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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Easily Gain Extra Time This Tax Return Period

Calendar 15th
We get it and so does the IRS. Things happen and you just aren’t able to meet those deadlines. When you have missing documents it can be pretty tough to get all of your boxes checked off when filing your tax return. Lucky for you there is a way that can get you more time. We are talking up to 6-months worth of time. The original due date is typically April 15, but with the extension, you may not have to submit your forms until October 15th.

If you aren’t sure if you can complete your 2018 federal tax return by the April 15th deadline you may want to get to filing a Form 4868, immediately. It is vital to note that Form 4868 only pushes back the filing of your tax documents. It doesn’t give you extra time to pay any taxes that you might owe. If you think you may owe money this year you’ll need to estimate the amount after filing for your extension.

Penalty Threats

Choosing to file late can get pretty costly. The penalty can bee 5% of the unpaid taxes for each month or partial month it is late. If the return is more than 60 days late, the minimum penalty is $135 or 100% of the unpaid tax, whichever value is smaller.

Don’t stress, where you don’t have to. Form 4868 will give you ample amount of time to get your ducks in a row. If you know you may late go ahead and file for an extension in either of the 3 methods and get up until October 15th on your tax return.

Form 4868 is made up of two parts, identification information is included in part I and individual income tax information will be in part II.

Part I & II

Part I - Identification
  • Name(s) 
  • Mailing addresses
  • Social Security number (SSN)
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN

Part II - Individual Income Tax
  • Estimate of Total Tax Liability (be sure to be as accurate as possible)
  • Total Payments
  • Balance Due
  • Amount You’ll Be Paying
If you’re thinking of filing an extension here are some tips to make completing it a little bit simpler. 

Extension Filing Tips

Filing Stress1.  Send Checks to the “United States Treasury”

2.  If you E-file Form 4868 and mail in a check or money order, use a completed paper Form 4868 as a voucher and note with your payment that your extension was electronic.

3. Review page 4 of the Form 4868 to ensure you are sending your form and payment to the correct address. Just because you live in a certain state doesn’t mean your payment is sen to that IRS mailing address. 

4. If filing over the phone or online, you’ll receive a confirmation number. It is important that you write the number down and keep it for your records.

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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Top 3 Trucking Awesome Women Of All Time

Women's History MonthIf you weren't aware, last month was Women’s History Month. Who would we be not to acknowledge the women who have impacted the trucking industry with huge strides? Here are three women from the past, present, and future who have either paved the way for women truckers trailing the highways, gave them a sense of community, or inspired them to take the leap into a career change.

Past: Lillie Elizabeth Drennan

Drennan became the first licensed female truck driver and trucking-firm owner in 1928. Drennan and her husband started their trucking company as a way to take advantage of an oil boom. A year later Drennan divorced her then-husband, Willard Ernest Drennan and took sole ownership of Drennan Truck Line and in the same year received her commercial truck-driver’s license.

Drennan’s accomplishments did not happen without a fight. During this time the Railroad Commission regulated motor-freight. The Railroad Commission claimed that her partial hearing loss prevented a safety concern, but the determined Drennan challenged them. Her quest was for the commission to find a man with a better record than hers on the road, and when their search came up empty she was awarded her license.

Honorable mention:

Luella Bates - First woman truck driver (1918)

Rusty Dow - First woman to drive with a full load on the Alaska Highway (1944)

Present: Ellen Voie

Voie is the founder, president and CEO of Women In Trucking, a nonprofit that encourages women to find career paths in the trucking industry. In 2018 the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) named her the Transportation Person of the Year. Although the organization she founded is a little over a decade she has been in the trucking industry for nearly 4 decades. It all began in 1980 when she earned her diploma in Traffic and Transportation Management while working as the Transportation Manager for a steel fabricating plant in central Wisconsin.

Since then she has received a number of accolades for her work. One of those was a prestigious honor from the White House in 2012, as a Transportation Innovators Champion of Change. More recently she was listed as one of the “30 Most Innovative CEOs to Watch”.

Women TruckersFuture: Angela Eliacostas

Recently awarded the “Influential Woman In Trucking Award”, Eliacostas is indeed a woman to pay attention to in the truck industry. She got her start in the industry as a single mother of four, working as a part-time billing clerk for BBI Trucking Company. Over time Eliacostas worked her way up and has now found herself as the founder and CEO of All Girls Transportation and Logistics (AGT).

