Don’t Get Scammed Getting Your EIN

So you just found out you need an EIN (Employer Identification Number). Maybe you’ve just started a new business, or maybe you need one to file your HVUT. Whatever the reason, you need one, and need it fast. What do you do? There are a few ways to get an EIN, some of them legit, some pretty shady. Let’s take a look at those that are on the up-and-up, and how to spot the scams.

What to Look Out For

First of all, be aware that there are sites out there that give the impression of being part of the IRS, but in reality aren’t. The best way to tell if a site is an IRS affiliated site or not is the tellatale URL An IRS site will have this URL as its base, for example, You can be sure if you see this URL, you are on an official IRS site.

Some websites will play on this and use the word “gov” or “irs” in their website name to give themselves an air of legitimacy. Some of these might be “,” or “” If the domain suffix (such as “.com”) is not “.gov” you can be sure that site is not as U.S. Government site. Further, if the site doesn’t have the URL as part of its domain name, it’s not an IRS site.

Another telltale sign that a website is not legit is if they charge an outrageous fee in order for you to get an EIN. Some of these websites will charge $200 or $300 or more for this service. In reality, the IRS does not charge a fee at all to those getting an EIN. You can always get your EIN for free from the IRS by filling out their online application.

Do I Have to Do This Myself?

If you don’t have the time or the inclination to apply for an EIN yourself, our sister website Truck Services of North America can secure an EIN for you at a reasonable fee. They’ll do the work for you, and you’ll be secure in the knowledge that you’re getting your EIN through a reputable, secure, IRS-approved website. You can contact them at, or call them at 803.386.0320.

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We don’t want you to pay any more than you need to getting your EIN. Now that you’re informed, you won’t have to.