Free VIN Corrections: Only with ExpressTruckTax

Hola, Trucking Nation! Did you know that ExpressTruckTax offers completely FREE VIN Corrections?

But only if your return was originally E-filed with us. It’s just one more perk we offer our returning guests.

But even if you didn’t file with us originally, you can still E-file a Form 2290 Amendment quickly and affordably with ExpressTruckTax.

And it’s easy to do, too. After all, we’re ExpressTruckTax. That’s how we roll!

When E-filing a Form 2290 Amendment for a VIN Correction, you’ll follow the same simple three steps you use when E-filing any of our IRS Forms. And once you’re finished, you’ll receive your new, correct stamped Schedule 1 via email in just minutes!

Let’s run through the process, and then get E-filing!

Step 1: Create an Account or Log Back In

  • Once you’re logged into your account, click “Start” under Form 2290 Amendments.
  • Then select which Amendment you’d like to file. In this case, choose VIN correction (we also offer amendments for vehicle weight increase & exceeding the mileage limit). 

Step 2: Make the Correction

  • Select whether you’d like to correct a return E-filed with us, or one filed elsewhere.
  • Next enter the vehicle’s first-used month.
  • Then select Add VIN Correction, and enter the vehicle’s originally-reported VIN (the incorrect one). Then enter the gross weight, check whether the vehicle is taxable or suspended, and then enter the new, correct VIN.
  • To correct the VIN of more than one vehicle, click “Save and Add Another.” If you’re correcting only one, just Save and done!

Step 3: Review & Submit

  • Before submitting your information to the IRS, be sure to check for errors one last time (wouldn’t want to file another amendment now, would we!). Our Instant Audit will also scan your return for gaps and errors. 
  • Now just hit the big, green TRANSMIT button to securely submit your VIN correction, and then kick back and wait for IRS approval. 

Your new and improved stamped Schedule 1 will be sent to you the second the IRS accepts your correction. Most users receive theirs in 10 minutes.

If you chose to receive additional notifications, you’ll receive those asap too. You can even elect to have your return faxed or mailed to your carrier, home office, or accountant–whatever is convenient for you!

Need help E-filing your Amendment? Just ask one of our Support Team! They’re available in our sunny hometown of Rock Hill, SC, 24/7 to ensure you have a smooth E-filing experience. Ring them at 704.234.6005 or email them 24/7 at


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