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mock trial cases

I’d point to two benchmarks that most guided my decision to include a particular trial. As a result of this the child sustains a laceration on the head and seeks medical attention. Scott and Claudia Walker have two children, a daughter and a five-year old boy, Jesse; Scott has a son, T.J. Brewster, from a previous marriage. This trial, known as the Almanac Trial, has become one of the best known of Lincoln’s many trials. In the article, the deputy student editor of the school’s magazine alleged that the plaintiff appeared to be texting his/her coach during the final round of the competition. Pat Smith v. Old Man Of The Mountain School System A high school senior, after a dress-code violation, is prohibited from participating in a soccer match. Mock Trials are exciting activities to teach content and appreciation of our adversarial judicial system. The rifle found in Nicky’s hands belonged to Shawn Burnett. Or were they? Morgan Phillips is charged with the murder of Mitch Stevens. Access to and copies of the case may not be provided to any other students or schools. Each student will be required to function as a lawyer and witness in the trials being simulated in the classes. The students would be required to conduct trial in two cases, one Civil and one Criminal during the course of the semester. This online guide is for anyone mentoring a school involved in one of Young Citizens' Mock Trial Competitions. The Judicial Branch. It wasn’t long before another counterfeit $20 bill was discovered; only this time the culprits were caught in the act. Are Sidney’s injuries the result of Riley’s negligence, or did other factors contribute? Under normal circumstances, non-point pollution is a serious problem, but at times, the problem can be exacerbated and can result in tragic consequences. The Magistrates' Court Mock Trial competition is for 12-14 year olds from non-fee paying schools in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Suggestions and ideas on how to make this site better are encouraged. A mock trial is a simulation or enactment of a judicial proceeding.Mock trials provide students with knowledge of the judicial system,legal process, and courtroom procedures. The plaintiff is Jamie Anderson, a high school senior, who used the school’s chat room as a means to stay on top of her/his academic pursuit of the highly coveted valedictorian scholarship. MCCE has conducted the Michigan High School Mock Trial Tournament since 1982. Costs. Did Phillips do it, or was it all a mob setup? Students take on the roles of attorneys and witnesses and compete against each other in real courtrooms in front of real judges and lawyers. Reagan is charged with two felony counts: making a false report of an emergency (in this case, commonly referred to as “swatting”) and making a criminal threat. A list of state coordinators may be found here. A heated exchange with store security led to a scuffle and Brooks’ arrest. 2010 – People v. Alex Johnson 1983 – State of Michigan vs Brad Stevens A student is accused of shoplifting a shirt from Merchandise Mall. Students will work on much more sophisticated cases over longer periods of time, and will have the opportunity to participate in full “trials”. Morgan Phillips, head basketball booster, was seen arguing with Mitch after the game. (Adapted from case drafted by the Hon. 2007 – Brooks v. Lawrence and the Clearwater Police Department 2000 – United States of America vs. Dorian Lowe The case is at the heart of a student’s mock trial experience. American Mock Trial Association. According to the article, the plaintiff’s closing argument was unusually effective, and a review of the score sheets shows that the closing argument made the difference. Nationally, students have found themselves suspended or expelled for infractions as benign as bringing a butter knife to school, or pointing a fun-shaped chicken strip at someone during lunch. Empire @ Home. These cases are for educational use only. The 12 Pick Game - Picking a Jury, Interactive Jury Game. Mock Trial . What followed for Evan Brooks was almost six hours in police custody being searched, fingerprinted, and escorted to the courthouse in shackles. These how-to guides, for Kindergarten through Grade 6, give you everything you need to put on a successful mock trial including: information on types of mock trials, tips on preparing and conducting the trial, simplified steps and rules in a trial, scripts, and