Fixing a Form 2290 Duplicate Filing Error

Well, Trucking Nation, we’re in the throes of Form 2290 filing season with just about a month left until the deadline. You know what they say, time flies when you have taxes to file!

If you’ve been waiting to E-file (perhaps procrastinating?), today is the day to take the plunge. Not only does ExpressTruckTax make E-filing quick and convenient, but our users also have a 98% acceptance rate with the IRS.

So what about that other 2%? There are a few reasons the IRS will reject a 2290 return, but perhaps the most common reason is a duplicate filing error.

A duplicate filing error occurs when a particular vehicle has already been processed by the IRS that tax year. The IRS only accepts one filing per V.I.N.(vehicle identification number) per tax year. In other words, you

cannot file your HVUT for the same vehicle more than once a year. 

If your 2290 return contains just one duplicate V.I.N., the entire return will be rejected! Moreover, they won’t tell you which vehicle in particular is the problem, which means you need to figure it out manually! *dun! dun! dun!*
Enter our Support Heroes. They’re called heroes for good reason–because they bravely swoop in during your darkest tax-filing hour! If you’ve E-filed with us, we will first send you an email, notifying you why your return was rejected. But we don’t stop there– our Heroes will then help you locate the duplicate V.I.N.! Of course, this is only possible if you’ve been E-filing with ExpressTruckTax, just one more benefit for our returning user V.I.P.’s
Once the duplicate vehicle has been removed from the return, you can quickly retransmit it, free of cost! Just review the information for errors one more time, and then click the green “Transmit your Return” button. We’ll send you an email within minutes, letting you know the status of your return. And if it’s accepted, you’ll receive your Stamped Schedule I right away!

Of course, we aren’t just about damage control– prevention is also key. So here are a couple ways to avoid this error:
  • One possible cause for a duplication error happens when Advance Filing. While it’s a convenient feature that we offer, it’s important to ensure that you are filing for the correct future tax year and not the current year. 
  • Use our “Bulk Upload” option, and our system will notify you of any duplicate V.I.N.’s in your file. Simply upload an Excel or CSV file type with your fleet’s info, you can do hundreds or even thousands of vehicles at once!
Whether your 2290 is rejected for duplication, or rejected for any other reason, ExpressTruckTax is here to help every step of the way! So get E-filing, and don’t wait another day! It’s far better to submit it early and have ample time to make corrections before Deadline Day.

If you have questions while filing or if your return has been rejected, give our USA-based Support Heroes a call at 704.234.6005. You can also chat with us online or get 24/7 email support at We’re ready to come to your rescue!


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