRS 4-6 weeks to process the request and mail you a check for the refund.
  • Check out my previous blog for a step-by-step guide on E-filing Form 8849!
I know this is a lot to take in, so I made a nifty little infographic for you to see what you need to file at-a-glance–because I love you guys!

Still confused? That’s what the Support Heroes are for! Their digits are 704.234.6005. Call them and speak to an E-filing expert in our hometown of Rock Hill, SC. Plus they can assist you in English, Spanish, or Russian! If you need 24/7 assistance, just shoot them an email at

And if you still don't have that new truck yet, our Support Heroes can put in a good word for you with Santa. Yep, they have connections!

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Friday, November 14, 2014

EIN: Obtaining an Employer Identification Number- Safely!


The transportation industry is swarming with long and confusing acronyms. IFTA, HVUT, IRP, UCR, MC, FMCSA, NY HUT, KYU, and the list goes on.. and on… and on.

One of these pesky three-letter acronyms is E.I.N. You’ve probably heard it bandied about before, but do you have any idea what it is?

The Employer Identification Number, also called the Federal Tax Identification Number, is required for filing many taxes and registrations, including Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. As such, registering for your E.I.N. is one of the first and most important steps for obtaining your own operating authority.

Here’s the bad news. There’s a slew of scams out there, charging outrageous fees for obtaining an E.I.N. But filing for an E.I.N. yourself is completely free. Crazy!

Let’s get educated on the subject together so you can better protect yourself from the scams lurking on the interwebs!

What is an E.I.N.?

The Employer Identification Number is used by the Internal Revenue Service to identify your business. It is a unique 9-digit number used to file heavy vehicle use tax, or any other tax through the IRS. The EIN is also required to register for your International Fuel Tax Agreement license in many states.

The IRS used to accept social security numbers in lieu of EIN’s. However, as of May 2011, SSN’s are no longer allowed. Your return will be rejected without a valid EIN.

When your business is assigned these 9 digits, they’re assigned to the exact business name and address you provide. This is known as “Name Control.” It’s crucial that when filing your HVUT you enter the EIN and the business name exactly as the IRS has it on record. It cannot just be your name, your business’s nickname, or just “what you’re known by around town.”

If your business name and EIN do not match exactly, your return will likely be rejected. If you have an EIN, but forgot your name control, it’s good practice to check with the IRS prior to filing. Call the hotline at 1.800.829.4933 to verify your name control.

But don’t just take my word for it! Listen to the calming tones of Sir Charles Hardy, our fearless Director of Tax Products, in the short video below explain why you need an EIN.

How to Get One- The Right Way and the Wrong Way

There are several ways to apply for the EIN yourself- for free! When filing directly with the IRS, you can apply online (preferred), or via fax or postal mail, and there is no charge. Just be sure you are applying through the IRS website directly, and not on a shady, third-party site.

If you choose to apply online, you must have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number, which is a valid Social Security Number of Individual Taxpayer ID. When filing online, you’ll get immediate validation and you’ll be issued the EIN right away. However, there are a few pitfalls to avoid with a freshly-issued EIN, see the segment below on rejection.

If you’re too short on time to file the EIN yourself, there is another way! A safe way that won’t charge you hundreds of dollars and make you wait weeks to receive the EIN. One that won’t steal and sell your information either.

Our friends over at Truck Services of North America specialize in permits, registrations, and tax filings. As a premier processing service (also based in our hometown of Rock Hill, SC!), they’ve helped countless new trucking operations obtain their authority, and they’ve applied for thousands of EIN’s. They’ll take care of your EIN registration completely for just $50, or take care of your entire authority with one of their full-service deluxe packages. Give them a shout at 803.386.0320 or email them at to see how they can help get your new business off the ground faster.

Avoiding Rejection

When you apply for an EIN online, you’ll be issued your unique 9 digit number right away. However, the EIN will not be valid in the E-filing system for at least 10 business days. During this waiting period, the IRS is entering your business information in their system. Until that happens, any tax return, including Form 2290, that you file with this new EIN will be rejected.

If you’ve had a 2290 rejected for an invalid EIN, our Support Heroes can help you correct it and retransmit it.

I Lost My EIN!

If you already have an EIN, but can’t seem to find it, here are a few ways to retrieve your digits.

