now accepts filing for 2010 Tax Year

Good news everyone! is now providing e-filing services for Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes for 2010.

As the name implies, has everything you need to keep you rolling when it comes to IRS Form 2290. It’s got a slick and intuitive interface that makes filing your forms easy, tons of contextual help windows, and expert customer support through email, chat and phone, based outside the Queen City (that’s Charlotte, NC).

You can file your 2290 form in minutes and receive your Schedule 1 in not time. It doesn’t stop at 2290 though. You can e-file an 8849 Form too–they’ll even fill it out for you while you file your 2290 form!

They offer self-service, and full service, meaning you can register and file yourself, or have them take care of the filing. Got a lot of trucks? The IRS has a mandate that you must e-file if you have more than 25 trucks. There’s no need to enter them in one by one with You can upload them using an Excel file, and keep on trucking. has dozens of flexible pricing options to fit your business, plus support for tax preparers—if you’re a tax professional you can take advantage of deep discounts and special pricing plans. Whether you’ve got a single truck, or a fleet of thousands, Express Excise has you covered. Express Excise was built by one of the most talented teams in the industry—no one has more experience in HVUT e-filing!


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