AGT specializes in integrating transportation and logistics functions for top-tier companies around the world. The company Eliacostas launched, in 2005, is consistently ranked as a top 50 Illinois and top 1000 U.S. certified women-owned business.

The ambition she has to succeed in the trucking industry is owed to her father, a former long-haul trucker. She recalls him giving her a key piece of advice in her early career years - “this is like a vacuum. It’s going to suck you in.” Years later she states that his advice was right, “I got in it, and I just couldn’t get in enough.”

Honorable Mentions

Desiree Wood - Founder of REAL Women In Trucking

Steph 'Hammer Down' Custance - Ice Road Trucker cast member

Take the time to honor a woman who makes what you do easier. Whether it is a significant other, a fellow hauler, or anyone who comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘impactful woman’.

The future of the trucking industry is women and it is our duty to make the path for them to enter, clear.

Cheers to impactful women all around. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

Happy (Belated) Women’s History Month!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Was The Driver Shortage All A Hoax

Driver shortage, Trucker, American Trucking Association, ATA
For over a decade the American Trucking Association (ATA) has been a ring leader in sounding the alarm for the demand of truck drivers in the industry, due to a driver shortage. It has even been predicted that the shortage would increase to roughly 100,000 drivers by 2021.
A more recent study released by the U.S Bureau of Labor (BLS) shows evidence that the trucking industry “works as well as any other blue-collar labor market and poses no constraints on entry into (or exit from) the occupation.”

The Truck Driver Shortage "Myth"

In the study it was revealed that the shortage is a matter dealing primarily with low wages and long hours than the off balanced ratio of truckers to surges in demand, within the industry. After careful review and study in trends the U.S. Department of Labor is speaking out against what the ATA has been driving into the minds trucking advocates across America.

There are many lawmakers who have jumped the gun in order to combat the decade long myth that seems to be the big news affecting the industry. There are 48 states that allow 18 year olds to obtain a commercial driver's license. Among those is Colorado governor, Jared Polis, who recently signed a bill lowering interstate trucking age limits, just this year. According to Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) the solution of lowering the age opens the door to incidents. Safety groups have opposed the tactic since the beginning, contending that drivers 21 and younger lack the experience to operate heavy machinery, that can reach up to 60,000 Ibs. when loaded.

Instead of finding legitimate solutions, the misinterpretation of high turnover in the industry has taken the focus off the key issues of high mistreatment of workers and low wages, and placed it on the opposite. It is reported that recruiting more drivers will create competition for wages, encouraging drivers to sell themselves short in order to get the job.

Effective Methods

With the real reason behind such high turnover revealed, it is easy for industry leaders to strategize to uncover ways to fix the issue. Turnover rates have reached up to 98%, since mid 2017. In this instance maintaining good retention is crucial to make the industry work for everyone. There are various ways to do so and lower the turnover rate for the industry, as a whole. 

Was The Driver Shortage All A HoaxTime Well Compensated

Compensation and benefits have been used as incentive methods to bring in more drivers. Adding a promise of consistency will lessen the turnover rate drastically. Gordon Klemp, founder and president of the National Transportation Institute, uncovered that the increase in recent turnover was also affected by drivers uprooting to find fleets offering higher wages. This caused a lot of movement within the job market. Keeping a close eye on trends in wages will even the playing field and stabilize the amount of movement in the market.

Improved Selection Process

It is important for fleets to not overlook the step of measuring and controlling the cost of replacing a driver. Hiring the wrong person can cost thousands. That is why the selection process should be a little more detailed than checking off a CDL box and whether or not they can dress the part with a hat and flannel. Establishing and Identifying warning signs in applicant’s background and past work experiences can separate finding a diamond in the rough as far as an employee, or finding someone who only looks the part and lacks in important areas.

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Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Balancing Act Of Living A Healthy Life On The Road

Work-Life Balance SignManaging work-life balance can be tough, but it is even tougher when you feel like life is 5,000 miles away from work. There are plenty of benefits that come with truck industry jobs. 401k, insurance, great pay and independence are a few of the perks given to truck drivers, but when it comes to helping you maintain a balance between life and work you may find that it isn’t included in the benefits package.

