American Trucking Association ThrowBack Thursday

Welcome back Trucking Nation for an exciting ExpressTruckTax Throwback Thursday. Are you ready for a trip back in time to see how the American Trucking Association made history? Click it to avoid that ticket from the Space Time Continuum Police , it’s a time-travel throwback!

You know em’, you love em’ The American Trucking Association
The American Highway Freight Association and the Federation Trucking Association merged together in 1933 to form The American Trucking Association. In October the following year they held their very first annual convention in Chicago. Now let’s jump a few years to 1937. Can you guess what happened? During 1937, the ATA realized there was some amazing driving talent within the trucking industry and created the very first National Truck Roadeo that became the National Truck Driving Championships.
Let’s keep it moving to 1953 – during this year, the ATA celebrated their 50th anniversary with a special contest in New York City. During the contest hosted by the Automobile Club of America, 11 trucks and wagons powered by gasoline, steam, and electricity competed to out-haul teams of horses.
Among their many achievements over the years, the ATA created America’s Road Team in 1986. They fought for higher taxes and fees, as well as advocating for opening up cross-border trucking with Canada and Mexico throughout the 1990s. In 2008, they began endorsing a package of policies aimed at reducing the trucking industry’s fuel usage and carbon footprint. Since then, the trucking industry’s carbon footprint has dropped 88% in sulfur dioxide emissions, 48% in nitrogen oxide emissions and 32% in particulate matter. If the history of the ATA is any reflection of what is to come, I can’t wait for the future.

Hope you enjoyed our trip back to look at the historical achievements of the ATA. May your wheels keep turnin’ and your roads be clear. Have a great weekend Trucking Nation.

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