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schuylkill river trail phoenixville

Pennsylvania has more than 12,000 miles of trails most of which remain accessible during this period. Going west, the trail crosses 724 again at Tim's Ugly Mug Bar. I did this on a very old Mt Bike but it could be done on almost any kind of bike. The trail is well marked and they give you mile points to almost every point on the trail. It then goes down a lightly-traveled neighborhood (OK), and then goes down to the river via smooth cobblestone bricks (the worst possible surface for bikes) and becomes a relatively narrow walkway with much loose gravel and rocks. I decided to do a ride I dubbed the Liberty Bell Ride. This is my favorite trail in PA, but it's not 9.6 miles. Take a slight right to stay on Island Ave., and go 0.1 mile. a nice run. The good: It's clean, easy to follow and few spots where we have to stop. After we unloaded we headed out a trail from the parking lot, while somewhat narrow it still seemed nice. The bad: People. 58th Street Greenway. Leaving Pottstown’s Riverfront Park as a paved trail, it switches to crushed stone entering Berks County. I made the right on the Thun Trail (I think that's heading west and then north). Not true. These areas will need to be paved. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. We passed a few other bikers and walkers enjoying the trail too. I too am not fond of "Horse Pot Holes" and agree aquestrians should be considerate in riding single file on sections of the trail that are too narrow for other users to pass safely. I'm on this section of the SRT 4-5 times a week and always love it. Can't wait for the next section to be completed so I can ride all the way to Green Lane. 2. Trail was great, flat and clean. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from May until September. In addition to bringing the Schuylkill River's status as a transportation corridor into the 21st century by connecting numerous towns and cities, the trail has also helped revitalize the economy of a region that was hard hit by the decline of steel, coal mining and other heavy industries in the last few decades. We usually ride at a pace of around 11-12mph (which would be slower if we had larger tires or heavier bikes like cruisers or mountain bikes). Rate Quality . C. Jon Saunders Memorial Park. The hike will end at approximately 8:45 PM. I played, fished, and explored the banks of the Schuylkill River. It is great for beginners and for a leisurely ride. The best things about the 6 mile section are that there are absolutely no road crossings and the grade is virtually flat. It's absolutely beautiful in many spots. See mapquest -- it still shows the trail as a railroad bed. Learn about local trails, including the Schuylkill River Trail. Rate Difficulty (optional) New pavement, handrails, and bridges along the way have increased the appeal. It is to bad that they just can not get the bridge re planked. After leaving Reading, the trail passes high above the Schuylkill River on two restored, concrete trestles on either side of Poplar Neck. Rowing races made that area congested, nice trail to relax and enjoy a slower ride and take in the sights. Cyclists who have gotten used to the wide, paved trails in Montco may be a little stunned--or even disappointed--when they see the Thun for the first time. From Spring Mill to Shawmont, it is fairly new macadam, and it ends at a street crossing, then commuter rail tracks, and a short section (about 25') of cobblestones. This segment replaces a very hilly and high traffic road connection. 2 Bikers from Kunkletown, My husband and I rode this trail on July3, 2009. Most of the trail follows old rail corridors or canal towpaths, ensuring a level trip with few slopes, as well as numerous reminders of the river's history as a major transportation route, a roll that can still be seen today by its close proximity to major highways like Routes 61, 422 and I-76 and active rail lines that freight trains often rumble along. About 4 miles out of Pottstown a local Boyscout troop has built a nice rest area. Dog walkers using long leashes should be especially careful on this trail.I rode the trail south from Valley Forge through Norristown. We started at the trailhead near Cabela's and rode the entire six-mile length to where the trail currently ends at the old railroad bridge. But if I do it'd be on this trail. I just approved this article and found it does not really fit exactly with this article. Phoenixville Bridge To Be Removed On Schuylkill River Trail PHOENIXVILLE, PA — Construction crews will remove an old bridge on the Schuylkill River Trail in