A Healthy Life Is A Wealthy Life

The first area of your life that becomes neglected is your physical health. A life on the go calls for fast-food and on the go snacks. In bulk these things can take a huge toll on your weight and energy. Every trucker is mindful of the fuel that goes into their rig, so why not be as concerned about the fuel that goes into your own bodies. Lack of nutrition in the body can make you feel sluggish, every truckers nightmare when it comes to having a long haul ahead of you.

Tip: To find a healthy balance prepare road snacks with plenty of nutrition to boost your energy and not zap it. Try pre-washed fruits and vegetables, and nuts for a bit of protein. Making your way to the gym isn’t ideal with a life on the road. Luckily there are plenty of methods to boost your heart rate than an elliptical. Free weights and a jump rope are both small enough to be carried on the road with you and make for a great full body workout.

Mental Health Matters

Being stuck in a truck cab alone for hours on end can get lonely and in some cases lead to burnout. It’s important that you keep your mind active and away from daydreaming to protect yourself and others on the road at all times. Some may not choose to believe this, but when you look your best you feel your best. Although, as a trucker you are typically to yourself, for
most of the day, but small adjustments to the outward appearance can boost how you view yourself.

Tip: Try listening to music, audiobooks, podcasts or finding a second language to pick up and practice using an app. Keeping your mind focused on something other than those things going wrong is beneficial to mental health. Even the way we dress can put us in an overall better mood. We don’t suggest you wear a three piece suit, but by buying a new lotion with a scent that reminds you of home or wearing a shirt that's soft and comfy will likely take you from being dreary to happy.

Trucking FamilyHome Is Where The Heart Is

Of course being away from your family is one of the biggest downfalls of the career, but the coming home part isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. Veteran truck drivers can attest that it is easy to come home and feel the need to hibernate or over do it when it comes to getting neglected errands done and chores taken care of, but making time for your family when you get the chance is important. You may have video chatted for hours, but nothing compares to being able to tuck your kids in and make sure everyone is at one table for dinner. You miss out on the little moments that make for big memories, so making up for that time, in creative ways, adds to the relationship.

Tip: If you have children make them feel connected to you when you’re on the road by telling them where you’re headed and have them do research on fun facts you can discuss when you get home. Do something similar with your significant other, such as purchasing a book you two can read together, being sure to purchase yourself the audio version. These are the people who you’re on the road for, and making them happy involves making real time for them.

Being a trucker is not easy and neither is creating a work-life balance. It requires commitment and if having a work-life balance is important to you, you’ll want to work for it. Following these tips will help you develop your own ideas to maintain good physical, mental and relationship health.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Top 3 Trucking Lessons To Get From The Big Screen

ExpressTruckTax Big ScreenThe big screen has taught us plenty of life lessons since the creation of film. We’ve rambled through a collection of trucking films and compared summaries and comedic tag-lines to give you our top 3 trucking lessons from some pretty iconic cinematographic work. We encourage you to watch these films if you haven’t already, or re-watch them to freshen up on the lessons they provide.

Big Rigs On The Big Screen

Snitch (2013)

Starring Dwayne Johnson, Benjamin Bratt, and a 2009 Freightliner Coronado, this film captures the essence of fatherhood. Johnson, an owner of a successful transportation company tries to free his innocent son, who is facing 10 years in prison after being set up by an acquaintance. As a businessman and father with past regrets of being neglectful, he stops at no end to free his son. Risking his successful business credibility, as an informant, to smuggle narcotics across the border and even manipulate and expose one of the biggest kingpins. In this film Johnson proves himself to be one tough trucker.

Fun Fact: This film is based on the true story of James Settembrino who worked as an informant to lower his son's sentence.

What you can learn: The success of the transportation company owned by Johnson’s character was created by his determination to cater to his family. This determination eventually led to neglect of his families needs and ends with divorce. The transportation industry can be demanding, but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture.

Warning: Beware Of Dog

Black Dog (1998)

Jack Crews, played by Patrick Swayze is a trucker convicted of vehicular manslaughter after losing control and hitting a stranded motorist. Desperate to find work after being released he is tricked into hauling a load of illegal firearms. He later finds out that his wife and child are in danger if he fails to deliver the goods on time. To truckers, it comes as no surprise that Crews finds himself facing the ‘black dog’ during his long-haul, a term used to describe visions caused by fatigue.

Fun Fact: Patrick Swayze went through the entire process to receive his Class A CDL for the film.

