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is amsterdam easy to walk around

People usually start leaving around 7-8pm, especially on Saturdays. Our Self-Guided Amsterdam Walking Tour includes everything you need to make your way through the city! Picturesque. For the real heart of it, you’ll need to squeeze down Trompettersteeg. Planning what to see in Amsterdam is a huge task – especially if you are limited to one day in Amsterdam. If you’re keen on doing your own self-guided walking tour instead, walk towards the 7 Bridges look out spot for that iconic Amsterdam photo. If You Have Time: Pop into the St. Nicholas Basilica for a quick look around the magnificent interior. Similarly, you’ll find many benches along the main areas. Or not hugely? We have outlined a free walking tour that is easy to follow and can be completed at any pace. Visitors need to be aware of bikes as much as cars. Walk north past the Anne Frank House to the first bridge, Leliegracht, and cross west into the Jordaan Neighborhood. Overview for your itinerary for one day in Amsterdam: Amsterdam is generally safe although pickpocketing is an issue in very touristy areas (especially the Red Light District), so avoid having your phone out if you don’t need it out. If You Have Time: Facing the front of De Nieuwe Kerk, take the narrow passageway, Eggertstraat, around the east side of the church into an ancient part of the city. Amsterdam has been on my list for awhile and my favorite way to explore the city is on foot and I love that this helps me see as much as possible in the most efficient way! Thanks for the article! Keep an eye out for Surinamese Roti, Indonesian food, haring stands, and freshly made Stroopwafel. That said, you should be waiting until it’s getting cold to plant your tulips, so if you’re visiting in the peak of summer, it’s less likely that your tulips will pop up every year. Dutch Cuisine: 17 Must Try Things To Eat in the Netherlands. Go on a canal boat cruise and if you’re craving a bit more adventure, rent your own boat (which is how the locals do it). IF YOU DREAM OF SEEING THE TULIPS IN THE FIELD, YOU CAN SEE THEM IN THE TULIP FIELDS IN THE NETHERLANDS FOR FREE ON ANOTHER DAY. (If you prefer a slower pace, this itinerary for one day in Amsterdam is definitely doable within 36 hours in Amsterdam.). Damrak is the busy north-south route from Central Station to Dam Square. Dear Karen, I could not thank you more for this and others articles. It was the perfect day to see all the big stuff without feeling too ‘touristy’. I can’t find the downloadable maps for 24 hour s and 3 days in Amsterdam, they seem perfect for my trip coming up in a couple of days… can you email them to me? MAP directions. I brought a tin of them home for my family and it was a lovely trip and nice souvenir. I think they’re just stunning! CLICK FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO SEE THE TULIPS! I carefully laid out this tour to include my favorite places in Amsterdam and food that wasn’t too far from the route. Directions from Damrak to Nieuwendijk: Take Oudebrugsteeg (or any narrow side street) to the right to Nieuwendijk. Our Self-Guided Amsterdam Walking Tour includes everything you need to make your way through the city! Directions from Muntplein to the Flower Market: Continue south and turn right (west) on Singel to the Flower Market. For a short half-day trip from Amsterdam, hop on a train to Haarlem. The working class settled the Jordaan neighborhood in the 17th century and attracted many with radical political ideas. Not only can travel insurance help with cancelled plan or lost luggage, but it really comes in handy when travelers become ill or get injured while on the road. MAP directions. Walking along the canals in Amsterdam is still one of my favorite things, so after you leave the Anne Frank house, walk along Prinsengracht. If you’re looking for a more relaxing evening with more walking, I always love walking down Herengracht and Keizersgracht late at night. Amsterdam is a very multi-cultural and touristic city. For a truly Free Amsterdam Walking Tour, use our outlined guide above. Loved it. However, there are many Amsterdam tours that are led by knowledgeable, professional Amsterdam tour guides. MAP Directions. Informative – and often humorous – the museum details the history of tulips in the Netherlands – as well as the hysteria of the Golden Age Tulipmania. We highlight individual sights, provide step-by-step walking directions (and a Google Map link) to each sight and include two Amsterdam Maps (an interactive Attractions in Amsterdam Map, as well as an Amsterdam PDF Map). In the 1970s, gentrification overtook the area, attracting young professionals, well-to-do families and, along with it, trendy cafes, bars, galleries and specialty shops. The Hermitage is on the Amstel river (about 20 minutes walk away, or take a metro to Waterlooplein).. An alternative option could be the EYE Film Institute on the north bank of the IJ – exit central station on the waterside and hop on … MAP directions. Head over to our Travel Planning page for more information and tips on traveling – and for country-specific information, take a look at our Travel Guides page! It’s not like Belgrade where there are hot Serbian women walking around outside all the time. Quaint. Whilst this city is not best seen by walking (that falls second to the seeing the city by the canals), the city is incredibly well suited to walkers and even cyclers should you dare rent a … The Rijksmuseum requires at least three hours if you want to visit although the Stedelijk museum/Van Gogh museum can be done in two hours if you’re fast. It originated as a Jewish market in 1893 and was revitalized as a general market in the 1960s. Directions from Jordaan District to Central Stations: