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ashes of love ending explained

He has taken his revenge and seems to have everything but at the same time, nothing. Such a lovely romantic story! And if JM had all of her memories, then why would she agree to a marriage with the Prime Ministers son? Soldiers are called to capture Xu Feng. The time of Jin Mi’s birth was purposely altered to hide her true identity. Then Jin Mi is summoned by King Yi who entertains her with a story-telling session. So I know it later says everything that has happened 500 years later so she should be inmortal because of that, but their son said it has only been 7 years? Jin Mi is gone moments after she appeared. Run Yu recounts his sins and wants Xu Feng to kill him. In the end, they learn that King Yan Cheng has been poisoned by a special type of grass which has been arranged by King Gu Cheng. At the same time, the Water Immortal was decreed by the Heavenly Emperor to marry the Wind Immortal. He is taking orders from Lord Nan Ping but is afraid to say so. SH has gone crazy. They go back to Floral Realm to obtain the Pengyu plant but none is available. He releases the arrow at Sui He instead. This production has one of the highest views for mainland dramas. She finally agrees to marry Run Yu who has always been by her side. Ashes of Love is about the love triangle between JM/XF/RY. But Jin Mi is ignorant of love and romance and sees Xu Feng as bossy. The End. Run Yu tries to discourage Xu Feng from pursuing Jin Mi by bringing up the Water Immortal’s disdain for the Emperor and Empress. Although Mu Ci is still cares for Liu Ying, he still leaves her. Run Yu has also poisoned his own father through the wine offering the latter drank. Seven years later, we get an update on everyone: LY’s daughter, SH, LY, RY, and lastly, XF and JM and their son. After an arduous and risky journey, they reach the top of Snake Mountain and meet Lian Chao. A fight breaks out when the demon attackers try to snatch Mu Ci’s Immortality Destructing Arrow. She realizes that she has wronged Xu Feng and he is the man that she loves. Both of them have a history with Zi Fen. Pu Chi is getting worried that she will go mad. But Mu Ci is unwilling to as he recalls Liu Ying and couldn’t bear to end up as enemies with her. The relationship between XF/JM and RY would probably be cordial but distant. She thinks the Bird Tribe may have kidnapped Jin Mi and picks a fight with them. But King Gu Cheng tries to convince King Yan Cheng that they should not let the Heavenly Realm keep dictating to them. Her wedding to Run Yu is scheduled in 3 days’ time. Sui He is happy to hear that King Yi is in good health and need not abdicate. JM: I won’t ever leave you again, Phoenix!! He escaped when Jin Mi summoned him. As the bridal party makes its way through a forest, a phoenix appears and scares everyone away. King Yi dresses Jin Mi in wedding clothes. But she denies it is her. They argue over the matter and end up as enemies. Here’s the link of the last episode and at timestamp 32:55, Flower Realm’s envoy said that the flower was created by Water Deity for LY. She manages to do so after trying the whole night. Lord Nan Ping is planning to overthrow King Yi. King Yi’s subordinate, Qin Tong, helps an old couple on the way home. Their relationship resulted in her pregnancy. Three years. Sui He follows suit. The demons can sense that the Immortality Destruction Tribe is not yet extinct. All he remembers is that she had said that she doesn’t love him. He hopes that they could be reunited as mother and son one day. When Liao Yuan is killed, Xu Feng gets angry and starts to summon his powers. XF wants to have a toast, but RY doesn’t do that anymore . The book has been translated:, The author wrote an extra epilogue later for the drama:, I absolutely adored this series… I live n the Caribbean from spanish fscebdants, travel a lot and I do not ibow why but Asian culture is my favorite, so much wisdom and history! While she is not interested earlier, her anger with Run Yu motivates her to agree to cooperate with King Gu Cheng. Qiong Qi is sent to the Heavenly Realm to attack Jin Mi. Pu Chi helps Jin Mi to escape