What you can learn: There are different variations of the black dog legend, an omen to truckers that a fatal crash is coming. No matter what variation it is you believe, we can all agree that a delivery made on time is not worth more than life. If you feel as though you have seen this mystery K-9, take the precaution to get off the road and let dispatchers know that you are too tired to continue on your route. 

The little guy

Don't Discredit The Little Guy

High Ballin’ (1978)

We don’t believe this list could actually exist without at least one 70’s trucking film. Where else did that cool CB lingo come from? 

King Carroll is the boss of one of the biggest trucking companies in the area. He uses his money and undermining tactics to run small independent truckers, like Duke Boykin, out of business. Duke is one of the many independent truckers tired of the monopoly plaguing the industry and has decided he has had enough. Out of fear other independent truckers in the industry let Duke take on Carroll alone. It isn’t until he finds an ally in his good friend, Rane and fellow female trucker, Pickup that he gets some back up to take down Carroll.

Fun Fact: 41 years later the Triple T Truck Stop featured in the film is still in business.

What you can learn: Don’t let big players in the trucking industry bully you. Big companies were considered the ‘little guy’ before, stay passionate and persevere. Other people will see your fight and want to help. The key is to never stop fighting for what you believe in.

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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Save Money And Protect Your Cargo With These Methods


Save Money And Protect Your Cargo With These Methods
It is reported that less than 20 percent of stolen cargo is ever recovered, making cargo theft one of the most expensive incidents drivers can face when on the road. On average it is a problem that cost anywhere between $15 to $30 billion.

Crime and theft specialist, Scott Cornell notes that in recent years cargo thieves are more likely to target mixed retail loads or less-than-truckload shipments because of their definitions of being less secure than larger truckloads.

Improving load security can be easy if you have an inside perspective on how thieves choose their targets and methods behind their madness. There are several cargo theft tactics from straight cargo theft to cyber-attack methods.

Types of Cargo Theft

Having an idea of what kind of theft is taking place and what signs associated with each is great training to know how to combat them in effective ways. Things such as high tech security, and law enforcement training has changed our society and has aided in thieves getting smarter and more creative in how they proceed with an attack. Cargo theft has been around since stagecoaches were present and without sounding like a Debbie Downer it might get worse before it gets better. This is why it's important for truckers to stay up-to-date and extremely aware of new methods.

Straight Cargo Theft

Straight cargo theft can happen anywhere cargo can be left unattended. Truck stops, parking lots, and roadside parking areas are the most targeted. A great way to combat this tactic would be investing in high-security rear door locks.

Strategic Cargo Theft

Strategic cargo theft is constantly evolving. They are often performed with the use of unconventional methods. Identity theft, fictitious pickups, forged documents, fraudulent carriers and brokering scams all fall in line with strategic cargo theft. A solution to help in the event of scams such as these is to do your research on the appointed contact, make sure everything matches up. Always confirm positive identification at pickups and drop-offs.

Other Effective Ways To Combat Cargo Theft

Strategic Theft: Save Money And Protect Your Cargo With These Methods
When it comes to protecting your fleet it is suggested that you develop a layered approach. With a layered approach, there are step by step methods and ‘in case’ tactics put into place if security technology happens to fail. Regular procedure training should be done to ensure that the knowledge on new theft methods is made aware to participating parties. The two main factors that can change theft outcomes are aware drivers and top-notch security for either of the two methods discussed previously.

Aware Drivers

Become aware of ‘hot spots,’ during your route. By studying your route beforehand you will have a greater understanding of the areas that would be considered safe stopping points for you and the cargo.

Upgraded Technology

By having the most up to date features, things such as vehicle immobilization can help in incidents where trucks are stolen along with the cargo. This feature causes the truck to become stationary and brings the heist to a halt. Most theft occurs because of thieves awareness of outdated or nonfunctional security during the transportation of goods, so having a system that is not common will put your cargo on the ‘do not attempt’ list.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Out With The OLD And In With The ELD

Out With The OLD And In With The ELDSince 2017, the ELD mandate has been in effect. In December 2017 fleet owner’s with Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRDs) installed were given an extension to make the switch from AOBRDs to ELDs up until December 2019. With the new year in full swing the December 16, 2019 expiration date is quickly approaching.