  • 1. If you’ve E-filed with ExpressTruckTax before, your EIN is stored in your account! Simply login and view your business details, or view a previously filed return with your EIN on it!
  • 2. Check with a bank or local/state institution you’ve applied for a license with. Both should have your EIN on record.
  • 3. Finally, you can always call the IRS hotline, and they’ll give you the EIN over the phone after verifying your identity. The Business & Specialty Tax Line is 1.800.829.4933.

Wherever you are on your EIN journey, the ExpressTruckTax support heroes are always standing by and ready to help! They’ll give you all of the information you need to register your EIN, retrieve a lost EIN, or retransmit a rejected return.

Ring them at 704.234.6005 or send them a message via live chat. For 24/7 assistance, email at

And remember, when giving out information on the internet, be mindful of who you’re giving it to. ExpressTruckTax is a secure, IRS-certified site, and our heroes are a league of highly-trained truck tax pro’s. They won’t steer you wrong!

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Monday, November 3, 2014

HVUT & IFTA Recordkeeping Requirements

It’s time to awake from your sugar comas, Trucking Nation!

While we hope you had an extra spooky, candy-filled Halloween, it’s time to pack away your costume and dispose of the incriminating evidence cast so carelessly upon your living room floor. 

Yes, I am referring to that mountain of candy wrappers next to your couch. Destroy the evidence at once & hide your shame!

The cold hard light of Monday morning demands that we discuss grown-up business now. And what could be more “grown-up” than recordkeeping!

A necessary evil, proper recordkeeping may not be fun, but it saves you a lot of pain in the long run, like audits from the IRS or from your IFTA base jurisdiction. So if you want to avoid the dreaded IRS or IFTA audits, you’ve just got to ask yourself one question. Am I doing it right?

Are you keeping the necessary records for HVUT and IFTA? If not, now is the perfect time to get your act together! Here’s how…

HVUT Recordkeeping Requirements:

  • The VIN number and detailed descriptions of all taxable highway vehicles registered in your name.
  • The date you purchased the vehicle, as well as the name and address of the person/dealer you purchased it from.
  • The weight of the loads carried by the vehicle, described in accordance with record-keeping requirements in your state.
  • Record the first month of each period in which a taxable use of the vehicle occurred. Along with this, keep records proving that the vehicle was not being used in a taxable manner prior to that date (if you owned it during that time).
  • For “Category W” Suspended Vehicles (vehicles that travel fewer than 5,000 miles on public highways during the tax year or 7,500 for agricultural vehicles), record all highway mileage.
  • For agricultural vehicles, keep a record of the number of miles driven on the farm.
  • If you sell or dispose of the vehicle, you must provide details of how including the name and address of the person who purchases it, if applicable.
  • Keep all of these records for at least 3 years after the date the tax is due or paid, whichever is later.
  • Keep copies of all returns and schedules you’ve filed.
  • These records must be available for review by the IRS.
And here’s the great news for ExpressTruckTax users! All returns filed with us, along with the stamped Schedule 1, can be retrieved anytime from the Dashboard in your account. You can view, download, or print them if necessary. 

Plus, all of your vehicle info is kept safe & sound in Truck Zone. And it’s organized too! From VIN #’s, to unit numbers, license plate numbers, DOT #’s, & gross vehicle weights–you’ve got an archive to reference if needed. And you can view it anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection. Win!

IFTA Recordkeeping Requirements:

  • Distance records must include the exact miles driven per jurisdiction and the precise routes driven, including any detours or out-of-route mileage.
  • Fuel records must include all fuel purchased, the name & address of where it was purchased, the cost per gallon, the total cost of each sale, and the original receipt. The receipt must be in good condition with no wrinkles or writing on it.
  • Always check the requirements in your base state.
  • These records must be kept for at least three years after the close of the quarter. They must also be available for audit in your base jurisdiction at all times.
While the third quarter IFTA deadline just passed, it’s certainly not too early to think about the fourth quarter! If you had a particularly hard time filling your IFTA last minute, then why not get a head start with TruckLogics!

Like ExpressTruckTax, we designed TruckLogics to be user-friendly and affordable. With the ProMiles add on for professional routing, you can keep up with daily trip sheets in one click! Then, at the end of the IFTA quarter, you can compile all of those trip sheets into a completed IFTA return, ready to be printed and mailed. Sign up for a free trial, the first 30 days are on us, and there’s no credit card required!

