E-FILING 101: Frequently Asked Questions for Filing Form 2290

You may not know it yet, but there’s a tax-filing pro inside each and every one of you! We at ExpressTruckTax firmly believe this, so that’s why we designed accessible E-filing solutions– to let that tax pro shine!

So on this #ManicMonday morning, less than one week from the Form 2290 deadline, it’s time to unleash your inner tax guru!

Here’s a crash course in E-filing your truck taxes– ETT 101: Intro to Easy E-filing! Get a head start on your E-filing degree by learning the answers to these frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What is my first-used month?
A: For most people, the default answer is July.The HVUT tax year opens July 1st. So this means that the first-used month for all renewals is automatically July. Even if you’re filing in August or September, the first-used month must still be set back to July if you’re vehicle was driven that month. The only time you’d select a later month is if the vehicle is purchased later in the year.

  • Q. What is the taxable gross weight of my vehicle?

A: The taxable gross weight of your vehicle can be determined by adding three numbers together. 1. The unloaded (empty tare) weight of the vehicle, plus 2. The unloaded weight of any trailers customarily attached to the vehicle, and 3. The weight of the maximum load customarily carried in the vehicle and/or attached trailers. The sum of these three figures is your taxable gross weight.

  • Q: Does the IRS take credit cards?

A: No, but we do! While you can pay our fee with a credit card, the IRS no longer accepts tax payments via credit card. We do, however, still offer three convenient methods of payment: Direct Debit, EFTPS, and Check or Money order. Direct Debit, also called Electronic Funds Withdrawal, is the fastest way to pay, but it’s only available to E-filers! You provide your bank account & routing number, and the IRS initiates a Direct Debit from your bank account.

EFTPS is a free service through the US Dept. of the Treasury, but you must register with this system 5-7 business days prior to when you need to make a payment. Also, the payment must be scheduled at least 1 business day prior to the payment due date!

Finally, if you pay by check or money order, you’ll get your Schedule 1 back even on a weekend or holiday! Just don’t forget to mail your 2290-V payment voucher with your check, but don’t staple them together! The completed voucher can be found on page 5 of your 2290; we autofill it for you!

  • Q: Why am I entering two methods of payment?

A: While you can pay us by credit card (only $9.90 for those with a single truck!), you will also need to select one of the three payment methods above to pay your taxes to the IRS.

  • Q: How do I make VIN corrections?
A: The answer: easily! If your return is rejected for a VIN error, such as a duplicate filing error, we’ll help you find the mistake, fix it, and retransmit it to the IRS for free! But only if you E-filed with us! If you made a VIN error, but your return was accepted by the IRS, then you can quickly E-file a Form 2290 Amendment. Simply log back in as a Returning User, click “Start” under 2290 Amendment, then “Start” under Form 2290 VIN correction. You’ll receive your updated, stamped Schedule 1 as soon as the IRS accepts the correction!

Of course, we can’t possibly cover everything in one class! So if you’re ready to graduate, check out the sequel: E-FILING 102!

And if you still have questions, give our Support Heroes a call! They offer one-on-one ETT101 tutoring in English, Spanish, and Russian! Call us at 704.234.6005, speak via online chat, or get 24/7 email support at support@expresstrucktax.com

Now get E-filed and go to the head of the class!