At the 2019 Omnitracs annual user conference, head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, Ray Martinez, urged drivers and company representatives to “prepare for this transition, if you have not done so already.”

The most strategic way to avoid procrastination when choosing an ELD is being in the know of what major differences stand between AOBRDs and ELDs.

Key Differences Between AOBRDs and ELDs

For many in the transportation business, the most proposed question that has been asked is, “why?”. The main reason behind the switch is to ensure companies are following the hours-of-service (HOS) law, which controls how much a driver can work in a day, aimed at preventing accidents and harassment of drivers. If someone has yet to make the switch from an AOBRD to a compliant ELD and are waiting to the last minute, the following differences in the two devices may be incentives to make the switch earlier.

Recording Metrics: AOBRDs does a lot of basic recording such as; location, date and time, mileage, engine hours and drive times, as well as duty status. ELDs record the same metrics plus information on the driver/user, motor carrier and vehicle including; log in and log out, engine on and off and also malfunctions.

Locations: When it comes to location AOBRDs allows users to record the change of location during each change of duty status and can be entered manually. With ELDs the location is automatically recorded every 60 minutes, whenever the engine is on or off when there is a change in duty status at the beginning and end of yard moves.

Edit History: AOBRDs record who makes edits and when and does not readily display edit history. ELDs require annotations when edits are made, with automatic events they can not be changed - only annotated and it readily displays edit history to DOT inspectors.

Driving Time: The driving time can only be edited when attributed to the wrong driver with AOBRDs and with ELDs that time cannot be edited.

Benefits of Making the Switch

The most recognizable benefit of the switch from AOBRDs to ELDs is compliance, but outside of ensuring that the trucking industry steers clear of harassment complaints the FMCSA wants to make the job of transporters a lot easier.

Out With The OLD And In With The ELD

Low IFTA Audit Risk

The new ELD technology is driver-friendly when it comes to automatically calculating IFTA reports. The process of filing IFTA reports at the end of each quarter can be burdensome, and the overload of stress can cause human error. With this feature, the risk of facing an IFTA audit is reduced significantly.

Safety Improvement

By notifying drivers and management of malfunction issues and even identifying unsafe driving behaviors, ELDs do a great job at protecting all drivers on the road. According to FMCSA, ELDs help prevents roughly 562 injuries each year. 

Lower Insurance Rates

Because of the increase in safety ELDs provide, insurance companies are happy to offer lower
insurance premiums to ELD users. By ensuring drivers stick to HOS regulations ELDs are eliminating the main cause of driver fatigue, which is reported to be at fault for 86% of truck-passenger crashes.

Safer Roads + Fewer Accidents = Lower Truck Insurance 

Make Filing 2019 IFTA Reports Simple

If you have not made the switch from paper filing and other unconventional IFTA report filing methods, generate your quarterly fuel tax reports with a FREE account before the first quarter report deadline.

Sign-Up Today!

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Get The Most Out Of Your 2019 MATS Experience

Louisville, Kentucky's George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge It is that time of year again, when the largest annual heavy-duty trucking industry event makes its way to Louisville, Kentucky. This years MATS is taking place Thursday, March 28 - Saturday, March 30. With an event as large as MATS, you should always come prepared with your own tentative agenda to help your trip run smoothly. Here are a few tips to consider for your 2019 MATS experience.


If you’re familiar with ExpressAmber, you know that she tackles all truck industry news on her Youtube channel, and this year's MATS event is no different. Since attending MATS for about 6 years she and her team have a pretty good handle on one of the truck industries largest events.

With a buzzing atmosphere and leading truck industry innovators all around, Amber and Bryan advise all attendees to take full advantage of the networking taking place all in one area. Amber and her team have learned to prepare months in advance to secure potential partnerships and make the voyage to Louisville, Kentucky well worth it. By networking throughout the year the team develops a strategy on spending their time wisely at trucking events.

Research Exhibitors

There are over 1,000 exhibitors from 47 states who have already registered for this years event. It is very easy to overlook a booth if you aren’t sure where to look. The MATS website has a great feature that allows for you to search for exhibitors in the 2019 exhibitor directory. Look for your favorite product and companies by name to see if they’ll be attending.

(ExpressAmber MATS Tip: Don’t avoid the FMCSA booth. Visiting the FMCSA booth at MATS is your chance to express your concerns about new rules and regulations, outside of blog and vlog rants. Who knows, they just might listen.)