If you’ve got questions about TruckLogics, or about proper recordkeeping, ring our Support Heroes at 704.234.6005 or send them a message via live chat. For 24/7 assistance, email us at

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Howl-O-Ween Wishes & IFTA Deadline Reminders from the Support Team


The ExpressTruckTax team wishes the Trucking Nation a Spooktacular Halloween!

Moises & Patti

The Support Heroes are ready to get their Trick-or-Treat on! Are you?!

Moises & Patti will be offering their world-renowned support today dressed as a sweeter version of Dr. Seuss's Thing 1 & 2!

They're the proud proprietors of our Office Candy "Store," Sweet n' Free! They keep us all going with their never-ending stash of sweet treats.

Bryan the Bull

Bryan will be taking your calls today as the least temper-mental bull to ever walk this Earth! I mean really, have you ever seen a bull smile like that?

His matador will be swinging by the ExpressTruckTax offices later, just to make sure he isn't getting out of hand!

Brother Charles

And last, but surely not least, our Director of Tax products, Charles. 

You know and love him as Sir Charles the Great from our series of silly & informative ExpressTruckTax videos. Today, he's donning the garb of a suspender-snapping, cob-pipe smokin' Amish Gentleman.

Brother Charles will be busy leading our tax team through the IFTA deadline today, but if you need help raising your barn, gelding the horses, or just need an extra set of hands to shuck your corn, give Brother Charles a call!

Although, I'm not sure he'll be able to answer the phone... perhaps try mailing him a letter?

Now that you've had a good laugh, it's important to remember the darker side of Halloween! There’s something extra chill-inducing about this day for truckers. It’s the 3rd Quarter IFTA Deadline! That means interstate truckers with a vehicle weighing over 26,000 lbs (or with 3 or more axles) need to have their returns postmarked by today!

If you still haven’t prepared your IFTA return, we brewed an extra potent solution for you. Boil a pinch of user-friendly design and stir in a dash of customer appreciation, and you’ve got ExpressIFTA.

We designed it to be the fastest, most fun way to prepare your International Fuel Tax Agreement return. That’s right..I used “IFTA,” “fast,” and “fun” in the same sentence! No, I’m not crazy. And I’m not all hopped up on sugar either–at least not yet!

Gather up your trip sheets, truckers! And head over to

Simply create an account, enter your business details & base jurisdiction, followed by your vehicle info, and lastly, your distance and fuel records. If you have a GPS, you can upload those records and save even more time! Finally, watch with child-like wonder as ExpressIFTA generates your state-specific report. Then print it, and mail it. Done.

Notice how “calculating tax” was left off that list. That’s because ExpressIFTA performs the calculations for you! No, it’s not dark sorcery, just a little programming magic to help out our users.

And if you find yourself bewitched, call the ExpressTruckTax Support Heroes for help at 704.234.6005. You can also fly them a message via owl mail at

So truckers, take off your Freddy Krueger hands for a few minutes, and get that IFTA report ready! With our awesome features, you’ll be filed fast and still have plenty of time left for a little Halloween mischief! (We swear we won’t tell on you!)

Have a Hair-Raising Halloween. Stay safe out there!

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Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh, the Places You'll E-File: How to E-file Anywhere in a Flash!

It’s another #ManicMonday at the ExpressTruckTax offices. We’re kicking off a busy week with a bunch of frantic E-filers!

This Friday, October 31st, is the Form 2290 filing deadline for vehicles first used in September. We’re also neck-deep in Registration Renewal Season, which means late filers are scrambling to get their stamped Schedule 1 and race to the DMV for tags. Combine that with the 3rd quarter IFTA deadline this Friday, and you’ve got a recipe for an E-filing Frenzy!

Have no fear! Whether you’re a new or returning user, a super-late July renewal filer or a last-minute September filer, ExpressTruckTax is here to show you how to get your Form 2290 E-filed in a FLASH.

Your 2290 will be completed AND securely transmitted to the IRS in under 10 minutes. “Lies!” you say. Oh, but it is too true.

And you’ll get your stamped Schedule 1 emailed to you just minutes after submission. Oh, and did I mention you can do it anywhere, anytime?

You can E-file anywhere your smartphone, tablet, or laptop has internet access! Just power that baby up and E-file in the 10 minutes while you’re....