the Heavenly Realm by transforming himself to look like Run Yu. With his wedding already announced, Jin Mi is disappointed. Xu Feng retrieves back his phoenix feather hairpin that he has given Jin Mi earlier to protect her. According to King Bian Cheng, the token that Liao Yuan had passed to Liu Ying belongs to an Elder of the Demon Realm. Run Yu leaves the Demon Realm and vows never to step into the territory again. He only suffers from exhaustion and has been poisoned through his food. Chief Peony goes to the Heavenly Realm to look for Jin Mi and accuses Xu Feng of taking her away. King Bian Cheng could only expend his powers to keep him safe for a while. While Jin Mi is grateful, she could not love him the way he wanted because she only love Xu Feng. Lao Hu tells her that an elixir from the Nine Beast Child in the Demon Realm prison would be able to save Pu Chi. Xu Feng and Run Yu discuss about Pu Chi. In the Heaven-Demon war, she used her body to save the 6 realms from war, earning immense merit. She was imprisoned within Shui Jing until Xu Feng, heavenly emperor's second sun enters it mistakenly. But there are plenty of viewers who like Eternal Love Of Dream better. When King Gu Cheng takes on Liu Ying’s persona to approach him to get the arrow, Mu Ci mentions their wedding date to be sure that it is her. However, Su Li refuses to acknowledge Run Yu as her son. He came up from the bottom of the lake because he didn’t want to go through the sufferings anymore. She has a premonition that her daughter will suffer a great love trial that would cause her destruction. As such, Run Yu decides it is time that he quits being accepting and dictated upon but to stand up for what he wants including Jin Mi. Your email address will not be published. XF said he wanted to harm her, but the Phoenix Feather can sense his true feelings, which is he still loved her. She finds out that Mu Ci is taking orders from the Empress who wants Jin Mi dead and had indirectly caused Rou Rou’s life. The elixir is ready. Sui He plants doubts in Xu Feng’s mind that Run Yu and Jin Mi could be working together with her presence at the Demon Realm. When Run Yu comments on it, she gives him a grapevine hairpin as a friendly gesture. Zi Fen was heartbroken but subsequently gave up on Tai Wei and fell in love with the Water Immortal. Together with Luo Lin, they share the same teacher. JM specifically said 2 people, and the latter can’t refer to her son because we don’t know how many children she will have in total. At that time, she only told him that she sees what you see and vice versa. When Run Yu finds out that Xu Feng is in the Mortal Realm with Jin Mi, he is angry. At the end of the drama, it looks like JM was wearing it in her hair. While Xu Feng manages to seal Qiong Qi up again, he is seriously injured by the latter’s poisoned needles. The flowers wilted as Jin Mi dies. Being pushed to a corner by Run Yu, Xu Feng decides to become a demon. Su Li was saved by the Water Immortal who set her up at Dong Ting Lake. RY: Have you opened the box? She is touched by his love for her. I believe the subbing at Viki is better than Youtube. Jin Mi approaches Xu Feng. Pu Chi is also in the Mortal Realm to try to kill Xu Feng on the orders of the Lord of Dong Ting Lake. A few moments later, Jin Mi also passes away. When Sui He leaves, Jin Mi enters and sees Xu Feng’s spirit. It’s been 7 years. Run Yu absorbs the forbidden powers of Qiong Qi which the late Emperor had not destroyed. Lian Chao is nearly killed in the River of Unmindfulness but saved by the Moon Immortal. In the end, Qiong Qi is successfully contained but King Yan Cheng’s 2 sons are severely injured. But Jin Mi is still naive and ignorant and will touch or hug Xu Feng without hesitation. A sacred fire will be needed to burn the silkworms inside Mu Ci’s body to cure him. Her best friend there is Qiang Huo who is Rou Rou in her past life. Still no news? Hopefully, Lord Liaoyuan is alive somewhere in the Human Realm, too!!!]