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how to beat thrawn tier 6

You can search for strategies from last time, but from what I remember: first three rounds use basics; except use Ezra specials so he gets turn meter and shares his offense boost with everyone, make sure specials are off cooldown going into round 4, dispel one of the deathtroopers, try to spike down the other; if that is not workable at your gear level, try dispel both, kill order: deathtroopers, commanders, stormtrooper, Thrawn, keep dispel around to clear stormtrooper taunt (Ezra, Chopper), watch for commander heals; if one pops, you can de-prioritize that one in kill order, call Zeb to assist on dazed/staggered targets to land a stun; otherwise Hera calls Ezra for damage and Ezra calls Chopper/Hera for TM, try to taunt with Kanan and use Hera’s Backup Plan on him; Kanan is the most expendable at the end so don’t worry if you don’t get the rez. I know switching mods around is annoying, but my arena mods are miles ahead of my other mods. or they nerfed it a little. Images and historical background are provided by the Thrawn's Revenge team and Wookiepedia. Scrap one ISD and the dreadnaught and you get two VSD's. Thanks a lot for the good hints and the strategy, guys! ... (GK/Holdo/L3) and focus chewie first. Thrawn 5 is the fifth, penultimate issue of the canon comic book miniseries Star Wars: Thrawn, which adapts the 2017 novel of the same name. The issue was written by Jody Houser, illustrated by Luke Ross, and published on June 13, 2018 by Marvel Comics. Subscribe to the channel for the best coverage of everything related to Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesKeep On Grinding!!! Yeah, Tier 6 was hard, but I managed to finally beat it with all 6*: Hera lvl 80, g7 Kanan lvl 80, g8 Ezra lvl 80, g7 Chopper lvl 76, g8 Zeb lvl 80, g7. Visit Thrawn's Revenge at their website or follow them on Mod Database and Facebook. Kill death troopers first, then the tanks and save Thrawn for last. I also geared Hera Syndulla up to Gear 9 with 4 of 6 filled. I'm happy now! ... Cant beat 6star tier Bokytoo, Apr 12, 2018 #56. Written by Jody Houser (ROGUE ONE ADAPTATION) and drawn by Luke Ross (STAR WARS: DARTH MAUL, STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS ADAPTATION), follow the comic adaptation of Timothy Zahn's New York Timesbest-selling novel about Thrawn's rise in the Imperial ranks, on his way to becoming one of the most feared military tacticians in the galaxyfar, far away.! Hello and welcome to the Thrawn's Revenge Wiki. This upped her Speed by 6 to 155 before the Mod adjustments. Nine months after the Battle of Yavin, Tier and Lieutenant Wolver accompanied Captain Thrawn on a trip to S'krrr to study S'krrr art. I value Thrawn in SWGoH so highly that he was one of my first three characters to get a newly-sliced 6-dot mod. Click the graphic below to view this latest SWGoH video and don’t miss the Grand Admiral Thrawn in SWGoH review from Artist of War – Tier VII – Attempt #2: FAIL. Each set consists of 8 pieces. I would say that Kanan and Ezra are almost a must as you'll lack the damage/sustain without them. Change kill order, DTs first. Thrawn will probably be able to beat a hasty retreat and escape with the majority of his forces intact, though, so my guess is that both survive the battle with mutual respect for one another. final tier of palpatine and luke event! Everytime I try it they wipe me out. I got really lucky and thrawn fractured hera, and not ezra like my first two attenmpts. Dispel the Stormtrooper taunts and go for the DTs. Dispel one, stagger/kill other. THANK YOU! It probably took me 30+ tries last time around with a very similar lineup and only those two omegas. I ran Chopper instead of Sabine, which I definitely think is more forgiving, especially if your running lower geared characters. So you wouldn't miss anything. Wampa Variations (can beat in 1v5), can add anti-rebel to assist, but strong wampa can beat even medium-high phoenix in 1v5. Leave thrawn for last. “...and I will never change mods from other teams just for one fight”. I think I might be wasting my time since my abilities will be capped and I won't be able to get past G8 in a week. I had Ezra and Hera at G10 when I beat the final Thrawn tier. You have good gear team but Sabine is your weak spot. This is a good shot of my initial formation. Oh boy here we go again... lol!You have to save all your abilities to the last fight. [sic] Disney Thrawn vs Legends Thrawn Both have command of three Imperial-class Star Destroyers. Once Stagger is on Thrawn, on Zeb’s next Basic attack, Thrawn will be stunned. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Phase 5 - Eliminate the ST The weakest opponent is the ST which is why you’re leaving him for last before you turn your attention to Thrawn. I kill the taunting trooper, then the two Deathtroopers but by then I've already lost 2 of my squad and it's pretty much over by that point. Thrawn's Revenge is a full graphic and gameplay modification of the computer game, Star Wars: Empire at War. It’s universally accepted that a Sabine team is much more difficult than a chopper team for this event. Once again, in order to be effective in this game and maximize Thrawn’s awesome kit, you have to be fast. 150+ speed for all but kanan. Dispel the storm trooper taunt. Then kill the Stormtrooper healers. Artist of War Legendary Event. It's worth it. To beat Thrawn on tier 7 (to get a 7* Thrawn), you need a fairly powerful 7* squad. Like I said, my guild mates and others have emphasized how difficult this one is. Each piece is purchased by acquiring an armor token from defeating a Burning Crusade raid boss.Each token is good for one piece of armor (chest, head, etc. I used that strat with gear 8 and normal mods. This post is what helped me finally get him. What Omega's do you have on the team? This guide aims to break down the required characters, the necessary gear, the specifics of the battles, and the details of how RNG factor into the event. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. Just got him at 7 stars. I get to Tier 4 without any problems but then? I'm constantly loosing with 2-3 toons left, sometimes Thrawn is the last one standing but he beats the shit out of me. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The general consensus is debuff the stormtrooper/kill deathtroopers to avoid permadeath, then target commandos to stop healing or stormtrooper, all whilst juggling attention from away who ever is weak or fractured. Even with Sabine and Ezra putting out massive damage, Palatine tier 6 and 7 are actually really difficult. I figured g8 was most important for Kanan/Chopper to give them extra protection since they taunt. A lot of the luck is how the last wave spreads out the damage. I had all their Omega abilities but no Zetas, so they don't have to be uber or anything. 続いて、CubsFan Han氏が、マスター・ルークイベントTier3に焦点を当て、「必勝法」の手順を紹介している動画です。 I just did it at 80, with all G9 except g10 hera and ezra. Good Luck. Zeb was G8 and everyone else was G9. Kill storm trooper then the outside guys. Thanks! Take him out so you don't have to worry about his stupid taunt. Our popular media partner Smithie D takes a look at the Artist of War legendary event to unlock Grand Admiral Thrawn with video of the 7-star tier of the event. If Stagger is added beforehand, Thrawn will use Grand Admiral’s Command and clear the Stagger debuff. The good news? For example, if you beat T7 of Thrawn's event, the Mythic would appear this go around. My team is Hera g10, Ezra g10, zeb g9, Sabine g8 and kanan g8 all with 5 dot mods and I'm getting wrecked no matter what I try. Also, you're absolutely right that Thrawn is coming back in a few weeks. SWGOH: How to Seven Star Thrawn (Minimal Upgrades) - YouTube The problem is that there's only one way to get Thrawn, the … Is 7* Thrawn possible without Omegas at lv70 or so? Now I'm not sure if my gear was that good from the last time (don't think so), if I had lucky RNG (first one?) It’s doable, but everyone has to be higher, especially Sabine (gear 10+). Thank you! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It took me longer to do tier 6 because the game set ezra to be my leader and i was so confused. BitDynasty 9,549 views. You could also just ignore him and go straight to Thrawn. Thrawn is one of the most loved villains in the history of Star Wars, and his recent addition to the canon through the Rebels cartoon increases his popularity.More importantly, when it comes to SWGOH, Thrawn is a game-changer for Empire squads and a difference-maker for both Rancor and AAT raids.. Aiming for 6*. Tier was a lieutenant in the Imperial Navy who served on the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Vengeance during the Galactic Civil War. For the most part, the Mythic is fairly easy for the first two tiers. Tier 6 is a type of item set. Comment what you think or what you want me to make a video on! I'm at a total loss. A superior character like Thrawn deserves a superior event. May 10, 2018 #5 Alright. 6 Nagmeister Has no clue what he's talking about. Thrawn wins if he can either eliminate Ozymandias or cause the U.S. to collapse. That said, Thrawn’s Artist of War Legendary Event will severely test every player who desires Thrawn at 7*. ~ Legends Thrawn vs Comics Ozymandias. Is there a strategy who to attack/kill first, second...? :) Song 1: Fade by Alan Walker Walker➞ Facebook➞ SoundCloud➞ Twitter➞ YouTube ➞ Instagram 2: Colors by Tobu Tobu:http://www.7obu.com THE ALLIANCE TODAY: takes a lot of effort to make this content for you guys, so if you enjoyed this video, drop a like as it helps the channel out a great deal! If not always call chopper for buffs and cooldown reduction. 