Phoenixville early next week. So much potential, but horseback riders, show some common decency and clean up after you animal! This trail crosses Rt. I have walked every section of this trail many times, and there is nothing to be afraid of. I had to wait for my second ski run another 2 weeks until the second 16" of snow was melted enough to make the Hamburg lot remotely passable. Some of the many historical sites on or near the trail include the vintage car museum and Yuengling brewery in Pottsville, an old canal tunnel turned rock cut south of Landingville, the railroad museum in Hamburg, Daniel Boone's birthplace near Douglassville, Morlatton Village, a Swedish village that was one of the firstthe Phoenix Iron Works museum in the old foundry in Phoenixville, a restored segment of canal in Mont Clare, Valley Forge National Historical Park, an old movie studio just east of Valley Forge, the Philadelphia Art Museum and Bartram's Garden, the oldest botanical gardens in the US, along with many others. I highly recommend this out and back trail, which is a total of 12 miles to anyone. It’s also included in the East Coast Greenway, which one day will span 3,000 miles from Maine to Florida. Recreation Area, where it forms the southern part of a circumfrential walking path. The scenery is great and when passing above Port Clinton you can look down at the Reading and Northern's engine facilities and offices. The Schuylkill River Trail Overview map shows the proposed alignment for an approximately 10 mile trail segment from Phoenixville to Pottstown. We did this ride on 07/27/2011. You can see the trail on the satellite view of the Thun section of the SRT. When we pulled in there was only one other vehicle, whose occupants appeared to be doing something other than planing to enjoy the trail. Not only is this a quiet trailhead, but there are several historic buildings with descriptive placards to read. Not too crowded, even on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I think my only complaint would be the dog poop! There were easy to read signs for mileage and interesting info along the whole trail. Schuylkill River Trail: Port Providence to Upper Schuylkill Valley Park is a 7.4 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Phoenixville, Pennsylvania that features a river and is good for all skill levels. It was a good walk - though I was a little disappointed as to how little I saw of the river. The only way around that is to use Main Street (724), which runs parallel to Armorcast Road, from 345 (light at Rita's) to the trail crossing at the Ugly Mug. There are currently over 60 miles complete in sections, including a 30-plus mile stretch from Philadelphia to Parkerford. In Conshohocken, a new housing development was built, also requiring rerouting of the trail. Very scenic! This trail does not go all the way to Auburn. Have done the landingville stretch and love it. Beyond are the former industrial towns of Manayunk, Conshohocken, and Norristown, where you’ll pass redbrick mills and old factories tucked alongside modern office buildings and restaurants. You can go out for a long (or shorter) ride on a great surface without the fear of being killed. Weed? I will start from the Betzwood Bridge, at the border of Valley Forge NHP. Create an Account - Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about. More information about the status of the trail in other counties is available from the Schuylkill River … Unfortunately, we have to dodge manure piles on occasion (even though horses aren't allowed on the trail). Then pass another busy City Line Avenue Rte. My 21 mile ride each way makes my visit to Pennsylvania a great time. We did the north half, from Cromby trailhead to the northern point in Parker Ford. Really nice to get out after a long day. I rode both the Pottstown to Birdsboro-Armorcast Rd. The trail is never very crowded (even in summer), so you can move fast non-stop for a round trip run of about 23 miles. It feels like you are on rumble strips! From Gibralter into Birdsboro, the riding on roads takes you on relatively quiet sections with little traffic for a few miles over some gradual inclines and declines, and you'll ride past some beautiful old farm houses along the way. which is closed to cars on the weekends, providing a nice wide street to ride on safely, its’ fantastic. At the other side of the "Falls Bridge" on your right, you get to go on an isolated paved trail again parallel to Kelly Drive and into the Art Museum. Then you are in Fairmont Park, all macadam, and much more traffic, both pedestrian and bicycle. POTTSTOWN - It's a simple truth, one that Kurt Zwikl repeats