Express Truck Tax offers E-Filing for Form 2290 for as little as $9.90 makes filing truck taxes easy. With step-by-step help and an excellent USA based support team, an IRS Form 2290 or 8849 can be filed in minutes. is now accepting the IRS Form 2290, Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Return (HVUT), for the 2011-2012 tax years. Their fast and intuitive system is as powerful as it is versatile. Whether it’s a one-man trucking company, or a national corporation with multiple fleets, everyone can get far when they’re rolling with Express Truck Tax.
Here are some of the services that Express Truck Tax has to offer:
Easy-to-Use System
-Contextual help and video guides with clear instructions appear throughout the process. They’ve done everything possible to make taxes less taxing.
Real-Time Notifications
-Get notifications about the status of a tax return through emails, text messages and even fax! The Schedule 1 can be emailed or faxed automatically to a trucking or leasing company.
Quick Credits
-While filing Form 2290, the system can identify credits and help users quickly and easily file Form 8849, so users get their money back from the IRS faster. An IRS Form 8849 is automatically generated when tax credits exceed the amount of tax due.
Bulk Upload
-Companies with more than 25 trucks are required by the IRS to e-file Form 2290. Instead of entering each truck one by one, entire fleets can be uploaded using an Excel spreadsheet.
Express Truck Tax is offering the greatest value in the industry for HVUT e-filing; there are also dozens of prices and packages to suit any company in any situation. Tax professionals can take advantage of deep price discounts and special packages for their clients. The tax system is so fast; a stamped Schedule 1 from the IRS can be received in a matter of minutes.
Express Truck Tax helps you file applications for amendments and free VIN corrections in a few easy steps. The system performs a free internal audit of tax information to check for errors before it is submitted. If additional help is still needed, the experienced Express Truck Tax Team is available anytime in English and Spanish from their USA-based customer support center in Rock Hill, SC.
Express Truck Tax has close ties to the trucking industry. They are exclusively recommended and endorsed by several major state trucking associations. Through these partnerships, Express Truck Tax is able to provide continuing support to those within the trucking industry.
There’s really no better combination of affordable prices and knowledgeable professionalism in the industry. To get started now, visit


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