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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Get The Office Scoop From The Real Experts of Form 2290

Real ExpertsThe Real Experts of Form 2290 have no problem giving you the inside scoop of what takes place in the office. They also have no problem telling you about their REAL lives. Meet the team that is making sure you and thousands of others are getting top of the line support.

Scroll down to see what the Real EXperts are up to this season!


Amber loves Disney. Some may even say she is a fanatic, but around the office we call it passion. That same passion Amber has when it comes to all things Disney is what she expresses when assisting our loyal customers, year after year. This is what makes Amber one of our EXpert vets.


When Andrew isn’t weirdly, spending time convincing new team members he can lick his own elbow,  he is convincing truckers to “just e-file it”. What makes Andrew an EXpert is his commitment to making e-filing your 2290 a lot easier than this unique, but yet oddly-impressive, party trick of his. 😝


At night, Ariel is a wizard costume designer, but her powers don’t stop there. She is our in-house oracle that foresees your future Google search and is the reason you are seeing our social media ads after telling your spouse you need to file your 2290…

Shhh.. She’s listening.  


The 2290 renewal period is a beast, and “Trucker B.”, as he is notoriously known as, expects this year to be the best one yet! As a Form 2290 vet, “Trucker B.” is ready to conquer the beast without breaking a sweat. 😅
That is what we call, skill!


Even though Elena is a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do and can break a wooden board on a fly, her true talent is remembering specifics about our clients. She is excited to chat with our longtime clients, who she refers to as a family.


Hannah’s colorful vocabulary isn’t the only way she chooses to EXpress herself. Her eclectic taste in music will have her reciting Biggie lyrics one moment and serenading to the likes of Fleetwood Mac the next. She is just as excited to experience the hype of the 2290 season as she was when she heard Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” for the first time.


Since the age of 8, Leah has been dominating thousands of dirt tracks all by herself! 💪
This year Leah is throwing on a jersey, (well an ExpressTruckTax shirt), and joining a team of EXperts to tackle thousands of Form 2290’s!


When Meredith isn’t enthusiastically keeping truckers up to date on how to save time and money, she is keeping her coffee cup full to the rim. What makes Meredith an EXpert is her commitment to helping truckers with tons on their plate.


Missael is a Carolinian, by way of Mexico, and with true southern spirit is determined to show some of the vets why he deserves a spot amongst the elites. This may be his first season, but he is geared up for what lies ahead.


Like any world traveler, Ryan knows it all and has seen it all, this goes for Form 2290 as well. Ryan is thrilled to partner with a team of like-minded individuals to handle what is thrown ExpressTruckTax’s way. The busiest and craziest time of the year is no big deal to our office globetrotter.


Taylor is a self-taught DIY carpenter from the University of Pinterest. When she isn’t building her next masterpiece, she is building you the most convenient online experience. From floral backdrops to Form 2290 blog post, her hands can create them both.   

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Thursday, May 9, 2019

10 Things ExpressTruckTax Has In Common With Your Mom

10 Things ExpressTruckTax Has In Common With Your Mom

1) Always puts you first!

ExpressTruckTax puts its customers first, no matter the season. It is our support teams number 1 priority to answer your questions appropriately and give permanent solutions for your concerns.

2) Knows you like the back of our hand

ExpressTruckTax was designed with you in mind. Everything we do is because we see the need. Take our ExpressTruckTax app; for example, we heard clients when they said they wished they could do certain tasks right from the truck. Now every ExpressTruckTax client can file right from the driver’s seat. (When parked of course!)

3) Gives Consistency

Based on 98% of clients’ past filings, Stamped Schedule 1s are sent within minutes. Giving consistency is what has brought ExpressTruckTax to the top of the leaderboard in Form 2290 e-filing solutions.

4) Makes you eat your vegetables

Your health matters to us. Just check out our health blogs. Over the years we have written a great number of blogs pertaining to your health. This isn’t because we’re running out of topics, but we truly want to help you live a full and long life.

5) Has a sense of loyalty

ExpressTruckTax is an IRS-authorized e-file provider. With that being said, your information is just as safe with us, as it is with your mom.

6) Celebrates your victories

We love to see our clients win. Whether you’re celebrating a career anniversary or just got promoted, we are all about setting goals and crushing them. Our blogs feature tips on how to become an independent driver, how to make more money, how to have a good work-life balance, and plenty of other golden nuggets. We are giving you the scoop so that you can lead the industry in your own way.

