Don’t Let The IRS Gobble Up Your Money, File on time with ExpressTruckTax Today!

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for the important things in your life and can be spent in a number of ways. Whether you are with your family or on the road, this Thanksgiving is sure to be a great one. Here at ExpressTruckTax, we would like to thank truckers for all you do to make our economy prosper and haul many of the necessities we need for daily life. 

To thank you for all that you do, we want to let you know that here at ExpressTruckTax we strive to provide truckers with an easy Form 2290 filing experience so that they can get back on the road as soon as possible. If your truck was put on the road for the first time in October, the deadline to file Form 2290 for the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax is November 30th. If you do not file by this date you will be fined for failing to file and pay the tax. In order to prevent this, ExpressTruckTax provides an easy-to-use e-filing system for truckers to file their Form 2290 with plenty of helpful features. 

One of the helpful features that ExpressTruckTax offers truckers to make filing their Form 2290 easier is the ability to pay their tax directly through ExpressTruckTax using a credit or debit card. This is a convenient way to file because you can go ahead and pay your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax alongside your filing fee. This way you don’t forget to pay your tax to the IRS after filing. If you file but don’t pay your tax by the deadline, you will get fined. Prevent this by paying your HVUT when filing Form 2290. ExpressTruckTax also offers other payment methods including EFW (Electronic Funds Withdrawal), EFTPS, check and money order, and using a credit or debit card to pay through a third-party IRS payment processor. 

These helpful features that ExpressTruckTax offers to truckers are designed so that the filing experience can be completed quickly and easily. By using ExpressTruckTax to file your Form 2290 you can avoid being fined by the IRS by filing your Form 2290 before the deadline. Don’t let the IRS gobble up your money through late fines. You deserve to spend your Thanksgiving not stressing about filing tax forms. If you are planning to spend time with family you should do so and enjoy a great home-cooked meal this Thanksgiving. 

If you are planning to spend Thanksgiving on the road, however, do keep in mind that Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled days of the year. Expect there to be a lot more people on the road than usual. You should also be prepared for there to be travel delays from all of the vehicles on the road and possible accidents that might be on the road. It is also good to keep in mind that Thanksgiving presents opportunities for cargo theft, so don’t leave your truck unattended for too long.

If you are planning to make a Thanksgiving meal for yourself on the road there are a few things to keep in mind. If you want to cook a turkey you should have with you a crock pot or a roaster that you can keep in your truck. There are a number of ways to prepare one if you have these devices. Some possible sides you can have with your turkey are microwavable mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, canned beans, dinner rolls, and macaroni and cheese. All of these can typically be purchased at a grocery store. 

Even though you might not be at home for Thanksgiving, you can still make it enjoyable by cooking your own dinner or spending it any way you want. No matter how you spend your Thanksgiving, ExpressTruckTax has your back. We are thankful for the truckers that keep our nation moving forward and strive to provide them with a fast and easy filing experience. File with ExpressTruckTax today and have a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!


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