Moises prefers to E-file while doing lunges.
Check out those thighs!
  • On your break
  • Waiting for that free coffee refill
  • In-line at the pump
  • Listening to your Aunt talk about her Book Club
  • Sitting in a dentist waiting room
  • Hanging upside down on monkey bars
  • In-line at the DMV
  • During your kid’s recital intermission
  • Eating a burger
  • Getting a pedicure (or should I say, a man-icure!)
  • During half-time
  • Waiting for a mechanic
  • Doing thigh curls at the gym
  • Any other time you have 10 spare minutes: Use your imagination!
In fact, E-filing your 2290 takes a lot less time than anything else on this list. And it’s far more entertaining too!
So you’ve got your interweb-enabled device, you’ve got 10 minutes, now to get started. If you’re using a tablet, our free iOS and Android apps will do the trick. Or use our mobile site if you’re FLASH-filing from your smartphone. 

  • The next logical step is to login to your account, or create a new one if this is your maiden voyage with ETT! Simply use an email address and password of your liking. If you’re new to ExpressTruckTax, enter your business details: Name, Employer Identification Number, address & phone.
    He also E-files while admiring sculptures...
  • Start a new Form 2290 return, choose the tax year, and select your First-Used Month. HINT: If you’re late-filing your annual HVUT renewal, the first-used month is still July. If you just purchased the vehicle in September, the first-used month guessed it...September!
  • Truck Time: Now to enter your heavy vehicle info.

    If you’re a returning user: Copy a previous year’s return! -OR- Select vehicles from your digital garage, Truck Zone. There’s no need to type in your VIN over and over again. That would just be cruel!

    New users: Use our Smart Upload to bulk upload 1 to 1,000 trucks at once from an Excel file type. No typing! -OR- If you don’t have such a file, simply enter your VIN & gross vehicle weight, and then rest assured knowing we won’t ever make you type it again! We promise.
  • Pay Up! No one likes this part, but at least we make it easy! We offer three easy ways to pay. Choose Direct Debit (EFW), EFTPS, or Check or Money order (the best choice if you need your Schedule 1 at night or on the weekend!). 
  • It’s all smooth sailing from here! Our system checks your return for errors before you submit it. (We take pride in our 98% approval rating!) Then kick back, relax, and wait for your stamped Schedule 1 to be emailed to you, which usually only takes 5 minutes.

    "Only $9.90 for a single truck!" Moises exclaimed.
We’ll also send you text, fax, or postal mail notifications if you so choose. It’s nice to have options!

If you have a question, just call our Support Heroes at 704.234.6005. You can also chat with them online or get 24/7 email support at

They’re always available in our hometown of Rock Hill, SC, ensuring that you get E-filed fast. And they do it in English, Spanish & Russian too! Muy Impresionante!

So next time you’ve got 10 minutes and a Wi-Fi connection, go nuts and E-file in a flash! Bonus points if you send us a picture of the crazy places you’ve E-filed!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

E-Filing for Farmers: Get your Stamped Schedule 1 Instantly


It’s the most wonderful time of the year–for

It’s harvest time, the season of Nature’s bounty, when all of your hard work pays off. Any day now, you’ll be loading up a truck with your fresh goods, bringing them to market for pay day.

And just when you thought you were ready to roll, you suddenly remember that your truck needs current tags & registration! What’s worse, you remember that pesky Heavy Vehicle Use Tax and that you need your stamped Schedule 1 to get your tags renewed!

Well, have no fear! There’s no need to frantically drive a hundred miles to your nearest IRS office. We have a much faster, more economical solution, one that will get you that all-important stamped Schedule 1 instantly.

You’ll be E-filed and on your way to the market in no time!

Do I Need to File HVUT?

HVUT is an annual federal tax levied on trucks or truck tractors that travel at least 5,000 miles a year (7,500 for farmers) on public highways and that have a gross vehicle weight of at least 55,000 pounds.

To determine the gross vehicle weight of your truck, simply add the unloaded weight of the truck, with the unloaded weight of any trailer customarily attached to the truck, and the maximum weight of the load typically hauled in the truck/trailer. If the sum of those three numbers hits 55,000 pounds or above, then it’s time to start E-filing Form 2290!

Filing a Suspended Vehicle

As we mentioned above, the mileage cap is higher for vehicles used in agriculture, 7,500 miles. If your heavy vehicle is used strictly for agriculture, and will travel 7,500 miles this year or fewer, then you can file it as a suspended vehicle, also known as Category W.

Notice that low mileage does not excuse you from filing altogether. You are still required to file and have a current stamped Schedule 1, even though you will not owe any tax.