7) Very Well Organized

At ExpressTruckTax we run a pretty tight ship. Our features are designed to keep clients organized throughout the year. If you’ve filed your Form 2290 with ExpressTruckTax before, your information is already on file. The copy feature allows for your previous return to be copied over to the current. Ditch the pen and paper and go a less chaotic way.

8) Tells it like it is

We are upfront and honest with our clients. To us, they are like family. There is no need to sugar coat an already sweet deal, so we pride ourselves in telling it like it is. Check out our website to get a clear understanding as to why over 500,000 truckers choose ExpressTruckTax.

9) Keeps you on your toes

Just like your mom, ExpressTruckTax makes sure you never miss a date. Sign up to receive emails from us, and never face a late penalty again. This year when you file your Form 2290, we have added an option for you to opt-in to receive news in more ways than just emails. Sign up for our exclusive postal mail delivery to stay up to date on major deadlines.

10) SUPER Innovative

ExpressTruckTax didn’t become an industry leader overnight; it took a lot of innovation. ExpressTruckTax has been imitated since it’s creation, but it can not and will not be duplicated. It is the heart of a company that gets it to higher heights and here at ExpressTruckTax, our heartbeat is strong.

Happy Mother’s Day to your family, from ours.

As always, keep truckin’ mamas!


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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Do You Need To File Form 2290?

Do You Need To File Form 2290?
If you’re new to trucking, the numbers used for necessary forms may be a bit overwhelming. There’s the 2290s, 8849s, 4868s, 1099s, and 123s. Okay.. we might be exaggerating with the 123s, but you get the gist, it’s a lot of forms and a lot of numbers to remember. We won’t bore you and got through each form 1 by 1, but we will tell you about the two most relevant ones for this filing period.

What is Form 2290?

The form that you have probably heard the most about, as of late, is Form 2290. What is Form 2290, and how does it relate to you, if at all?!

Form 2290 is used to figure and pay the tax due on highway motor vehicles used. Your next question is probably does it even apply to you, and the answer is it might. All vehicles with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more than travel by highway is required to file a Form 2290.

After paying taxes you will be given a Stamped Schedule 1 that serves as proof of payment from the IRS. This document is important, as it is needed in order to register your commercial vehicle.

Do You Need to File Form 8849?

There are exemptions and claim suspensions that apply to some vehicles meeting certain requirements. The requirements are as follows:

  • The vehicle used 5,000 highway miles or less during the period. 
  • The vehicle is an agricultural vehicle and used 7,500 miles or less during the period.
  • The Vehicle was stolen during the period
  • The vehicle was destroyed during the period
  • The vehicle was sold during the period 

The above list leads us to the importance of Form 8849. If any of the above is true about a vehicle you own/owned then you must first file a Form 2290, pay the correct amount of Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) and then complete the Form 8849.

Form 2290Claims and Refunds

In order to claim credits or refunds for vehicles stolen, destroyed, sold, or only used for 5,000 miles or less and 7,500 miles or less for agricultural vehicles, the Form 8849 is required. The

 things you’ll need to file a Form 8849 are your name, address, details on the vehicle you are seeking a claim/refund for and your Employee Identification Number (EIN). Be sure to double check that the EIN you are using is consistent with what the IRS has on file.

*If an EIN is needed you are able to apply for one online with the IRS.

File With ExpressTruckTax

The great thing about ExpressTruckTax is that it makes all of your Form 2290 filing simpler. It even gives you a chance to auto-generate a Form 8849 if you are in need of one for the current filing period.

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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should File With ExpressTruckTax


ExpressTruckTax offers online filing for truckers who have a vehicle with more than 55,000 pounds in gross weight. Users have the opportunity to score additional benefits by filing prior to the start date of Form 2290 filing. Listed are ways that ExpressTruckTax can be beneficial to you.

1. Right Your Wrongs: By filing earlier you can avoid costly mistakes. Filing with expressTruckTax gives users a chance to amend the return in case it is rejected due to mistakes. Free VIN corrections is offered to lead to a smoother and cheaper filing process.

2. Error Check: Prior to submission of your Form 2290 there is an instant error check ran to look for any errors located that may cause for rejection from the IRS.

3. One Stop Shop: With ExpressTruckTax you can make filing easier from here on out. The copy feature allows for you to copy the previous year’s return with a click. You are also able to auto generate a Form 8849 if you are in need of one for the filing period. 

4. Never Miss A Deadline: It is too easy to forget deadlines, but ExpressTruckTax sends reminders of important dates to those who opt in for the Express Package during the filing process. This is a service ExpressTruckTax is pleased to offer to avoid clients from facing hefty late fees and additional penalties.

