ExpressTruckTax’s Returning Guests Get the V.I.P. Treatment

Guess what, Trucking Nation— It’s Friday! Can I get an amen?

And since it’s #FridayFunday, it seems only appropriate that we talk about your Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes, right? (If you still think filing taxes is boring, then you haven’t been E-filing with ExpressTruckTax!)

Those of you who have already been E-filing with us know that our Support Heroes are some of the most fun and interesting people you’ll meet! Plus we have mountains of benefits for our beloved returning guests.

Perhaps the most exciting benefit is our quick transfer feature. If you’ve E-filed Form 2290 with us before, you can find any previously accepted return and copy it to the current year’s. Simply log-in to your account as usual, and start a new Form 2290. After you choose the tax year and first month used, you’ll be prompted to copy a previously accepted return of your choosing. Once you’ve found the one, click “Copy This Return.” Voila! 

Your current 2290 is populated with all of your necessary information, which means you won’t have to re-enter your bank details, truck info, etc. If a few details have changed since last year, you can still edit the return. And as usual, once you’re ready to submit it, our Instant Audit feature will review your information for errors, just one more step to ensure that your return will be accepted!

Just watch how quick and convenient it is. The lovely Demetri will walk you through the program, so you can see it in action!

If the majority of your information has changed since last year, or you just want to E-file for a select number of vehicles, then our returning guests will still save loads of time with Truck Zone. It’s your own digital garage, where all of your trucks’ details and previous tax info can be swiftly retrieved and uploaded to your return. Just click and upload each one you’d like to E-file. In Truck Zone, your fleet’s information is always organized and easily accessible.
Additionally, returning users can view, download or email all previous 2290’s E-filed with us. You can even download your Schedule I and view your receipt.

All of your vital tax information, from entire returns to each individual truck, is at your fingertips. Gone are the days of filing away mountains of paperwork (or shoving it into drawers). No longer will you sit at a computer for hours on end, typing in the same information, year after year.

ExpressTruckTax saves it all, and thereby, saves you precious time! Now you really do have time to enjoy #FridayFunday!

Want to become one of our returning guest V.I.P.’s? Call one of our USA-based Support Heroes at 704.234.6005 or drop us a line via chat to find out more about the benefits of E-filing with us. We make tax wizards out of everybody! 


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