10:48. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where players collect, level and battle with heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe. So I'm not freaking out about 7*ing him. Usually asked Zeb for assist ( with Hera and Ezra) when there was an enemy debuffed. Press J to jump to the feed. Thrawn Artist of War - Tier 7 - G8 Phoenix success! It is a very solid formation, and is hard to beat. One of the most cunning and ruthless minds in all of the Star Wars, Grand Admiral Thrawn is back with his own six-issue miniseries! Tier 7 can be tricky. Leave Thrawn for last. Managed to beat Tier 5 of the Artist of War event to unlocked my favorite character! The Emperor’s speed is so high that he essentially tops off his health every 3-4 turns, switching out Chopper for Biggs will be the easiest way to counter his heals due to his high damage. Focus the deathtroopers. Is 7* Thrawn possible without Omegas? Keep at it and consider giving gear to either Sabine or Kanan. Daze and high damage. He also gives us his thoughts on Thrawn’s place in the game and the shifting Meta. Well, I won't do it on 7 stars until I'm 85 :( G10 Ezra, G9 everyone else, couple omegas, somewhat decent mods but level 81. You're on the right track, I didn't use Chopper either. The fighters usually hide behind the formation, only coming out to kill wounded ships that get out of range. Here you can learn all about the team and Imperial Civil War, their mod for the 2006 expansion: Star Wars Empire at War: Forces of Corruption. Thrawn's Revenge. Last time I couldn't finish it, and I will never change mods from other teams just for one fight, so I geared Pheonix a little.Ezra G10, Chopper G9, rest G8, great 5 dots mods, but nothing with speed, for example Ezra had 16 speed. Have chopper and ezras dispels ready. The last one can get really difficult, especially since you're restricted on who you can use. I only had to VSD's for this battle, because I kept all three ISD's and the dreadnaught. Use Zeb’s Staggering Sweep to land Stagger onto Thrawn. Don't loose faith. ... SWGoh - How to Beat Thrawn Event - The Strategy - Duration: 6:34. My Phoenix team is Hera (L, 85, IX), Ezra (85, X), Chopper (85, IX), Zeb (85, VIII) and Kanan (85, VIII). Why gimp yourself? If you have at least three Phoenix standing at this point it’s likely that you’ll be able to take … Get everyone bar kanan as quick as possible. I got really lucky and thrawn fractured hera, and not ezra like my first two attenmpts. The big miss for me was not using my assists properly. I'm only lv66 and was able to beat 6* in a couple tries. - Duration: 10:48. You need Chopper because he can taunt and remove taunt from stormtrooper. A lot of RNG dependant, gotta keep trying. After Wolver was later found dead in the Sikadian Gardens, Tier assisted Thrawn in launching a murder investigation. Changes: First off, I added an Omega to both Zeb’s and Chopper’s Unique so all used toons with a Unique (4 of 5) are maxed. It took me longer to do tier 6 because the game set ezra to be my leader and i was so confused. I had Kanan and Chopper at gear level 9 and the rest were at 8. Rex, DK, Boba are good L if need, DT / Cleansers are great additions if need. Stack health. HOW TO EASILY BEAT TIER 6 FOR ULTIMATE ABILITY MATERIALS! level 2 Stagger should be added only after Thrawn has used his Grand Admiral’s Command special. Bit of clarifacation: In todays video, I show how I beat the Thrawn event with the least amount of upgrades! I'm hoping to work towards 7* in the next couple days. The Characters; The Gear It's for 7* Thrawn. Thrawn immediately turns his attention to finding a way to eliminate his next biggest threat, Ozymandias, and the Smartest Man on Earth prepares to face his new challenger. Phase 6 - Take out Thrawn The last enemy to take down is Thrawn. ! ), and is valid for any of several particular classes. I'm not saying it is not doable, you need good RNG, but with Chopper in rest of your team, you would walk through it. With the gear you have will prolly take u a few tries. Killed it with first try at 7*. Thrawn is viable on almost any arena team at 5* and 6*. Set in the years following the Battle of Endor, and outside the original game's timeframe, Thrawn's Revenge is based around the conflict between the newly founded New Republic and the Imperial Remnant as they fight for control of the galaxy.

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