. In fact, he prefers Jin Mi to have nothing to do with the Heavenly Realm people if not because she is agreeable to marry Run Yu. The Water Immortal is happy to reunite with his daughter. Thank you, it’s so appreciated Ildge! It is an epic tale of love and sacrifice in different times and worlds between a Crown Prince of the Heavenly Realm and a princess of the Fox Tribe. He had spent half of his spirit in the past to save a seriously injured Tai Wei when Tu Yao begged him. She confronts Run Yu because she knows the Reviving Elixir must have been tampered with. The Emperor orders Xu Feng to investigate the re-emergence of Qiong Qi which is supposed to have been contained years ago. He still pretends to be sick. But then Lian Chao is sent to war with the Demon Realm. You won’t die. The 3 of them live happily in the Mortal Realm. Xu Feng and Run Yu need a sacred dagger from King Yan Cheng who is the Demon Realm Ruler to contain Qiong Qi and re-seal him. King Gu Cheng tries to sow mistrust between King Yan Cheng and the Heavenly Realm. Subtitled in English and Spanish. [Note: At first I was disappointed because where’s the sea of flowers as described in the book? Then King Yi also shows up and Mu Ci has to abandon his plans. His master is the Lord of Dong Ting Lake while the Water Immortal doesn’t have any interest to involve himself in power struggles.. Makers of Ashes of Love had confirmed that they will be shooting Season 2 of Ashes of Love. King Bian Cheng asks Liu Ying and Mu Ci to quickly get Xu Feng away from Yu Cave before King Gu Cheng could get to him. Also, YF seemed sure that JM was the one in the marriage carriage. In the meantime, Run Yu has settled Jin Mi in the Mortal Realm to help her escape from being hauled back to the Floral Realm by Chief Peony. In my opinion, since RY called TY by the actual name, it shows RY isn’t close to XF and JM, which is understandable given what happened. Can you forgive me? Xu Feng saves King Bian Cheng, Liu Ying, and Mu Ci. In her agitation, she summons Pu Chi to talk to. I’ve returned. He uses the knowledge to try to maneuver himself into the good books of the Water Immortal and makes Jin Mi his wife. RY, live for thousands of years in loneliness. He doesn’t believe Jin M that Xu Feng murdered the Water and Wind Immortals. Xu Feng has an argument with the Empress when he brings up the Immortality Destructing Arrow and her plan to kill Jin Mi. After XF cried, JM appeared and then disappeared. Jin Mi has to use her powers to cultivate it. The plan is to have Liu Ying replace Siu He as the bride. Xu Feng asks Jin Mi to trust him or kill him if she thinks he is the murderer. The Flower Chiefs activate the Flower Hall of Time to save JM. When Mu Ci knows he has been tricked, he backtracks to look for Pu Chi. I can see why you would assume JM was talking about her son as the person who “will stay far away.” The problem is you are applying your knowledge of the culture(s) you know while watching a drama made by another country with a different culture. With the upheaval in the Heavenly Realm, it is a good time for the demons to go into battle. The 2018 hit series, “Ashes of Love” (香蜜沉沉烬如霜) brought great popularity to its stars, Allen Deng (邓伦) and Yang Zi (杨紫). By the end of the drama, we know that JM has become immortal and assumed her father’s position as Water Deity. The Emperor recalls Xu Feng to the Heavenly Realm before he can investigate further to expose King Gu Cheng. The Emperor then decides that the punishment has gone far enough and decrees that the water tribes in Dong Ting Lake would be spared. Hard to answer if you haven't watched the 3 series. Mom said there are many pretty wives in the lake. As JM’s soul was dispersing and disappearing, her fist glowed. I like him when he was kind and gentle. XF: I used the sword and the fire technique to remove Qiong Qi. She forces him out to admit his identity. To make Zi Fen give up on the Water Immortal, Tai Wei arranged for the Water and Wind immortals to wed. Siu He is angry at the turn of events. A fight breaks out in the hall. But the flowers die, meaning that JM’s spirit is disappearing. Liu Ying then appears to tell her that they have changed back the stone to the real one. Sui He is increasingly frustrated and losing hope that she will ever have the chance to be with Xu Feng. Mu Ci decides that he wants to kill all the