What Are The Advantages Of E-filing Your Form 2290?

Here's what you need to know about the advantages to e-filling your Form 2290 this year!

The 2022-23 tax return season is open, and you know what that means! It’s time to file your Form 2290, but how do you want to file?

You have the option to either file Form 2290 online or file on paper. Although you may have submitted this form on paper for years, it is more advantageous to file online. 

Advantages of E-filing

Fill it out anywhere!

Filling your Form 2290 online at ExpressTruckTax allows for a quick and easy process, no matter where you are! You can e-file your from a computer, a tablet, or even your phone. Our application allows accessibility from any mobile device that can connect to the internet. 

Have peace of mind that it’s correct!

If you file with ExpressTruckTax, you will also have access to our Free VIN checker, and our system automatically checks for errors in the form. We offer these services so that you know the information on the form is correct and accurate before you transmit it to the IRS. 

We also offer our Express Guarantee, which states that the IRS will accept the return and that you will receive your stamped Schedule 1, or you will get all of your ExpressTruckTax Filing fees back. 

Fast and Easy Corrections!

If for any reason, your Form 2290 contains any errors in it, we will assist you in correcting these errors to ensure that your tax return will be submitted successfully. We offer multiple IRS Form 2290 amendments including VIN corrections, Increase in Taxable Gross Weight, and Low Mileage Exceeded. 

We even offer you a free VIN correction (for people who submitted their return through ExpressTruckTax) if you entered a wrong number. 

Get instant updates!

Once your return is submitted, you will receive instant updates about the status of your return! This way, you know that your tax return was received and is being processed, rather than just having it sent through the mail and hoping it doesn’t get lost on the way.

Receive your Schedule 1 in minutes!

As soon as you finish your Form 2290 and submit it to the IRS, within minutes you should receive your stamped Schedule 1. 

On ExpressTruckTax, you can even decide if you want to receive your stamped Schedule 1 by Email or Fax!

E-file your Form 2290 Today!

ExpressTruckTax makes filing your Form 2290 as simple and quick as possible. If you have all of your information in front of you, filling only takes a few minutes. 

We understand that the trucking industry is constantly moving and no one wants to stop to take the time to file a tax return form. We purposely made e-filing with us fast and easy, to make sure you get back on the road!

Start your Form 2290 here or call 704-234-6005 to get in contact with our U.S based support team, who are happy to help! 


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