5. Quick And Easy: ExpressTruckTax makes sure you receive your Stamped Schedule 1 within minutes. This eliminates the hassle of waiting to renew your vehicle at the registration office. 

6. Short Wait Time: Avoid the struggle of long lines over the phone and in the office. When you pre file you lessen the chance of having to listen to hold music. As the deadline approaches hold times can get longer and longer, you can beat the rush easily when you choose to file early. 

7. Paper Free: With ExpressTruckTax you can ditch the pin and paper. The guided Form 2290 online filing process makes the ExpressTruckTax method the easiest way to file.

8. Multiple Ways To Pay: There’s no difference between what the IRS accepts and the methods of payment TSNAmerica accepts. You can now use EFTPS, Direct Debit, Check or Money Order.

9. Client Support: Although the process of filing is quick and easy, the ExpressTruckTax support team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your Form 2290 via phone or email.

10. Top Security: Filing with ExpressTruckTax is a secure process. Your information will be protected by the latest data encryption. As an IRS-Authorized e-filing provider you can trust that your information is secure at all times.

Call ExpressTruckTax at (704) 234 6005 to reach a support team member and learn how to file your Form 2290 online this season.

TIP: Take the time to have the following items on hand to make filing as quick and easy as possible.

  • Business name & address
  • EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
  • Gross Taxable Weight 
  • Authorized Signatory Details 

If you’re interested in filing earlier you can now begin filing with ExpressTruckTax's sister company, Truck Services of North America (TSNAmerica). Just because you are filing earlier, doesn’t mean you are required to pay any earlier than you normally would. There is also no extra charge applied for filing earlier, making the TSNAmerica filing service a top rated value. File as early as today and have up to three months to save before paying your taxes.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Benefits Of Tag Teaming On The Road

TeamBefore diving into team truck driving you should first have an understanding of what you’re signing up for. We’ve made that decision a little easier for you by giving you the scoop on what teaming up on the road looks like. 

Having a partner means longer hours and fewer stops, aside from the time regulations issued by the FMCSA. There is a quicker turnaround time with team drivers, making them high in demand. The demand for team driver is so high, there are some companies who will fully pay for CDL training (Link to How to find the perfect fit to all your CDL Training Needs) if a driver agrees to be a part of a team.

Significant Higher Pay

There are a lot of incentives that come with team driving associated with pay. Majority of the time team drivers make more per mile. There are a few companies who offer a 5,000 mile-per-week guarantee. No matter if you actually drive that many hours per week you’ll always get paid for driving 5,000 miles. If you happen to exceed those 5,000 miles your pay-per-mile may increase. Keep in mind that the 5,0000 miles will be split between you and your partner.

Example: If a company is offering a 6 figure salary for team truck drivers it means that the bottom line pay per mile is at least .39 per mile, for each driver. This could mean $1,200 more a month per driver compared to drivers who make .28 per mile. (*based on 5,000 miles driven per week)

Stress Less

Cut down on the amount of time it takes to do your pre-trip inspection with a companion to divide the timely duty with. With team driving, comes safety. There is always a slight fear that something may get stolen or worse that you may become a victim of some sort. This may be a stretch, but hey, things happen. With a partner on the road, you also have some extra security and backup, just-in-case.

Quality Time

Team Driving
Choosing the right driving partner is the main piece of having a positive team driving career. Choosing a companion you can trust takes time, but you could go a quicker route and choose someone you already have a bond with. Whether it’s your best friend, your child, or your spouse this could be how you choose to spend your quality time. There are plenty of truckers who miss their
family and friends when traveling for long periods of time, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Choosing a teammate who you already trust makes going to sleep in the sleeper berth while cruising down a steep hill, a little easier.

It is okay to not find team driving attractive, some people enjoy the peace and quiet trucking can bring. If you are interested in trying team driving be sure to go through the partner selection process thoroughly. This will make the biggest difference in whether or not you are a team driving advocate.

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Thursday, April 25, 2019

What Are The Silent Protocols When On The Highway

What Are The Silent Protocols When On The HighwayAs every trucker knows there are quite a bit of rules and regulations required from DOT; however, veteran truckers have been laying down their own laws for some time now. Although not set in stone we are
siding with the veterans on these unspoken protocols.