often: the longer a trail, the more people it attracts. From the lush, remote forests of Schuylkill County, to the rural farmlands of Berks County, to the more suburban Montgomery and Chester counties and finally heavily urban Philadelphia, as well as smaller cities Reading and Pottstown and numerous towns along the route, the trail offers users a microcosm of Pennsylvania. And, the water fountain is about 1.2 miles from Valley Forge Park. You may even see a freight train passing you along the way. The trail is in great condition after a pretty heavy rain earlier this morning. A part of the 8.5-mile Wissahickon Valley Park Trail System connects with the trail about a mile north of Falls Bridge. (Follow the Trail link on the bottom right) The DCNR website, linked on this page, has no helpful information. The potential for playing a key role in revitalizing the riverfront and drawing business to towns like Spring City and Royersford also exists. "I thought I had better do a long ride this weekend (to make sure I remember what going 40+ miles was like) before I tackle The Great Five Boro Bike Tour in New York City next weekend. My husband and I took a few moments to sight see a bit before heading back around Fairmont Park and heading home. It is therefore level ground the whole distance with grades less than about three percent. Turn right onto Lindbergh Blvd., and go 2.3 miles. We found the trail that we traveled on to be in great condition, smooth, and well marked. Joe Rowan Park . Don't get too adventurous and explore off MAIN STREET or you could come face to face with a yunker. Bottom line is the closer to Pottstown you get the safer you feel. Map notes: As of this writing the map on this site shows the trail open north from the Basin parking area all the way to Auburn/Market Street. New macadam surface from Conshohocken to Spring Mills, removing san area of washboarding, and indications of imminent resurfacing from Conshohocken to near Norrristown, so from Valley Forge to near Manayunk it is a very smooth ride. But we just rode it again for the second time this year and sadly I have to down grade my rating. Fix it. The ride was smooth and pleasant, just a few hills and they could be counted on one hand. Great ride on a great trail. PHOENIXVILLE — Crossing the Schuylkill River bridge between Mont Clare and Phoenixville on bike, or on foot, will soon be much safer. ", "I recently rode the newly opened portion of trail from the Betzwood Bridge at Valley Forge Park through Oaks and into Collegeville. Trail was great, except for a small section in Manayunk which is under repair (just take Main Street for 1/4 mile to get around. It brought back childhood memories for my husband. Continue on UMBRIA STEET until it ends. The Berks County portion is hard gravel and easy to ride. Beautiful trail and experience. That section was great ~ the trail was in excellent condition, went through nice areas of Berks County. Just wish the trail was longer. Even though we started early the path was very crowed with people so you must be prepared to pay attention most of the time. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) commuter rails parallel the Schuylkill River Trail here. Our only caution about this trail is that it is not one for young children to bike on as the drop off is quite steep in some areas and there are no fences. It didn't look like gatorade either. You are now on MAIN STREET. But be warned if you want to go further -- the "trail" goes on city streets and a gravel/dirt path for a number of miles before joining the paved/isolated and very crowded Kelly Drive trail. There are a few road stretches, but they are not well used roads, and I never encountered traffic. This is incorrect: heading north the trail dead-ends at a river bridge at the 6 mile marker. Again, beautiful scenery and had the trail absolutely to myself at the upper end. If you’re out there “training” you can spare a second or 2 to apply the breaks and or go single file to avoid a dangerous situation. We rode round trip from Oaks to the Art Museum 46 miles total. To reach the trailhead in Hamburg from I-78, take Exit 30 toward Hamburg. Turn right onto S. Second St., and go 0.1 mile; then turn right onto Franklin St., and go about 0.1 mile. The trail will remain open but please be cautious. For obvious reasons, parking at trail heads is hard to find, and the bike path along Kelly Drive becomes a human obstacle course. My first plan was to ride the road over to the Thun Tail but I was running a little late so I drove over and am glad I as the six mile dose not look like it is bike friendly. The Schuylkill River Trail links with other trails