Form 2290 Due Date For Vehicles First Used After July

Form 2290 must be filed by the last day of the month following the month of first use. For example, if you purchase and first use a vehicle in January, you must file a Form 2290 by the end of February.  Annual renewal of your Form 2290 for a new tax period must be completed by August 31.

Heavy vehicle use taxes are determined by the taxable gross weight and first use month of the vehicle. Vehicles used for logging are subject to lower taxes.  If you begin using your vehicle during any month other than July you are liable for a prorated tax amount during that tax period. Our system will automatically calculate your Form 2290 tax based on your vehicle weight and first use month.

All you will need is some basic business information, EIN, VIN and Gross Weight of the Vehicle to complete the return.  Then you will transmit the return to the IRS and you will receive your Stamped Schedule 1 in just minutes! If you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us our US based customer support team in Rock Hill, SC at 704-234-6005 or email us at


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