Don’t Take Your Time At The Pump

Every minute counts for truckers. Whether or not your load is on time, ultimately falls on you. This is why taking your time at the pump to grab a ‘quick’ snack or venture off to the restroom for ‘a second’ matters. The trucker waiting to fuel-up is on a time crunch, like you. Taking up multiple spots is just as inconvenient as using two sinks to was both of your hands. If you want respect as a trucker you are going to have to give it.

What’s In Your Haul Stays In Your Haul

If you grew up with conservative parents you have heard the saying ‘what happens in this house stays in this house’ and when you’re on the road your house is your cab. Discussing what you’re carrying may sound like a great way to make small talk with fellow truckers, but in honesty, you are too familiar with other haulers and random travelers motives. Cargo theft is a real thing and you don’t want to make yourself a bigger target than you already are. To you, your cargo may not be all that exciting, but thieves can see plenty of opportunity in ‘free’ goods.

Make Friends, Play Nice

No, this isn’t grade school, but being courteous to a fellow trucker should be a given. Truckers spend long hours on the road and getting just a glimpse of positivity when traveling can make someone's day/trip. Whether you are a veteran or fresh meat on the CDL freight those small gestures like helping a trucker safely get over several lanes is what makes trucking a real brotherhood.

Always Toot Your Horn

Seeing someone pump their arm with anticipation that you’ll give a good pull to your air horn may be the biggest trucking cliché there is. However, no matter what mood you're in it has to be done. This gives truckers a positive image and who wants to be a part of a brotherhood full of stuck up and grouchy truckers. It’s called public relations and it’s a part of the job.

Give Your Jake Brake A Break

What Are The Silent Protocols When On The Highway
There are a good bit of truckers who don’t mind hearing ‘the song of their people,’ but we guarantee that there’s not one trucker who will commend you for using your Jake brake at 2 am. 

If you're in a parking lot at 2 am, more than likely you’re surrounded by restless truckers attempting to get some shut eye before starting their long day over once again. It's okay to give the Jake brake some rest as well. We know you're a trucker there's no need to tell people at the crack of dawn.

By following these unspoken rules the veterans will thank you and the newbies will want to be like you. Develop these habits and you’ll be on your way to veteran trucker status in no time.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How To Find The Perfect Fit To All Your CDL Training Needs

join usYou’ve made the decision to be a trucker, now you’re saying ‘what’s next?’ The next step after you’ve decided to venture into this career is choosing where to get your CDL. Just like any major, life -changing decisions there are many factors that go into choosing what CDL school works best for you. Things to consider would be financial responsibility, duration, and community. We are breaking down differences, similarities and important factors to help you make the right first step for your new career.

Financial Responsibility


Paid CDL training is also known as company-sponsored training. This is when a company pays the upfront cost of your training. Normally companies will cover both your transportation to the training facility and hotel accommodations while in training. In some cases there are companies who pay for the cost of meals and even loan you money to pay your bills while you are taking their course. 

In return for the paid training the company sponsoring you will require you to drive for them for an agreed upon period of time, or until your tuition is paid off. Not every paid CDL training is identical, so it is important to do extensive research.


Private CDL trainings are with independently owned truck driving schools. Typically there is a requirement to pay tuition upfront. This structure is ideal for those with families who wish to be closer, as they will commute back and forth. Being that this more of a risk than company-sponsored training prospective students will want to get as many pre-hire letters as possible and insure that the companies they’re interested in hire from the chosen institution.

Tip: If choosing either option you are looking at “paying back” or paying upfront $4,000 to $10,000. We suggest you go with the best value, not just the lowest price.

driver trainingDuration

The factors in regards of time you’ll have to dedicate to your CDL isn’t a matter of paid versus private. The duration is contingent on your choice in license class, desired endorsements, whether you’re a full-time or part-time student, and class and driving hours. 

The requirements for each state is also different, so without knowledge of some pretty important factors, we’ll take the word of most CDL instructors who say anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks.


Obtaining your CDL in the best environment for your learning habits is vital to how well you succeed. Knowing the student to instructor ratio is important. If you are the kind of person who thrives from 1 on 1 interaction choosing a school with a 40 to 1 ratio isn’t going to cut it. This is your career, so your success in the field based on your success in the classroom. For students going the company-sponsored route, the community makes all the difference. How a company trains its prospective employees is a reflection on how they treat their actual employees, so be super aware of this.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

All You Need To know About Diesel

Diesel Fuel
First quarter reporting is due April 30th and we want you to be prepared. Here are some tips to help with that.
  • Research non-taxable and exempt jurisdictions
  • Use IFTA calculator 
  • Have important documents put away
  • File on time

If you should be filing your IFTA Report in the next week or so then 10 out of 10 you probably use diesel fuel. Diesel produces more energy than gas, making it more efficient. This is the reason semi-trucks run on diesel. Semi-trucks carry heavy loads and ultimately need more energy to drive further on long hauls. A diesel engine can operate for about 12,000 to 30,000 hours before a maintenance check is needed. Here are some diesel facts that every trucker may be a wonder. A few of which will save you a great bit of time and money. We've created a list of things all truckers should know about the fuel that keeps your rig's engine going.