Late Filing

While there are penalties for filing after the renewal due date (September 2nd, 2014), it’s still never too late to E-file. In fact, it’s the fastest way proven to get you your stamped Schedule 1 immediately, even on the weekend!

How Do I E-file?

Getting started with ExpressTruckTax is simple! In just three steps and 10 minutes, you’ll be E-filed and back on the farm!

  • Step 1: Create an Account. After entering an email and password, enter your business information, which includes the business name, address, EIN (Employer Identification Number) and phone number.
  • Step 2: Enter Vehicle Info. Click “Start New Return” under Form 2290, then enter the first-used month. If you’ve had the vehicle prior to June 1st, then your first-used month will be July 2014.

    If you’re E-filing for a suspended vehicle, then under Taxable Vehicles, leave it empty and hit next. Once you’re on the Suspended Vehicle screen, enter the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), the Unit Number, Gross Weight, and indicate that it’s used for agriculture.
  • Step 3: Enter Payment Information. Select from three convenient methods of payment: Direct Debit (EFW), EFTPS through the IRS, or by Check or Money Order. Remember that the IRS no longer accepts credit cards. To receive your stamped Schedule 1 immediately, even on the weekend, elect to pay by check or money order!

Exceeding 7,500 Miles

If you file your vehicle as a Category W, but exceed the 7,500 mile limit, we have a fast solution for that too. We also offer E-filing of Form 2290 Amendments for exceeding the mileage limit. And it’s the same fast, three-step process as above!

It’s important to E-file the Amendment as soon as your vehicle exceeds the limit. Mileage amendments are due to the IRS by the end of the month following the month in which you exceeded 7,500 miles. The tax owed will be prorated based on the month the vehicle exceeded the limit.


The ExpressTruckTax team supports farmers, literally! We offer year-round, USA-based support, unlike some other seasonal E-file providers out there. In fact, we get calls from farmers like you every day who need to E-file their 2290’s fast!

Though the deadline has passed, we are still here and ready to help you get caught up–just in time for harvest! Give us a call in sunny Rock Hill, SC, and we’ll give you a blue-ribbon support experience! We’re available at 704.234.6005 or by live chat. For 24/7 assistance, email us at

So Farmers, next time you’re in a pickle, romaine calm and lettuce help you out of a jam!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Infinite Benefits of E-Filing with ExpressTruckTax

We know how to treat our E-filers right. And we’ve got thousands of happy, returning users to prove it. We’ve not only designed ExpressTruckTax to be a pleasant E-filing experience. We needed to go bigger than that.

That’s why the benefits of E-filing with ExpressTruckTax aren’t just in the moment– they extend
back into the past and far into the future. Ripples of E-filing goodness traveling through space-time in all directions!

We didn’t need a time machine (or Stephen Hawking’s brain) to do it, just our technical know-how and our passion for making your E-filing experience better than you ever dreamed possible.

When you make friends with ExpressTruckTax, here are some of the benefits you can expect.

Before You E-file:

We like our users so much, the benefits begin before you’ve even E-filed with us.

2290 Tax Calculator App: This free tablet app for iOS & Android Devices helps you figure out the HVUT owed, without filing! In less than 5 minutes and three easy steps, you’ll have an accurate picture of your yearly 2290 tax and a neat little email sent to you with all of the details for later. Now you can E-file with confidence, knowing there won’t be any costly last minute surprises.

Smart Upload: If your account is brand-spanking new, there’s a way to upload your business details and vehicles fast! With our bulk upload, you can import data from a CSV file directly into ExpressTruckTax, making your account set up a snap. Even if you manage hundreds or thousands of trucks, they can all be imported at once. There’s no faster way to start E-filing. We’ve got the stuff to help you gain traction fast!

While You’re E-filing:

The Support Heroes: Our support team is truly one-of-a-kind. They not only offer unparalleled USA-based support right from our hometown of Rock Hill, SC, they also do it in three languages: English, Spanish & Russian. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, these “heroes” prove their name to be true by offering support via phone, email, and chat right when you need it most. Most impressively, they do it all with a smile.

E-file Anywhere: We’re app crazy! In addition to our tax calculator app, our free ExpressTruckTax Form 2290 tablet app allows you to swiftly E-file anywhere. Whether you’re in a shop waiting for repairs or chowing down in a diner on your break, you can access our easy-to-use E-filing solution from your iOS or Android device. Our mobile site is also available for those with a smartphone handy. We know you’re always on the go; it only made sense for us to go with you!

