File The IRS Form 2290 Amendment for VIN Corrections Free Online

It is easy to mistakenly enter an incorrect VIN on the Form 2290. Correcting a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is very easy in our system. Typically the IRS processing time is the same as a standard 2290 form. In order to file a VIN correction, the taxpayer simply needs to file an IRS 2290 Amendment.
If they already have an account with us, they will need to click the orange ‘Create New Return’ button from the ‘Dashboard’ page inside their account. Once they click this button, they will be asked what form they would like to file. They will need to choose 2290 Amendment and then select the VIN correction option. The system will then walk them through the VIN correction filing process. The drivers can e-file a VIN correction through us even if the original 2290 was not filed through ExpressTruckTax.
There is no charge to e-file a VIN correction however they will need to enter a valid credit card in order to authenticate the filing. The card will not be charged.
We hope this helps. Please let us know if there is anything else we may do to be of assistance. If any of your drivers have additional questions about the VIN correction, they are more than welcome to contact our customer support line at 704-234-6005 and we will gladly assist.


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