File your 2290 now before the IRS shutdown!

File your 2290 before the IRS shutdown

Attention truckers! If you have still have not filed your 2020-21 Form 2290 or you put a new truck on the road in November 2020, you need to file ASAP!

The IRS will be shutting from December 26 until early January! During that time, they will not be accepting or processing any tax forms. That means if you need a 2290 Stamped Schedule 1, you need to file today!

How to File Quickly

The IRS recommends that you e-file with an approved provider like ExpressTruckTax. Not only is this the most secure way to file Form 2290, but it also allows the IRS to accept and process your 2290 quickly.

In most cases, our clients receive their Stamped Schedule 1 back in a matter of minutes. Plus, with the ExpressGuarantee from ExpressTruckTax, you can rest assured that the IRS will accept your 2290 and you will receive your Schedule 1 or your money back!

If you need any assistance at all, you 100% US-based support team is here to help! Simply call (704) 234-6005, email, or go to our website to live chat with us.


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