E-Filing for Farmers: Get your Stamped Schedule 1 Instantly

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–for

It’s harvest time, the season of Nature’s bounty, when all of your hard work pays off. Any day now, you’ll be loading up a truck with your fresh goods, bringing them to market for pay day.

And just when you thought you were ready to roll, you suddenly remember that your truck needs current tags & registration! What’s worse, you remember that pesky Heavy Vehicle Use Tax and that you need your stamped Schedule 1 to get your tags renewed!

Well, have no fear! There’s no need to frantically drive a hundred miles to your nearest IRS office. We have a much faster, more economical solution, one that will get you that all-important stamped Schedule 1 instantly.

You’ll be E-filed and on your way to the market in no time!

Do I Need to File HVUT?

HVUT is an annual federal tax levied on trucks or truck tractors that travel at least 5,000 miles a year (7,500 for farmers) on public highways and that have a gross vehicle weight of at least 55,000 pounds.

To determine the gross vehicle weight of your truck, simply add the unloaded weight of the truck, with the unloaded weight of any trailer customarily attached to the truck, and the maximum weight of the load typically hauled in the truck/trailer. If the sum of those three numbers hits 55,000 pounds or above, then it’s time to start E-filing Form 2290!

Filing a Suspended Vehicle

As we mentioned above, the mileage cap is higher for vehicles used in agriculture, 7,500 miles. If your heavy vehicle is used strictly for agriculture, and will travel 7,500 miles this year or fewer, then you can file it as a suspended vehicle, also known as Category W.

Notice that low mileage does not excuse you from filing altogether. You are still required to file and have a current stamped Schedule 1, even though you will not owe any tax.

Late Filing

While there are penalties for filing after the renewal due date (September 2nd, 2014), it’s still never too late to E-file. In fact, it’s the fastest way proven to get you your stamped Schedule 1 immediately, even on the weekend!

How Do I E-file?

Getting started with ExpressTruckTax is simple! In just three steps and 10 minutes, you’ll be E-filed and back on the farm!

  • Step 1: Create an Account. After entering an email and password, enter your business information, which includes the business name, address, EIN (Employer Identification Number) and phone number.
  • Step 2: Enter Vehicle Info. Click “Start New Return” under Form 2290, then enter the first-used month. If you’ve had the vehicle prior to June 1st, then your first-used month will be July 2014.

    If you’re E-filing for a suspended vehicle, then under Taxable Vehicles, leave it empty and hit next. Once you’re on the Suspended Vehicle screen, enter the vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), the Unit Number, Gross Weight, and indicate that it’s used for agriculture.

  • Step 3: Enter Payment Information. Select from three convenient methods of payment: Direct Debit (EFW), EFTPS through the IRS, or by Check or Money Order. Remember that the IRS no longer accepts credit cards. To receive your stamped Schedule 1 immediately, even on the weekend, elect to pay by check or money order!

Exceeding 7,500 Miles

If you file your vehicle as a Category W, but exceed the 7,500 mile limit, we have a fast solution for that too. We also offer E-filing of Form 2290 Amendments for exceeding the mileage limit. And it’s the same fast, three-step process as above!

It’s important to E-file the Amendment as soon as your vehicle exceeds the limit. Mileage amendments are due to the IRS by the end of the month following the month in which you exceeded 7,500 miles. The tax owed will be prorated based on the month the vehicle exceeded the limit.


The ExpressTruckTax team supports farmers, literally! We offer year-round, USA-based support, unlike some other seasonal E-file providers out there. In fact, we get calls from farmers like you every day who need to E-file their 2290’s fast!

Though the deadline has passed, we are still here and ready to help you get caught up–just in time for harvest! Give us a call in sunny Rock Hill, SC, and we’ll give you a blue-ribbon support experience! We’re available at 704.234.6005 or by live chat. For 24/7 assistance, email us at support@expresstrucktax.com.

So Farmers, next time you’re in a pickle, romaine calm and lettuce help you out of a jam!


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