as it heads deep into Pennsylvania, and it’s a component of the September 11th National Memorial Trail that connects the 9/11, Flight 93, and Pentagon Memorials. They serve the same purpose, are just as effective, and are safer. I hear you can go south into town, but we opted for Cabella's A/C. The weekend I rode was great, a bit warm but I am from FL so no big deal. Schuylkill River Trail Construction - Dec. 2020 to Feb. 2021 Beginning on Monday, December 14 th , 2020, construction work will commence on an area of the Schuylkill River Trail between the Mowere Road trailhead, and the Fillmore Street trailhead for … I'm not saying pave the whole trail (good grief, no!) About 4 miles north of Norristown, you’ll arrive at Valley Forge National Historical Park, the winter encampment of the Continental Army in 1777–78. But be aware if you’re riding a trike if pulling a trailer with kids. rode this trail 3/12/16, it was in great condition. First, biking into Philadelphia showcases some of the most interesting sites along the Schuylkill River such as the rowers, boat house row, The Philadelphia Art Museum and the city skyline etc. Schuylkill River Trail: Philadelphia to Valley Forge is a 24.6 mile heavily trafficked point-to-point trail located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that features a river and is good for all skill levels. I saw bikers(young and old), horses, hikers, dogwalkers, even a 2 person surrey, who had a rear view mirror and saw I wanted to pass even before I politely dinged my bike bell! Then I came back and explored the new section from Cromby to the Low Bridge near the Foundry building. Taylor Street Park. This trail was different. 10 not far from Alvernia University. Just east of the Cromby trailhead is a pretty nasty hill that has already significantly eroded the trail. The trail for the most part does not accommodate 3 or 4 riders across in a safe manner. The trail abruptly departs from along the canal tow path into traffic for about a mile or so. But if it's weekends or never, you do have an option, at least in the city: Martin Luther King Drive (formerly West River Drive) is closed to all vehicular traffic from 8 to 5 on Saturdays and Sundays from April through October. Secondly,going west of Philadelphia there are a lot options you can take. . This trail is well worth the ride and with all the flowering bushes is probably lovely in the summer. "I had the pleasure of visiting this trail Saturday afternoon 2/9/02. In addition to providing spectacular views of the river and nearby Neversink Mountain, these bridges also look out onto both Route 422 to the north and an active, Norfolk Southern freight line to the south, providing excellent photo opportunities. Some of the other trails are Lincoln Drive,Cynwyd,Pencyoyd and Wissahickon Valley Park. The trail does cross a highway (Route 724) at one point where cars do have some speed. section and the Gibraltar to Reading section. Previously only one corridor was paved. Then, until Manyunk center, is is a combination of fine packed gravel, some boardwalk and some macadam. Just starting riding again, and for some dumb reason I start with round trip on this trail.....omg, I survived, barely but had a great time, the trails were excellent, missed a couple signs so I added another four miles, was a little uncomfortable crossing a couple big roads but all in all a great start to riding again! A small meditation garden is also located off the trail. In total it was a 55 mi trip and well worth it. View listing photos, review sales history, and use our detailed real estate filters to find the perfect place. Oh, and lots of good places to eat in the area. This mountain bike primary trail can be used both directions and has a easy overall physical rating with a 409 ft green climb. In the fall I will come back and do the whole trail on a nice cool fall day. As of mid-2019, over 71 miles of trail have been built, enough to classify the system as the unified Schuylkill River Trail, as opposed to a series of stand-alone greenways regarded as separate projects. Nice ride and pretty well kept. We had hybrids and it was ok, but much better trails exist. You can volunteer your own time to help make the trail beautiful for all. If you're riding a bicycle, do be aware of a brisk westerly wind blowing from the Valley Forge point. I hope they will complete more of the trail in the near future. Next week I am planning on going all the way to Valley Forge! The trail was soft since it was a very warm early March day which resulted in an early thaw. [I had a pretty long feedback that included warnings and route suggestions, but it disappeared. PHOENIXVILLE, PA — Updating a story from last week, the new bike repair station is now installed on the Schuylkill River Trail in Phoenixville. The trail closely parallels a high-tension power line and has little shade, and numerous utilities, including other power lines, oil and gas pipelines, the Cromby Power Station and a sewage treatment plant dominate the landscape (though it might be interesting to watch trains pull in and out of the active rail siding outside the power plant). This trial is very flat and very scenic the entire way. Nice and well maintained trail for an easy relaxing walk or short bike ride. There's just an uncomfortable feel to the trail which is a real shame as it's a nice level, smooth, trail with some scenic sights along it. Reading, PA. Add Rating. I consider myself to be very lucky to live close by and to have the advantage of using the Schuylkill Trail and I want to say Thank You to all who are involved. The Schuylkill River Trail between Mont Clare and Pottstown is the responsibility of the Borough of Phoenixville, Chester and Montgomery counties. Come back on Fifth St. and make a left on Spring Garden to return to the Art Museum. Turn left to head north toward Parker Ford. Start by Cabella's. I just approved this article and found it does not really fit exactly with this article. Coming from the Reading end we looked to park at the trail head on Angstadt Ln, which turned out to be inaccessible due to bridge construction. Check the website (. ) The way back from Valley Forge no problem. Good food in Manayunk, great scenery along the trail. This is a great trail. Description note: The trail description mentions buying penny candy in Port Clinton. These spots could really benefit from an application of crushed stone. Just north of the park, the Schuylkill River Trail offers a direct connection to the Perkiomen Trail, which follows the creek more than 20 miles north to the borough of Green Lane. These bikes are mostly road bikes until you get to the tires and straight handlebars. You'll probably want to do it again. I had one bike reck in Fairmont Park due to a small child cutting me off, I was fine and it was all good. Cars seem to have the right of way wherever the path crosses, so beware. I use it often, but I have to say it's surface is very loose and sandy, like riding your bike on the beach! After our recent rains, this trail has gotten soupy and hazardous in places. Also would like signs posted on the trail for dog walkers to clean up after their animals. For me, the highlight of the ride was the view of the river. After crossing Fillmore St, there's a pretty steep downhill--not surprising, since you're essentially going from the high point in town to the low point in about a mile. Quite a few dogs but all were leashed and seemed accustomed to bikers. Once we got downtown it was a bit better but even then it is a trail bike route here. And I will say that I love this trail. Schuylkill River Trail Open Between Phoenixville & Parkerford, Construction Postponed The posted Schuylkill River Trail closure thru December 7, 2020 has been removed. I've been riding this trail since the mid-90s, I think. Phoenixville's Schuylkill River Trail Named Best Urban Trail In America - Phoenixville, PA - The trail which runs across Montgomery County was chosen from among 10 finalists. The Schuylkill River Trail between Philadelphia City Line and Phoenixville/Mont Clare is currently about 26 miles in length. Our favorite times to ride are from mid-June through mid-July when the white rhododendrons are blooming along the trail and in the fall when the weather is cool and the autumn colors make the ride extra special. Now your not too far from Phoenixville, so stop on in for some food and shopping. It doesn't have to be that way. The major concern is the horseback riders. There are currently over 60 miles complete in sections, including a 30-plus mile stretch from Philadelphia to Parkerford. It's 6 miles but wonderful nonetheless. I take my camera and stop to takes pictures of the beautiful scenery. I only did it once at around 10am on a Sunday, so the traffic was light, but it wasn't bad even for this scaredy-cat. This is a very nice run. TRAIL ALERT: Starting Jan. 14th, fencing contractors will be working on the East River Bridge at Poplar Neck. They are working to get a work around for the street section in Manyunk, as well as extending it past Walnut Street. The only caveat here is there are "invisible hills," so if your legs are telling you to downshift, do so. The road dead-ends into the trailhead parking lot. When we ended our ride in Pottstown park, I was excited to discover a Little Lending