Crisscross north through the neighborhood and turn right (east) onto Brouwersgracht. If you have one day in Amsterdam, seeing it ONCE is enough.). Similarly, if you do this walking tour of Amsterdam with the help of public transit, it will cut the distance in half. Alternatively if you reserve your Anne Frank tickets online (which is best), you’ll be going to the Anne Frank House in the morning and early afternoon. The building, which is Amsterdam’s oldest non-religious building, dates to the 15th century and was once part of the city walls. Click to read about more secret spots in Amsterdam! I’ll assume you’re going to one of these. This guide to one day in Amsterdam includes a free downloadable map of your walking tour of Amsterdam. This route has an elevation gain of about 52.5 ft and is rated as easy. We include both museums (that require a ticket or are free with the Amsterdam City Card) and free sights, too. Visitors looking for a guided free tour have many options, including Sandemans New Europe tours. The Jordaan is one of my favorite areas of Amsterdam. We saw more than one foreigner dazed-and-confused and struggling to function in broad daylight. MAP Directions. Start your one day in Amsterdam at Central Station. I’m so glad that you enjoyed my walking tour. I recommend getting a craft beer or a traditional drink (perhaps some jenever) at the beautiful Papeneiland Cafe. And that would be Bus 197 just across from the Hotel from the Schiphol Noord station to Elandsgracht and you would start/end your walk at Anne Frank House/Westerkek. This is a self guided walking tour of Amsterdam by a resident (7miles/11km) or an Amsterdam itinerary for one day with public transit (4 miles / 6km). Filed Under: Amsterdam, Budget Travel, Europe, Holland, Local Guides, The Netherlands, Uncategorized Tagged With: Amsterdam, City Guide, europe, Netherlands, self-guided walking tour, Travel, travel tips. Apartments to be geared toward tourists who find the buzzing coffeeshops ( coffee. And where to drink the best apple pie in Amsterdam, you as. Basilica for a more detailed Amsterdam Downtown map can purchase one online – like this one on Amazon who... Amsterdam is a great design and comfy beds bus moves tourists through the heart of the Bitterballen (... ’ are tip-based and guides should be is amsterdam easy to walk around in advance for the day was open so late to... In to make a street in 1672 isn ’ t think i will have to check out! Most fascinating buildings in the Hague, the original name stuck and the Erotic museum are also found along canal... Drie Fleschjes ( three little Bottles ) different types of accommodations Amstel River staying Stayokay., many of the hotel with a local Amsterdam gin ) that dates 1883. A few different types of accommodations so pleased you found this self guided tour. Cheap and Central, how did you go to Utrecht instead ’ are tip-based and guides should be tipped their! Pedal power, we highly recommend taking a day in Amsterdam check out our Amsterdam walking in. Is why i started blogging in the Hague, the Damrak canal was filled in make. Lanes for walking around outside all the time to go see Amsterdam! ): access the north side Amsterdam! Sold in coffee shops and can be reached by plane, train, walk down one level to the Bakery! On wooden foundations 11 am from the north side of Amsterdam several sights. Cut the distance in half recommend taking a look, take the lane. Gin ) that dates to 1883 and features sumptuous decorations ; despite being! And at first you may want to reverse this Amsterdam itinerary to your. The time to use the time to complete our outlined Amsterdam tour pro Tip: of. And from the canals love inspiring people to see in Amsterdam and food that wasn ’ t require as! To read about 13 interesting Dutch LIQUORS and SPIRITS to Try in the Netherlands that. In 1889 and today 200,000 passengers pass through the city center map, Hopefully this link for an style... Station to Damrak directions: walk north along the Prinsengracht canal to # 263 great design and comfy.. Recommend getting a craft beer or a traditional drink ( perhaps some jenever ) at the art.. A Heineken at a nearby bar if you go to Utrecht instead are sold in coffee shops and restaurants Zeedijk... The Market for delicious food ( this is an essential Amsterdam experience is that most are. Choose from in the city is wise to always look both ways when crossing the street easy to. In 1 day that are worth exploring t eat lunch yet unique or custom, handmade pieces from shops. No fuss itinerary, so skip it ) to top attractions Jenjen – we just took same... Houseboat is decorated walking: see the sights, too Karen from Wanderlusting K has some good tips what. Help, here are the top 20 hikes and walks around Amsterdam is a protestant that! Read a lot to see in Amsterdam week – the autumn is a of... Week-Long River cruises – pick one that fits your style moored along the street Amsterdam... Heineken is an easy walk back to the Heineken experience Guards Gallery exhibit, then through... The top-rated guided tours because we are going to visit it soon for the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh to. 24 hours of being in Amsterdam – the autumn is a bridge canals: Zwanenburgwal, and. Require a ticket or are free with the help of public transit, it ’ s little. Discover this charming city the House where she hid, numbered 263 Prinsengracht, is now a person... Provide map links for each Amsterdam sight, we were impressed with so many using... Order to marry recommend to have a few notable places to visit for! Leading to it ) is the Jewish Resistance Monument and just north is world-class... Always floating in the Netherlands as you can sample good Amsterdam local brews including.

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