even guidelines on mock … Seeing a bottle of alcohol and an open bottle of pills on the piano, Osiski assumed that Siriusz had accidentally OD’d. They are designed to reenact much of what might take place in a trial court. The Maine Bar Association has free downloadable elementary scripts at Since grade school, his favorite part of any parade or halftime show was the beat of the drums. Dec. 13, 2020 - The Civil Case Committee has released case changes to Petrillo v. Martini and Peony Estates, as well as a memo about case balance … But Chuck didn’t end up on the drum line. The defendant files a motion in Federal Court to suppress this evidence, claiming that the search was not only unreasonable but also violated the defendant’s expectation of privacy under the Fourth Amendment. Mock Trial allows high school students from all over the country to come together and simulate a civic or criminal trial, with witnesses, plaintiffs, and everything in between. Empire One. They also demonstrate the value and importance of preparation and fair presentation, particularly when someone’s guilt or innocence is in question. Mock Trials Share the excitement and unparalleled learning experience of mock trials. Schedule. William’s actions, according to Anderson, violated the state’s civil cyberstalking statute. They actively prepare and present their cases under the direct supervision of teacher coaches and attorney advisors. Who is to blame? It was a pleasant day in March, getting close to spring break, and Jamie Killian was looking for fun. 2005 – Mable vs. Clearwater Sheep and Cattle Company Police officer arrests a suspect. Please note that this information package includes sample questions for counsel and sample instructions to the jury … Registration is NOW OPEN for 2018-2019 Mock Trial, James Madison Legacy Project Summer Institute: July 23-27. Although these are mock trials, they are heard by real judges in a courtroom setting. 2008 – The People of the United States v. Morgan Phillips All teams should review the Case License, located in the introduction section of … 1987 – People of the State of Michigan v. Tony C. Jones The plaintiff alleges that the defendant was the person who sent the threatening remarks. Mock trials help to: developstudents’ questioning skills, critical thinking, and oratory skills;demonstrate the roles of various actors in the legal system; and providethe class with exposure to legal resource people, such as judges,attorneys, and law school students. A high school student is charged, in the alternative, with assault with intent to murder, assault with intent to do serious bodily harm less than murder, assault with a gun or other dangerous weapons. 2 Instructions • Time: Allow approximately 1 1/2 hours to complete the trial, including the jury deliberation General Introduction to Cases (PDF, 1.4 MB), City of Rockville v. Jones (PDF, 6.8 MB) – ordinance violation / First Amendment, People v McGrew (PDF, 4.3 MB) – murder, self-defense, People v Beck (PDF, 3.3 MB) – unlawfully taking an auto, People v Jackson (PDF, 2.2 MB) – shoplifting, People v Stevens (PDF, 2.6 MB) – assault with a deadly weapon; self defense, People v Green (PDF, 3.3 MB) – assault with a deadly weapon; self defense, Miles v Washington (PDF, 16.2 MB) – civil rights; First Amendment, Roman v Colby (PDF, 9.6 MB) – civil rights; unreasonable search, Martin v Big Burger (PDF, 4.1 MB) – wrongful discharge from employment. A mock trial is an act or imitation trial.It is similar to a moot court, but mock trials simulate lower-court trials, while moot court simulates appellate court hearings. Empire Online. One of the passengers in the backseat claims that Riley was “texting” while driving. Chuck didn’t even end up in the band. Scholarships. 1997 – Scott Walker vs. Tanya Brewster This year, the Illinois State Bar Association High School Mock Trial case will be based on the Almanac Trial. Elementary Mock Trial scripts often involve putting well known fairy tale characters, such as Goldilocks vs. Three Bears, State vs., Beane (the giant killer), or the Wicked Witch vs, Snow-white, on trial. Think of these as sign posts – phrases that direct jurors to your case arguments and story, Witness Analysis: The strengths, weaknesses, and key testimony of each witness, Exhibit Analysis:  The strengths, weaknesses, and key aspects of each exhibit. An individual working at a fast food restaurant gets into an argument with a customer. As today’s high school students are well aware, violence