FAQ Friday: What Are Credits?

What are credits in ExpressTruckTax? Learn everything you need to know about prepaid credits.

What Are Credits In ExpressTruckTax?

Each time someone pays for their return with ExpressTruckTax, they are required to pay a filing fee which depends on how many trucks you are filing for. When filing with ExpressTruckTax, a credit card is required, and entering the information each time can start to get repetitive after a while. By using the wallet feature in ExpressTruckTax, clients can purchase credits in advance and use them to pay for the filing of Form 2290. By purchasing these credits, you will receive a discount for buying them in bulk. 

Who Can Purchase Credits?

Anyone who needs to file Form 2290 has the option to purchase these credits to not only save money but pay in advance for them and not have to worry about paying later. Credits are especially beneficial for CPAs and businesses who file for large amounts of businesses.

The Benefits Of Purchasing Credits In ExpressTruckTax?

The biggest benefit of the credits is that they don’t expire. You can save them in your wallet and use them when you need them. By purchasing these credits users can save 10% or more on filing fees. Buying these credits greatly benefits those who need to file Form 2290 for multiple vehicles or they file for multiple people. They are time-efficient and make your payment process simpler.

What are you waiting for? If you file multiple Form 2290s then purchase credits today and save time and money!


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