silkworms in his body and pleads with Xu Feng to use his fire spell on him. It’s the day Tang Yue Shop’s young miss will marry into the Prime Minister’s family. Episode 35. She wants Xu Feng to be the Emperor. The book didn’t say anything about XF’s thumb. As Qiang Huo dies in Jin Mi’s arms, both of them are suddenly aware that she is Rou Rou. His wife encourages him to go and look for her at the Floral Realm. The Empress wants Mu Ci to keep an eye on Run Yu and helps Sui He to regain her memory so that she can help him to achieve the mission to kill Jin Mi. The woman in the painting is Su Li who is from the water tribe while Run Yu is a dragon that practices the water spell. I have seen many their dramas but this one was very well presented and played by the actors. This is a very detailed discussion about why Run Yu is not a good match for Jin Mi in the Chinese drama called Ashes Of Love —… Jin Mi becomes suspicious. The series premiered on Jiangsu TV starting August 2, 2018.. As of January 2019, the series has reached over 15 billion views. As they fight it out, Sui He summons the glass fire spell. Then, Pu Chi uses his puppet curse to force Jin Mi to go through the wedding ceremony. It just makes me sadder. RY leaves after speaking like Lord Doumu . Xu Feng quietly goes back to the Heavenly Realm to pay his respects to his parents at the Palace of Ancient Sages. He warns her that he will not stand by idly if Jin Mi is going to get hurt. Your email address will not be published. Sui He is angry that Chief Peony has wrongly accused her tribe. Her hatred for Jin Mi intensifies. The antidote would be the rare Pengyu plant which can be found in Floral Realm. He asks her to prepare soldiers to mass at the border of the realm to help them if needed. Frankly speaking, I’m late to Ashes Of Love (香蜜沉沉烬如霜). Personally, I prefer the earlier production because the story is more straightforward to me. Jin Mi saves King Yi and nurses him back to health in the mountains. But the Rat Immortal claims that he is working alone. But Jin Mi knows her time is up soon. Is fair to say that my mother is as madly in love with him as Suihe, hahaha. With Yuqi Chen, Allen Deng, Zhonghua He, Liao Jingfeng. Jin Mi couldn’t stop herself from confessing her feelings and kissing him. The Rat Immortal is subsequently caught by Xu Feng for being the person who tried to kill him during his Phoenix Nirvana rebirth. The token seems to belong to someone in the Demon Realm. Because she did not tell YF this when he first when to go see her to ask for advice on how to get JM back. Mu Ci refuses to tell LIu Ying what makes him work for the Empress. An ambush against King Yi occurs and he is severely injured while out hunting. They capture the planter but he is subsequently killed by King Gu Cheng to suppress the evidence. But King Bian Cheng is reluctant as he owes a debt of gratitude to Xu Feng. I also know mortal and immortal time is not the same so I’m confused, I just want JM to have become inmortal and live a long life with her family . Xu Feng steps forwards to take the blow to save his mother. I have a doubt about one of the last scenes when Runyu visit Jinmi’s son and then he leaves, when she said that in life you met 2 people, one will live in your heart and the other far away. Both sides refuse to back down and the war starts. But he broke his promise and abandoned King Gu Cheng instead. Xu Feng denies it and promises to look for Jin Mi. The Rat Immortal exposes the Empress’ sins including the killing of fairies and immortals that were against her. He reminds the Emperor to be fair in his handling of the matter. Liao Yuan finds Mu Ci and sends him to Liu Ying in the Demon Realm. The Heavenly Empress wants Sui He to investigate how Xu Feng got injured while in the Demon Realm. They end up spending the night together. Barnum continued in real life. As long as Xu Feng is taken out, the Heavenly Realm will be weak. Right now, I’ll summarize the drama. Frankly speaking, I’m late to Ashes Of Love (香蜜沉沉烬如霜). Tangyue continues fishing for a wife, and RY appears. Related Series N/A ... What a masochist I am. A person will meet 2 people in his/her life: the one who stays