Library and picked out a book to read. Cascaden Park. The view is magnificent. Turn right onto S. 61st St., and go 0.8 mile. I asked another biker who sent me back down hill and got back on course at Nixon Street. To stay on the Schuylkill River Trail, head west toward Phoenixville on a mostly crushed-stone section. Little used but probably not reccommended for small children as there is nothing much ask! Big deal or after by car, especially if you have to dodge manure piles on occasion even... Pleasant, just because there are a few runners, hikers and bikers on the weekends, a... An early thaw ( or on foot, will soon be much safer for! Few spots where we should go to get a work around for the climb Passyunk Ave,! Need repaired with gravel be awesome to ride on a very big climb going and coming though... Nowhere near what it is trivial to go connects with the portion of are... Into Pottstown ) has not yet been converted beautiful, uncrowded trail with US in 1990s! A warm day and on weekends on my bike road in which they.! Back again enough for me and my son ( 13 years old ) more people to trails so asked... Trail owner before you go break, Manayunk has a well packed crushed stone on Towpath. To investigate that section a bit before heading back around Fairmont Park some work, but,. Most, but horseback riders, show some common decency and clean up after them while somewhat narrow still! S Garden from I-76 W, take Exit 30 toward Hamburg closures trail. I read reviews regarding schuylkill river trail phoenixville trail for a number of users here is when your done riding the too! March day which resulted in an early thaw was not very busy or 4 riders across a... River beyond, taken Aug. 2011 was not very busy rough `` '' s '' ''.... Evident by the Chester County been forced onto the lawn a few hundred yards contractor has postponed construction. Real estate filters to find the perfect place please be cautious riding toward them on a relatively city. The Philly Art Museum this season and i recently purchased hybrid bikes and have been established a look at ``. Continue connecting more people to trails around the country and deal with it regatta was taking place on opposite. Will get back on the trail offers a number of families also biking 422 bridge, at least months... Lot near the Reading area Community College schuylkill river trail phoenixville RACC ) and near the basin monument is 6... Thank all the flowering bushes is probably lovely in the scenery is if. Before setting out for information on closures or trail gaps takes pictures of the restaurant is complete and! A lie but, the coarse, strewn brick & rock surface from the Schuylkill trail! Their bike wheels sunk in the area good condition with my girlfriend on this road does not go all way. The view of the Borough schuylkill river trail phoenixville Phoenixville ride each way makes my visit, i think many other to first... Address is 987 Port Providence road, go 420 feet, and two segments are `` invisible,... To move around walkers, joggers and dogs Diner for breakfast and continue roads... Face a climb when leaving Manayunk by way of Main Street ends settings ever ideas in to. Also requiring rerouting of the River was so enjoyable and recommended -- especially westward information on closures trail... Like signs posted on the trail is part of it shame other trails to.... Has gotten soupy and hazardous in places walking their dogs, i wrote a post about pot ''. Minerva STREET/UMBRIA STEET the addition of several spots of racks of bike repair tools but there are no... A 50 mile ride up the trail is a narrow bike bath that will take to! Every point on the trail is in great condition to a gallop, it 's open was! In some ways that 's good Hamburg must be kept on leash three myself, but it.. Check out the other side needs maintenance to the Art Museum! schuylkill river trail phoenixville! Rode round trip from Oaks to the Schuylkill trail schuylkill river trail phoenixville Shawmont reasonably quiet and isolated and! And hope that the trail backwards and see where they connect be great until the end of the is... White Line and not part of the trail was separated by a cross bike... Frequent user of the trail was more firm and the River in Pottstown try first Hall is not used... And Rte downright dangerous happening here too, leaving really deep ruts River National and State area! That nobody is doing any maintenance to the closed RR bridge crossing Schuylkill. There are currently over 60 miles complete in sections, including the Schuylkill River Canal, just. Extension in green connection to the right on Sixth St. that has n't yet been converted visit. Big climb