5 Tips to Help Truck Drivers Avoid Stress on the Road

Here are some tips that will help you tackle the stress and loneliness on the open road!

When most of us picture long-haul trucking, we imagine an open road with scenic landscapes and the experience of driving across America.

While this is an exciting part of the job for many drivers starting out, there are also some harsh moments out on the road. The occupation can be lonely at times and exhausting, both physically and mentally. 

Experts claim that the stressful aspects of life on the road add to the challenge of retaining drivers long term, the University of Arkansas even released a study, citing stress as one of the biggest contributing factors for drivers leaving the transportation industry. 

Here are some tips that will help you tackle the stress and loneliness on the open road! 

Stretch it Out

When you aren’t feeling your best, you can’t always perform at your best, that goes for all occupations. However, for truckers, long hours on the road mean you don’t always have the opportunity to stretch and move freely

While you can’t exactly turn your cab into a yoga studio (although if you have done this, please share, we want to know!), you can take time out of each day to incorporate some light stretches. 

This video from HeathyTrucker offers some simple stretches that will have you feeling better in no time! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKuignxEZd8

Try Meditation

Keeping yourself in a healthy state of mind is a great way to ward off stress and anxiety out on the road. There are a number of great apps that offer guided meditation, calming music, and tips for reducing and handling stress.

Even taking a few minutes at the truck stop to breathe deeply can reduce your stress levels and allow you to mentally reset for the next stretch of your trip. 

Better Sleep

We have heard this from our clients before, getting quality sleep on the road can be a challenge. Our bodies can’t function to the best of their ability without a good night of sleep.

While nights out on the road may never be as calm and restful as nights spent at home, there are some ways to improve the quality of sleep you are getting. 

If you are kept awake by the lights and sounds of the road, we suggest trying a sleep mask. Some of them even have earbuds built-in! Put on your favorite nature sounds or music and you may forget that you’re not at home in your own bed. Need total silence? A pair of noise-canceling headphones may work for you. 

Podcasts and AudioBooks

Sometimes driving for endless hours can become boring and make you feel like you are in a mental fog. One of the easiest ways to combat this is to bring some excitement and engagement to your trip. You can do this by listening to an audiobook, getting lost in a story can make time fly by.

Another option is to find some podcasts that interest you, in addition to keeping you feeling engaged, this can also give you a great sense of community even though you are alone on the road!

Bringing your Pet on the Road

If you have been scrolling through TikTok recently, you may have noticed a growing trend among truckers, bringing their pets along for the ride!

Nothing makes time on the road more relaxing than spending it with your furry friend. 

Shout-out to @old_trucker, whose rescue kitten, Bobbie, will bring you many smiles as she rides shotgun in the glovebox and naps on the dashboard!

We hope that our tips bring you some restful and stress-free time on the road.

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