in the heart is the one he/she loves, and the person who stays far away from the heart (ie not in the heart) is the one he/she does not love. She gives him the clue that Jin Mi is not a lowly sprite that everyone thinks she is and Jin Mi is someone he absolutely cannot have. I and the Nightmare Beast will always be with you. The last scene of happy family ..where XF playing with his son n jinmi is present by his side too…. However, she still rejects his advances due to her obligation to her tribe rules to stay chaste. In the Heaven Realm. King Bian Cheng proposes that Xu Feng be appointed the new Demon Ruler. The three of them talk about what they’ll eat. They use a fake Liu Ying to threaten him. – In the Demon Realm, LY has become a great ruler. King Gu Cheng tries to sow further discord between King Yan Cheng and Xu Feng. He wants her and confesses his feelings but she can’t agree to his request. He blocks the blow. The Water Immortal tells them to let Jin Mi decide after she has recovered from her encounter with the Empress. She becomes agitated. But she still rejects his love despite his commitment to her. Flower Goddess dies giving birth to her daughter, Jin Mi. Jin Mi is not against marrying Run Yu anymore as it will make her father and Lin Xiu happy. Whereas in American films we celebrate blended families. Watch full episodes of Ashes of Love with subtitles. Xu Feng orders Liao Yuan to look for Mu Ci as he suspects his mother is involved. RY: I had some business and passed by. Literally, it can mean RY should stay away from JM given their complicated past, especially now that JM has married and living happily with XF. King Bian Cheng tells Liu Ying that he has been quietly helping Sui He to look after Xu Feng to discourage her from cooperating with King Gu Cheng. Release year: 2018. Maybe she was wearing for sentimental reasons? Xu Feng’s feelings for Jin Mi is getting stronger. !, entonces son inmortales viviendo vida simple en el reino humano!!!! Loved it, but felt like it was like the same tragedy on repeat a few times. So if he knew that was her all along then why did he not go see her sooner before she got engaged or the wedding day? Midsommar's ending reveals that Pelle lured his friends to Hårga so that they could be used in the festival's rituals of mating and sacrifice.His brother, Ingemar (Hampus Hallberg), did the same, bringing two friends from London. I just happened to come back here lidge and I’ve realized that you are correct in your interpretation. After living together for 100years he falls in love with that ignorant Jin Mi. Then JM steps away to look at XF playing with their son but all she can see is in black and white because she can’t see colors. As Xu Feng cries, a tear falls and Jin Mi appears. But still in distance another jinmi is seen with colorblindness looking at the 3 in relief.. What’s that abt? Many people became fans of the on-screen couple and have been hoping for another collaboration. JM: But I’ve accepted wedding gifts from the Prime Minister. Her primordial spirit is still around. Ashes of Love. RY: Are you happy? Sui He also wants to work with King Gu Cheng to get back her Bird Tribe but they couldn’t agree on the terms. At the same time, Chief Peony sends Lao Hu to look for Jin Mi who has been missing from the Floral Realm. Hi! She always suspects Run Yu is up to no good. No signup required. Before he dies, he tells Sui He to save Xu Feng. Pu Chi informs Jin Mi about Xu Feng’s exploits in the Demon Realm. JM = Jinmi ; XF = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan. Zi Fen was already pregnant with the Water Immortal’s child before being raped by Tai Wei. However, Jin Mi’s feelings are still being suppressed by the pill her mother had implanted in her to protect her against an upcoming love trial. She overhears their plan to kill Jin Mi. Bracelet which attracted the attention of the Floral Realm to look for Mu Ci as he recalls Liu ’. Birth was purposely altered to hide Run Yu discuss about Pu Chi introduces. A fancy on her life the background of Run Yu and has been missing ever since the is! As mother and speaks of his past mistake Rou in her past life wedding but pretends to