Why Is Diesel So Expensive?

The first of the probing questions you may have about diesel fuel is ‘why is it so expensive?’. Since 2004 diesel has been higher in price, on a dollar per gallon basis. Part of this reason is that the demand for diesel fuel and other distillate fuel oils is high. The biggest cause of differentiation in prices comes from federal excise tax for on-highway diesel fuel of 24.3 cents per gallon, 6 cents per gallon higher than the federal excise tax on gasoline.

Is There A Dirty Truth?

Diesel isn’t as dirty as you think. As a matter of fact, it has become more environmentally friendly.

The environmental protection agency (EPA) has found a few ways to reduce sulfur levels in diesel fuel, making it better for the environment. Diesel engines use to be known for producing harsh emissions, like soot, air toxins, and other harmful pollutants. Prior to 2006 diesel fuel contained more than 5,000 parts per million (PPM), now it is a regulation that diesel fuel can now produce more than 15 PPM.

What!? I Can’t Be Overweight!

Weigh StationThe weight of diesel fuel is roughly 7 Ibs. Per gallon, and varies somewhat from the truck to truck. This is important to make a mental note of since the weight of fuel is calculated when scaling a truck.

Often times truckers will be surprised when they are ticketed for being overweight at the scale, knowing the weight of their rig and cargo combined doesn’t exceed the limit. Doing a bit of mental math will save

you time and money when you approach a scale. It is also a good idea to know where the scales are on your route to avoid fueling, right before you are required to be weighed.

Should I Add An Additive?

Additives are a must. The main use of additives for truckers is to help diesel not crystallize during winter. It is hard to make deliveries when a vehicle’s fuel has stopped flowing.

Being on the go is your job, so it is normal that you experience changes in climate, however being prepared and thinking ahead is required. Traveling from Nevada to Illinois can be a culture shock on anyone, and your engine is no different, so make sure you have an additive with you on the road if you plan on going too much colder states.

Other benefits of additives:
  • Cleans the injection system
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Saves money
  • Increases power

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

What Massive Collision Is Haunting The US Senate and House?

Under-ride CrashSince 2017 companion bipartisan bills regarding the use of under-ride guards for road safety have been introduced. In March 2019 the idea was reintroduced and quickly dismissed by ATA and OOIDA. ATA stated that ‘the government should focus more on crash avoidance technologies and
strategies than expensive and unproven collision mitigation equipment.”

The U.S Senate and House have proposed these bills in remembrance of the thousands of victims of under-ride crashes and at the recommendation of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

In a recent press release announcing the bill, Representative Mark DeSaulnie (D-CA) stated that at least 300 victims are killed each year from under-ride crashes.

As of now, trailer rear guards (DOT bumpers) are required by law, but the bill’s sponsors say that the current standards are outdated. In rebuttal to this claim OOIDA President, Todd Spencer noted ‘we agree that the underride guards on the back of trailers could be improved, but the proposals as written go too far in broadly, retroactively requiring them on all trucks and trailers. His final statement was that trucking is a diverse industry and attaching side under-ride guards is not a simple task to require them to be attached on all equipment.

The indifference over the topic between the House and Senate versus trucking advocates could essentially go on and on, however, it is okay to assume that everyone wants the same thing which is safer roads. There is no trucker who would want to be a part of a tragic under-ride crash and there is no just-lawmaker who would feel content with having the opportunity to do something and remain silent and out of the conversation.

A Cause With A Name 

The Stop Underrides Act, S. 2219, formally known as the Roya, AnnaLeah, and Mary Comprehensive Underride Protection Act of 2017 (RAMCUP Act of 2017), was created in memory of 3 lives lost due to underride crashes. The 3 victims mothers, Marianne Karth, and Lois Durso originally drafted the bill in hopes to prevent under-ride crashes everywhere.

Lois Durso, mother of 26-year old Roya, who lost her life in 2004 recently told reporters, “it is not the crash that kills, it’s the underride. If you can prevent the under-ride, there’s a chance the vehicle occupants will survive.”