Automatic Form 8849 Generation: Does the IRS owe you money? If so, our program will automatically generate the refund request for you. All you’ll have to do is review the info and securely send it. Then wait to get paid!

Convenient Payment Methods: We offer three ways to pay your taxes to the IRS. Although the IRS no longer accepts credit cards, you can still pay by Direct Debit (EFW), EFTPS through the government, or by check or money order. If you choose the latter, we’ll create a payment voucher to send with your check. We are firm believers in taking care of things for you, can’t you tell?

Instant Audit:
Before securely transmitting your return, our system will scan it for errors. Just one more fail-safe to ensure you E-file successfully!

Notifications: Sitting on pins and needles, waiting for the IRS to decide your fate, neither of these are fun. That’s why we make it quick and painless with 4 notification systems. Whether you choose email, text, or fax (or all of the above!) you’ll know the second your return has been processed by the IRS, and we’ll automatically email you your stamped Schedule 1 too. If you elect fax notifications, we’ll fax your return to anyone of your choosing: a driver, your carrier, home office, whatever you like! We can also send it via postal mail, in case printer availability is scarce.

After You E-file:

We won’t love you and leave you. That’s not our style. Once you’ve E-filed with us once, the benefits last long into the future.

Receive Stamped Schedule 1 Instantly: With a 98% approval rating with the IRS, our users typically receive their stamped Schedule 1 via email in 5 minutes. Combine that with the 10 minutes it took you to E-file, 15 minutes total is not too shabby. Good luck getting in & out of the local IRS office in that amount of time!

Free VIN Corrections!
If your return is rejected, or if you made an error, the Support Heroes will help you fix it asap, and in some cases, the retransmission to the IRS is free. Our heroes so dedicated, they’ll even scour your return line-by-line to find duplicate VIN numbers for you! If that isn’t heroic, what is!

Retrieve Vital Docs: Any return you’ve E-filed with ExpressTruckTax is available for viewing or download from the Dashboard in your account. So next time you’re at the DMV, and can’t seem to find your Schedule 1, you can panic just a little less!

Copy a Return:
If you’ve E-filed with us before, you can copy a previous year’s return to the current year. The fields will magically fill before your eyes, and you can still make alterations where necessary. Just one of the benefits that save you tons of time and typing!

Truck Zone: Returning users can also save time with our exclusive feature Truck Zone. Store hundreds or thousands of trucks, all in a single account, and access them quickly with our advanced search. Quickly filter through your trucks, select the ones you’d like to add to the return, and with one click, they’re uploaded. The VIN, gross weight, license plate number– all of those vital details– are stored in TruckZone forever, so you never need to type and re-type and re-type…You get the idea.

Past, present, future– The benefits of E-filing with ExpressTruckTax cannot be contained. You’ll enjoy these features and more for the best value on the market. Our filings start at just $9.90!

Call our Support Heroes today at 704.234.6005, and they’ll help you get started. They’re also available by online chat or 24/7 email assistance at

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Stamped Schedule 1: How to Retrieve It- Anywhere!

With the end of the year approaching fast, we’re entering the season for registration renewals. One of the documents you’ll need is the stamped Schedule 1. Do you know where yours is?

Your stamped Schedule 1 is the golden ticket to maintaining your authority. Your entire livelihood rests on a single, fragile, highly flammable & oh-so-easy to lose piece of paper–no pressure, right?!
Not if you use ExpressTruckTax. Whether you misplaced your precious paper or have no idea what it is in the first place, I'm about the break it down for you.

What Is the Stamped Schedule 1?

The stamped Schedule 1 serves as proof that you filed and paid your annual heavy vehicle use tax. The watermark, a faint symbol in the middle of the page, indicates that the return was submitted to & accepted by the IRS. If that watermark is missing, the Schedule 1 is not valid.

Why Do I Need It?

It’s always a good idea to have your current Schedule 1 handy. Just keep a copy in your glove box. For instance, Canadian truckers crossing the border into the USA are required to present their current stamped Schedule 1 before they’re allowed to enter.

The Schedule 1 is also needed for obtaining tags & registrations. When renewing your yearly IFTA license, IRP registration, etc, the current year’s stamped Schedule 1 is one of the supporting documents required for renewal.

Where Can I Find It?