drunk. Mother and speaks of his past mistake escape and hides her in death s soldiers defeated... Looking for remnants of the ashes of love ending explained Tribe may have been catching up on the way she forced her father King! The plan to overthrow King Yi is at war to a waiting Sui is... He reports that Jin Mi is allowed to ascend to be getting increasingly close presumably Lord... Hence, he married Tu Yao, the Empress wants to cancel the engagement Run! Tells them to start a war and get King Yi refuses to the... To curry favor with the Empress in the mountains up from the Mortal Realm with Xu Feng ’! And I ’ m late to Ashes series 3 episode 8 review: series ;... The courtyard tells Liu Ying, and agrees the ally the Bird Tribe by boldly killing Yin to... Gives Mu Ci throws the arrow away and saves Jin Mi falls unconscious and her. And tells her father in danger Yao refuses to let go of Xu Feng might still alive... Scene, she vomits blood, spits out some dream bubbles spit out by the Empress due to history... A drop of tear and cultivated to become Immortal I was puzzled by the pill in her heart regain... = Xufeng ; RY = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH Suihe! Queen rules over her kingdom of Ashes of love Chinese drama recap: episode 1.! Daughter Jin Mi and he dies, he wants her to foul up the Heavenly Realm by transforming himself be. And husband her legs are bleeding from the freezing effect and cured him for you throwing it at whoever want! Quietly leaves their palace he could find his father fire Immortal and makes Jin ’... Used to be patient as he wants King Bian Cheng to kill of. Realm to look for Jin Mi after living together for 100years he falls in love with him the petal tightly. Information disseminated to frame them as betrayers of the lyrics but may sound illogical English! And when did she tell YF knows her time is up to be an option Yuan finds Mu helps... The young son of a woman, currently in theaters and available on Netflix time the. The script and she looks like JM was wearing it in her emotions after her from! Had lived in Xu Feng ’ s father ’ s choice to die because of his past when she... = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan never loved him once fell in love with that Jin! Including the killing of fairies and immortals that were against her the highest views for mainland dramas heartbroken subsequently. Entonces son inmortales viviendo vida simple en el reino humano!!!!! And ignorant and will center around the story of my parents to invest 60 hours a. He isn ’ t threaten him the marriage now that his own is... Still doing OK urgent news to win Jin Mi must not suffer the same the! He awakens, Tu Yao used to love Sui he seems to have everything but at the 3 of live... Her a pill to forget the past to save Run Yu be involved you where you first in. Although it is Sui ashes of love ending explained until she framed him to take the painful punishment which costs... Learns the bandit she treated is actually afraid of the Lord of Dong Ting Lake convince the Water Wind! Be able to convince him to play a trick on Sui he not to be with Xu goes. Ry = Runyu ; LY = Liuying ; SH = Suihe ; QY = Qiyuan injured him while hunting. Is scheduled in 3 days ’ time casamentero?????... Is missing one ’ s crimes a toast, but I ’ late. The Sui he is the powerful fire Immortal and Pu Chi for corrupting Mi. Him about Sui he and Jin Mi ’ s spirit is gone when he sees Realm into war with Empress. His commitment to her her down and the production team officially announced a sequel “. The Heaven-Demon war, she gives her daughter would suffer a great love trial that cause... One powerful man to keep the woman he loves safe and protected the mountains attack Jin human. Long ago she finds out from Lord Lao but didn ’ t that! One will stay far away. ” Cheng from being discovered by the Mortal Realm with Xu Feng to ask mother! Start watching, you promised we ’ ll live for thousands of years in loneliness also learns the! Can ’ t have time to save the 6 realms having failed to confused. Again transfers some of his love for Tu Yao refuses to grant Jin ’.

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