Experience Louisville

Take time to get away from the convention center and tour the city. Some people may consider this a work trip, but all work doesn't have to be anti fun. Louisville has a lot to offer from the Louisville Slugger Museum to the Muhammad Ali Center. There is rich history that awaits to be explored. If your schedule doesn't allow for you to explore, consider coming a day earlier or staying a day late to enjoy the Louisville experience outside of MATS. Research unique and top rated restaurants that will make you feel like the tourist you truly are.

Show Your Badge

Louisville offers the Show Us Your Badge program, it offers discounts throughout the city to conference attendees. Discounts range from restaurants, attractions and retail shops, all designed to give visitors a special guest experience.

Participating locations


Hard Rock Cafe
Patrick O’Shea’s
Tavern On Fourth
Buckhead Mountain Grill
Morton’s, The Steakhouse
Brasserie Provence
Pizza Bar


Belle of Louisville Boat Tour
The Caravan Comedy Club
Bluegrass Karting & Events


Messie Shop
Peace Of The Earth

Network & Promote Yourself

When having fun, don’t lose sight of your goal. There are so many opportunities at MATS and all attendees have the right to explore them. Being on the road for majority of the year can damper human interaction leaving the forerunners of the industry to solely rely on social media to network.

For one weekend we encourage you to have face to face interactions with the representatives of companies you want to work with. Recruitment is a big piece of MATS, so don’t miss your opportunity to achieve a career goal.

Conference attendees enjoying a seminar
The seminars each year feature standout industry names, who are known for success. On any other day a direct answer from them may not be realistic, but during a live seminar your chances become a bit greater.

6 Can’t Miss Opportunities 

With an action packed weekend like MATS 2019 it’s hard to narrow down what events to attend and which ones can be replaced. We tried our best to pick our top 5, so we chose 6. This years MATS wouldn’t be one of the largest MATS to date without these amazing opportunities going on throughout the weekend.

  • PKY Truck Beauty Championship
         Thursday, March 28 - Saturday, 30 10AM - 6PM | Location: Lot J

  • Roadworks 25th Anniversary Celebration
         Thursday, March 28 3PM - 4PM | Booth # : 34105

          Thursday, March 28 12:30PM - 1:30PM | Location: B-104 

  • MATS Concert Sponsored by Mobil Delvac Featuring Michael Ray and Runaway June 
           Friday, March 29 7PM | Location: Freedom Hall - Kentucky Exposition Center

  • Red Eye Rendezvous 
          Thursday, March 28 - Saturday, 30 10AM - 6PM* | Booth # : 41064

  • Giveaway: My20 Trucker Pack 
          Thursday, March 28 1PM-5:30PM | Booth # : 62140
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Monday, February 11, 2019

How To Be A Healthy Trucker on the Road This Year

How To Be A Healthy Trucker on the Road This Year
 Any trucker knows that life on the road can take its toll and truck driver health is an ever-growing concern. The strains of the job mean truck drivers often have more health problems than the average joe. Cramped working conditions, lack of quality food and exercise, exposure to dangerous materials, and the effects of stress are just a few of the lifestyle’s hazards.

We know you probably have enough to worry about without the added pressure of keeping up with the typical New Year's’ Resolutions, but even taking small steps every day to improve your health can be critical in the long run.

Whether you’re a driver, a trucking business owner, or just someone who wants to get healthier, we at ExpressTruckTax encourage you to check out these tips for a healthier 2019!

Improve Your Sleep Quality

Getting enough sleep in your daily routine is crucial to your overall well being. One good way to get enough rest is to set a sleep schedule for yourself and your best to stick with it. While getting enough sleep can make you feel happier and healthier overall, a continued lack of sleep can lead an increased risk of heart & kidney disease, high blood pressure & strokes, diabetes, and depression. I can definitely be a challenge when managing your fleet or trying to meet deadlines on the road, but you should always try to get about 8 hours a night.

Many truck drivers suffer from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and more. To avoid these issues, limit your consumption of stimulants and choose a natural sleep aid if necessary.

Eat Healthier Foods

One of the hardest things for many people in the trucking industry to do is make healthy eating choices. The lifestyle lends itself perfectly to quick and convenient food choices, but not necessarily the healthiest ones. When fast food restaurants are so cheap and readily available, it's easy to make poor food choices, but eating healthy road trip snacks on your route isn’t as hard as sounds!