The Opposition

Although companion bills have been drafted since 2017, the study to extend underride protection has been going on since 1969 by the Department of Transportation. That is roughly 15,000 deaths that could have been prevented. The U.S Senate and House do not have to rely on the ATA or the OOIDA to make side under-ride guards a requirement, but there are other methods that can help in preventing under-ride crashes.

According to Marianne Karth opposition has come from the trucking industry since 1977 by both manufacturers and haulers. These two parties back their opposition with wanting to see the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provide automobiles with capabilities to prevent cars from crashing into trucks. 

Karth, as well as other side under-ride guard advocates, commend 4 major trailer manufacturers for their progress to install guards, and also nods the individuals and representatives from the trucking industry involved in her Under-ride Roundtable.

Although those select manufacturers are praised for making progress, Karth has mentioned several times on her blog, dedicated to her two daughters, AnnaLeah and Mary, that she will not give up the fight to seek further action. 

US Senate and House
Saving someone else from experiencing what both Durso and Karth are going through is the overall goal. Contrary to what ATA and OOIDA believe the requirements these two grieving mothers and lawmakers are hoping to put into place is not designed to cost those in the industry more money.

The requirement is in hopes that lives will be saved and tragic under-rides will cease. To find out more about the tragedies that have sparked this bill, or see how you can help visit or

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Podcasts To Keep You Alert On The Road

PodcastsOnly listening to music while on the road can get overstimulating. You can easily switch up your listening style by choosing to go the podcast route. Podcast genres range from comedy, sports, drama, thought-provoking and so many others. Podcasts are a good source of entertainment for long hours on the road. They can bring you daily news, teach you history, keep you laughing, or help you pick up on a second language. The list can go on. Over 21% of Americans listen to podcasts monthly. Join plenty of others in a twenty-first century alternative to fuzzy radio connections when traveling state to state.


Trucking Podcast - Created by a trucker for truckers. In efforts to be a resource for truckers and provide some great entertainment for long-haul road adventures, this podcast has developed to the mantra of ‘helping you make more money and rediscover the adventure.'

Trucker Dump Podcast - This podcast is the perfect mixture of information and humor. The Trucker dump Podcast will give you insight into the trucking industry, both good and bad from the standpoint of a pretty comedic trucker. You can find this podcast on Apple Podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, and even Stitcher.

BigRigBanter - If you are looking for laughs and a good source for trucking news, BigRigBanter is the podcast for you. Hear from two experienced journalists, as they interview some big names from the ruck industry. If you want education and entertainment you can find this podcast on Google Podcast, iTunes, and TuneIn.


PBS NewsHour - This podcast does a great job at covering news relating to politics, science, health, business, art, innovation and much more. Updates, in-depth reports and interviews all feature PBS’ senior correspondents

BBC Global News - The 25 to 30-minute podcast episodes featured on BBC Global News are produced twice daily on weekdays and once daily on weekends. This podcast is a great way to stay current on the world’s development. It is a one-stop-shop for all your global news. It addresses new policies, global scandals, political elections, natural disasters, trends, and anything else in between.


Freakonomics - This podcast is inspired by the best selling books Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J Dubner. If you want a fresh perspective on life and on the modern world this podcast will do the trick. The host shows how economics is the study of incentives: how people get what they want, or need, when others want or need the same thing.

No Such Thing As Fish - A podcast dedicated to fun facts discovered weekly. If you have a desire to learn semi-useless information this podcast is for you. The trivial and trivia topics discussed will humor you and intrigue you all within 40 minutes.


Stuff You Missed In History Class -With a comprehensive range of topics. podcast host; Tracy V. Wilson and Holly Frey bring all listeners a holistic approach to history and how the past affects the present.

Hardcore History - Part storyteller, part analysis, Dan Carlin masters the art of dissecting subjects and viewing them from various angles. He is quick to inject modern debates in his history lessons in an original way.


First Take - Stephen A. Smith and other known sports analysts discuss the top sports news, which often leads to heated debates. Breaking down the top 10 sports stories each day the hosts do a great job keeping listeners laughing, and informed.

RadioCourtside with Katz & Coach G - Missed out on March Madness? Don’t sweat it. Andy Katz and Seth Greenberg give you an all-access pass inside the world of college basketball.

Give music a rest and opt-in to become a subscriber to one of these podcasts.

This may not be the same as having an intellectual conversation with another person, but it will be something different than the 10 songs that loop in your cab on a 5-hour haul.
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