EIN Changes (Employer Identification Number)

As the IRS recently posted on their website, as of May 21st the IRS will only issue one EIN per day per “Responsible Party.” An EIN is an Employer Identification number. This number is assigned by the IRS to each business filing a tax return. This change comes right before the Truck Tax Season begins. As you may know the Tax year for HVUT runs from July – June. As of July 1st, it will be time to once again file the annual excise tax for Heavy Vehicles with the IRS Form 2290.

This EIN news is particularly relevant to those in the trucking industry because an EIN is required to file the Form 2290. In the past, the IRS has accepted a Social Security Number, but they have recently changed their requirements to no longer accept a Social Security Number in the place of an EIN.
The IRS definition of a Responsible Party can be found on their website. But it can be generally described as someone who has some sort of management or ownership in the business.
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