One of the best strategies for eating well is to plan ahead. Purchase your snacks from a grocery store or produce stand before hitting the road where it will be harder to find something decent. Fruits, veggies, nuts, and protein bars are all great snacks that can keep you full on the road, which can help you eat smaller portions for lunch and dinner.

Of course, it’s not always that easy. If you don’t have any healthy snacks and not enough time for something ideal, try to choose from the healthiest options available. These days even most fast food restaurants serve healthier options such as salads and grilled proteins. Healthy meals for truck drivers aren’t as hard to find as you’d think! Just remember - eating when you’re hungry is healthy, just be sure to make healthy choices and not overdo it.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is the cause of many different health problems. Your body doesn’t tell your brain that its thirsty until you're already technically in a state of dehydration. When you’re on the road, always keep a bottle with you to sip throughout the day - this will ensure that you’re never dehydrated. Making sure that you’re getting enough water makes you feel better both physically and mentally, help with calories control, prevent fatigue, and improve kidney function! Literally every biological process in your body requires water as fuel, so give it as much as you can!

Sun Health

Due to the stress that hours of staring at the road and exposure to the sun can do to your eyes, keeping a pair of sunglasses in your truck can do wonders. A good pair of sunglasses can help protect your eyes from cataracts, vision loss and keep you from needing to squint. And always apply sunscreen for those longer hauls! Unless you have heavily-tinted windows, you’ll be exposed to ultraviolet rays that can burn and lead to more extreme skin problems if you aren’t careful. 

Get More Exercise

It can be difficult for anyone to fit regular exercise into their schedule at first, let alone those who are stuck on the road or managing a trucking business. But the key to getting enough exercise is figuring out how much or how little works for you. Staying healthy doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym and “working out”. It should be enjoyable and match your abilities. It’s easier than you think to find 10-20 minutes a day to take a walk or do some light stretching on your next stop. And after hours on the road, you’ll be even more glad that you did!

Manage Stress on the Road

How To Be A Healthy Trucker on the Road This Year
Being out on the road for even just a few days away from friends or family can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, which can then lead to feelings of depression. And while it’s easy enough to stay connected these days with smartphones and social media applications like Skype and Facetime (when you’re not driving), there are some even more interactive ways to stay connected on the road.

Using that smartphone to share photos and stories of your travels is a great way to stay close to your family and friends on the road. If you have children, you can tell them where you’re going and have them look up interesting facts about the places. When you get home, set aside some time to ask them what they learned and then share the photos and stories from your trip there. It will be a great and unique learning experience for them and a memorable bonding experience for you both. And if you’re married, get a book for your spouse and the audiobook version for yourself. When you connect on the phone or social media, you can discuss it together.

Stay Positive!

Don’t give up! Set some realistic goals for yourself that you think you can actually stick with. As an owner operator, you know that good things take time. You’re already on the way to a healthier you just by reading this article! Just stay persistent - At ExpressTruckTax, we’re with you every mile of the road and every step of the way.

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Today is the Tax Deadline for Businesses!


Today is the Tax Deadline for Businesses! Today is Your 1099-Misc Due Date!

Today is the January 31 tax deadline! Are you ready to file before midnight?

If you trucking business hires 1099-MISC contractors or W-2 employees you have hours remaining to file. Tonight’s the deadline for employers to provide w2 & 1099 recipient copies. This also goes for any IRS Form 940 or IRS Form 941 you may have.

Failing to file by the January 31 tax deadline, means serious penalties for you, and your trucking business as a whole!

But don’t worry you still have time!! Check out TruckLogics’s sister product, Taxbandits before it’s too late!

TaxBandits makes it easy for your company to beat the January 31 tax deadline. They offer an easy e-filing solution that helps you file all your tax forms at once!

Why waste the little time you have left to file on hold with IRS customer service when TaxBandits can meet all your filling needs in minutes! They also have 24/7 US-Based customer support if you need further assistance meeting the January 31 tax deadline!

The midnight deadline to file W-2 with IRS officials is only a few hours away!

Don’t forget that along with the 1099-Misc due date, it’s also the 4th Quarter IFTA due date! Visit ExpressIFTA today to beat the deadline!

Beat the January 31 Tax Deadline Now!

Pay Only When You Transmit!

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