Correcting Information on Form 2290

There are occasions when the information needs to be corrected on Form 2290 after it has been submitted and accepted by the IRS.  The process to correct the information depends on what information needs to be corrected.

Many corrections will require a phone call to the IRS at 866-699-4096.  For typos, misspellings and name corrections, you will want to correct the information on your Schedule 1 and fax it into the IRS and the IRS will make the corrections.  They may require additional information to confirm the correction, but will let you know when you call the number listed above.

If you have the wrong EIN on your Schedule 1, you will want to correct the EIN and fax it along with a letter explaining that the EIN was wrong.  If the return was accepting with an EIN that was not yours, it means the EIN belongs to someone else and the IRS will have to figure out whose payment you made.  If you are told that you need to file a new 2290 and pay the taxes again and then file for a refund using Form 8849, call back until you talk to someone who will assist you without making you pay the tax again and have to wait for a refund.

If your business name changes for any reason, but the EIN remains the same, you will change the business name and fill out the Name Change form and MAIL to the IRS.  A fax will not be accepted as an original signature is required.

The easiest and most common correction is the VIN correction.  VIN corrections can be done online with ExpressTruckTax and are completely free, even if you did not use ExpressTruckTax to file the original return.  You would file a Form 2290 Amendment and choose the VIN Correction option.  It is completely free and takes only a couple minutes!

For any questions about Form 2290 Corrections, go to or contact our Express Tax Support Center in Rock Hill, SC by phone at 704-234-6005 or email at  We have Spanish Support too!


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