How ExpressTruckTax Has Innovated 2290 E-Filing For The Last 10 Years

ExpressTruckTax has been shaking up and innovating the e-filing industry for the last ten years

ExpressTruckTax has been shaking up and innovating the e-filing industry for the last ten years. Since launching in 2010, ExpressTruckTax has been an industry-leading, IRS-authorized, Form 2290 e-file provider. 

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of truckers and processed over $1.6 billion in excise tax payments. ExpressTruckTax has been successful because we care deeply about the trucking industry. Our singular focus is on making trucking taxes easier.

That’s why we haven’t stopped innovating for the last ten years. Many cheap knockoffs have sprung up, riding our coattails and copying our innovative solutions. But don’t be fooled. 

Here’s how we’ve innovated the e-filing process since 2010.

ExpressTruckTax 2290 e-filing innovations


ExpressTruckTax is launched by SPAN Enterprises with a robust set of features, including: 

Instant Notifications

ExpressTruckTax users receive free fax or text message notifications when their Schedule 1 is ready.

Free VIN Corrections

If you made a mistake, then you can fix it. Free of charge.

Proof of Payment

ExpressTruckTax sends proof of payment (Schedule 1) to employers for their clients.

Bulk Upload

ExpressTruckTax allows tax preparers and large fleets to bulk upload up to 40,000 vehicles per filing.

Expert Assistance

ExpressTruckTax provides US-based customer support staff available via email, chat, or phone.


ExpressTruckTax leads the pack by staying current with the latest changes in internet technology, including:

Fully mobile site

ExpressTruckTax launches a fully mobile website well before smartphones become the preferred devices they are today. 

One-Click Login

ExpressTruckTax clients can log in with Facebook or Google to start filing in seconds.

Contextual help and video guides with clear instructions appear throughout the filing process.

Quick Credits

While users file their Form 2290, ExpressTruckTax identifies potential credits and help taxpayers quickly and easily file Form 8849. An IRS Form 8849 is automatically generated when tax credits exceed the amount of tax due.


ExpressTruckTax adds “TruckZone”, a virtual garage that allows users to store information about their trucks for later use. Returning clients no longer need to manually enter truck information year after year.


ExpressTruckTax introduces iOS and Android smartphone apps that clients can use to file their Form 2290 from anywhere.


SPAN Enterprises improves all of its trucking products, including ExpressTruckTax, TruckLogics, Truck Services of North America, and ExpressIFTA by bringing the entire support team under one roof. All that trucking Industry knowledge and expertise are shared among the support team.


ExpressTruckTax partners with DMVs across America to verify Schedule 1s for clients. ExpressTruckTax also helps more than 100 of the largest carriers in the nation simplify the HVUT process for their drivers by providing them with Form 2290 portals.


ExpressTruckTax makes the Form 2290 web application entirely accessible from a mobile browser. Clients no longer need the mobile app to file, they can simply use their built-in smartphone browser to file from anywhere — even their truck.


ExpressTruckTax speeds up the e-filing process even more by introducing the “ReadyReturn” feature. ReadyReturn automatically generates a Form 2290 for the current tax year based on last year’s Form 2290 information.


This year, ExpressTruckTax allowed truckers to file their 2020-21 Form 2290s earlier than ever before. We know this has been a tough time for many in the trucking industry, so we wanted to give everyone a chance to get ahead of the curve and beat the IRS peak season rush.

We are also working with more partners than ever, so drivers for almost every major fleet and members of almost every major trucking association can file quickly and easily.

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