Creating a CPA Account: A Guide for Tax Professionals

Do you have nearly as many passwords to remember as trucks to file for?

Are your poor fingers plagued with more and more paper cuts with each Form 2290 you file?

As you apply another band-aid, you lament to yourself, “There must be a better way!?”
Well, look no further. The better way is the E-filing way. That’s why ExpressTruckTax offers tons of perks for tax professionals. You work all year to provide a much-needed service for the Trucking Nation, so we make it our business to provide unparalleled service for all of you!
The benefits of E-filing with ExpressTruckTax are nearly endless, but to name just a few that you CPA’s will enjoy…
  • You can manage an unlimited number of businesses and EIN’s from a single login. That’s right, only ONE password to remember!
  • You can quickly filter for businesses or specific trucks using our Advanced Search option. What good is organized info if you can’t quickly retrieve it?
  • To top it all off, we have Bulk Upload features for importing both business information and trucks, so you can efficiently upload all of your data in one shot and start E-filing immediately. 
Intrigued? Well then head over to and create a new account (it’s free!). But not before checking out this step-by-step guide first!

3 Steps to Creating a CPA Account

Step 1: Create Login and Enter Your Business Details

  • Alright tax pro’s, first let’s quickly create a new account (it’s free, you only pay when you file). Just enter your email address and a password of your choosing, and be sure to check the box “Are You a Tax Professional?” to ensure you create the right kind of account.
  • Remember, from this single login, you’ll be able to manage an unlimited number of clients!
  • Next enter your Business Details into the Tax Professional Profile page. First, check whether you own your own firm (and have an EIN) OR are self-employed (don’t have an EIN).
  • After entering your name & EIN (if applicable), you must enter your PTIN. The PTIN, Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number, is required by the IRS for all paid tax return preparers. If you have not applied for a PTIN yet, the fastest way to apply is through the IRS website. Alternatively, you can paper-file for your PTIN by filing IRS Form W-12.
  • Finally, enter your full name, business address, and contact information, and hit “Create.” Now your profile is complete and you’re ready to head to Step 2: Adding Businesses. 

Step 2: Add Businesses

Now to enter the details of each business you intend to E-file for. There’s two ways achieve this, but whichever way you choose, it’s quick and simple.

  • Option 1: Manual Entry-The first method is manually entering the details for each business separately. If you’re looking to just enter one or two businesses to your account and file a return right away, this is the best option for you. You can always enter more businesses later.

    To do the manual entry, add the Name, EIN, address & contact info for the business. Then indicate whether you have Power of Attorney (a current Form 2848 filed with the IRS). If yes, you must enter the “Valid Up To” date for when your power of attorney expires.

    Finally, enter the name, phone number, and title of the Signing Authority. In most cases, this will be you, unless your client chooses to maintain it him or herself.

  • Option 2: Bulk Upload-To upload multiple business in one fell swoop, use the Bulk Upload option instead. In the top right corner of the Add Business screen, you’ll notice the Quick Links section. Select the first link “Bulk Upload Businesses” and you’ll be taken to this screen with instructions.

    • To Bulk Upload a business, you will be prompted to 1.) Download our Excel Template File and save it to your computer. 2.) Cut and paste all of the business details into the Excel Template. And 3.) Upload the Excel File back into ExpressTruckTax.

      All of the business information will be saved and ready for E-filing! Which bring us to the last step, uploading the trucks. 

    Step 3. Add Taxable Vehicles to Truck Zone

    Just as there were two options for uploading businesses details, the same options exist for uploading the taxable vehicles for each business: Manual Entry or Bulk Upload into Truck Zone.

    • Option 1: Manual Entry- First, be sure you’re adding vehicles to the correct business. To switch back and forth between businesses, just select the business you’d like to manage from your Business List on the right side of your screen. The business highlighted in dark blue is the one you are currently editing. 

    Once you’ve selected the business, head over to the Truck Zone tab along the top menu, and then select +Add New Vehicle. This will open a pop-up in which you can enter the vehicle’s VIN, Gross Weight, and whether it is suspended, licensed for agriculture, or used for logging. Additionally, you can enter the make, model, license plate number, and even the truck’s IFTA details or state specific permit numbers.

    • Option 2: Bulk Upload

      Another great feature for CPA’s, you can Bulk Upload hundreds or thousands of vehicles at a time. Select Express Upload to use our Excel Template (same procedure as for uploading businesses), or use our Smart Upload for the smoothest experience. With the Smart Upload feature, you can import data from any file type by uploading the file and matching each of your categories to ours. Simple!

    Whether you manually enter trucks as you go, or Bulk Upload them all at once, all of the vehicle information will be securely stored in Truck Zone and easily accessible through the Advanced Search option. Filter vehicles by VIN, gross weight, etc, to quickly and easily find the trucks you’d like to file for. Then check each to add to the tax return. You can also choose to skip Step 3 entirely and just add taxable vehicles as you E-file each return. The choice is yours!
    Have questions about creating your CPA Account? Here’s the best part! Our support team is here for you. Like CPA’s we think about truck taxes all year long, not just during renewal season. This is our profession, just like you.
    To offer you the support experience of a lifetime, we’ll even assign you your own Personal Account Manager with a direct line of contact, so anytime you have a question, you have immediate access to the answers (and a familiar friend).

    Your Account Manager will also give you the scoop on our special Price Packages for CPA’s. That’s right, we offer flexible payment options and discounted packages to tax professionals.

    To learn more about this special pricing, check out this blog: “ExpressTruckTax is for Tax Professionals Year Round.”

    Call our team now to get set-up with your Personal Account Manager. We’re available at 704.234.6005. You can also chat with us online or get 24/7 email support at

    Stay tuned for the next blog, tax pro’s! We’ll be going over E-Filing for your clients, step-by-step. Welcome to the ExpressTruckTax family!

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