Form 2290: Filing For Vehicle First Used In February 2014

Did You Put Your Truck In Service During February 2014? 
If your truck was first used in February 2014, you will need to file a Form 2290 HVUT by March 31st. When a new vehicle is placed into service, the Form 2290 must be filed by the last day of the following month. Filing a 2290 is simple and you receive your Schedule 1 back in a matter of minutes when using ExpressTruckTax.

If you are new to filing the 2290 HVUT, here is a little information to help you out:

What is a 2290 HVUT?
The 2290 is an annual federal highway use tax paid to the federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on vehicle operating on public highways at a gross weight of 55,000 lbs and greater. The federal government distributes revenues back to the states for highway construction and maintenance projects.

Do I pay for the entire year if my first used month was February 2014?
No, your tax will be prorated based on the number of months the vehicle will have been used during the tax year. If a vehicle was used during any part of a month, the tax will be calculated for that month as a whole. For example, if a vehicle was used on February 27th, it will be taxed as though it was used the entire month, regardless of the fact it was only used for a couple of days, and the tax will be based on 5 months, instead of the full year.

Filing your 2290 with ExpressTruckTax only takes a few minutes and you can also file from our mobile site – – if you can’t get to a computer, all you will need is:

  • Some basic business information
  • EIN – employee identification number 
  • VIN 
  • Gross Weight of your vehicle – this is the weight of your truck plus a fully loaded trailer, for most semi-trucks this is 80,000 lbs.

Then all you will need to do is follow the steps to transmit your return to the IRS and you will receive your Stamped Schedule 1 in just minutes. If you have any questions about filing your 2290 just give our Express Truck Tax Support team, located in Rock Hill, SC a call at 704-234-6005. We have Spanish Support too!


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