ExpressTruckTax is for Tax Professionals–Year Round!

Guess what, Tax Pro’s? WE’RE STILL HERE.

Like tax professionals, the ExpressTruckTax team does HVUT support year round. Just because the 2290 renewal deadline has passed, doesn’t mean it’s quittin’ time.

Other E-file providers out there think the tax season is over! Their part-time seasonal support is gone, and there’s no one there to assist you.

But that’s not how we roll. We know the tax season runs from July to June, so around here, our world-class support never quits. We even offer emergency email support on nights & weekends.

As a tax professional, you need seriously professional support. We offer you just that–and much more.

To enhance your support experience, we’ll assign you a personal Account Manager and their direct contact number. No automated systems, no talking to strangers.

As your personal Account Manager, one of our heroes will get to know you and your business & show you all of the short-cuts and discounts available to help trim your costs & save time.

In our continuous effort to assist tax professionals, we’ve built-in several exclusive, time-saving features that you won’t find anywhere else!

  • From a single login, manage unlimited businesses, E.I.N.’s and VIN numbers.
  • Don’t waste time typing! Bulk Upload businesses to your account in seconds from an Excel 

    file. When logged in to your account, simply select “Manage Business” under Business List on the top right of your Dashboard.

    On the next screen, select “Bulk Upload Businesses” under the Quick Links Section. Then follow the directions to upload your Excel file, and Voila, the name, address, E.I.N., and more will appear in your account instantly.

  • Upload hundreds or thousands of trucks at once, using our SmartUpload! Store the License plate #’s, VIN, gross weight, and everything else you need for unlimited vehicles within Truck Zone. Upload them all in seconds from an Excel file type.
  • Find the exact truck you’re looking for without delay. Use our Advanced Search to filter through Truck Zone and find the exact vehicle(s) you’d like to file for. Then click & add to the return, and you’re ready to rock!

In addition to these exclusive features, we’ve created several premier payment options just for CPA’s, all of which can be customized to fit your business’s needs.

Pay-As-You-Go Packages

-Pay each time you E-file for a client.
-Receive a special discounted rate for each filing.
-Speak with your account manager for details on your exclusive pricing.

Pre-paid Packages- for Optimum Savings & Flexibility

  • Bundled Product Package

-Pre-purchase E-filing credits at an exclusive, lower rate per filing.
-Save precious time with every filing by skipping the payment pages.
-Customize your package by selecting only credits for a single IRS form (like Form 8849) OR choose a variety of forms to get you through the tax year.
-For example, you may bundle 1,000 Form 2290’s for a single truck, 500 Form 2290’s for 2-24 trucks, 800 Form 2290 Amendments, 500 Form 8849 for credits, and even buy credits for unlimited E-filings for a particular E.I.N. for the duration of the tax year!
-When you “run out” of a form, re-load your account at any time for the same lower price.

  • Unlimited E-Filing Package
-Pre-purchase unlimited E-filings per E.I.N. for the tax year. Repeat for as many businesses as you need!
-Unlimited packages are the best option for clients with large fleets that are continuously buying/selling trucks throughout the tax year.
-Select which forms you’d like unlimited access to. For the most flexibility and savings, unlimited access to all of our forms is ideal!

ExpressTruckTax gives CPA’s the tools needed to E-file efficiently and while increasing profit.

Call our Support Heroes at 704.234.6005 and get connected with your own Personal Account manager today. You can also get in touch via live chat or email support at Let us cater to your needs and offer you the kind of perks you deserve.

You’ll see, we know how to treat CPA’s right.


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