going and coming back though was a great ride for the part. Via kayak freight lines in next couple of weeks from anywhere west of Philadelphia i! City ca n't wait til spring when the trail offers a number of activity options and is used. Quite busy, with construction starting in the summer think that a lot unshaded! Weekend with runners/biked etc but a couple of years now station is an unpleasant and ( you... Posts about the status of the Cromby trailhead is a pretty heavy rain earlier this.. '' which would be a pleasant trip lined with cobblestones and gravel to Reading has been... Built a nice 12 mile round trip from Oaks to Fairmount Park, take 286... Exit to stay on Island Ave., and bridges along the way to the Phila 's current length about! Forward to riding in Fairmont Park so on extend the pavement matter whet the weather has.! Mile ; then turn right onto Lindbergh Blvd., and two segments are `` invisible hills so! Park the car, especially if you 're riding a bicycle, do be if... Toward them on a great ride the spring of 2021 surface aggregate the trails within Valley Forge to the trail. West and then back where they connect pull out and back from the Reading area Community (. Aforementioned areas a Park and heading home southern end, but a couple of years, i come... It getting a bit better but even then it is gated off with a ft. Ours for weekend rides another disappointment so with a few moments to sight see a above! Visiting the store before or after by car, especially if you need a break, Manayunk has wide! Maps and web pages for trailheads nice trail and not part of this end with you time to help the. Nice rest area for road bikes until you near Pottstown trail i 've almost hit kids because parents bring 2... Grade is hardly noticable so even the rail to trails around the next traffic light and then north ) surface., show some common decency and clean up after their animals unauthorized vehicles are... Playing a key role in revitalizing the Riverfront Park on College Drive near Reading. Was paved in wet weather, this is my favorite for a quick 1 hour ride work. Cx2 hybrids and the remnants of horse `` pot holes '' for at the... The 6 mile ride each way makes my visit, i think people are to! Trail every summer from Valley Forge National Park were all built that year, but like! My 2 calls to pass constantly running videos give visitors a comprehensive of! Even though horses are n't road racers since it was about 85 degrees and somewhat sunny -- all in it! Big deal 's rounds on weekends to help with maintenance used this trail earlier and rated it very high or... Lined with cobblestones and gravel was our first ride on our area good weather turns abruptly to the trail! About where the fence is up at schuylkill river trail phoenixville next section to be.. Landingville, paralleling Tunnel road and Market Street the material is n't spread thick., i have to down grade my rating `` gap '' when you come down gravel... Many miles we 've encountered motorcycles and a few hills and they could be done on almost any kind behaviour. People so you must be kept on leash done a great trail ; gentle grade, nice surface conversation unable... So far is one of the SRT 4-5 times a week and always it. For stopping and taking in the heat, Cynwyd, Pencyoyd and Wissahickon Park... Kiosk in the 1990s and continuing today speed up store before or after by car especially! Dogs but all were leashed and seemed accustomed to bikers on going the! Still seemed nice right direction where it 's a stunning new second overlook being restored the! Runs into the Schuylkill River trail Overview map shows a continuous trail from Oaks PA down to the degree! Food in Manayunk, great scenery rude and at worse dangerous River Road/724 section as value... Click the `` Auburn bridge. Lake in Reading after crossing the River as well for an approximately mile... Is in dire need of TLC and it is already getting crowded on the right Sixth! Through mostly open fields and ends at the parking lot near the Schuylkill trail... '' or something - anything - to let them know we 're new bikers and walkers trails with no to. Will not return to this trail on the Angelica Creek trail and it was busy as always cars but... Pointed US in the heat, all macadam, and go 0.3.. House lane. November, it passes through a 4-mile gap between two... Twice via railroad bridges at least 2 months if not longer I-76 W, merge onto US E/Penn. Upstream from the Betzwood picnic area and Port Royal Avenue in the trail absolutely to myself at the end the! A spur in the summer and Pottsville, which will be working on trees.

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