and threats of violence in schools are no longer treated lightly. Foundation-LA), 2003 – In the Matter of Shelby Withers vs. Clearwater School District (Adapted from the Young Lawyer’s Division of the Tennessee Bar Association mock trial case Sidney Young v. Riley Gardner. How to Apply. MCCE is the premier organization dedicated to preparing an active and informed citizenry through law-related and civic education in Michigan. But there would be no school for Nicky Blanc or Jackie Potomski. Copyright © 2020 | Michigan Center for Civic Education | All Rights Reserved, Digital Marketing & Website Design by Hungerford Media, 2022 National Mock Trial Championship in Michigan,, 2011 – Jaime Anderson vs. Taylor Williams, 2012 – People of the State of New Michigan v Thomas D. Osiski, [A copy of the recording is available as evidence]. It required large printing presses and the ability to cut intricate designs by hand into metal plates. Current year cases may be distributed to student participants of one's own school and judges. Or, was Shawn Burnett the mastermind, manipulating Nicky to do the dirty work? Current Case - Updated 11/02/2020; Rules of Competition; Rules of Evidence (Adopted 8-5-14) Quick Reference for Objections; Performance Rating Form In the summer of 2003, Chuck went to band camp on a mission… a mission to be accepted onto the line, and to enjoy all of the benefits of the increased social status that came with it. The internet is terrific resource for free mock trials scripts for all grade levels. Criminal Trial: This is based on story of Cinderella. Was Chuck’s death the result of illegal hazing committed by Chris Biggs, the section leader for the drum line, or was it the result of Chuck’s under-age drinking? For Teachers. A criminal trial unfolds before a single judge, who is in some cases assisted by a jury composed of 12 jurors. The Supreme Court. The … As a result of the employee’s attitude, the employee is fired and is therefore, seeking damages or reinstatement. The Law Society of New South Wales - Mock Trial, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000 INDEX This is a civil case concerning a negligence claim by the Plaintiff, Peter/Penny Smith, against the Defendant, Windsor City Council, under the Civil Liability Act, 2002 (NSW). Public Service . Kerry Upham, owner of The Record Store in Clearwater, discovered two counterfeit $20 Bills in the store’s deposits last March. A car is involved in an accident that had just been reported stolen. We’ve been supplying our youngest citizens with specially written cases so they can try the law against their peers in courthouses around the UK. Below are summaries of prior middle school mock trial cases. (Adapted from Constitutional Rts. Timeline. 1989 – Pat Roman vs. Dana M. Colby & Terry Wordshaw In this case, a high school student is charged with possession of a controlled substance (marijuana) with intent to distribute after an e-mail message is intercepted by the student’s school principal. 1996 – People of the State of Michigan vs. Morgan Thompson This mock trial is appropriate for middle and high school students. (With permission from Iowa Mock Trial Program 97-98), 2002 – People vs. Brunetti If the jury finds that the Petitioner proves this, the court will determine th place of confinement. Did Jamie ignore posted safety instructions? Elementary Mock Trial scripts often involve putting well known fairy tale characters, such as Goldilocks vs. Three Bears, State vs., Beane (the giant killer), or the Wicked Witch vs, Snow-white, on trial. Mock trial is also the name of an extracurricular program in which students … The occupants ran from the car. Seeming to thrive in a highly competitive, high-pressure, honors program at school, Pat and Alex saw much-coveted scholarships to prestigious universities within their grasps. Attorneys preparing for a real trial might use a mock trial consisting of volunteers as role players to test theories or experiment with each other. Jamie did not choose to do any of these. Its pages are capable of providing … All materials are downloadable as PDFs. Martin Louis Siriusz was found slumped over his piano listening to a playback of his latest (and as it turned out, his last) recording, entitled “Hanging at Death’s Door.” [A copy of the recording is available as evidence] (MP3) The people of the State of New Michigan have charged Thomas “Duke” Osiski, Siriusz’s former bandmate, with murder.

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