Luckily, ExpressTruckTax makes it easy to receive your Stamped Schedule 1, anytime and anywhere. First, we automatically email it to you as soon as your return has been accepted by the IRS, which is typically within a few minutes. You can even receive it on weekends or holidays if you E-file with us and choose to pay your HVUT by check or money order!

We also offer additional options for receiving your stamped Schedule 1. When E-filing, you can choose to receive your 2290 with the Schedule 1 via postal mail or fax. And we’ll fax it to anyone of your choosing- automatically- even to your carrier to save you the trouble of doing it!

Retrieve Your Stamped Schedule 1- Anytime

But what if you accidentally delete that all-important email? Or, what if you need a hard copy, but you didn’t request the hard copy from us?

Good news–It’s never too late! You can login to your ExpressTruckTax account and access your 2290 and stamped Schedule 1 any time. It’s always available to view or download right from your Dashboard. And if you’re on the road, remember, we’re as portable as you are. Login from your smartphone with our mobile site or from your tablet with our free iOS and Android apps.

If you need a hard copy, but don’t have a printer, that’s no problem either! You can still elect to receive your return via postal mail or fax at any point after you E-file. To fax your Schedule 1, just login, select the appropriate return, and enter the fax number of your choosing.

To receive it via postal mail, simply call our Support Heroes at 704.234.6005. or shoot them an email at Let them know your situation, and they’ll get that Schedule 1 mailed to you in a heartbeat.

No matter where you’re truckin’, ExpressTruckTax makes it easy to retrieve your vital tax information, day & night, 365. Something that important shouldn’t be locked in a cabinet somewhere without a back-up.

We are your back up. Paper is unreliable, but you can always rely on us.

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Monday, October 6, 2014

October Trucking Events: Big Engines, Even Bigger Prizes

Got a bad case of the #MondayBlues? We’ve got just the thing to whip you into shape for the week!

Nothing raises your spirits and helps you persevere through the work week like the promise of a fun weekend on the horizon! 

And with October just beginning, there’s plenty of fun ahead–especially for truckers & trucking enthusiasts!

Brace yourselves, it’s time to take a thrill ride through the biggest Trucking Events of October!

And the first up is... *drum roll*

LargeCarMag Southern Classic Truck Show

East coasters, head over to Lexington, VA, this weekend for this 5th annual, non-judged event. Saturday, October 11th, spring out of bed extra early to get to this event at 8am. It’s free for spectators! And bring the kids along too, there’s plenty of fun for all!

Watch hundreds of tricked out, glimmering heavy haulers parade through the streets. And if you get tired of looking at trucks (is that even possible??), you can always enjoy the live DJ, scrumptious fried foods, and hundreds of vendors. For the kids–or for the children inside us all!–there’s goody bags, temp tattoos, games, and a Moonbounce!

Got a gorgeous truck? If you’re eager to enter your Big Rig in the parade, be sure to get there Friday afternoon. The first 125 truckers on site get a free bag o’ swag!

PDI Dyno Event & Truck Show

Also free for spectators, this event is a must if you love feeling the earth tremble from serious horsepower. October 17-18, head over to St. George, Utah, for this fourth annual Customer Appreciation Truck Show, hosted by Performance Diesel, Inc!

If you’ve got a shiny big rig and want to show her off, get there Thursday afternoon or early Friday to join the Truck Beauty Contest, judged by Overdrive. Cash & trophies will be awarded in multiple categories! And Spectators, be sure to arrive by Friday night for the light show at dusk! Plus, both day’s events are totally free for onlookers, and they throw in a free catered lunch!

On Saturday, get ready to show off what’s under the hood. Watch semi’s rev their engines to the limit on the dynamometer, “dyno" for short, to see who’s got the most horsepower & torque. You can brag to your buddies all you want, but if you enter this competition, you’ll have the stats to prove once and for all that she’s the most beastly demon on the road!

Thanks, Science!

75th Anniversary All-Peterbilt Truck Show

And this month, nay, this YEAR of trucking events wouldn’t be complete without this last one. Peterbilt fans, start your pilgrimage to Stockton, CA, now for this three-day event. October 24-26th marks the grand finale of Peterbilt’s 75th Anniversary Tour around the nation!

I was lucky enough to see the Museum-on-Wheels on it’s trip through Charlotte, NC. See the pretty pictures here! If you have yet to see this awesome exhibit, catch it before it’s too late! Perfect for the whole family, the Peterbilt Museum will satisfy enthusiasts of all ages! It features interactive kiosks, full size cabs & sleeper cutaways (yes, you can play with all of the gadgets!), and a History Wall with a scrolling TV.

But this event promises much more than a museum tour! All the staples of a successful truck event will be present: music, food, plenty of Peterbilt Trucks, and a Show n’ Shine competition! Plus the very first Peterbilt truck ever will be on display: the 1939 Peterbilt S100 Fire Truck!

Best of all….wait for it….they’re auctioning off a 1976 Peterbilt 359! You could leave the event as the proud owner of a piece of Peterbilt history, and even if you don’t win the truck, it’s still a win-win. The proceeds from the raffle tickets benefit charities!

I’d love to tell you more about this event, but I’m so excited I need to start packing–immediately. See you in Cali!

Been to any good trucking events lately? Let’s swap stories and pics. The ExpressTruckTax team loves to brag about our customers’ rides. Send us a pic, show us the trophy you won, and we’ll post it for all the world to see!
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

ExpressTruckTax is for Tax Professionals–Year Round!

Guess what, Tax Pro’s? WE’RE STILL HERE.

Like tax professionals, the ExpressTruckTax team does HVUT support year round. Just because the 2290 renewal deadline has passed, doesn’t mean it’s quittin’ time.

Other E-file providers out there think the tax season is over! Their part-time seasonal support is gone, and there’s no one there to assist you.

But that’s not how we roll. We know the tax season runs from July to June, so around here, our world-class support never quits. We even offer emergency email support on nights & weekends.

As a tax professional, you need seriously professional support. We offer you just that–and much more.

To enhance your support experience, we’ll assign you a personal Account Manager and their direct contact number. No automated systems, no talking to strangers.

As your personal Account Manager, one of our heroes will get to know you and your business & show you all of the short-cuts and discounts available to help trim your costs & save time.

In our continuous effort to assist tax professionals, we’ve built-in several exclusive, time-saving features that you won't find anywhere else!

  • From a single login, manage unlimited businesses, E.I.N.’s and VIN numbers.
  • Don’t waste time typing! Bulk Upload businesses to your account in seconds from an Excel 
    file. When logged in to your account, simply select “Manage Business” under Business List on the top right of your Dashboard.

    On the next screen, select “Bulk Upload Businesses” under the Quick Links Section. Then follow the directions to upload your Excel file, and Voila, the name, address, E.I.N., and more will appear in your account instantly.
  • Upload hundreds or thousands of trucks at once, using our SmartUpload! Store the License plate #’s, VIN, gross weight, and everything else you need for unlimited vehicles within Truck Zone. Upload them all in seconds from an Excel file type.
  • Find the exact truck you’re looking for without delay. Use our Advanced Search to filter through Truck Zone and find the exact vehicle(s) you’d like to file for. Then click & add to the return, and you’re ready to rock!

In addition to these exclusive features, we've created several premier payment options just for CPA's, all of which can be customized to fit your business’s needs.

Pay-As-You-Go Packages

-Pay each time you E-file for a client.
-Receive a special discounted rate for each filing.
-Speak with your account manager for details on your exclusive pricing.

Pre-paid Packages- for Optimum Savings & Flexibility

  • Bundled Product Package
-Pre-purchase E-filing credits at an exclusive, lower rate per filing.
-Save precious time with every filing by skipping the payment pages.
-Customize your package by selecting only credits for a single IRS form (like Form 8849) OR choose a variety of forms to get you through the tax year.
-For example, you may bundle 1,000 Form 2290’s for a single truck, 500 Form 2290’s for 2-24 trucks, 800 Form 2290 Amendments, 500 Form 8849 for credits, and even buy credits for unlimited E-filings for a particular E.I.N. for the duration of the tax year!
-When you “run out” of a form, re-load your account at any time for the same lower price.

  • Unlimited E-Filing Package
-Pre-purchase unlimited E-filings per E.I.N. for the tax year. Repeat for as many businesses as you need!
-Unlimited packages are the best option for clients with large fleets that are continuously buying/selling trucks throughout the tax year.
-Select which forms you’d like unlimited access to. For the most flexibility and savings, unlimited access to all of our forms is ideal!

ExpressTruckTax gives CPA’s the tools needed to E-file efficiently and while increasing profit.

Call our Support Heroes at 704.234.6005 and get connected with your own Personal Account manager today. You can also get in touch via live chat or email support at Let us cater to your needs and offer you the kind of perks you deserve.

You’ll see, we know how to treat CPA's right.

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